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Here’s What I Ordered FREE w/ Amazon Wardrobe Try Before You Buy!

Refresh your wardrobe without leaving home with Amazon Try Before You Buy!

Amazon has everything your closet needs. 🛍 
Refresh your wardrobe! Thanks to Amazon Try Before You Buy, you can try on clothes for FREE without leaving home! Only keep what you love, returns are free.

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What is Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is free to all Amazon Prime members. Their Try Before You Buy program offers you a convenient way to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even accessories without even leaving home. You only keep what you love and returning Prime Wardrobe orders is always free! 👏🏻

How does Amazon Prime Wardrobe Try Before You Buy work?

Either head over to the Amazon Prime Wardrobe page to view eligible items or look for items with the blue Prime Try Before You Buy slider as you shop.

Easily browse from curated categories such as stylists’ picks, kids, men’s and so much more! Then, load up your cart with up to 6 of your favorite Prime Wardrobe eligible items!

Once your order arrives, you’ll get to try on your handpicked pieces from the comfort of your home and you only keep what you love and send back what you don’t.

In fact, if your order ends up being a flop you can send everything back totally FREE which means it won’t even cost you a dime! 👏🏻

Even better, you’ll always receive the best of any applicable discounts so if Amazon is offering a special promotion for the item(s) you’re keeping at the time you order or even after, they’ll honor the best price for you. 🤩

Shop all Amazon Prime Wardrobe eligible items now!

Hip Tip: Try Amazon Personal Shopper to save you even more time. A stylist will curate an order based on your needs and you’ll get to approve everything before it ships! I tried it and love it!

*Note: The Personal Shopper service fee is $4.99 per month and can be canceled at any time. 

I love using Amazon Try Before You Buy because it makes shopping comfortable and convenient! 

Whether you’re a busy mom, a college student, or a business professional who has zero time for in-store shopping, it doesn’t get any easier than Prime Wardrobe! You’ll get to bring the fitting room right to your home!
I’m a busy mom of 3 and haven’t been to the mall since I started using Amazon Prime Wardrobe! 🙌🏻
Recently, I was in need of a new bathing suit, and shopping for swimwear is probably my least favorite thing to do in-store. Who’s with me?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Thanks to Prime Wardrobe, I was able to try a bathing suit and everything to go with it because…why not?! The service is still free if I decide not to keep everything, after all. 😏

Here are the Prime Wardrobe pieces I recently tried:

La Blanca One Piece Swimsuit – Cinnamon
Ekouaer Swimsuit Beach Cover Up – White
The Drop Slide Sandal – Raffia
Ayliss Straw Woven Tote – Beige

That’s a retail value of $174.70 that I got to try totally FREE! 🎉

My order arrived in just two days! Impressive! 👏🏻

It’s always so fun to try everything on at home and it totally beats the hassle of rushing in and out of a fitting room at multiple stores. Plus, you can’t beat the comfort and convenience of never leaving home. 🙌🏻

I’m also someone who loves textures. Yes, I was the kiddo touching EVERYTHING in the store. 🤣 As an adult, I still love to touch and feel fabrics, admire thoughtful touches, and appreciate the textures.

Thankfully, I can still do all of that with Amazon Prime Wardrobe! 🙌🏻 It’s truly a win, win!

If you’re in the market for a modest bathing suit, I highly recommend the La Blanca one-piece I tried! It fit so perfectly and will definitely be my new go-to staple piece for summer. In fact, scoop up my entire outfit because I seriously loved everything! 😍
Our Hip reader, Alex, actually ordered the same swimsuit with Prime Wardrobe after seeing mine 🤩

“This is definitely one of my favorite swimsuits and it’s super flattering! I am a true large or extra large and ordered a size 12 and it fits perfectly. It has full coverage on the booty and I really appreciate the ruching and coverage on the belly which makes it even more flattering. Love it!” – Alex, Hip reader

I’ve raved about this swimsuit so much that even our Hip CEO, Collin, has ordered it in white! 😍

After trying it on, she agrees her white La Blanca swimsuit feels very high-end and loves wearing it with her favorite floral board shorts from Amazon.

Looking for more modest swimwear? Check out these trendy modest swimsuits our team has loved for years starting at just $10!

Overall, Amazon Try Before You Buy will save you time, money, and the hassle of trying on clothing in stores. It’s truly a no-brainer since it’s free with any Prime membership and will also save you gas going from store to store.

Let’s recap ALL of the perks of using Amazon Try Before You Buy:

It’s FREE to use with your Amazon Prime membership.
Saves you time since you avoid going to a store.
Saves you gas driving to the store.
Zero hassle with fitting rooms.
You don’t have to leave home to pick all your new wardrobe pieces.
You get happy mail (i.e. something other than bills in the mail!).
Limits impulsive spending at the store.
Delivery is fast and will arrive in 2 days like any Prime order.
You get 7 whole days to try on your clothes
You only pay for what you want or pay nothing at all if you send it back.
The returns are FREE and easy since they come with a prepaid return label.

*Note: Your 7-day try-on period begins once all the items in your order arrive.

I like to be transparent, so here’s what I don’t love about Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy:

The clothes can get pricey.
Sure it’s great to online shop, but I did notice that a significant amount of the clothing can get pretty expensive and if you’re not careful, you can easily run up your cart total. I also didn’t spot many sale items, so you will likely be paying full price for many.

Sizes tend to be unavailable.
I found items I liked but sometimes my size or desired color wasn’t available. This caused me to miss out on the opportunity to try on items I may have really loved. However, if you simply want to try an item before you commit, you can always try a different color and return it free and buy the one you really want.

They no longer send your stuff in a resealable box.

My most recent Amazon Wardrobe order didn’t come in a resealable box, whereas before it did. I’m not sure if this is new or only happens on occasion but I was disappointed to have this inconvenience. Regardless, using a little packing tape was still way cheaper than the gas I would have spent to shop in-store. 😊

Here’s what another Hip2Save reader shared about her Amazon Wardrobe experience:

“I use Prime Try Before You Buy for shoes, and it’s great! Living in a small town, the selection on Amazon is so much better than what I can find here. I love that I can try several styles, and different sizes, and simply pack up what I don’t want to keep. It has gone really well every time and there have even been times I’ve had to return everything!

I was freaking out the first time I placed an order because 7-8 pairs of shoes amount to hundreds of dollars, but they don’t charge your account unless you keep them, and I was careful to return what I didn’t want ASAP! Again, such an easy experience. 

Trying on stuff at home is so much better and with plenty of time to try everything on, no pressure from sales reps, and being able to pack it back up on my own time in the same box it came in, Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy is a no brainer for me!” – Amy, Hip2Save reader

Ready to try Amazon Prime Wardrobe for yourself?

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You can try this #1 selling bra before you buy it too. 😍