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How To Install Battery Operated Wall Sconces In Just 15 Minutes (No Wiring Needed!)

Battery-operated wall sconces make a great DIY project. Follow my instructions to install your very own wireless wall sconce!

Love the look of sconce lighting, but not the hassle or cost of wiring them?
Well, you’re in luck! I’m excited to shed light on how you can ditch the wiring! Use my DIY instructions to easily install battery-operated wall sconces using a lighting puck.

Sconce light fixtures are a beautiful way to add style and light to different areas in your home. We’ve actually installed several over the years, and I love the personality and interest they give to every space they’re in.

It will take less than 15 minutes to install a wireless wall sconce thanks to this lighting hack!

My son desperately needed a reading light, and although he did have a little plug-in clip on one for the bottom bunk he sleeps in, I was looking for a solution where I couldn’t see hanging wires. I first saw this faux lighting hack on, and I was completely inspired to try it on my own!

Here’s what I used to make a battery-operated wall sconce:

Pick up whichever sconce fits your style and budget – or even consider using one from a thrift store and spray painting it! I found an inexpensive outdoor sconce at Lowe’s, and I also picked up these wireless remote puck lights for convenience. In fact, my lights are indoor/outdoor so you can even take your new lighting outside – just make sure the ones you purchase are also indoor/outdoor.

To easily attach the puck light to the fixture, I used some mounting tape, which has worked out well for us!
Easiest wireless wall sconce installation ever. 🙌

All we did was put batteries inside the puck light, mount the puck light to the fixture using mounting tape, and hung the fixture onto the wall as you normally would. I used the bracket and screws the fixture came with – only without an electrical box and wires! 😱
…And voila! 

DIY Sconce Puck Light Fixture




Install batteries in the puck light. Add a few pieces of mounting tape to the back of the light or the fixture, and attach the light to fixture. You can also try velcro strips instead.


Pick a place on the wall to hang the fixture and screw in the round-shaped bracket that comes with the fixture.


Then attach the fixture to the bracket. Use the remote that comes with the puck lights to turn on the light or press it to turn on/off. Enjoy your new accent lighting!

I love this battery-operated wall sconce so much! 😍
My son can either just touch it to turn it on or off or use the remote! The bottom of the puck light is attached to the fixture, so I can just twist the top half off to change the batteries.

I think this is such a brilliant idea for a wireless wall sconce that truly does work, looks amazing, and takes very little time to accomplish!

Here are some other affordable sconces to consider for this project:

Lowes – Portfolio Galvanized Outdoor Light
Walmart – Industrial Swing Arm Bronze Wall Light
Amazon – Black Antique Vintage Wall Sconce – Pack of 3
Home Depot – Globe Electric Aedan Black Swivel Wall Sconce

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