5 Dog Food Delivery Services So Good, Humans Could Eat It… And Get up to 50% Off!

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dog licking bowl of food on floor

We know life is busy enough without pets, but when you’re wanting your furry family members to eat as healthy as possible, we get that it’s tough to stay on track. That’s why we sourced the very best dog food delivery services so you can feel confident about the meals you’re putting in their bowls. Best of all, we know they’ll love them just as much as you will!

Top 5 fresh dog food delivery services you must try:

1. Ollie offers a 100% refund if your pup doesn’t love their first box.

packs of fresh dog food delivered

Ollie‘s dog food delivery program is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Each meal plan is customized by answering just a few simple questions about your pup and they deliver freshly made food from real, human-grade ingredients that are specially tailored to your dog’s unique nutritional needs. Plus, they’ll even include custom feeding instructions to ensure a smooth transition.

If you’re looking for only the best ingredients, their food is made with beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb which is sourced in the United States and Australia along with fruits, veggies, and even superfoods like chia seeds and omega-3 acids. Plus, Ollie food contains zero fillers and no by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives so you’ll feel great about what you’re feeding your fur babies. Best of all, if your pup doesn’t like the food, Ollie offers a 100% refund on your first box so you’ve got nothing to lose!

dog sniffing package of ollie fresh dog food

Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Lina had to say about Ollie dog food:

“My dog scarfed down the Ollie wet food and loved it very much! I also love how everything is packaged so nicely, arrives frozen (we live in hot Arizona!), and won’t leak. Plus, the bowl & scoop they give you is nice so you can split the portions if needed!” 

Dog checking out dog food delivered package in doorway

How much does Ollie cost?

  • Meals range from under $4 to $8 per day depending on the size of your dog and how much they eat. 

Keep in mind that when you order from Ollie, you’ll be automatically signed up for their regular dog food delivery service. However, you can change your delivery options, meals, and even skip a week up to 4 days before your next delivery date. If you decide Ollie’s not a good fit, you can also cancel your membership at any time by emailing them at caninecare@myollie.com.

Save 50% OFF your first Ollie box and 25% off the next two boxes!

Head HERE and click the ‘Let’s Go’ button and enter your name and email address to get started answering a few questions about your pup. Once they’ve curated a meal plan just for your pup, head to your checkout where your 50% off discount will be applied!

2. The Farmer’s Dog packages your dog’s food in perfectly portioned bags to meet their caloric needs.

dog sitting in brown the farmers dog box on floor with frozen food

The Farmer’s Dog food is cooked with fresh food and has zero preservatives. In fact, your dog food is delivered to you within days of cooking so it’s never deep-frozen or stored on a shelf for months on end. They’re even proud to boast their food is tested on humans, so you can guarantee The Farmer’s Dog food is stuff you’ll feel good about feeding your pup!

Their curated food plans are customized to fit your dog’s needs and are pre-made & pre-portioned to their calorie needs based on the profile you create. They’ll arrive in refrigerated, environmentally-friendly boxes to keep all their delicious meals safe upon delivery!

dog that is going to eat The Farmer's Dog fresh dog food

Here’s what one The Farmer’s Dog lover is saying about their experience:

“Our 14-year-old pup could hardly get up and walk due to so much pain in her hips, but after eating The Farmer’s Dog food she’s now running again! WOW! I was hoping that switching to a better dog food would help her but I wasn’t expecting this huge of an improvement! Good food reduced her inflammation and it’s proof that you truly are what you eat!” – Robert

two dogs staring up at bowl of food on kitchen counter

How much does The Farmer’s Dog food cost?

  • Food plans start at $2 per day and include free shipping. Full-meal pricing will depend on your dog’s age, weight, activity, and more.

Note that you’ll be subscribing to The Farmer’s Dog food delivery shipment plan by signing up. However, you can cancel, pause, or adjust deliveries at any time online. You can also change addresses, rush, delay, or edit the amount of food they send. Just visit your customer account to make any changes at any time.

Save 50% OFF your first purchase with The Farmer’s Dog!

For a limited time, head on over to The Farmer’s Dog where they are offering a 50% off fresh dog food subscription trial + FREE shipping – valid for new customers only!

3. The chefs at NomNomNow make fresh, never frozen dog food before it ships to your home.

dog sitting in front of food fresh dog food bowl licking lips

NomNomNow fresh pet food is never mass-produced or frozen. They use whole food ingredients and prepare fresh meals just days before your dog’s food delivery! The ingredients are sourced in the USA and are USDA-approved for human consumption.

