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Never Let Snacks Go Stale Again with This Heat Sealer – It’s Under $9 on Amazon!

Looking for a smart way to seal chip and snack bags? This product is genius!
Stale chips are the worst! Check out this innovative kitchen tool I recently bought that seals the ends of snack and food packaging back together so it’ll extend the life of your food and avoids waste. If your family is anything like mine, constantly opening food and then also leaving it open in the pantry 🤪 – this is such a smart solution.
Here’s the bag sealer I bought on Amazon:

Karidge Mini Bag Sealer $8.99
Ships free with Amazon Prime Membership!
Final cost $8.99 SHIPPED!

Nope, this isn’t a hair straightener!
The Karidge mini handheld bag sealer is available via, and is a highly rated kitchen tool that’ll keep snacks fresh! Plus, I have to admit, the inner neat freak in me loves that it helps store snacks in a tidy-looking way compared to a bulky chip clip. 🤗

How to Use:
It’s so simple! Plug in the bag sealer and let it heat up for about 30 seconds, and then press down going along the edges of the bag for a second or so and it will slightly melt the ends together. Easy peasy!

Reasons I LOVE this handheld heat sealer:

Prevents foods from going stale, which saves money and waste.
This heat sealer works on a variety of plastic bags, snack bags, and cellophane bags.
It heats up quickly and is very easy to use.
Storing is easy because the product is lightweight and small. It comes with a handy storage case, too.

This idea isn’t just for chips!
I’ve been going through the pantry sealing all my smaller open bags of cooking spices, nuts, chocolate chips, specialty flours, and anything I usually fold and clip to avoid spills. This is such a smarter way to keep all these things neat and sealed.

Plus, it’s actually so satisfying to watch too – so now I want to seal all the things! 🤗

We work hard to bring you honest product recommendations that are personally tested and vetted, and I’m loving this handy kitchen tool so much!

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