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Short on Space? This Space-Saving IKEA Valet Stand with Mirror is Genius!

This IKEA piece is such a great space-saving solution!
If you’re heading off to college soon, live in a small space, or just don’t like a lot of bulky furniture, this space-saving IKEA Valet Stand with Mirror is just what you need. For just $69, it includes a full-length mirror, 5 hooks for hanging clothing, and 2 small trays so you can store jewelry, phones, or keys.

This stand is also great for those busy mornings or if you tend to forget your phone or keys on a regular basis. Just place all the items you’ll need for the next day in the trays (jewelry, accessories, belts, keys, phone, etc.) and hang your clothes on the provided hooks and you’ll be good to go!

This valet stand is user-friendly for all types of people and homes (in fact, you can be over 6′ tall and stand 20″ away from the mirror and still see yourself from head to toe!).

You can also attach it to the wall making it extra sturdy, giving you additional hanging space for bulky items like winter coats. However, it also has the option of being freestanding so you can put it anywhere, which is especially handy if you’re not allowed to drill holes in your walls.

On the fence? Check out this review from a satisfied IKEA customer:

“The design of this new mirror is great! The way they designed the mirror allows you to see your whole body no matter where you are in front of it. I love the whole design of the rungs on the back to hang clothes and the trays to hold jewelry and any other extras you need. I am very excited to be able to save time in the morning by picking out and setting out an outfit the night before. It’s flat base is secure while not taking up a big footprint in the room. Love it! Highly recommend this product!”

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