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Mrs. Meyer’s vs. Everspring at Target: Which Soap is Actually Better?

We’ve been longtime fans of the amazing Mrs. Meyer’s brand, but Target just upped its game with its new competition brand, Everspring! Read on to find out if this less expensive, eco-friendly brand lives up to all the hype, and see how we really feel about it.

What is Everspring?

Everspring is a Target exclusive line of household essential products. They are eco-friendly since everything is recyclable or 100% biodegradable. And pricing? All of their cleaning products, hand soaps, paper products, laundry detergents, and more are all affordably priced from just $2.79 to 11.99!

Other reasons we are loving this new line:

The products are scented with essential oils and other all-natural scents.
Every bottle and sprayer is made with recyclable materials.
Their multi-surface wipes are compostable.
Every paper product is made with 100% recycled materials.
The products are never tested on animals.
Each product meets Target’s Green Initiative guidelines!

Everspring products vs. Mrs. Meyer’s products.

How they’re both eco-friendly:
Both Mrs. Meyer’s and Everspring are very eco-friendly, and their desire to make our planet a better place is reflected in their products. They’re phthalate-free, paraben-free, and overall chemical-free, and they both gain inclusion into official Target Clean product lines.

Each company also strives to use products made partially with renewable sources and recycled plastics. Mrs. Meyer’s even plants an endangered plant for every hand soap purchased.

Here is a list of different products you can (or cannot) find in each line at Target:

As you can see, Mrs. Meyer’s offers a wider variety of household essentials and cleaners. They also offer endless options when it comes to cleaning your laundry.

However, Everspring has a whole line of paper products that Mrs. Meyer’s can’t even compete with, and I love that they have free and clear, unscented products for consumers with sensitive skin! Plus, literally, everything in the Everspring line is cheaper, so why not try them all?!

Mrs. Meyer’s vs. Everspring: The ultimate scent & smell test.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. I tested these products out for myself to see if the newer (and cheaper), Everspring line at Target is really worth your money. More than that, we want to know if they smell just as good (or better) than the popular Mrs. Meyer’s brand that we all love so much!
Lemon scents

Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena hand soap – $3.99
Everspring Lemon & Mint hand soap – $2.79

The mint in the Everspring lemon soap won me over! It leaves your bathroom and hands smelling fresh, whereas Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena soap smells more like a cleanser.

The winner: Everspring

Geranium scents

Everspring Geranium & Herbs hand soap – $2.79 
Mrs. Meyer’s Geranium hand soap – $3.99

Geraniums are notorious for smelling like great grandma’s perfume. So, while neither smell is that great, Everspring’s is definitely less overpowering. I love the foaming soap option Everspring offers, which is buttery smooth in your hands!

The winner: Everspring

Lavender scents

Everspring Lavender & Bergamot hand soap – $2.79
Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender hand soap – $3.99

This is my personal favorite from Mrs. Meyer’s. They really just nailed this beautiful floral smell, whereas the Everspring soap is way too flowery in my opinion. I love how the light, lavender smell from Mrs. Meyer’s lasts on your hands after each wash.

The winner: Mrs. Meyer’s

Mandarin & Ginger scents

Everspring Mandarin & Ginger granite & stone cleaner – $5.99

Spoiler alert: this is really more of a bonus share since Mrs. Meyer’s doesn’t have this product (and I need to share it with you, regardless).

We have black matte granite in our kitchen, and the only cleaner that won’t show streaks or soap residue is Windex, which I really hate using (it’s also not a great smell). After trying this Everspring Granite and Stone cleaner, I’m SOLD! It left our kitchen smelling fresh… and the best part – our countertops are totally spotless and streak-free! 😱

The winner: Everspring (obvi)

My overall verdict:
I love the smells, the performance, and the prices! And most importantly, I love that they’re eco-friendly products are safe around my kids. So, move over Mrs. Meyer’s, I may have just found my new go-to brand!

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