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Latest Target Gift Card Sale Info

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Love shopping at Target?

We do too! While there aren’t any current Target gift card sales at this time, you’ll definitely want to check out the following ways that you can stay in the loop on all Target promotions and ways to save.

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There are SO many reasons why we love Target! Here are just a few…

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Comments 123

  1. AMY761

    Can I buy the gift card and then use it to pay for merchandise I purchase while using the 20% off coupon from Black Friday?

    • geralynn702


    • Arnold S

      These gift cards can be redeemed staring 10am (CST) on December 9

    • Nicole

      Does anyone know if Target offers the 20% off Black Friday coupons every year? I missed my chance to get one this year, but was wondering if it could be something to look forward to next year

      • Lauren

        This is the second year I’ve gotten one so it’s something they’ve been doing at least for two years. Hopefully they’ll do it again next year! 🙂

        • Nicole

          Thank you so much for your reply, Lauren! I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Amy

    Ugh….I just purchased a gift card today at the store. Bummer

    • dealgirl

      I bet if you did online chat with them and explained that to them, then they would likely give you the 10% back on a different gift card. They’re really good about stuff like that/customer retention.

      • shop4mybabies

        they have said multiple times on facebook they absolutely will not price adjust for this gift card promo

        • Rae

          Still wouldn’t hurt to try.

  3. PD

    What time it will start online at EST?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      It has already started if you wanted to click back through the link above!

  4. dani342033

    Do you get 5% with your red card?

    • BJ


    • Liz

      If you have a Discover card and activated the 5% rewards back for Target, Walmart and Amazon, you will get 5% back as a cash reward with Discover

      • Cindy

        Thank you for pointing this out! I had forgotten!!


        Could someone explain how this works? If you use your target card to get the 10%off, how do you apply the 5% cashback from Discover? Not sure how to do the transaction?? TIA

        • Lisa

          Lpaulus67, you do have to sign up for the additional 5% on your Discover Card account first (it is under the rewards tab) before ordering.


            Thanks Lisa. I have signed up for the additional 5% on the Discover card but to continue, do I purchase on the Target Credit Card or use the Discover Card & if I use the Discover Card do you get the 10%off of the purchased gift card from Target? Sorry if I’m making it more difficult than it may be but I’m a bit confused.

            • DSch

              No worries. Utilize your Discover Card, and yes, it should ring up 10% off (from the Target Website) when you check out at Target. You will get the 5% back from Discover added to your rewards on your Discover Account (for you to cash out when you have enough to cash out or simply apply it to your balance). Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  5. ChrisDan

    Do also get 5% discount using your RedCard?

    • BJ


  6. Carla

    Does anybody know if you can use the Target GC to purchase a GameStop GC? TIA

    • perfectlyoutgrown

      You can not use Target gift cards to buy other gift cards. 🙁

    • Coupon Keating

      I always did…..I have done this deal every year and my target in Ohio let’s me buy Disney gift cards.

      • April

        Policy changes this year. I did the same. Went to buy my Disney cards in August. No dice.

  7. Kjb1976

    Do you know what time the sale start because I just tried and it’s not discounting yet?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      This is working now if you wanted to check again!

  8. Mallory S

    If anyone is interested in trading, I have $40 in Kohl’s cash that expires 12/9. I’m looking for Target Amazon or Walmart gcs. msalazar91487 @gmail . Com

    • Daniibeth

      If you don’t find anyone to trade, and will not be using it. I would gladly put it to good use. Single momma to 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl! ❤️❤️ austillpartyof3@ yahoo .com

    • shannont

      If you can’t use it consider buying things to donate. Like hats, mitts or toys for kids. They have drop off toy bins everywhere. Walmart, grocery store etc.

    • Opa

      I have target gc , if you would like to trade

  9. Angela V.

    Thanks, great deal! Offer is live online and I just placed my order. 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re so welcome!

  10. Idahomomof6

    Gift card deal is alive and working! 🙂 Does anyone know if we’re allowed to do the $300 limit once online, then once again in store? I assume there would be no way of tracking it, so that’s likely a yes.

    • Jessica

      Use cash in store or try another card not registered to your account.

    • Yess

      I used the same card for multiple transactions in the store. $650

  11. DSch

    This is a great deal H2S posted, but always remember too that if you pay for items that come with a warranty, always use a credit card to extend the warranty (if your credit card offers that) — not the warranty that stores sometimes want to sell you as an ad on with a device/product. A great perk that we’ve had to utilize via our credit card that actually works and well worth it.

  12. ksat22

    Do you lose the 5% red card discount if you pay with gift card? What about online?

    • Sduttigg

      Yes, but you’re saving 10 percent up front. You can apply Target Circle discounts when using a gift card

    • Idahomomof6

      Ksat22, if I understand your question correctly, the answer is no. Although you cannot get the 5% Red Card discount when purchasing the gift cards, you will receive the red card discount (as well as any other coupons or promotions qualified for) when using the GC’s to pay. I believe it is treated as any other form of payment. H2S Sidekicks and experts, please correct me if I’m wrong. 😊

      • shop4mybabies

        you do not receive the 5% redcard discount when paying with gift cards…if you spent 110$ and used a 100$ gift card and your red card for the remaining 10$ you would save 5% off the 10$ you purchased with red card

  13. Ana

    Can you pay for this gift card using another target gift card?

