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Life-Threatening Allergy? Get This EpiPen Alternative for FREE

Keeping EpiPens on-hand shouldn’t break the bank.
If you or a loved one have a severe allergy, you know that the soaring cost of EpiPens can be crushing for a family, especially when it’s necessary to have multiples on hand for home, school, work, and travel. Thankfully, there’s a company that is offering FREE epinephrine injections, and you can get multiple doses delivered right to your door!

Kaleo Pharma recognizes the importance of making sure that everyone with a severe allergy has access to life-saving medication, which is why they’ve created Auvi-Q, an EpiPen equivalent. Auvi-Q is an epinephrine injection used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions in those who are at risk for or have a history of serious allergic reactions.

All eligible commercially insured patients can get Auvi-Q for $0 out of pocket, even if your plan has a high deductible! The complete terms and conditions of this offer can be seen on the Auvi-Q website.

Michelle from the Hip2Save team swears by this program:

“My oldest son has a severe tree nut allergy, and the last time we went to the allergy doctor, I asked if they knew of any ways to save on buying EpiPens since as a mom I want my kid to have a pen available at home, at school, at sporting events, etc., and buying so many is so expensive. They gave me a number to call, the doctor sent in a request, and I literally got three EpiPen alternatives in the mail at no cost to us!
It’s not the EpiPen brand, but we get them every two years totally FREE, and they deliver to your house! I get one for my purse, my kids’ backpacks, and the school.
What I like about the Auvi-Q package is that it comes with a trainer that talks you through the injection process, so it’s good for a kid to do to themselves or for someone who is not familiar with using EpiPens. It gives commands like ‘place above clothing on the leg’ and ‘push button’. Then it will count down the injection time and tell you when to remove it.”

How to apply for your free Auvi-Q:
Getting your Auvi-Q is so easy! Simply download the enrollment form from Kaleo Pharma and bring it to your physician’s office. You can opt to either pick up your prescription from a Walgreen’s Pharmacy or have it delivered directly to your home.

If you choose home delivery, you’ll get a phone call or text to confirm your prescription and shipping details so that Auvi-Q can be shipped directly to your home. They will even work with you to schedule your delivery so that you can be there to receive it, ensuring that your medication is never exposed to extreme temperatures.

Here’s what our readers are saying about their experiences with Auvi-Q…

It works! We received the free pens last week after my daughter’s allergist told us about it.  RC

We have the Auvi-Q for my son and love that it can talk anyone through an Epi injection. It gives me so much peace of mind when leaving him in the care of others, and I think it also puts teachers and grandparents at ease being able to practice with the tester. – Amy

Love that Auvi-Q has this option. We have been carrying Auvi-Q for at least the last year at no cost. – Jasmyn

Love this product and the company behind it! Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! We’ve ordered these several times and have been very pleased. Meds are free. Customer service is thorough, friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!Sandy

We just found out that my 9-month-old has egg and dairy allergies. An EpiPen with his dosage is on backorder everywhere and would cost over $300 with our insurance! We just got the Auvi-Q for $0 out of pocket and the company was so helpful in answering all of my questions. Even had it delivered on a day that I would be home so it didn’t sit out in the heat! – Jessie

I just got one of these for my family, as 3 of us take allergy shots. We didn’t meet the financial need requirement and it was still only $54. We do have high deductible insurance, so I was still pretty happy with the price. They ship it very well insulated and with a couple of cold packs. They’ll call you at home and tell you what day they plan to drop it off. They will drop it off though, even if you’re not home, so maybe don’t schedule it for a Friday that you’re going to be out of town for the weekend. – Marisa

I have two severely allergic kids. This worked like a charm for us a few months ago. Just be sure you are home to receive them! You don’t want them sitting out in the mailbox/heat/sun/cold.BergenD

If you have questions about Auvi-Q, check out their FAQ page here.

We would love to hear about your experience with EpiPens or EpiPen alternatives. Please share them with us in the comments below!

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