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This Non-Adhesive Window Film Creates Privacy & Decor (AND It’s Only $10.98!)

Need privacy, decoration, insulation, or UV protection for a window in your home?
Consider installing a privacy window film inside a glass window! We have a window that overlooks our neighbor’s entry area, and we wanted to create a little more privacy. So I recently tried this highly rated Rabbitgoo 3D privacy film in the window. I’m excited to share the great results with you today because it’s an inexpensive solution that totally works! 

Reasons to LOVE Rabbitgoo 3D Privacy Film: 

It’s inexpensive! The current price is only $10.98.
It’s non-adhesive! Yep, it uses static cling to stick, and there’s no sticky glue involved.
Installation was fairly easy. It just requires a little measuring and cleaning the window.
It adds decoration and interest. There are different designs and patterns to consider. The square mosaic pattern I purchased is pretty to look at! It creates a rainbow reflection at a certain time of day.
There are so many places to use privacy film. You can install it on a sliding door, kitchen window, garage door, bedroom windows, office windows, and more!
It can be energy-saving! Heat-controlled window vinyl can help retain heat in the winter and cold air in the summer.
There are different purposes: Rabbitgoo makes coverings for decorative and for privacy reasons. Just be sure to read carefully to ensure you’re buying the right privacy film for the right room (and purpose).

Easy Installation Instructions: 
Clean the window thoroughly.  
Measure the surface and cut the film. Leave an extra inch margin on each side for easy adjustment.
Prepare a solution of soapy water in a spray bottle.
Spray the surface with soapy water. Peel off the transparent backing film along a short side.
Install the film onto the window by pressing it to the area.
Use the squeegee to remove excess water and any bubbles while applying the film. Wipe off the water using the towel.
Trim off the margins.

Hip Tips: 

Improvise if you don’t have a squeegee! I didn’t have one on hand, so we improvised with a ruler (it worked fine to smooth out bubbles).
Don’t skip the measuring when ordering. I needed to order another roll to finish my window.
Make sure to clean the window well. I first used a rag with soapy water to get all dust off, then finished with Windex and a paper towel.
I picked an easy pattern to cut straight! This mosaic grid pattern was easy to cut because of the square pattern.

Result: This is a quality window film!
Overall, I think this is a helpful product that serves its purpose to add some privacy, and definitely some UV protection! I’d consider installing it again in other rooms, as it was a simple project to complete, and I can remove it easily if desired.

A note on privacy:
According to Rabbitgoo, there are different privacy ratings on their 3D window film, with this one (shared above) having a lower privacy level – it’s mainly for decoration and some insulation and UV protection. Please keep that in mind when selecting a window film.

You can find the exact privacy level on the product pages of every window film on each listing if you are not sure, or you can contact for any questions.

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