Top Christmas Ornaments that Capture 2020 Perfectly

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These 2020 Christmas ornaments will have the whole family cracking up while reminiscing a year we’ll never forgot.

2020 toilet paper Christmas ornament

Trim your tree with Christmas ornaments that capture the true essence of 2020. 🤪

The holidays are approaching and the end of a very long year is finally in sight. If you’ve made it this far with your sense of humor intact, that’s something worth celebrating! Consider commemorating this milestone with a new 2020 keepsake ornament for your Christmas tree.

We’ve rounded up some of the ornaments that represent 2020 in one way or another. They’d make a great way to reward yourself for surviving 2020, or as a lighthearted gift for anyone else who’d like to mark the passing of a year we’re eager to forget.

masked Santa ornament

1. Masked Santa Ornament – $24.99 shipped on Etsy

Ah, 2020 – the year that Santa wore a mask and sat inside a plexiglass box at the mall. Hopefully, next year will bring a return to all of the traditional lap-sitting and beard-pulling, but in the meantime, we’re glad to see that old St. Nick is playing it safe.

Dumpster fire ornament

2. Enamel Dumpster Fire Ornament – $14.95 from Etsy

This metaphor pretty much summarizes our collective feelings toward 2020. We love the elegant representation of a year’s worth of misery in a shiny enamel ornament!

Baby It's COVID outside ornament

3. Baby It’s COVID Outside Ornament – $10.39+ on Etsy

This ornament is a viral twist on a classic Christmas song, engraved on a wooden die-cut ornament shaped like the infamous microbe itself.

masked gingerbread man ornament

4. Masked Gingerbread Man – $16.99 on Etsy

While this little gingerbread man is confident that you can’t catch him, he’s not taking any chances with the coronavirus.

6 feet apart ornament

5. 6 Feet Apart Ornament – $5.95 on Etsy

This ornament will serve as a sweet reminder of the year that we had to get creative to maintain closeness with our loved ones and physical distancing, all at the same time.

2020 toilet paper ornament

6. 2020 Toilet Paper Ornament – $14.95 shipped on Etsy

If 2020 has you feeling all wiped out, this toilet paper ornament is just the keepsake you need to help you remember a year full of empty shelves in the TP aisle and 1-ply unpleasantness in the bathroom.

EW, 2020 Christmas Ornament

7. Ew, 2020 Ornament – $29+ shipped on Etsy

This ornament is saying what we’re all thinking about 2020. While it will hold special meaning for any fan of the show Schitt’s Creek (imagine Alexis Rose saying this in her best “Ew, David!” voice), it certainly conveys a sentiment that we can all get behind.

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About the writer:

Jenna has a Bachelor's Degree from Lycoming College and her Master's from Penn State, holding 4 years of writing experience between a variety of publications and Hip2Save.

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  1. Luv2save2

    I got the family one. Thought it was a cute representation of what we have all gone through in 2020.

  2. Evie

    It would be sad but is tooo funny!
    If you live in the PA suburbs there are more toilet paper shortages to come!
    They are closing Philadelphia Monday. The people will flood the suburbs and clean out our stores!
    This happened last time!
    Lockdowns do not work.
    Philly also closed a lot of hospitals before the coronovirus!

    • Sylvia

      All grocery stores in Philadelphia will remain open, only bars and restaurants are closing. People are panic buying because it the news there are saying over and over again that there will be a shortage of items. The reality is production has not gone down, no paper goods store is closing so there won’t be a shortage if everyone just buys the customary quantity their family needs.

    • 5pink1blue

      Try small town hardware stores for tp. Last time everything was sold out in the big city but the hardware store in a rural community had all we needed and then some. I live in NW PA.

    • Donna

      There is already a shortage .The grocery store has no paper towel neither did Sams.People are already going crazy in bucks county

    • Katie

      Is the TP in your community just for you or for any American that has the money to purchase it? I think we’ve all had plenty of time to prepare by now!

      • Evie

        I am always well stocked up.
        Families are complaining because they have to make extra trips to the stores. Many have to work from home and educate their children. They do not need more stress.
        I can survive without to or papertowels.
        How do lockdowns help when the people go to other communities to buy? Won’t they spread the disease?

