Strange Things You Can Rent (Or Make Extra Money Renting Out!)

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Would you rent a bridesmaid (or make extra money being someone else’s?)

budget wedding tips - budget bridesmaid dresses

This list will blow your mind. 🤯

We recently learned you could rent out a private swimming pool. Cool, huh? We were so intrigued we set out to find other unusual things for rent. The more we discovered, the more our jaws dropped. From bridesmaids to caskets, we compiled a list of unusual things you can rent or lend to others. Not only are people using these services, but some people are making bank by renting theirs out! You’ll never be able to guess what made the list!

23 unusual things you can rent (or make money renting out):

1. Rent a professional bridesmaid

wedding bouquet collection at sams club

Need a bridesmaid who won’t let you down on your big day? Now you can hire a professional one who will make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Nobody ever needs to know she was a hired hand! From grabbing your change of clothes to listening to you vent, a rented bridesmaid will be the long-lost friend you never knew you had.

Do you have what it takes to be a professional bridesmaid? Why not get paid for it? has hired over 150+ bridesmaids and you can be next! If you’d rather start your own bridesmaid business, Bridesmaid For Hire has a course on how to get started! 💍

2. Rent a yard for your dog

dog with tennis ball in rented yard

Want a private dog park all for your pup? Now you can have it! Thanks to Sniffspot, you can rent a private fenced yard from one of your neighbors. It costs just $5 – $15 an hour per dog. Liability coverage is included and both yards and pets are vetted for safety. Never worry about unruly dogs at the public park again!

Make extra money renting your own yard to others! Sniffspot claims you can earn up to $1,500 a month renting out your yard as a private dog park! 🐶💰

3. Rent a paparazzi

Nikon camera in woman's hands

What’s the point of dressing to the nines if no one is going to see it? If you have a big event coming up, capture your big moment by hiring paparazzi for a day. Companies like Famous For A Day and Scarlett Entertainment will ensure you feel like a star. Make sure to practice your Hancock because you might just fool a bystander into asking for your autograph!

4. Rent a flash mob

Rent A Flash Mob

Want to serenade someone special but don’t want to do the dancing or singing yourself? Book A Flash Mob is the answer! Whether you want musicals or stunts, this company is ready to help you make a moment to remember.

5. Rent a pool

girl laying on target pool float

Skip the community pool and rent someone’s pool instead! Private swimming is no longer a luxury thanks to Swimply, the Airbnb of swimming pools. Rent for an hour or an afternoon. Most pools we’ve seen on the site are going for just $25 – $60 an hour.

In 2022, Swimply is expanding to include tennis courts, private gyms, and other unique, rentable spaces. With affordable prices, wide availability, and safety protocols, it is no wonder the company is growing!

Have an unused pool? Rent it out to make extra money. You can make thousands! Plus, Swimply offers liability insurance and can even supply you with an outdoor restroom for guests.

6. Rent chickens and a chicken coop

Rent A Coop Chicken Coop
Credit: Rent A Coop

Have you ever dreamt of owning a chicken coop but were afraid about the upkeep? Companies like Rent A Coop and Rent The Chicken will let you rent a chicken coop and chickens for a short period instead. Enjoy the fresh eggs and learning experience without the commitment!

Are you a farmer or homesteader with chickens? If you’d like to join the program and make extra money renting out your chicks, contact Rent The Chicken to find out how! 🐔🍳

7. Rent luxury fashion.

designer clothes for rent on hanger

Fashion goes out of style fast. Why waste money on high-end clothing when you can rent the clothes instead? Rent the Runway is one popular service that lets you do just that! Their rental packages start at $69. Sign up and you, too, can strut your stuff in pieces from Stella McCartney or Marc Jacobs.

Nuuly, another rental service, aims to let you try before you buy. This highly-rated service will lend you 6 pieces from major brands like Anthropologie and Yumi Kim for $88 a month. Buy any items you love and send back the rest!

If a regular subscription isn’t in your budget, you can still rent couture clothing. Rent the Runway offers one-time rentals, but websites like Wardrobe and Style Lend were made just for this reason. These sites let you rent fashionable clothes on a one-time basis from people just like you. Want to bring a Coach purse to a weekend event? For under $30, you can!

Make extra money renting out YOUR designer clothes. 👗👠 List them on Wardrobe to keep 70% of the rental fee or on Style Lend and keep 80%.

8. Rent jewelry

Woman wearing gold bracelets from Rocksbox Jewelry

If you get sick of jewelry styles fast, Rocksbox is your solution. For $21 a shipment, you can rent three pieces and wear them until you are done with them. Purchase any items you want to keep or ship the items back for free!

