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With Over 30,000 5-Star Reviews, the TubShroom is Here to Save Your Shower (+ 70% Off Right Now!)

Looking for a practical gadget for your home?
Let’s face it. Cleaning out the hair and gunk from a clogged drain is not fun. 🤮 Instead of telling the long-haired culprits in your house to stop letting their hair strands slither down the shower drain, consider getting a TubShroom! It catches every single hair, every single time you shower!

Even better, is offering the Stainless Steel TubShroom Ultra for just $3.96 (regularly $13.97)!

This version even includes two drain adapters to fit both large and smaller drains. Plus, the stainless steel is even easier to clean than before!

Looking for the original version? Score this Amazon Lightning Deal for just $10.36 with thousands of 5-star reviews and they are available in multiple colors!

This revolutionary silicone shroom-shaped device promises to catch every last hair to avoid the burden of clogs in your shower drains.

How does TubShroom work?

After installation (a.k.a. just popping it into your drain), loose hair strands circle around the center tube to be caught before going into your pipes. It still acts like a regular drain, so water flows down as normal. To clean, you pull the Shroom up and slide off the collected stands in one effortless wipe. Really, it’s just that easy!

Better yet, the TubShroom can stop both human and pet hair from clogging up your plumbing system, saving you hundreds in potential snake work and plumbing fees.

While this handy device only works on bathtub drains, the company has a full line of products preventing clogs in sinks and shower stalls, along with universal plugs for total water blockage. They’ve even created a strainer specifically for the kitchen!

If you’re tired of spending your time and energy fighting a losing battle against hair clogs, make the tiny investment in a TubShroom — thousands already have and are much happier for it, including me! 🤗

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