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bath and body works candles wrapped with ribbon

We’ve got all the latest news about Bath and Body Work’s popular Candle Day Sale!

The Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale is now over for 2021, but we’ve got some awesome tips below to help you save money on their popular candles ALL YEAR LONG!

Until then, be sure to check back often for Buy One Get One Free sales, free offers with purchase, 20% off mailed coupons, and more! And, don’t miss out on the Semi-Annual sales they have twice a year. You can find all of their current offers and promotions here.

Bath Body Works Candle

What is Candle Day?

This once-a-year sale usually falls on the first Saturday in December and is when Bath & Body Works offers their popular 3-Wick Candles for over 60% off. In 2021, all 3-wick candles were marked down to $10.25 (regularly $24.99) on December 3rd and 4th, and Rewards Members got early access online on December 2nd. Plus, Bath & Body Works usually sends out mailer or email coupons around the time of the sale that can be stacked with the sale, making the candles up to 75% off! In 2021, readers had coupons for 20% Off Entire Purchase and $10/$40 Purchase.

Make sure you’re on the Bath & Body Works mailing list to save BIG!

Bath & Body Works Coupon Booklet

Bath & Body Works sends out various mailer coupons several weeks before Candle Day that often include free product coupons with NO purchase required, $15 off $40 purchase, 20% off, and more!

If you’re not on their mailing list yet, head on over here and choose the “Mailing Address Add/Update” option from the drop-down menu and enter your information. And, did you know that if you receive a mailer with several coupons attached on the same card, you can use ALL three coupons in one transaction? Yes, it’s true!

Bath & Body Works Candles Re-Purposed

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Comments 159

  1. Gigi

    OMG I live for this sale every year!! Let me start stretching now!! 😂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! We’re excited too!

  2. momto2nc

    Another former employee tip: just like semi-annual sale, inventory varies by store, so if you live in an area where you have access to more than one B&BW then shop multiple stores to increase your haul! 🕯

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for the helpful tip!

  3. Jennifer

    our bath and body works is in the mall will the mall open that early?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You can always check with your location to be sure!

    • jessica

      we have one in the mall i called and they are opening at 6am

  4. sfc_abby

    What is the price for the candle during this sale?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      They’re usually over 60% off.

  5. Vee

    I have never bought one of their candles. Are they really that good? Do they last a long time? Does the smell fill the room?

    • Amanda

      In my opinion, yes, yes and yes. We have a large great room and hallway off of that. People frequently comment on how good it smells when they come in the front door (opposite end of the hallway) when I have them burning. I also think they last a very long time!

    • mayrab

      They are really good!!!

  6. Katie White

    Also they accept exchanges at any time. So get whatever scents you can score for that Candle Day price and the wait until next year when they release the fall and holiday scents again and go exchange. After the first year you will always be ahead and have the candles you want for the best price.

    • Jen

      So I can take a used candle to B&BW anytime & exchange it for a NEW one??? How is that allowed, never heard of that before 🙂

      • mgna

        A used candle that’s been enjoyed isn’t the criteria of 100% guaranteed. If you bought XYZ fragrance, burnt it tonight & disliked the the fragrance, return it tomorrow. A half to fully burnt candle that’s been enjoyed shouldn’t be returned, IMO. I think that can be equated to returning socks that were worn for 6 months and returned for a new pair. Generous return policies are changed when people take advantage & misuse the intended purpose.

        • Amy

          Settle down. She takes them back unused to get a fall scent she wants.

        • Carralynne

          What on earth are you getting worked up about ? She buys them new and returns them brand new, she doesn’t use them. Geesh …

          • Dianne

            Carralyne, I think your response is off. I think you’re the one being worked up. Pls be more positive 🙂

      • Marie

        She doesn’t use them.

    • Debbie

      Check with each individual store for exchange rules. My local store will exchange items, but they will return the item at the price you paid, but the item you exchange it for will be rung up at current price. So, you may owe money for the same item in a different scent. And if you don’t have a receipt, they will return it at the lowest sale price.

  7. Melissa

    Sorry my question is a little late, but if you put the candles in your cart to check out online, then the morning the sale starts, does anyone know if that increases your chances of having a better experience buying online or using the app? I have only shopped the sale one time and it was in 2019 in the store, was so excited to do it again last year but then like everything else COVID put a damper on my experience. Thanks in advance!! And everyone stay safe!

