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Hershey Launches Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat Miniatures for 2019 Holidays

Hershey is releasing a new seasonal Kit Kat!
From the delicious world of holiday candy news comes something else we can’t wait to get our hands on this Christmas – Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat Miniatures! Hershey keeps finding ways to elevate the Kit Kat (the Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat was a game-changer!), and we are really looking forward to trying this new seasonal variety!

These miniatures from Hershey’s promise to put a seasonal spin on the iconic Kit Kat taste by fusing layers of crispy wafers with a cinnamon-infused chocolate coating. Yum! Individually packaged in a seasonal green wrapper, these Kit Kats would be perfect for sharing or stuffing into stockings. They would also make a tasty addition to your Christmas baking, gingerbread house construction, or coffee break.

Want to try these treats? They are currently available on for $4.99, or just $3.99 with promo code FALL20 at checkout. Choose to have them shipped to your local Walgreens to bypass any shipping charges as they are not available in stores. Otherwise, these miniatures won’t be available at major retailers nationwide until November.

Keep your eye on our Hershey’s page, where we’ll let you know the minute we see this limited-edition candy hit the shelves!

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