Kohl’s Cardholders! Get 30% Off & Earn Kohl’s Cash (+ Free Shipping for Select Cardholders!)

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Shopping at Kohl’s? Use stackable promo codes & earn Kohl’s Cash for BIG savings!

Through January 24th, Kohl’s is offering 30% off your entire purchase for Kohl’s Cardholders when you enter the promo code FAVORITE30 at checkout!

Additionally, select cardholders get free shipping on ALL orders when you use the promo code JANMVCFREE at checkout, which is stackable with the 30% off coupon. In order to use this code, you must reach MVC cardholder status by spending $600 in the calendar year. For more information on free shipping for MVC status members, click here.

PLUS, through January 18th, for every $50 you spend, you’ll get $10 in Kohl’s Cash which will be redeemable from January 19th through January 30th.

Hip Tip: Add the 30% off promo code to the wallet in your Kohl’s app to use the discount in-store. Note that %-off coupons cannot be stacked with other %-off coupons.

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Interested in becoming a Kohl’s cardholder? You can score 35% off your first Kohl’s Charge purchase when you’re approved for a Kohl’s Credit Card. You’ll also get access to additional savings throughout the year! Head over here to learn more.

Not a Kohl’s Cardholder? Through January 18th, save an additional 15% off your purchase when you use the promo code SAVINGS15 at checkout. If you prefer to shop in-stores, you can also use the in-store shopping pass here!

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Kohl's Pick-Up

Can’t wait for shipping? Opt for Kohl’s curbside pick-up service instead!

Just place your order online, watch for an email that your order is ready (usually within 2 hours), head to the store, drive up, and pop the trunk – no need to even get out of the car! This is a fantastic way to skip the shipping time and snag something that you and the kiddos need right away. Read more here.

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Comments 49

  1. Kathy

    Does anyone have kohl’s cash that will go to waste? Somerlove at Verizon dot net. Thank you so much

  2. AmyA

    Check your emails today. I received one that had a $15 off coupon that is stackable with the 30% off.

    • AmyA

      It’s $15 off of $50.

    • SLA

      Darni didn’t get one. I have $50 worth of stuff in my cart but I hate the buy one get one 50% off (jumping beans)

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for commenting! We’ll have to keep an eye out for that!

  3. Jessica

    I’m no longer able to get the 30% off code to work, it only allows 20%. I wonder if they have changed this so you can only get the offer you were given? I also am MVP and the shipping code doesn’t work.

    • Amanda

      Same Jessica. This has never happened to me. I spend thousands there each year with 30% & free shipping. If this is the case I’ll have to find somewhere new to shop and close my CC account. Wow, this is a game changer.

    • Amanda

      Make sure you are signed into your account and add something to your cart. If you are MVP no code is needed, free shipping just showed up…then try putting in the 30% off code in. It just worked for me.

  4. Beth

    I really dislike their new free shipping policy. I will rarely buy from them again, because we sont have a Kohl’s close by where I can pick up. Disappointing.

    • AmyA

      What is the new policy???

      • ana

        Amy, no more free shipping for a lot of credit card holders 🙁

    • Bunny

      Agreed Beth. Find I rarely shop there now 🙁

    • Wren

      Agree 😖

    • Cali Sweeting

      Same! I honestly don’t mind paying shipping, but their base shipping cost is far too expensive compared to many other retailers and their free shipping threshold is so high!

      Even with a store about 30 minutes from me, there are also a significant number of items that just plain old can’t be shipped to the store. Definitely going to prevent me from purchasing!

  5. Julia

    With closeout and codes, I was able to get some Christmas items that I have had my eye on for mere dollars. Thanks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s awesome! You’re so welcome, Julia! Glad you could snag the savings!

  6. Samantha Willemstein

    I’m really annoyed with the fact that they keep changing things. I used to buy basically all my kids’ clothes here with the 30% and free shipping offers. I don’t always want to spend over $75 at a time and they’re just weeding customers out by making the offers less available.

  7. Happy Aunt

    I agree. As a single person, I don’t spend $600 a year, but I still spend and Kohls lost probably $200 from me not buying my Christmas gifts from them this year. I look to other retailers now instead of them.

  8. kim

    I could still get the 30% (even though I was “given” 15), but shipping doesn’t work anymore because I didn’t spend $600 last year. I got a notification in Dec that I needed to spend another $65 to get free shipping in 2021 but it didn’t.