Plus, each mix is balanced with the custom mixture of vitamins your pet needs for more energy, a shinier coat, brighter eyes, and an overall happier pup! To back their word, NomNomNow develops recipes that are expert-formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg! Sweet!

All ingredients are gently cooked to ensure maximum nutrient retention and to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria (particularly for puppies, kittens, senior pets, or pets with a compromised immune system) associated with raw ingredients. And none of their meals have artificial preservatives, fillers, “meal” protein, or by-products.

You’ll feel confident with your pet’s meals since they’re tailored for weight loss or weight gain goals and take into account your pet’s age, weight, and activity level to determine their approximate metabolism and caloric needs.

close up of bowl with chopped fresh dog food ingredients in background

Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Jen, said about her NomNomNow experience:

“We feed my dog a raw homemade food diet we make at home. I created my pet’s profile at NomNomNow with my dog’s personal information including her weight and our food goals. In the end, my first 2-week order with 50% off was a little less than I’d pay buying my own ingredients. After it changes to full price from NomNomNow, it was just a little more than what we pay for fresh ingredients. I think this dog food delivery is an easier option for just a little more cost with fresh ingredients that I feel are important to my pet.”

close up of dogs face holding nomnomnow dog food in mouth

How much does NomNomNow dog food cost?

  • NomNomNow serves pups from 3lbs up to 150lbs so prices will vary greatly depending on your furry friend’s needs. 

Note that once you sign up for their dog food delivery, shipments are sent out regularly so your pet never runs out. You can choose between convenient deliveries every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. After your trial, you’ll get food every four weeks however, you can pause or cancel at any time.

Save 50% OFF your first purchase with NomNomNow!

Hop on over to NomNomNow where you can save 50% OFF your first order of fresh food for your pet! You can order for cats or dogs and every meal is made fresh to order. Even sweeter, shipping is free on meal plans!

4. At A Pup Above, you don’t need to sign up for a subscription for their protein-packed farm-to-bowl dog food.

dog sitting in middle of colorful bags of dog food on table

Regardless of the food your dog loves to chow down on, you’re going to love the flexibility of A Pup Above. And their name lives up to all the hype because they truly do offer a product that’s not only easily accessible online, in stores, and as a subscription plan, but they also offer foods with more bang for your buck and come made from a USDA human-grade facility. It keeps getting better though…

At A Pup Above, they maximize nutrition & flavors by gently cooking their foods using the sous-vide method which guarantees exceptional flavor, more nutrients, and more protein in every bite. In fact, every 100Kcal serving comes packed with 11g of protein which is about 72% more protein than all the competitors.

Plus, all of their ingredients are 100% human-grade, all veggies are non-GMO & pesticide-free, and the meats they use are free of added hormones and antibiotics! To top it off, they even include superfoods in all their meals such as turmeric, thyme, and parsley, and collagen-rich gravy to support joint, immune, and digestive support so you’ll be confident your furry friends are getting everything they need and then some.

dog with head over orange bag of dog food delivered

Here’s what some A Pup Above lovers are saying about their experience:

“So good even my roommate almost ate it.” – Mindy

“My picky Yorkie loves this food!” – Anita 

“Only food that works with my dog’s sensitivities!” – Barbara

dog sitting on couch with bags of colorful dog food

How much does A Pup Above cost?

  • One-time purchases on bags start at $34.99 shipped (online) and subscription plans start at $31.49 per bag. Their daily recommended servings start at $3.37 per day. 

Unlike all the other dog food delivery services we’ve shared, you can conveniently order just one bag or choose between 2, 4, 6, or 8-week subscription plans and save 10% with their Subscribe & Save. Regardless of how you purchase your food, you’ll be trying it risk-free with their 100% happiness guarantee!

Save 25% OFF your first order with A Pup Above!

If you’re new to a Pup Above, you can save 25% off your very first meal delivery subscription order. Just use promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout!

5. JustFoodForDogs has open kitchens so you can see your pup’s food being made.

justfoodfordogs store front with people inside cooking

Rated the #1 fresh whole-food for dogs, JustFoodForDogs backs their food with the most research-and-education-focused fresh pet food in the industry. Plus, they’re proud of their unique & transparent approach featuring completely open-to-the-public kitchens so anyone & their dogs are welcome to stop into any of their over 300+ locations across the country to watch their delicious food being prepared and even buy it in store!

Read all the research their dog food undergoes daily & the board-certified veterinarians that steer the direction of all their future pet nutrition.

