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My Lip [Color] is Sealed with this Popular Longwear Liquid Lipstick from Kylie Jenner

Does this lipstick make me look like a Kardashian?
By no means is the infamous Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit a new product, but it has always intrigued me.

As someone who is just fine rocking $7 Colourpop liquid lipstick, Kylie Jenner’s $30 lipstick collection set just seemed a bit drastic to me. But, for the sake of giving any and all products a try, I gave the signature shade (so uniquely named “Kylie”) a chance to prove its worth.

Because it’s a kit, there are two parts to the application: a pencil liner and a liquid lipstick. It’s also important to note that with any lipstick, you’ll want smooth, non-chapped lips to start.

You could use a lip scrub or be resourceful like me and sprinkle some sugar over a scoop of coconut oil and massage the yummy mixture onto the lips. Give them a quick rinse, pat dry, and you’re ready to apply.

I like the idea of lining with pencil first as liquid lipstick is not that forgiving. The pencil provides control for lining the edges of the lips and then filling them in for all over color. The pencil color doesn’t look much like the advertised pigment—it’s much darker and more on the brown side, but I don’t really mind. I would probably just wear the pencil color every now and then for a dramatic, deep nude look.

After finishing with the pencil, I applied the liquid lipstick (notably lighter and pinker than the pencil) which felt fully dry and matte within a minute or two. After drying, the shade also darkened up a bit as well.

I don’t know about you but I am loving the color of the lipstick. It’s a moody, pale pink perfect for the fall and winter season ahead. Again, this is the shade “Kylie” which I’m assuming is the signature shade for her collection given it’s named after her and seems like a universally flattering color.

Then I put it to the test. I took a drink from my cup fearing there would surely be lipstick transferred to the rim… but there was NONE! I took another sip—nothing. After several attempts, I was nearly jamming my lips to the edge of the glass trying to make a lipstick print appear, even getting some water on them to see if that would cause the transfer… It. Did. Not. Budge.

In fact, I wore the lipstick while teaching a fitness class which required constant talking and heavy drinks of water and it still looked impeccable at the end.

Whether you can’t get enough of the Kardashians or you’d rather do anything else than “Keep Up” with them, that’s not the topic of conversation here. Kylie Jenner’s brand has created some pretty incredible longwear lipstick worth every penny in my opinion. And if you don’t feel like buying the full kit either, the liquid lipsticks are sold separately for half the cost. Score!

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