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The Best Hallmark Channel Christmas Romance Movies According to Collin

‘Tis the season to indulge in a good Christmas movie – or 5!
Hey all, Collin here! As many of you know, I LOVE a good Hallmark Christmas movie, especially if a love story is involved. However, I’ve also watched many Hallmark Christmas movies through the years that weren’t great. In fact – there have been some that I’ve stopped watching in the middle of the movie. 😬

For me, a good Hallmark Christmas movie really comes down to relatable characters, decent acting, and entertaining/heartwarming stories that aren’t too cheesy, but just cheesy enough. If that makes sense. 😉

I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of my favorite Hallmark romance movies since I’ve truly watched so many over the years!

Hip Tip: During the month of December, The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime play Christmas movies all day, every day, so make sure to set your DVR if you’re not home, so you can watch your favorite movies whenever you’re ready to relax.

Here are my Hallmark Christmas romance movie faves…
1. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ringing in as one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, this is one holiday flick that I don’t want you to miss! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is about a single mom who is straight edge and type A. She’s got a very annoying boyfriend who cares way too much about his social status. Her laid-back uncle ends up coming to visit and brings a new (and might I add, cute!) friend along that he randomly meets at the airport. Turns out, this stranger may be just the person to teach his niece about the Christmas spirit, and possibly more… 😍

Set your DVR so you never miss this movie! Here are the upcoming showtimes:

Friday, October 25, 2:00 PM

Thursday, October 31, 4:00 PM

Sunday, November 10, 8:00 AM

Thursday, November 14, 10:00 PM

Monday, November 18, 6:00 AM

Friday, November 29, 12:00 PM

2. The Best Christmas Party Ever

Another one of my faves, The Best Christmas Party Ever, is so entertaining! I love the storyline and characters. The two main characters initially butt heads, but as the movie progresses, things definitely change – in a Hallmark kinda way! The main character and party planner, Jennie, learns that her boss will be retiring after Christmas and hopes she will be left in charge of the premiere event planning service. However, a wrench gets thrown into her plan when her bosses charismatic and handsome nephew, Nick, shows up. Will they totally fall for each other? 😏

Set your DVR so you never miss this movie! Here are the upcoming showtimes:

Tuesday, November 5, 4:00 AM

Saturday, November 9, 8:00 AM

Wednesday, November 13, 4:00 PM

Wednesday, November 20, 2:00 AM

Thursday, November 28, 6:00 AM

3. A Bride for Christmas

We all love a good bet, don’t we?! This is one fun Christmas movie! A bachelor spots a beautiful woman at an event and makes a bet with his friends that he can convince her to marry him by Christmas – which is only four weeks away. Except… she’s sworn off relationships after being engaged three separate times. A Bride for Christmas is such a cute love story. And no, the always happy Hallmark movie endings never get old. 🥰

Set your DVR so you never miss this movie! Here are the upcoming showtimes:

Monday, October 28, 2:00 AM

Thursday, November 7, 2:00 AM

Friday, November 15, 2:00 PM

Tuesday, November 19, 2:00 AM

4. The Nine Lives of Christmas

A movie where two totally unexpected people come together, The Nine Lives of Christmas, is another movie that I love to watch during the holidays! The main actress, Marilee, is a veterinary student who loves animals, and is quirky and sweet. She meets a fireman who is living the bachelor’s life and is a total commitment-phobe, and shows him how to care for his new stray cat. This love story is one that surprises you since the characters are so different. OK, it doesn’t really surprise you because it’s Hallmark, but it’s still fun to watch! 🤗

Set your DVR so you never miss this movie! Here are the upcoming showtimes:

Thursday, October 31, 10:00 PM

Saturday, November 9, 4:00 PM

Friday, November 15, 6:00 PM

Tuesday, November 19, 4:00 PM

Thursday, November 28, 10:00 PM

5. Bonus Lifetime romance movie:  A Gift Wrapped Christmas

A Gift Wrapped Christmas is about a spunky and fun woman, Gwen, who’s a personal shopper. She ends up getting a job for a high-end client, Charlie, an uptight, single dad who’s dating a very snooty woman. The personal shopper and the single dad are total opposites attract in this movie. It’s such a sweet love story, and you’ll end up really enjoying the characters. I want the main actress in the movie, Meredith Hagner, to be my BFF! 😉

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Here’s the official 2019 Christmas movie lineup for The Hallmark Channel.