They also offer an outstanding vet-prescribed food service where you can receive dog food formulated to meet critical nutritional requirements to maintain your pet’s health needs.

hand holding a package of fresh dog food

Here’s what one JustFoodForDogs lover is saying about their experience:

“We have four girls, two miniature Snells, a Spaniel, and a little 5 lbs Chinese crested. This food has changed their lives! They are silky soft, have brighter eyes, more energy, and all of their blood work came back phenomenal after being on this food! Never seen anything like this. Even when we go on vacation, we’re placing national orders to be delivered to us – it’s that worth it!” – Nathalie 

hand holding bowl of dog food with dog licking inside of bowl

How much does JustFoodForDogs cost?

  • Meals start at just $5.45 and cases are available starting at $54.95.

Even better, if for any reason you or your pup is not satisfied with your JustFoodForDogs food, they’ll give you a full refund!

Save 35% OFF your first order with JustFoodForDogs!

When you sign up for “Autoship” deliveries with JustFoodForDogs, you’ll save 35% OFF your first and 5% on every Autoship order after that! Choose between weekly deliveries or up to every 8 weeks, or you can cancel at any time. Plus, if you’re shopping in-store, you can receive free local pick-up and 5% off your first order!

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Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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    Farmer’s dog has amazing customer service
    We signed up when Hip2save first posted and my dog wouldnt eat it at all.
    They cancelled my order and no hassel and allowed me to keep the cute shopping bag and other items they sent as well

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      How cool! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Good to know how helpful customer service is!

  2. x452mary

    Hi! We love Ollie and Farmer Dog… both are awesome! We are currently using Ollie but interested in hearing feedback on the other 3.

  3. Patti

    Please ask your vet about dog food brands. Some have been scientifically tested but many have not. I wanted to make sure whatever I fed my dog was safe, long term.

    • Hunterwoody

      Yep, I am a small animal licensed and practicing vet. I searched Ollie, for example, and couldn’t find the info I needed to assure myself AAFCO standards were met. Maybe ok as a treat or snack.

  4. LC

    We tried Farmer’s Dog and my pup loved it but it was about $70-$80 PER WEEK which just wasn’t affordable for us. It inspired me to start making my own dog food though! I do ground chicken/turkey, fresh sweet potato’s, carrots, a bag of frozen peas. I whip up a batch once a week and it works out to around $10/week, which is much more affordable. She loves her food and her fur is so much shinier now.

  5. Janine

    Read carefully what it says about proper refrigeration on farmers dog. It can create bacteria if not properly stored. Also avoid dinovite for dogs it’s similar to these and made my beloved pet ill. Best wishes pet friends!

  6. im justagirl

    Only in America. Some poor homeless guys, gals eating out from garbage cans. Dogs get their food prepared & delivered.

    • Luna

      I 100% agree. It’s ostentatious, gluttonous….I can’t even write all of the words for it.

    • tipaye

      Agreed…and fancy refrigerated food, too. A very saddening amount of people care more about gourmet dog food than starving fellow humans.

    • Kathy

      Wow. Go out and do something good for someone else; volunteer; it’ll make you feel better about yourself and everyone else. Sneering at other people like that is the same as mean girls making nasty comments about people they don’t know as they pass by. Hmmm, by the way, how much have you spent on makeup/restaurant food/smart phones, etc? You don’t really need those things when there are starving people in the world.

  7. Matthew D Wildman

    I have to say I am very frugal and always look for the best price on an item I want. A few months back I had a Chase offer for $25 off a Farmers Dog 2 week trial. When I saw the cost I paused and then got an email for 70% off my first trial box later that morning. That made the cost of the trial less than the $25 reward from Chase. I was ready for our pet to have the trial then back to the trays of store bought. Well little did we know that in 2 weeks our senior 10 yo Chinese Crested Powerpuff , Oscar would transform almost overnight to acting like he was 3! We are still so shocked! The energy and specifically the way he jumps now almost brings tears to our eyes. He had a back injury when covid started and the vet said he may never play again. I know it is expensive at $4.17 per day but honestly for what is has done for Oscar it really is well worth it. Also the Purina trays we would get 2/$3 on sale so for 1 dollar more it is worth it to us. We do not have kids and only one pet. I understand many will see this as a luxury item but trust me we make up the savings in everything else we do. I was fully expecting to cancel after the trial but our results are nothing short of amazing. I would encourage anyone to try it and see if it works for their pup. Here is a code they emailed me for a free trial box. https://www.thefarmersdog.com?ref=QNGXQK

    • TiffanyRae

      Thank you so much for posting! I used the code and got free shipping and 2 free weeks of food! I’m so appreciative you shared the link with us. I am passing the link on to my sister and mom!!!!!!

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