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Our Amazon Squishy Toy Advent Calendar Review (and We Did Experience One Problem)

We love gearing up for the holidays!
And one thing we really love is counting down to Christmas! For you, that might mean you’re planning to watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies this year or you might be on the hunt for the perfect Advent Calendar.

For me, I’m hunting down the best Advent calendars this year and trying out ones that I think you’ll love! Plus, I’m sharing my honest thoughts so you know which ones you should buy this year (and which ones you might not want to).

What is an advent calendar?
An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Typically, each calendar has a small gift or candy to represent each day or a token to move each day as you countdown. 

Here’s the first advent calendar that we tried out:

Amazon Squishy Toys Advent Calendar – $23.99

My kids could barely contain themselves when this box arrived! We are big fans of squishes over here, so getting to open one up every single day is pretty exciting!

The only immediate issue was that they had to decide who got which squishes! 😂

Besides the super adorable squishes that come in this Advent calendar, I also loved that it wasn’t encouraging my kids to eat candy every single day and rather provided a fun toy that they can look forward to.

Here are a few other reasons I liked the squishes in this Advent calendar:

They’re made of 100% non-toxic thermoplastic rubber 
They’re hypoallergenic
Free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex
Easy to clean with warm water
They make great sensory toys, fidget toys, and can even help relieve stress for mom and dad.

And our favorite part was on Christmas Eve…

At the very end, we were surprised by a squishy Santa! And to our surprise, he was the biggest among all of the squishes so that made for an extra special squishy! Plus, it doesn’t get more festive than Santa!

Overall, my kids really loved this Advent calendar – even my older boys who are almost 8 and 9 years old. With 24 squishes total, there’s more than enough for them to share too, which makes my life easier.
But we did experience one problem…

These cute little squishes don’t last! 🙁 I’m sad to report that this is what our squishes looked like after just 1 day. ONE DAY!

After going back and looking at the Amazon listing I saw that they do mention “the paint on the mochi squishy toys may fall off”. However, I definitely would have expected the cute faces and paint to last longer than just one day. Plus, they attract every single piece of dust and dirt, which make them look pretty undesirable!
My verdict:

All of that said, they do wash very easily and my kids are still are enjoying all of the squishes, so I think we’d buy it again. We even had one accidentally make it into the laundry and it survived! 😂


Even without the paint and their cute little faces, the kids think these are still addicting to play with and squeeze. My daughter personally loves putting them all in her bookbag and toting them around.

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