50% Off Shipt Grocery Delivery – Including Target (It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Shopper!)

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Become a Shipt Shopper

Love grocery shopping from your couch?! Say hello to Shipt grocery delivery!

Shipt saves you time and gas with same-day delivery on fresh groceries and everyday essentials. They connect you with reliable and vetted personal shoppers that bring your groceries right to your door!

Even better, through December 24th, Shipt is offering 50% off delivery subscriptions, so you can pay now and skip the $10 delivery fee each time. Choose between a one-year pass with unlimited deliveries over $35, or 5-pass or 3-pass options.

This is a great way to stay cozy indoors and get exactly what you need from dozens of stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Office Depot, and more!

Target shopping bags from Shipt

Signing up for Shipt grocery delivery is easy! 

To take advantage of this deal, simply head here and enter your zip code to get started. Then enter your full address and email so Shipt can find the stores closest to you.

From there you can start shopping at your favorite stores or go to your account in the upper-righthand corner and select ‘Buy’ under your profile to buy a pass.

Woman in Shipt tee pushing Target shopping cart in aisle

What is Shipt grocery delivery?

Shipt is a service that allows you to shop as dozens of retailers either online or through their apps and they will provide a personal shopper to go to the store to hand-select the items in your order. Plus, they can communicate with you via text if products are unavailable, so you can make immediate adjustments as needed.

Even better, you will still be able to get all the same sales and promotions that are available at the stores you’re shopping. Note that there may be a small additional fee for some items; the price you see in the app, is the price you’ll pay, so no surprises. Once your personal shopper has completed your purchase, they will deliver the items to your home or business! That’s it – easy peasy! 

This is such a helpful service to utilize, especially if you have young kiddos at home, and a trip to the store can be a bit of a chore!

Did you see all of these recent freebies?! 

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Comments 97

  1. queen62

    I got it. Not sure if it will get used.

  2. chrystalynlucas-payne

    Had it available for me, thanks for the heads up!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You bet!

  3. Jess

    What extra fees are associated with this? I’m assuming you would need to tip, anything else? Do they raise the prices like Instacart?

    • Jenn

      If you buy from Target, the prices are the same as if you did store pick-up. Other stores may have increased prices. And as you mentioned, you should tip as well.

      • Jess

        Thanks, Jenn!

  4. Angie

    What do you tip for this service and how do you tip?

    • Mommy2Bear

      To tip from Target.com Access your Target account. Select Orders. Select the Online tab. Select the order for which you’d like to tip. Select Rate & tip your shopper and follow prompts. To tip from the Target app: Access your Target account. Select the Online tab under Purchases. Select the order for which you’d like to tip. Select Rate & Tip and follow prompts. To tip in cash: Tip your shopper in cash at your door when you receive your items.

      • Ola

        Isn’t this their job and they get paid to do it? I thought tips are always just a nice gesture not something required!

        • princessedwards

          Yes it’s our job but it is also a service that’s being provided

        • Beth Strand

          Unfortunately, the company hardly pays them anything, similar to other such companies. I’m not even sure that it’s minimum wage before tips.

    • Kathleen

      At minimum, if your shopper did a decent job communicating and handling substitutions, you’ll want to tip a ‘minimum’ of 10% of your order total. If you tip a waitress or pizza delivery person 10-20% for just bringing your food to you, please remember your shopper is actually shopping your order during a pandemic, and delivering it for you, and they are paying for their own gas, wear and tear on their vehicle, and self employment taxes, so please tip accordingly.

      • asteroidk

        Absolutely agree!!

      • princessedwards

        I work for Shipt and your so right!!!

      • JackieMN

        Please don’t minimize other delivery service people or service people. If you think a waitress or delivery person just brings your food to you, you clearly have never worked in either industry. Shipt shoppers do have some good benefits and I am thankful for the service and tip accordingly but I do not minimize others. Pay for their own gas – so do most pizza delivery drivers. Wear and tear on their vehicle – so do most pizza delivery drivers. Thankfully, Shipt shoppers have access to healthcare benefits, reduced tax filing services and subsidized auto insurance options, unlike almost all pizza delivery drivers. They generally make 7.5% commission on the total order amount and good reviews help them get more orders. I tip my Shipt shopper, of course! (And when it’s my daughter, I tip her extra 😉 ) But I absolutely acknowledge the butt busting work waiters and waitresses do – and in most states at a lesser ‘tipping’ wage. I love the service industry and the people in it and, in my opinion, none of them make enough for what they do! Please do not minimize the jobs of people in that industry.

        • chesca

          What a wonderful comment. You are right right right. Merry Christmas ❤️

        • donnamm

          Shoot did change their pay model recently and it’s no longer based on a flat rate, as an FYI. The pay is based in the estimated time it’ll take to ship and compete the order, and the amount varied by market. In some areas, some folks are now getting paid less than before unfortunately.

        • Edie

          As a former server and bartender I would never tip less than 30% and have been known to tip more for exceptional service. The work is hard and not very rewarding but when a customer leaves a big tip that means you can put gas in you car it makes your day.