    • Susie

      You could try it, but I highly doubt it. I have never ever been able to use a gift card to purchase another gift card, even from the same place. It’s always excluded.

      • Ana

        I tried now and it won’t allow to pay with another target gift card.. 😔

    • Susan W

      I’ve did it last year in the store. On their website (look at target gift card help) they list what you can not purchase with a gift card and Target gift cards on are part of that list.

  14. heidi

    I would like to know that also.

  15. Heather

    Could I buy a 20.00 gc and use it to buy 4 gc for 5.00 each to use as small gifts?

    • Riley

      Why not just buy the 4 individual gift cards?

      • celticmommie

        Minimum gift card amount is $10

      • Heather

        It is 10 % off. So I’d only pay 18 for the card.

    • luna

      I remember splitting gc into 5’s , this was 3years ago

    • Jaime

      Yes you can do this in store

    • chenga57

      Based on the comments it looks like it depends on the store. In my area this is not allowed because of potential fraud – so you can’t buy a giftcard with a giftcard. Unsure of the actual policy but most places don’t allow you to use a giftcard to buy another giftcard

  16. Jennifer P

    Thank you for the reminder! 🙂 I bought one for my son’s teacher and a card for myself to use with the 20% Black Friday coupon I have.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Great idea, Jennifer P! You’re very welcome!

  17. Renee

    Heather, In previous years my Target has allowed me to “trade in” my $100 gift card (purchased online) for smaller denominations of physical gift cards. I assume this was your question.
    I’m in Ohio.

  18. eaobrien

    I thought I read that people could buy Disney GC from target and somehow save 10%. Does anyone know if that’s true?

    • ksat22

      You can’t use target gift cards to buy other gift cards, however you can definately get the 5% red card discount to buy Disney gc.

  19. Stephanie Snyder

    Can these be used in Starbucks located in target?

    • Ann


    • Bzroses13

      Yes! You can use them at those Starbucks or you can load your Starbucks card using a target gift card! (I didn’t realize this before I started working at a Starbucks inside of a Target) ❤️

  20. N

    If I buy gift cards online in target, will it be delivered as a physical card? Sorry for the dumb question.

    • Missy

      You have the option to choose, e gc, text gc or have it mailed to you

      • N

        Thanks! I ordered few of them to give gift to teachers.

    • Micki

      They do. However, you get the get cards attached to a piece of letter sized paper…like when you order something online, and there’s a gift card with purchase deal. Just mentioning this, if you plan on gifting it. You’ll have to write the amount of the gift card yourself on each card.

      • me

        Last year the amount was printed on the back of the physical cards, small print but it was there!

        • N


        • lindak

          Really, I have a few left from last year and I was dreading trying to look them up. Thanks!

      • N


  21. Tiffany N Miles

    Are they Christmas themed only? I need a baby shower gc.

    • Bozarth Sandra

      Online they do have one baby shower one. Just scroll through all the cars listed.

    • Heather

      Last year I picked specific gift cards online but received the generic Target logo one for all if them, which was disappointing since I wanted to give as gifts. It just didn’t seem as special.

  22. Judy

    Can we use the gift card right away after purchasing?

    • Missy

      No. Gc is not valid until tomorrow 10am central

  23. Rebecca

    Am I wrong…..but this is no different from using my RedCard, right? I assume I can’t use my RedCard discount to purchase it, giving me 15% off, correct. And when I use my gift card, I will be forfeiting my 5% discount bc I’m using the gift card instead. So I’m basically back to the 5% by the time it’s spent?

    • Kruiz528

      You get a bigger discount buying 10% off as opposed to just 5% using the red card

    • Kim

      No. You get 10% off vs a 5% target card discount or double what your red card discount is. So granted it isn’t 15% it is still more than 5%…I’m very confused by all the people who keep saying that this 10% discount is no better than the 5% redcard discount. It’s 10% and 10% is more than 5%

      • Rebecca

        It’s because of this….you get 10% off the gift card but then when you go to use it, you forfeit the 5% you would be getting anyway, making the savings 5%, instead of 10%. If it was a dollar amount instead of a %, it would be a different story.

        • Ashley

          No. It’s still 10%. If you make a $10 purchase with your red card you pay $9.50. But if you buy a $10 gift card today you pay $9. Then you go buy that $10 item with the gift card And you have effectively paid only $9 for it. Of course there’s tax but it applies either way. This is twice the savings of just using your red card. You didn’t forfeit any savings. You just got twice the savings on the front end.

  24. Kruiz528

    Can you return target gift cards to get your money back

    • Amy

      ? Why would you pay for something just to get your money back?

    • Jaime


  25. jaime

    If you have target circle- using the gc will give you 1% back making it an even better deal.

