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If You Buy Any Beauty Advent Calendar This Season, Make it This One.

From one beauty lover to another, this box is everything.
Glossy Box, the company behind the popular monthly subscription beauty box, is offering their amazing 25-Day Beauty Advent Calendar again this year for 2020. This gorgeous collection of daily makeup, skincare, and haircare treats has a total box value of over $500! 😱

I am personally so impressed with how many full-sized items this advent calendar includes, and definitely feel like myself or my daughter will love using them! I enjoy trying new beauty products, and this is such a fun way to do it for the holiday season!

While it’s certainly a splurge, I still feel like it’s an overall great value. Plus, I’ll reuse the pretty boxes next year!

I really can’t express just how beautiful and massive this advent calendar is, so took a picture of myself holding it! The box itself is a pretty pale pink with gold foil accents and is filled with individual boxes containing each day’s beauty gift.

The front panels are secured with magnets so you can stand the box upright and open and close with ease.

I’ll level with you, it costs a pretty penny as the 25-product calendar will set you back $99, though its product value says it’s worth over $500 which makes the purchase much more justifiable.

If you want to confirm the exact value yourself, the set includes a booklet with the product description and retail value of each item included (but be warned, it’s obviously full of spoilers)! If you’re into the aspect of surprise, you can expect amazing products like a full-sized Tarte makeup remover, Iconic London eyeshadow palette, and Nails INC nail polish perfect for the upcoming winter season.

The eyeshadow palette alone is worth $60 on its own, and you’ll still receive 24 other products!

If you simply can’t wait to find out, check out this sneak peek at 18 days worth of beauty products included in this 2020 Advent calendar!

The way I see it, there are 3 approaches to purchasing this beauty box.

1. Treat yourself.
The intended purchase is to buy this advent calendar so you have a fun, new beauty product each day of December. It’s pricey but hey, you’re worth it!
2. One for me, one for you.
Treat this as a gift for you AND a friend by splitting the cost or gifting the other half. Someone can claim the odd-numbered days and the even-numbered days go to the other person. There is a gift on the 25th which obviously gives an unfair advantage to odd-numbered days but it can be decided who gets the last day or if it should be given to a 3rd party (just to really keep things fair).
3. 5 beauty sets for $20 each.
Break up the entire box into multiple gifts for beauty-loving friends and family! You could repurpose the products into bundles of 5 and give out 5 self-care sets as gifts that only cost $20 each. This would be a great idea for Secret Santa exchanges, close co-workers, hostesses, or just some extra gifts to have on hand for anyone you may have forgotten while shopping.

Bonus: Don’t forget to reuse the box next year!
Reducing packaging waste is huge in the beauty industry, but this advent calendar does come with quite a bit of it. However, it’s an absolutely stunning box with just as cute mini boxes inside. You can easily reuse the box for the following year (or even the current year if you end up giving all the products away as gifts).

Change the theme from beauty to anything you’d like by applying decorative paper over the front and inside boxes to cover the branding and beauty-specific verbiage.

Check out these purchasing ideas!

• Glossy Box 2020 Advent Calendar – $99 shipped!

– OR –

• Glossy Box Monthly Subscription – $21 shipped
      – Use promo code HIP2SAVE for 20% off first order.
      – First month’s box cost – only $16.80 shipped.
• Glossy Box 2020 Advent Calendar – $89 shipped

Total for monthly Glossy Box and Advent Calendar: $105.80 shipped!

Glossy Box Subscribers
• Glossy Box 2020 Advent Calendar – Only $89 shipped!

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