    • Jessica C Morris

      Yes! I did this exact thing last year and got everything I wanted. I woke up early the day of the sale and just completed the payment info.

  8. couponkay

    Does anyone know if they are having a handsoap sale on a Saturday sometime leading up to the holidays? I have been a good girl and not bought any soap in two years. I’m finally almost through my stockpile and want to buy more. They always used to have a “lowest price of the year” handsoap sale maybe the weekend before or after the candle sale. Anybody have news on this?

    • TheQueenBee

      I have been buying the shower gel and adding water to use in the foaming hand soap pumps. Lasts me so much longer. I think I actually read it in another Hip2Save comment in the last couple years! 🙂

      • roselmandy

        That is a great tip! Thank you

    • Cheri

      Today, Nov. 20, all handsoaps are $2.95. You can combine coupons to get them for less!

    • Di

      Didn’t read the other comments so not sure if someone said this but did you see the soap sale for today?

  9. Kathy

    I have the current coupons – expires end of month. Looking to trade each one for kohls cash
    20% purchase
    10 off 40
    Free $15 item with purchase
    Somerlove at verizon dot net

    • Hanna

      I have kohl’s 20% thought it expires on the 20th

  10. Jane

    I think my mail lady is taking my coupons.

    • Mrs C

      Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery. You get an email everyday with what’s coming that day to your mailbox. Ever since I started doing that about 3 or 4 months ago I have received mailers every month.

    • roselmandy

      I haven’t received any either

  11. Linda

    I got my December mailer this week and was a little disappointed. While there is a 10 off 40 coupon in mine, there was no 20% off to stock up on candle day 🙁 It’s still better than nothing, so I won’t complain. Does anybody know, when they send a free item coupon up to to a certain dollar amount, are sale prices taken into consideration for the dollar amount? I have one that’s up to 13.50 value and I’m wondering if I can use it for a free candle when they’re on sale.

    • Cheri

      You can’t use the candle as a free item because the price is based on the original, not the sale price.

  12. lindak

    I haven’t received printed coupons in a year and I haven’t been inside the store for longer than that. Give me tips on the best scents. Thanks.

    • Mrs C

      Marshmallow fireside is AMAZING! And you can’t ever go wrong with Vanilla Bean Noel.

      • lk


    • Bonnie

      Frozen Lake is amazing as well as Winter Candy Apple

  13. Jane

    My store in the mall had a calendar up this morning posting the hours for the upcoming season and it shows 5 AM for Black Friday and Sat, yet the next weekend (predicted candle day) has no early hours posted at all! Could candle day in fact BE BLACK FRIDAY this year? I’m probably way off just wanted to say something.

    • Jane

      Never mind….it was just the malls hours posted and not Bath & Body works! They changed signs today to reflect the 5 AM sales times.

  14. Juli

    Shoot, I just bought some yesterday because I thought the big sale was over and I didnt want my coupons to expire. I guess I should pay more attention. I only bought 3 because over the past years if I bought more for some reason the candles wouldnt last as long with burning.

  15. Angela

    I wasnt sure how to email a “hot tip\deal” (and not sure if hip2save mentioned it) but amazon warehouse on has alot of items with an extra 20% off. I can send you screenshots if you want. I found some nice deals today.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you so much!!! We are taking a look at this now.

  16. Deb

    You could not pay me to shop in-store on candle day bwahahahaha!!

  17. Marie

    I won’t even get up for free stuff that early.😴

  18. Amy

    What are yalls favorite scents? I’ve never had a BB&BW candle.

    • Jacy

      I love champagne toast. Throws a strong scent and is just so good for any season!

      • Rachel Pearson

        Champagne toast is my favorite too. It has nice scent that isn’t overpowering. Some scents give me a headache but not that one.

  19. Happy Aunt

    BBW have been my favorite candles for many years, but I’ve been so frustrated with their ways of doing business lately, I’ve given up on them. Selectively sending coupons to only some, low balling the B3G3 deal so the 3 lowest items are free vs matching up the similarly priced items, etc. Found some very similar smelling ones to my BBW ones at Kohl’s after reading about the Black Friday deal here and paid less than $5 a piece when all was said and done. Burning one now as I type and its great!