    • Jessica

      Yes and you are not eligible for THE ENTIRE YEAR for MVP. I missed it by less than $100 and I’ve been MVP for 25 years. They would not budge. I’m so upset I’m going to just cancel my account all together.

  9. chickie00

    Is there a way to check what your status is for the free shipping? I’m super bummed about losing this MVC benefit & not everything is even available for pickup.

    • chickie00

      You lose the birthday freebie too. 🙁 (I’ve gotten $10 in the past)

    • chickie00

      You also lose the birthday freebie. 🙁 (I’ve gotten $10 in the past)

      Does anyone know if the $600/yr has to be ALL on your Kohl’s cc too??

    • kim

      My assumption is you would need to spend $600 in 2021 to get free shipping for the rest of this year and then it would carry over for 2022

      • chickie00

        Ok (I wish we could know for sure). But I also wonder if there’s a way to check it. Or I guess I would have to go look at all of my orders from the year to see if/when they total $600… :/

        • Gordyl

          It does show your mvc spending on your monthly credit card statement about halfway or more down. I am an mvc and the free shipping code is not showing on my account since they made the switch I have to put it in manually and scour the internet for the code! With so many more exclusions and their games with the prices I’m about to go elsewhere also! Maybe if enough of us complain they’ll switch? 🤔Wishful thinking I know

  10. jiya

    Kohl’s & target both used to offer free shipping on any amount with card. Now it’s no use to have a card. Don’t want to go to stores….I miss free shipping.

  11. Gramma C

    I just lost another $40 kc 🤦‍♀️ I hate that it expires at all.

    • Lo

      You can still use it in store for 10 days. I never wait til the 10th day. Hope that helps!
      And if you still can’t use it, I’d be happy to use it. Sdlornie@yahoo.com

  12. Gramma C

    I hate a lot of the games Kohls plays. I’m about ready to get rid of my card. It’s not enjoyable shopping anymore trying to worry about making the minimum to be able to get Kohl’s cash or so many items that don’t qualify and then inevitably I have to return something so then I lose my Kohl’s cash and I wind up having bought something I didn’t really need. Also it’s very difficult to try to figure out what you actually paid for something the way they show you your online orders the totals just never add up. Oh and one more thing I put a lot of tightness in and take them out trying to just get the right totals to get Kohl’s cash and free shipping and I’ve noticed several times that my total will be different for the same items on my cart. It’s shady.

    • jessica1988

      If I buy something and earn kohl’s cash and have to return it they minus the kohl’s cash from the amount I get back which I never understand how they do that either. Use to if I had any kohl’s cash balance it would take from that now I never get the full amount back for what I pay for items weather I earn kohls cash or not I bought my boys nice coats and they didn’t fit and they only gave me like $10 a piece back for them and I paid way more than that they said because it takes off the kohl’s cash from the returned amount I didn’t understand it I would have kept the coats but they would have never gotten worn !!

    • DAWN

      Lets try and remember Kohls is a business and trying to stay in business! Employs tons of people and is huge into community service. I love a good deal as much as the next person but I really feel the need to support anyone trying to survive right now besides Amazon. Wont be long before you’ll be buying all your clothes from Amazon! Imagine no Target, Macys, Kohls or Nordstrom Rack!!! OMG I shudder the thought.

      • Still a Kohls Fan

        Well said, Dawn! I love a good deal as much as the next person, but these are not easy times to keep the doors open. Kohls isn’t out to get anyone, I imagine they are just making the choices they need to in order to stay in business!

  13. Mandy

    These days when everyone is looking for more business I can’t believe they are not doing 30% off anymore and are being so difficult with free shipping. No wonder Amazon is taking over things. I loved being able to order what I need and getting a discount… always paid on time and rarely returned anything but you get nothing for being a loyal customer. Very dissapointed with Kohls. I may as well go to TJ’s or Marshall’s even Burlington… why not …

  14. susiern

    Not able to get free shipping any longer so……. guess they lost my business. I was in Sams club yesterday & was able to get my grandson a PJ Mask jog set for 8.41 & a fleece jacket for 4.81. WalMart last week & purchased 2 button down plaid shirts for them at 1.00 each! Wake up Kohls!

  15. Kristy Oliver

    If anyone has. $15 off $50 they are not using I would love it! ❤️

  16. Kristy Oliver

    I just tried this free shipping code and it worked.