9. Rent a casket

casket with flowers

A casket is a large expense that may not make sense for every family. A common reason for a rental is to have a viewing prior to cremation. Other families rent a casket for the viewing and choose a more economical casket for burial. If you are considering renting a casket, check with your local funeral home to see if it is a service they provide.

10. Rent a pooper scooper

man using arm and hammer swivel bin and rake pooper scooper

Yes, you read that right. Never pick up your dog’s poop again! Instead, hire a service called DoodyCalls for your pet waste management needs!

11. Rent a garden

woman in garden you can rent to make extra money

Land is a hot commodity! If you love to garden but don’t have a yard, you can rent gardening space from others using YardYum or Shared Earth. You can also check with your local park district to see if you have a community garden.

Like passive income? Join YardYum or Shared Earth to rent your space and make extra money off your extra land. 🥕👩‍🌾

12. Rent baby gear

pushing rented baby stroller

Babies outgrow their belongings faster than you can say, “1, 2, 3” and replacing items can be costly. This is where companies like BabyQuip and Rents4Baby come into play. You can rent items you need for a short period of time. Plus, if you need to travel with your baby, you can leave the big items behind and borrow them instead!

Rent your old baby items to make an extra buck. Rents4Baby says their partners make an average of $700 a month while BabyQuip reports their providers make a whopping $1,000 a month on average.

13. Rent a Christmas tree

Christmas tree with gifts

Leave the holiday decorating to someone else this year. If you don’t want to worry about set up or take down, consider hiring Rent-A-Christmas. You can rent a tree and even the decorations!

14. Rent a grandparent or friend

grandparent with baby

Sometimes you just need a little support. Whether you want to rent a caring grandma, a new friend, or even a wingman, there is a service for you!

*Note that their app is no longer available, however you still sign up on their website.

Make extra money sharing your local knowledge with others or by getting hired to be a stand-in grandma.

15. Rent luggage

woman with backpack and carry on luggage

Luggage sets can cost a pretty penny. If you just need luggage for a quick trip, consider renting instead. Rent Luggage offers affordable prices for traditional luggage. They also offer roof racks and travel gear for sporting goods!

16. Rent camera equipment

video camera recording

Do you need high-end cameras or video equipment for an event or project? Borrow Lenses can ship you the equipment you need in as fast as 48 hours!

17. Rent a wedding cake

wedding cake with flowers

Save hundreds of dollars by using a fake wedding cake! Both FunCakes and Mary’s Cake Design use fake cakes with one real slice for the bride and groom to cut. When done, wheel the cake out of the room for cutting and serve less expensive cake to guests instead. You’ll get the look of luxury for a fraction of the cost!

18. Rent a private camping site

Ozark Trail 16-Person Tube Tent

Home Camper can hook you up with one of 58,000 private camping rentals. From backyards to gardens to vacant land, you can rent a space that fits your needs! For affordable camping gear rentals, check out Outdoors Geek or Arrive Outdoors.

Make a side income off your extra land when you sign up to be a private camping site with Home Camper.

19. Rent extra space for storage or parking.

white garage door with black magnetic accents

Are standard storage centers above your price range? Is city parking too expensive? We hear you! Luckily, websites like Neighbor, Stache, and Spacer are offering you an alternative. These companies let you rent out your neighbor’s extra storage space or parking space for WAY cheaper – sometimes between 50% – 80% less! If you need to store your old belongings or even your boat, these sites can make it easier on your wallet!

Have extra space to rent out? You can make thousands a year in passive income renting out your parking or storage space. Spacer hosts make up to $450 a month and Neighbor and Stache hosts make even more! Did we mention liability coverage is included?!

We aren’t the only ones talking about this savvy business strategy. Major publications have featured all three of these companies. Neighbor has caught the attention of Business Insider and Fortune Magazine. Meanwhile, Spacer has been mentioned by the likes of Financial Times and, like Stache, The New York Times. If you’re looking to make passive income, visit these companies to find out what the buzz is all about!

20. Rent solar panels

Solar Panels By SunRun
Credit: Sunrun

Interested in solar energy but worried about the upfront costs of equipment and installation? Try Sunrun instead. This company offers wallet-friendly leases on solar panels. Plan start at 0% down!

21. Rent goats… yes, goats

Goats eating grass - picture by RentAGoat
Credit: Rent A Goat

Save money clearing your land by hiring a herd of goats to do it! This rental service may sound strange, but customers are giving it rave reviews. Goats use no pesticide, can work through rough terrain, and naturally fertilize your lawn. Californians are loving Rent A Goat and other states love Goats On The Go.