    • momto2nc

      BBW employees don’t really have say in how their registers work the B3G3 sale. You do need to buy similarly priced items to work out the best deal. Now, that being said, as a former employee, i would (when it wasn’t busy!) help a customer out by breaking up their transactions to help them save the most, but you cannot expect that kind of treatment from every employee in every store on every single day. We tried to ring 6 of the same/similar products together in a big order but sometimes it just didn’t work out the way you’d want it to on a transaction. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Happy Aunt

        I recognize that this is all corporates doing and I figured it out by reading the sale details before I ever made it to the cash register over the weekend. My six items were 2 each of 3 different prices. Instead of them ringing up bogo for each price point, they would have only made the three lowest items free. Poor customer service in my book. Not all retailers operate this way.

    • acgold

      What are your favorite Kohl’s scents please?!

      • Happy Aunt

        The one I used today is called Walking in a winter wonderland. Its very similar to the Hot Apple Toddy that BBW has had. Peace on Earth is yummy too.

  20. Heather Briggs

    Any word on if Kroger/Fred Meyer will have their $5 candle sale this weekend too?

  21. momto2nc

    Unburned candles are exchangeable! If your store doesn’t have all the scents you want, consider buying candles at this price point and exchanging them later for the scents you really wanted to begin with (this could be tough with seasonal scents, but it’s still worth the reminder).

    • Debbie

      Just FYI, check exchange policies at your local store. My local store will exchange, but they will return it at the price you paid, (or their lowest price without a receipt), and then ring the new one you want at current price. So you may end up owing money.

  22. Kris

    I cannot wait! Last year i went to grab only sweater weather and it was gone from 3 stores, and i had to drive 30miles to get them.

  23. Sarah

    I was told by my store manager today that the sale is only Friday and Saturday, NOT Sunday.

  24. Jessica

    Please educate yourselves on how unhealthy these candles are for you, your family and your home!! Burning paraffin candles is basically like burning fossil fuels in your home… it’s not good for your body or the environment.

    • Jen

      Jessica, I’d love to educate myself, may you please provide some scholarly sources / articles where I can read more about this? 🙂

      • Materof6

        Evidenced-based articles that have science is a great idea! Always amazes me in comments on Hip2Save how folks either have to put a damper on excitement or change the topic, all the while, Hip2Save is just doing their awesome job! Thanks, Hip2Save for all the candle sale info!

    • Jessica2

      Also, there are SO MANY small makers out there. I know they’re not a “good deal”, which is why we all shop through Hip2Save. But many of the small makers use natural or organic materials and essential oils. PLUS – just imagine the happy dance they do when they make sales! I doubt that happens at corporate B&BW. I’m a maker (not candles), but I literally do a happy dance when I make sales on Etsy. 🙂

  25. Jeanette

    Will the store be able to scan a gift card from my phone? Or do I need to print it?

    • Mrs C

      They should be able to scan it. I’ve done it several times.

  26. jennifer-98

    Does anyone know if Bath and Body Works plan to come out with wax cubes?

  27. Cyndi

    I jus got an email today saying 2 days only $8. candles and it’s live now. Is this the sale?

    • Cyndi

      oops, never mind. That is for single wick!

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks for the update!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      This sale begins on Friday, Dec. 3rd. Hope that helps!

  28. Jamie

    Does anyone know how much the candles will be yet? Bath and Body works has not posted anything about the price of them yet?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      We just heard they’ll be $10.25. The post has been updated with further details. Woohoo!

  29. Amy

    Candles will be $10.25.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks, Amy! The post has been updated.

  30. Samantha Grayson

    I heard candles will be 9.95!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing! It appears they will be $10.25.

  31. Sharon

    I received an email from BBW with $10.25 as the price for Candle Day.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Thank you, Sharon!

  32. Kathy

    I have a $10 off $40 coupon. Looking to trade for kohls cash/rewards. Somerlove at verizon net

  33. Kelly5772

    Any current or former employees out there that do not get coupons anymore? Mine stopped when I was hired, I only worked there a month. That was last year and I still don’t get coupons. It’s driving me crazy! Lol

  34. Mrs C

    I have a $10 off $40 if anyone is interested in trading for $3 PayPal, Dunkin or Amazon!

  35. Steph

    Dang it stinks for all of us moms who have to get kids off to school on the morning !

  36. Kari

    I remember a few years ago when you could get these around $6 with coupons. It’s almost not worth the bother anymore. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • bcircello

      I remember that too. I personally, don’t think it’s worth it anymore.

    • rachyb

      I had coupons for $10 off $30 and $10 off $40, plus free product. I ended up getting them at about $6!