    • hudsonbelle

      I used it for the first time today and when I went back into the app after my order was delivered it popped up a screen to rate my shopper and add a tip. It was very easy!

  5. crustycat

    I have the offer but they won’t deliver to my address bummer

    • Allison

      Ditto 🙁

    • Jen

      Same here!!

    • Chish


    • Em C

      Same. Why did they offer it if we can’t use it?

  6. Emily

    Got it!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


  7. Nichole

    Thanks got it

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re so welcome!

  8. Scarlet B

    Not only do I have the offer, but they also deliver to my address (I’m pretty surprised).

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! 🙌

  9. KELLY

    Not available in my area…but showing free 4 weeks…?

  10. Beth

    I did notice this offer this morning in my circle offers. I am wondering the same thing as other commenters. Does anyone know the fees associated with this? How about a tip?

    • Courtney

      A tip is appreciated, but not required. Can do cash tip or after delivery they give you option to tip on the card. They are trying to do contactless delivery, so it won’t be as awkward with no tip if that is the route you go. I researched how much they get paid. Pretty low for wear and tear on car. They don’t get paid for gas, however they could write off on taxes. Hope this helps!

      • Kathleen

        Shoppers are going in to the store for you to shop, delivering your order, they have to pay their own gas, wear and tear on their vehicle, and pay their own self employment taxes. If you won’t or can’t tip, you should shop for yourself.

        • Beth

          It’s not that I won’t or can’t it’s that I was wanting to know if this was a service where tip was allowed. Some services don’t allow tips. I would obviously not order and stiff a person if tips are allowed.

        • Faith

          Rude. Courtney was very nice with her reply and no where did she state she wouldnt or cant tip. geesh. smh

          • Robyn

            I do not feel she was being rude at all. I know someone who works for instacart and it is ridiculous how many people feel like the tip is optional. The tip is how they make the job worth doing. If the majority of people do not tip and tip well, then the service will go away. I am old enough to see many of these types of services go away. People will not subject themselves to daily reviews and tips for long.

          • JackieMN

            Well said, Faith. Definitely some cat claws in comments lately.

      • Edie

        A Shipt shopper is not going to make enough to deduct/write off on taxes lol

    • Betty

      No fees, as it doesn’t require a CC linked to it, and it states that it doesn’t automatically renew.

  11. Harley

    Wow thank you so much hip 2 save this is truly awesome early Christmas present thank you thank you thank you y’all are great thank you

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re most welcome, Harley!

  12. MH

    I don’t have it. Bummer. I would’ve loved that. Owe we, I tried the pick-up the other day to grab the last couple of mascara gifts. It was amazing! They check the code on your phone through your window an load the items into your trunk. Truly contactless and very cool – especially when it’s raining 😜

  13. Jodi K

    Please tip your driver! They are using their own vehicle and gas…

    • Kathleen

      And paying self employment tax out of their common $5-7 shipt pay for your order.

      • Jodi Williams Knaak


  14. Kathleen

    Please rate your shopper on their shopping, communicating, and delivery services, not on the store inventory. If items are out of stock, don’t rate your shopper lower. Store inventory is out of the shoppers control.

  15. kellal01

    When you sign up through Target, can you only use it for Target or are you able to use it other places as well for free for 6 months?

    • Betty

      Only Target as it’s associated with your Target.com account.

  16. kellal01

    When you sign up through Target circle, can it only be used at Target? Or can you use the Shipt membership at other stores?

    • donnamm

      You can use the same email on the shipt app for other stores.

  17. Tonya S

    I have a 6 month offer. Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! You’re welcome!

  18. smileygrace

    I have this offer! So excited as I have often been tempted to use it but didn’t want to pay. I didn’t realize till reading the comments that it was a delivery service as opposed to it being actually shipped so I would have never know about needing to tip etc. Thanks Hip2Save for the heads up about shipt and readers for clarifying what it was!

  19. Heather

    Got it, thanks!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Heather!

  20. Diana

    Darn, it’s only showing a 4 week trial.

  21. nicolelomanotocket

    Got the 6 months but can you only use it at target? If not, how does the info transfer to the Shipt app?

    • donnamm

      Use the same login info on the Shipt app.

  22. Allyson

    Got the 6 months. Can it be used other places besides Target?

    • ccmama

      No – that’s why it’s offered in the target app

    • donnamm

      You should be able to! Just use the same email in the shipt app.

    • Peaches

      I believe it can be used elsewhere. I clicked the link that was sent tomy email from Shipt to set my password and can now use my shiny new shipt account with four companies according to their app.

  23. buzyw005

    Hi where is it on your app? Can’t find it Thanks. Says find the for me and i don’t even see that. Thanks in advance

    • buzyw005

      Found t and got it :-)))

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Oh good! Thanks for the update!