  3. gmx5

    I went to Instagram and I LOVE what you’ve done with donuts!! Clearly represents my feelings toward 2020!!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Erin

    $29 for the “Ew” ornament?!? It costs almost nothing to make and requires very little artistic ability. But kudos to the seller who will undoubtedly sell at least a few thanks to this post! 🤣

    • jacinda

      Lol my thoughts too!!! It said low in stock too so she must be doing well! Haha

  5. Denise

    I’m so not an overly sensitive person but I don’t find any humor in anything Covid related and certainly don’t want an ornament to put on my tree year after year that represents the absolute worst year of the century. My ornaments all either have a special meaning or are generic, no ornaments that represent a pandemic, a rising death toll, selfishness of people who can’t wear a mask to protect others, my kids losing their school experience, people I know dying. As we pull our ornaments out to decorate it’s often “Aww, he’s our ornament from Disney” or “Ha ha! Remember we bought this ornament because this is the year Joey was so crazy about Paw Patrol”. Can’t see “Oh look! Our 2020 ornament from the year so many people died from COVID!”.

    • wendydenormandie-lietz

      I understand what you’re saying but this is also a part of history that no one will ever forget. I’m getting them for everyone in my family. They will like them. Especially the Stink stank stunk! Unfortunately we can’t erase it. So why not roll with it?

      • Denise

        I guess I look at it like if my house burned down I don’t want an ornament of a house ablaze that had some funny saying about it. Would someone want an ornament about any other tragedy of the world? A 9/11 ornament? I just don’t get the lighteartedness of it. People seem to be buying them I guess. It’d just make me sad every year when I pulled that ornament out of my box.

      • Amanda

        Events in history are all things we can’t erase, but that certainly doesn’t mean we need to put a remembrance of such things on our trees, lol. By this logic people would be getting ornaments of Nazis or Hurricane Katrina or the Great Depression, and various other horrible times that we can not erase. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time!

        • peretz12

          Looks like most of these ornaments seem to be making fun of the toilet paper (which is a crazy and unexpected side effect of COVId that happened which really is quite humorous and frankly pathetic).

      • Beth P

        “Roll” with death?

        • silieolme

          I think the person commenting meant it from the perspective of since we can’t change the disaster of 2020, roll with what you can from a light hearted perspective. It does no good to dwell in the doom and gloom when you can look at least view a small fraction of it from a light perspective. Yes, the death toll is horrible, the pandemic as a whole sucks, shortages suck, increased poverty sucks… isolation sucks, you could go on and on. People cope with tragedy differently. Sometimes you have to smile or laugh to keep from breaking down completely. I laugh at times when I should (by social standards) exert a different emotion because it’s how I handle negative situations. My aunt does the same thing. I’m not a butthead or insensitive because of it. I just cope differently. These ornaments seem to represent a certain side of coping for certain people. It won’t be that for everyone. Hanging this on their tree may be a reminder in 2021 to keep up the family values they learned and appreciated in 2020, it may represent a new life among all the ones lost, it may represent a marriage, new friendships built during isolation, or some other happy milestone. Just my two cents. 🙂

    • tipaye


    • AmyU

      I agree. And for millions the year 2020 is the year their precious child was born (including one in our family.) Some of these about TP shortage make for a lighthearted comical memory, but I personally don’t care for the merchandise that disparages the year 2020 as a whole. For countless people it was a year of tiny miracles.

    • Jean


    • Lissa

      Live a better life by developing a sense of humor about the things that can’t be controlled. Your heart will thank you for it. Plus, it’s a great stress busting, coping mechanism, to pass on to your children.

      One of these ornaments could be a “remember when things were tough, but we made it, without toilet paper!”

      Believe it or not, good memories can happen in times of adversity. For example: experiencing human kindness, finding strength you didn’t know you had, etc.

      Sorry, but if you set your kids up to think that the world is a Disney fantasy, they aren’t going to make it.

      • Jean

        Wow! You’re really going out on limb here saying she is setting her kids up for failure simply because they like to hang ornaments that reminded them of a trip to Disney and her kid liked Paw Patrol. Is this your professional opinion? LOL

    • Jim

      You are absolutely correct. I had a traumatic year back in my 20s.
      If someone gave me an ornament commemorating that year I would crash it over their head.
      Tragedies are not to be laughed at. I cannot conceive of putting a 911 ornament on a Christmas tree.

    • Danielg

      I agree with you. We have a Christmas Memory Tree that has specialized ornaments celebrating the lives of my father, sister, and brother who have passed, as well as ornaments for the 2 newest additions to the family (the great grandchildren). My mom is in her mid-70’s and lives with me. She ordered a Covid ornament. I really find them all distasteful. I can find no humor in Covid, with the deaths, ongoing suffering, and financial distress on so many. That being said, everyone has their own perspective. his is just mine. The Covid ornament my mom bought will go on the tree. She wants it prominently displayed. I’m just not happy about it and maybe I’ll drop it and make it look like an accident so it breaks and can’t go up on the tree again next year. I want Covid behind us…I don’t want reminders of Covid or the Politics of this year.

