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I’m Obsessed With These Washable Kitchen Rugs From Target! Here’s Why…

Check out these high-quality washable kitchen rugs!

Looking for a new kitchen accent rug?
It’s kind of hard to find one that’s pleasing to the eye, functional, and washes up well. I struggled with finding the right accent rug to put next to my kitchen sink for a long time until I discovered these Threshold brand rugs from! They’re machine washable, and they have the non-skid material on the back to keep them from sliding everywhere.

The best part is these easy-care washable kitchen rugs are so affordable (mine was about $13), and after two years I finally wore them out, but that may be the longest I’ve ever owned a rug like this!

Did ya hear that? It washes up like a dream!
I am constantly in the kitchen, both for work and for my family. The kitchen is the heart of our home with two kids, a husband with work boots, and a large poodle. I washed my two rugs countless times over two years, and they always came out of the dryer looking beautiful!

Want different styles and colors?
I have the grey medallion design, but there’s an entire collection of Threshold easy-care rugs in multiple sizes and colors to suit every style and room. You should also check out the awesome reviews these rugs have on because the positive comments are actually what convinced me to try them – and I’m so happy I did.

I’m honestly thinking of buying more for different areas of my home like my bathroom and hallway! I love that they look great and held up so well in high-traffic areas. It’s so unusual to find rugs that are this easy to clean, yet still looked new for years, no matter how many times I washed them!

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