  17. Dollbeheart

    Kohl’s used to be one of my favorite stores but I don’t know about that any more with things like no extra discounts on toys and free shipping not available to all cc holders.
    Don’t know if kohl’s cc is worth it anymore 😒

  18. NV2007

    I really can’t wrap my head around the free shipping complaints. People, much of our retail establishments have suffered tremendously through the pandemic. Shipping costs are OUT OF CONTROL through USPS/UPS/FedEx. Never mind that the carriers are tightening up (read: eliminating) guaranteed deliveries and are horrible about refund issues for damages. Being in business myself, I know how hard these carriers are to deal with. Kohl’s can’t lose money on their orders and having a min buy for free ship status isn’t awful. Amazon has a min for free shipping unless you want to PAY for a year’s worth of free shipping. Target doesn’t offer free shipping unless you spend a min as well, now. If you want to see retailers go out of business over shipping costs then by all means keep shopping at Amazon. But most retailers today don’t offer free shipping on EVERYTHING without a subscription service or min purchase. Shop online and pick up in store or wait to place orders until you can reach the free ship minimum. My word, we’ve grown into a huge pile of cry babies… 30 years ago we would have been thrilled to have things ship to us at all!

    • TR2020

      I get free shipping at Target with my card. I ship all the time with my business and $9 shipping at kohls is very inflated.
      Might be a good thing if Kohls knows people are not happy.
      My husband does amazon prime and I have a regular account and he tells me I can use his prime but usually I spend more than $25 so I always get free shipping at amazon even w/out prime. Now Kohls is saying I have to spend $75 for free shipping? Nope. Not doing it and it looks like others won’t be either.
      People are just venting, I doubt anyone is crying about it.

      • Cal

        I agree. The shipping cost at Kohl’s is higher than anything I have seen elsewhere. I’ve actually been paying for shipping frequently lately or waiting to reach minimums because I am happy to not have to go in store. However, I can get similar items elsewhere for lower shipping costs (usually $5.99 is standard) or for a significantly smaller minimum purchase. Then, add on the fact that a surprising number of items simply cannot be shipped to my local store for pick-up, it’s just not worth shopping at Kohl’s.

        I am not crying or really whining about it, it’s just a fact for me, personally.

      • NV2007

        $9 is not inflated at all, you’re actually wrong about that. Not sure how you ship, but UPS/FedEx doesn’t ship from the same zip code to the same zip code for $9. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even with our discounted rates for my business. USPS is different, but we all know Kohl’s doesn’t just us USPS (and so many on here complain when they do!). People here complain about shipping all.the.time and it’s ridiculous. I don’t get free shipping on EVERYTHING with Target, so the free shipping is only on certain items. At one time, Target offered free shipping with Red Card on essentially all purchases. I don’t see anyone “boycotting” them over it. Amazon’s free shipping still has a minimum, regardless. It looks like you’ll be in good company when Amazon is your only clothing store option. As we’ve seen, other retailers have had to follow suit with shipping charges and I don’t blame them one ounce for it. People here complain CONSTANTLY about shipping costs, shipping times, etc… meanwhile,… pandemic and loss of perspective.

        • Scarymomma

          No disrespect, but you’re the only one complaining.
          This has just been a discussion so far. I’ve had to take breaks from comments and it’s done a lot for my mental health:) you might consider this if this is getting you so upset.
          I shop at Nordstrom online.. free shipping on everything!!😊

    • Melissa

      I always get free shipping from Target with my Redcard.

    • Mandy

      Kohls is looking for $75 for free shipping. If they were more reasonable like Target or Walmart maybe it would not be such an issue but that is really high. Even then if you choose to pay shipping there rates are very high also. I work with a business and I know the rates businesses get for shipping is much less than an average person. They can certainly pass that savings on if they want to make it so difficult for you to get it for free

  19. Susan

    You have to spend $600.00 a year to get MVC status. The app or site has this info.

  20. Jill

    Another way to get free shipping is to order something for in store pickup that will get your order total to $75. If you don’t pick up that item, it will get refunded to your card. Your other items will ship to your home for free. Also, you can drive to the store and order from the Kohl’s app and get free shipping on any order.

  21. Raman Bains

    If anyone got the $15 off 50 and/or free shipping code emails from Kohl’s this week and will not be using them, can you please send my email ramanbains@hotmail.com? Thank you!

  22. Raman Bains

    If anyone got the $15 off 50 and/or free shipping code emails from Kohl’s this week and will not be using them, can you please send it to my email at ramanbains@hotmail.com? Thank you!

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