Own goats? Become a Goats On The Go affiliate and launch your own goat grazing business!

22. Rent a kitchen

lemon zucchini loaf recipe
Calling all food professionals! Have you been running your catering or home-baking business out of your home? Take your small business to the next level by renting a commercial kitchen. The Kitchen Door is a website that will match you with a commercial or commissary kitchen in your area. You’ll keep overhead costs down by avoiding the cost of utilities, expensive equipment, and underutilized space.

Do you own or run a commercial or commissary kitchen? List your kitchen on The Kitchen Door to make extra money renting it out.

23. Rent tires

tires on a car

We don’t recommend renting tires as you may end up paying more in the long run. However, we all find ourselves in a pinch sometimes. If tires or rims just are not in your budget, consider renting from a company like Tire Agent or Rent A Wheel. They offer plans for as little as $0 down.

Find out more easy ways to make extra money!

About the writer:

Kara is a writer and photographer from the Midwest. Her creative work has appeared in various publications over the past decade. With a background in finance, she loves to be money-savvy.

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Comments 17

  1. acgold

    I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but, I would be very careful about renting out your pool, yard etc. You MUST call your insurance company and change your policy. A child drowned in a rented out pool in NJ and the lawsuit is going to be a doozy for the homeowner. Swimply only covers certain things. The insurance company is probably dropping them because they did not declare they were running a business. Same with renting out your yard, court or car.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m so very sorry to hear about this. ❤️ Thank you for the warning.

  2. sandra-15

    Thanks for sharing this post! Renting a grandma is my favorite 😅

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! I’m loving that one too!! 🥰

    • Christine

      The grandma app is no longer in the App Store ;( ;( it was the first link I tried!!! Lol

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Bummer! We’re seeing that as well. It does look like you can still sign up on their site through the link above. Hoping this might help! ❤️

  3. Gege1804

    This was very interesting, especially the rent a bridesmaid lol. I have participated in enough weddings where the bride would have preferred that vs the drama that came with the actual bridesmaids

  4. lynnleco

    Not that some people wouldn’t use the rent luggage service, but a trip to your local goodwill can often be a place for cheaper luggage. I can’t imagine renting😳

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful tip! 🙌 Good to know!

    • Al

      It depends where you live. In my area there is nothing cheap or worth it at the goodwill. Everything is trashed or broken. The only thing you are sure to walk out of there with is a sinus infection. They usually send out the good stuff to be auctioned off at their website and it never hits the store floors. I live in a very big city though and it’s HCL.

  5. Al

    You can also rent a “professional cuddler ”. There is no sex or anything sexual involved and in fact it’s not allowed. I know someone who did it in medical school. Graduated with way less debt then most.

    I would avoid renting out your pool. It’s not worth it, people can not be trusted. My neighbor’s in-laws are being sued by someone who rented theirs for one single hour, but renters brought a friend’s child who slipped and bruised a knee. A tiny scrape is costing them $1.7 mil when you add lawyers, court fees, insurance fees PLUS having to pay for and look for new insurance companies because their previous one cancelled all the policies they had with them. All the medical care the child needed was a bandaid, but his parents wanted him taken by ambulance to the hospital. They saw money signs when they heard the pool was rented and not owned by their friend. The most infuriating part of this was that the neighbors across the street were having a bbq. There was at least 9 physicians, 5 PA’s, 2 police officers, 8 firefighters, 2 CCRN, 3 regular nurses, who ALL rushed over when they heard the screaming and arrived before the ambulance. Everybody was dumbfounded by the parents request for the ambulance ride, who claimed on the 911 call it was a drowning. The only one who knew what was up was the law student. Google it and you find the full story.

    • Al

      The pool owners were also elderly immigrants in their 70’s who thought they were covered with their policies. They are going to have to sale the house to settle everything with the greedy parents.

    • Amanda T

      That story makes me so sad for the homeowners.

    • A. Gold

      Those poor people. This was definitely a scam. Most people do not rent for only an hour. The homeowners should sue them for filing a malicious lawsuit.

    • riss

      Those are professional scammers and predators. What is wrong with people? Go to Nextdoor and that’s all you see, scammers, crimes and missing pets.

  6. ashleyyyy

    Rent the runway has horrendous reviews.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for your feedback on that. I do find some great testimonials on their site when clicking through that link and scrolling to the very bottom. Hoping that might be helpful. 💞

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