  6. Ellen

    Thank you! I bought the tp ornament as I work for a tp company. Who would ever thought I would hang tp on my Christmas tree!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Ellen!

  7. Jess

    These are adorable! As rough as this year has been, there have been a lot of blessings also. I’ve gotten closer to friends because we use video chat to stay in touch now. My family has grown closer because we had to stop extracurricular activities and stay home together. We are not busy with the silly things anymore. “If you look for the bad [in people] you will certainly find it.” -Abraham Lincoln. Thank you for the cute ways to remember this unique time in history.

  8. Me

    The toilet paper roll cracked me up because on any given day pre-COVID or not, I always had a ton of TP and my family would tease me…….they are not laughing now that we couldn’t find TP in stores or online for any reasonable price for about 6 or 7 weeks at the beginning of the year and who do you think gave them TP?… they could have gotten me a TP ornament ANY year and it STILL would have been funny.

  9. Casey

    The dumpster fire one made me laugh!

  10. Emily Rinke

    I have a girlfriend on Etsy who is making some great Covid stuff. Could I post her link?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You can post it here.

  11. Katie

    Some of these will make fantastic white elephant gifts!

    • Bree

      Honestly, if no one in your family has been sick and you’re just trying to be flexible with work and school changes, the year wasn’t THAT bad! I don’t really want to make light of the situation when others have gone through so much this year. If it isn’t the virus, everyone is attacking people over political choices and kind of linking Covid into that whole thing. Plus, I think some of these Etsy finds are way over priced. I used to enjoy Etsy and sometimes still find a unique gift, but for the most part it has been taken over with cheaply made and not creative pieces. I hope that any of you fellow Hip2Save readers will count your blessings this year…maybe instead of whining about the kids being home, think of how much more you have learned about them and their classmates/friends etc. Rather than complain about low money, think of the people who didn’t have any savings. I’m going to go on a limb here and suggest spending $29 on a few toilet paper deals to donate to your local Foodbank or family you know that would appreciate the gesture. 🙂

    • Kristi

      Parties?? LOL

  12. Katie

    I think we can chuckle about a TP shortage in 2020, without being disrespectful. We do need to keep our sanity somehow, and TP is not a necessity in life. Definitely hard to be without but not the same as water..

  13. Matt L

    I love and appreciate Hip2save and have since the beginning. I appreciate all you do. But I miss the old Hip2save days.

  14. ginamccutchanseaton

    I just wanna say, my husband and I BOTH got Covid at the same time. VERY sick but we made it through the “dumpster fire” and I think these ornaments are a riot. I tend to find humor in anything and everything. It’s how I’ve gotten through life thus far and I have been through a sh#$ ton. I love the Peace Out one, LOL!

    • Pattyd

      I’m so glad you recovered and kept your sense of humor as well. Stay well

  15. Evie

    Since this will not go away any time soon I suppose the ornaments will be available in 2021 and 2022.
    So much for globalization creating a wonderful utopia!
    Sorry, lockdowns do not work and the threat of them create shortages. Not to mention unemployment and other miseries.
    Just because you want people to be heroes and wave a magic wand will not make it so!
    I learned my lesson in 2008. The corporations get the bailouts, not 1 person I know received a dime when they lost their homes.

    • Katie

      Maybe the virus causes lockdown which causes unemployment and shortages. Oh, and death. I’ll agree with you on the government not looking out for us, but how would you suggest we eradicate the virus?

      • Evie

        Since we don’t know the origins of it. Social distancing and masks for the vulnerable. It will take years if ever to go away. Flus and colds have not.
        Staying healthy is very important, vitamins, healthy foods.

  16. Kate

    Darn, the toilet paper roll ornament is already sold out! 😂

  17. Em

    Only $1.99 on Amazon for similar ornaments. Got a few “Stink, Stank, Stunk,” and they also have a cute wine one…”Drink 2020 Away” type of ornament. I got 15 ornaments for gifts for just over $30.

    • A Morris

      Hi, can u send the links pls?

  18. Heather C

    These make me want to laugh and to cry. They need one with a mom in pjs with crazy hair and kids going nuts in the background 🤪. I need to remember I survived 9 months (so far) of no school, what a year lol

  19. Pattyd

    The TP one cracks me up. As someone else said my family and friends always teased me for my stockpile, but guess who kept them stocked during all this!

  20. Denver

    I miss the old Hip2Save days too. Yep.

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