  24. asteroidk

    Full disclosure, I’m a veteran Shipt shopper. Shipt is owned by Target. For the most part, the prices are the same as you would pay in store or online. There may be some small markups on produce but the markups aren’t too outrageous. As a few posters above have mentioned, tipping is optional, so please reward your shopper if you had good communication, your order was on time, correct items were received, and subs were handled appropriately. We have recently been subjected to pay cuts (google Shipt protest if interested) so we rely on tips more than ever to provide this personal service, especially during a world wide pandemic! Shipt has also overhired shoppers, so if you truly get less than 5 star service, don’t be afraid to rate and tip appropriately. I think using the service standard of a restaurant server is a good guide.

    • Maggie

      Speaking for yourself, when you do a big shop (say, a total of around $100), do you prefer to have an envelope with $20 taped to the front door with your name on it, or have the $20 tip go through the app? Some gig companies take a cut out of tips, so I’ve been putting out $20 bills for my Instacart folks, but if Shipt gives you the full tip amount without taking a cut, that’s sometimes easier–I just don’t want the shopper to get “cheated” out of the full tip amount.

      • Tiffany O

        $20 taped to the door would be better as the shopper wouldn’t know if the company took part of the tip but I know other companies do keep part so taping it to the door ensures the shopper gets the entire tip.

      • asteroidk

        Shipt gives 100 percent of tips to its shoppers. There has been a few random app glitches though, but its very rare that happens, but either method is great!

  25. JenniferS

    Where do I look to find this offer on the Target app?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Be sure to check the top of the offers page, in the “For You” section. Hoping that helps!

  26. Sparkle63

    I signed up for the shipt service. It says they deliver to your home, but I live 35 minutes away. How does that work?

    • Kaylee

      Someone will deliver it. As a shipt shopper I’d assume that due to the distance it’d sit in the queue for a bit until they bump up the pay unless someone is heading on your direction

  27. KaiLiKa

    Whooo Hoooo! Mahalo! AND They ship to my home! NOBODY ships to MY HOME!! HAPPPPPPYYY! HAPPPPYYYY!!!

  28. Lisa

    I got the 6 month offer! Thank you, Hip2save!

  29. mommyof51987

    No offer for me.

  30. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing! I got it.
    Do they require a minimum purchase?

    • John

      If you order on Target’s website/app, there’s a $35 minimum. If you order via the Shipt website/app, there’s no minimum but you pay a $7 fee for orders under $35.

  31. SariJoy

    I am so happy! I placed my first Shipt order tonight (and added a nice tip). Thank you!!!

  32. Colleen

    I got the 6 month! Thank you! This will come in handy as the COVID rates here are skyrocketing and I’m trying to limit my trips out. Does anyone know if you can use Ibotta while ordering through Shipt?Coll

  33. Barb

    Got 6 months and used last night. If you don’t know how much to tip they send an email after they deliver your items for you to rate your shipt driver and how much you can tip from 10 to 18 percent

  34. Corina


  35. sjjmitchell

    It says it cancels automatically I accidentally added it just wanted to verify from anyone with experience that is will in fact cancel in 6 months?

  36. Lovely511

    Can shipt be used to shop for a parent in another state? I want to send things to my mother so she wouldn’t have to go out much in this pandemic.

    • Kate$aves

      Yes, absolutely! I have groceries and gifts delivered to my family in other cities and states with Shipt all the time. As long as their address is in a Shipt delivery zone. You can change the address for each individual delivery.

      • Lovely511

        Thank you for sharing!

  37. Sheena

    My 50% off made the cost $49, is there a code to enter to get the $35?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! Here are the details on that $35 threshold listed above – “Choose between a one-year pass with unlimited deliveries over $35, or 5-pass or 3-pass options.”

      Hope that helps!

  38. Jan

    You can use cartwheel with your order. The one time I used it there were a few items discounted for same day delivery.

  39. Melissa

    I got a 6 month free shipt subscription, that cancels on its own through target circle. I just had to add the offer to my target circle deals. I was super leery at first.

  40. Viv

    What’s the difference between InstaCart and Shipt?

  41. Observant Momm

    I dislike that people are making it seem like you HAVE to tip. Tips are optional. I usually skip the tip. Anyone that works for Shipt knows what they’re getting into once they go through the process of being hired. They know they will use their vehicle and their gas. I don’t need to give you a tip because you don’t earn enough, pandemic or not. If you don’t like your pay then look for a better paying job.

    • Mindy

      Wow. Do you treat servers, hair stylists, groomers, and pizza delivery people the same? Holy crap!

    • Anna williamson

      Because there is a plethora of well paying jobs available…. You have CLEARLY never worked in the service industry!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hypnoticroots

      On the rare occasion I go out to eat or order a pizza, I do tip well (usually 25%) However i find 20% on a home grocery delivery to be excessive. that’s $30 on a $150 order! If I were well off, I would gladly tip that but I don’t feel as though it is a requirement. Typically I do tip $10 on orders under $100 and $15 on orders over $100. That being said if you can afford to bless some one with a great tip – do it! Share the wealth 🤑

  42. Beth

    I currently have a free 6-month subscription to Shipt through my Target app. I love it so much that I would like to extend it. Does anyone know if I can use this offer and apply it to a current Shipt membership in order to extend it?

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