  37. Brittany

    Am I crazy because $10 for a candle still sounds expensive to me. The BBW candles burn so fast! I miss my Aldi, but I find good deals at TjMaxx too.

    • Steph

      If you have a $10 off of $40 mailer coupon it would come out to be $7.50 a piece for four…. Not great but not terrible either….

      • erin-16

        I don’t think you can combine that coupon with the candle deal, can you??

  38. NV2007

    what stops anyone from signing up with a different, qualifying, zip code so we can get “in” on the rewards and early access? Anything?

    • Steph

      Lol that’s exactly what I did! I used my old zip code now I’m a member

      • Tracy W

        What makes a zip code “qualified”?

        • Mrs C

          Because you have to have a zip code from a city that has a store that offers the rewards program, not all stores offer it yet.

        • Steph

          They are doing a test market group and only certain zips qualify…. They have almost in their website

  39. Jessica

    Thanks for the info! Just wanted to confirm it starts in-store tomorrow (Dec 3)? It is worded a little funny so wanted to make sure I understood it correctly.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! Yes! You can shop this sale in stores, starting tomorow, December 3. Most stores will open at 5AM. Happy shopping!

  40. Edy

    So the sale in store it’s it tomorrow or Saturday? If it’s tomorrow I’m ready – I download coupons in meinjer and kroger accounts my daughters and bought 2 $25 dlrs gift cards pay $45 and did the same with Sephora Adidas Carter’s bought $15 gift cards of those stores 2 of each paid $20 but each card has $15 then Kohl’s and Macy’s bought 2 Macy’s $25 each paid $40 but each card has $25 and Kohl’s bought 2 $25 each paid $40 but each has $25 and now using them

  41. acgold

    I don’t understand a company that let’s reward member customers shop early, when they are not a nationwide program yet. It seems very unfair. I tried 6 zip codes all over the country and still no luck signing up. I only wanted a few candles, so if I don’t get them, no big deal. I’ll wait for the semi-annual sale.

    • smart

      acgold – use any zipcode in Chicago area

    • Steph

      Try 43203

    • Tracy

      Try 31326. I am a rewards member and am currently waiting in line on the website. However, I have found candles cheaper at TJ Maxx.

  42. Tess

    $10.25 is not worth it for me. I already have 6 in the stockpile so no need for me to get up early or fight the crowds for this. I am expecting a better deal on candles. No go for me

  43. Ericka Sherrod

    Im disappointed, I’ll pass, it’s NOT A SALE in my opinion. This what I usually pay regularly when combining coupons.

  44. mistylynn7

    Anyone have a 20% off bath and body works coupon they won’t be using? I have a $10 kohls

  45. Donna Donaldson

    I am not eligible to be a rewards member due to my location. Can I still get the reduced price on candle day?

    • Princess'Mom

      Yes, the candle day sale price that starts tomorrow morning is for everyone. They’re just letting rewards members shop the sale early online.

  46. alezark0508

    Every flavor I wanted was unavailable to pickup at store

  47. Beth

    I called B&BW today because I haven’t received any coupons in the mail for more than a year. My mailing address is current and there aren’t any digital coupons in my app, just the “sales.” The representative told me that the coupons are only mailed twice a year and that none are eligible to be used on the candle day sale. She said the “candle day sale is the coupon.” I’ve never heard this before! Wondering if anyone else has?

    • Jen

      So I can’t use my $15 off $40 in store? It hasn’t expired

      • Mrs C

        You won’t be able to use your coupon online since there’s a code to put in. And depending on if there is a bar code with the email tomorrow for in-store you might not be able to use it in-store either…which is a shame.

    • Mrs C

      Coupons are mailed out monthly. I have received coupons monthly for the last 3 or 4 months in the mail.

  48. Kbirdie

    Free gift with a 10$ purchase code


  49. Kbirdie31

    Free full sized body care item


  50. Jen

    I’m in the virtual line & my wait is MORE THAN AN HOUR 😩

    • Isra

      I was online 30 minutes before, and when it turned 9, it put me in a 1 hour virtual line. What a joke!

      • Melinda

        I got in but it won’t let me apply the discount code

        • Marisela

          Me too. Says the code is incorrect.

        • Isra

          That’s a huge disappointment! With shipping & tax it makes very little difference at this point. They could have done better.

    • ET

      I just wanted to go to the site and browse, but I’m stuck in the virtual line now!

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