    • Holly

      Is this working for others? Mine didn’t do anything to my Target Circle balance.

      • Nini29

        I did get the 1% back. It showed up immediately after purchasing gift card.

    • samfs2016💐

      Target circle terms and conditions also exclude purchase of gift cards for 1% cb.

  26. me

    Thanks for the reminder!
    I used paypal with my chase freedom card for this purchase. Paypal is one of their 5% back categories for this quarter.

    • CBethS

      Thanks for the reminder!!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! You’re SO welcome!

  27. cbakerd3

    Snagged 8 gift cards for my daughters daycare teachers. I look forward to the days she’ll only have 1 or 2 teachers at once 😂 I’m going to pair it with the kohl’s blankets I got on a deal from here.

  28. Terry

    Please tell me what the difference between mobile and email with the gift cards. Thanks

  29. Diane

    Thank you! I was able to check 2 more Christmas gifts off my list.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! SO glad this helped check more gifts off your list, Diane! You’re most welcome!

  30. Alejandra

    How do I choose that I want it emailed to me? When I go to checkout I dont see an option to change it from a physical card.

    • Missy

      Are u using the app? I see three options in the app, delivery, SMS and email

    • Terry

      Once again, anyone care to elaborate on the delivery differences? I’dbe most grateful😊

      • Missy

        Delivery, the gc will be mailed to you. SMS, the gc will be sent via text usually within 4 hrs. Email, the gc will be sent within 4hrs

        • Terry

          Thank you!

          • Missy

            You’re welcome

  31. Lizzy

    Hello- I have a $20 off $50 reward from Victoria Secret that I will not be using. Open to trades (:

  32. Moranda

    Not Target but I haven’t seen it posted anywhere. If you buy $50 worth of Amazon gift cards from Amazon you get a $15 Amazon credit. It is for customers purchasing giftcards for the 1st time.

    • Terry

      Yeah, we know. The deal we’re all waiting for a is a giftcard bonus from Amazon for refills after that first time😊

    • Nini29

      Moranda, I do not see the Amazon offer. I put a $50 gift card in my cart but see no mention of $15 credit. Is there something special I need to do? Thanks.

      • Moranda

        Yes, there was an offer to clip on the Amazon home page for me or you can try the code “19GIFTCARD” at checkout.

      • Elaine

        I had a $5 credit if I sent a $50 gift card sms. Maybe everyone has different offers.

  33. Anita

    Does the 5% from using the debit card apply to the purchased gift card? It didn’t show up on mine but it did show that I used it.

    • Jamie

      No, it doesn’t.

  34. Carla

    FYI, just left store and also found a $25 Academy Sports GC that included at $5.00 Target GC. Used my Target card to pay for only $24.

  35. Jenna

    I love when they do this deal. I buy a couple for my kids’ friend’s birthday parties, when I just can’t get to the store to pick out a gift or we don’t know what to get them. Having these tucked away is a life saver!

  36. Ann

    In previous years I did several online transacctions. But this year they gave cancelled multiple orders after the first $300 sale. I tried using different credit cards but of course sane shipping address. I am out of town and can not get to a store. Anyone else with this issue?

    • Wendy

      Yes I just tried this. It canceled I tried a different email and it canceled it too.

  37. Jane

    I just rolled my Target Gift Card for this great deal at self check out. i am in San Diego by the way

  38. Susan W

    Just got back from the store. Purchased a $60 Target gift card for $54. Used 2 $25 Target e-gift cards that I had printed out since I don’t have a smart phone and paid the $4 balance with last years Target gift card that I purchased for 10% off. Cashier was Xmas help and didn’t know what she was doing but the manager was able to do with no issues. So for those who do not believe me, the answer is a definitive yes, you can purchase Target gift cards with Target gift cards in the store. Happy Holidays to all!

    • queen62


  39. ann

    Do you know if I would be able to use Rakuten for 2% back when purchasing these target gift cards? Thanks!

  40. ashley

    It’s disappointing that the soonest estimated ship dates are all showing up the 23rd for me. I was hoping to buy a bunch to have a day or two sooner for a family party.

    • chenga57

      Most of the time my online purchases arrive earlier than expected. Although maybe giftcards take longer! Fingers crossed that they will arrive earlier for you!

  41. Jrardin

    Can you only use these gift cards towards online target purchases?

    • sophia

      you can scan the barcode instore or add the gift card to your app to pay

  42. Meghan

    I bought a gift card online last night only to wake up and find out Target cancelled my order due to technical issues. Did this happen to anyone else? Any experience with Target Customer Service to grant the 10% off if I order it today? Very Frustrating!

  43. Adrienne

    Did anyone receive their gift cards yet? If so what does the envelope look like? I bought for teacher gifts but it says won’t receive until 12/20 but I need them by tomorrow at latest (or I will have to run to target to buy again and just use the ones I already ordered another time). I can see via my Postal scan app I got 2 letters from Target in a plain looking envelope with target Logo. I’m hoping that is it because I don’t normally get envelopes from Target. If anyone could confirm that would be awesome, thanks!

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