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Our Ultimate List of Favorite ALDI Foods and Drinks

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ALDI grocery cart filled with groceries

We’re glad you love ALDI as much as we do!

You spoke, and we listened! We’ve amassed the ultimate ALDI list, from delicious breakfast foods to the perfect pairings for appetizers, and even thirst quenching drinks – all based on your favorites available only at ALDI! New to ALDI? Jumpstart your next grocery trip with this list of delectable finds!

Keep in mind that ALDI prices can vary by locations. Please see your local store for exact price details.  

Let’s start with favorite breakfast foods:


1. Toaster Tarts

pop tart and aldi toaster tart comparisons on shelf

As you can see, the prices for these Toaster Tarts compared to the name brand Pop Tarts is unbeatable – and many of you said they taste the same (if not better than) the name brand options!

“My kids love the ALDI pop tarts and never even noticed the switch from name brand!”Mary

2. French toast sticks

aldi french toast sticks in freezer aisle

Sick of having cereal as your quick alternative to breakfast? Your kids are going to love these super yummy and really simple frozen french toast sticks that heat up and are ready to eat in just under two minutes!

3. Eggs

hand holding one dozen carton of eggs with eggs in the background

I know what you’re thinking. EGGS? What is so special about eggs?! At ALDI, you can scoop up an entire dozen eggs carton for just 99 cents! For just under a dollar, this versatile food item is a no-brainer for us.

4. Pork sausage patties

bag of pork sausage patties in frozen aisle

These sausage patties would pair perfectly with ALDI’s 99 cent eggs, some warm french toast sticks, or all on their own – and at just 16 cents per ounce for a large bag, you won’t think twice about spicing up your next weekend breakfast with the family.

“We love ALDI’s pre-cooked sausage patties ($5 for 16), and they go great with the cinnamon French Toast sticks ($1.99 for 20). Makes for easy weekend breakfasts and/or breakfast for dinners!” – Rachel

5. Cereals

marshmallows stars cinnamon crunch cereal on shelf

These ALDI brand cereals are just like the name brand options you’ll find at any grocery store, except they’re HALF the cost! From fruit ring knockoffs to cinnamon squares, I’ll take one of each, please!

6. Danish pastries

hand holding a green box of apple cinnamon danish pastries

I’m pretty sure I could eat this entire box in one sitting if I allowed myself. 😏 These danish pastries are a delicious treat straight out of the box, or heat them up for 30 seconds to enjoy an extra special snack on the go.

7. Fresh produce

hand holding fresh blueberries with cartons of strawberries in the background

Let’s not forget ALDI’s fresh produce! At ALDI, I scoop up amazing deals on produce that just can’t be scored anywhere else. And while fruit is perfectly delicious all on its own, you can really have some fun, like trying out our blueberry lemon chia seed overnight oats for the perfect breakfast meal to start your day.

“I shop here for all my fresh produce. You really can’t beat their prices, and fruit makes such a great snack!” – Holly

“I bought some extra large avocados this week, and they were only 49 cents each!” – Macy

Check out these yummy lunch and dinner ideas: 


8. Corn dogs

hand holding corn dogs in a box

These corndogs would be great on the go, packed for lunch, or saved for a weekend snack. And for about just 35 cents each, they won’t break the bank when your kids are eating them all in one sitting!

9. Frozen pizzas

take and bake frozen pizza in a box

You can’t beat these frozen pizzas from ALDI that are less than $5 each! Your Friday night pizza dinners just got a whole lot more affordable and delicious!

10. Quinoa burgers

hand holding a box of veggie quinoa burgers in frozen aisle

These frozen veggie burgers are a great alternative to regular burgers, and with each patty running you well under a dollar each, you’ll save a ton of money by not going out to Fuddruckers for lunch or dinner.

11. Naan bread

hand holding a package of naan bread

Naan bread is an absolute favorite in our home! Check out the delicious recipe that our reader Wende shared with us below. It has us so excited to stock up on some new goodies for our next ALDI trip!

Wende says: 

“One of our favorite recipes is Pesto Havarti and tomato grilled naan and everything comes from ALDI! For the recipe:

  • Spray one side of the naan with cooking spray and place in pan sprayed side down. 
  • Add the Havarti cheese, spread with pesto, add sliced tomatoes then more Havarti.  
  • Place another naan on top and spray with cooking spray.
  • Continue to grill the sandwich as you would a traditional grilled cheese.

Tip: The larger naans are a better deal, but the smaller ones are MUCH easier to flip, trust me!” – Original recipe credit: MashupMom

“The 4 pack of garlic Naan bread also makes for great personal pizza dough when a quick and easy meal is needed!” – Andrea

These appetizers are great for your next gathering:


12. Chips and fresh salsa

cart with a bag of organic blue corn tortilla chips and fresh cold salsa

ALDI’s fresh cut salsa found in the refrigerated section is a popular choice, and it pairs perfectly with their organic blue corn tortilla chips!

13. Goat cheese and thin wheat crackers

hand holding log of goat cheese and box of wheat thins

This goat cheese and box of wheat crackers are the perfect combo. Goat cheese not your thing? That’s fine as there are tons of different cheeses to choose from at ALDI to complement any cheese board.

I love their brand of Wheat Thins! They taste just as good as the name brand. I always pick up some plus a log of Herb and Garlic goat cheese for my daily work snack. So good! The cheese is soft enough to just scoop up with the wheat thins.” – Stephanie

“I also love their Wheat Thins which I eat with their brand of Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I’ve tried their Pepper Jack and light Swiss flavors as well, and they’re just delicious!” – Janet

14. Hummus + pita chips and veggies

cart with a bag of mini cucumbers hummus carrots and bag of pita chips

A classic appetizer or a quick snack that anyone is sure to love, ALDI’s delicious hummus pairs great with some fresh cut veggies and a bag of crunchy pita chips. It’s the perfect balance of flavors and a healthy alternative to snack time.

“My husband loves the pita chips. I wouldn’t know how good they are because the are gone immediately after I buy them. LOL!” – Jeanne

15. Frozen jalapeño poppers

best aldi snack foods to save money include this frozen box of cream cheese jalapeño poppers

These spicy bites are the perfect appetizer to serve up at a dinner party or just pop in the oven for a quick weekend snack. Be sure to check out the cheddar cheese option, too!

While other name brand jalapeño poppers will run you about $5 or more per box (and even pricier if you order them out at a restaurant), you won’t mind serving this appetizer at just $1.79 per box!

“I always pick up a box of these jalapeño poppers any time I’m at ALDI. They’re so easy to toss in the oven for a quick snack! Plus, they taste just like the name-brand ones I’ve tried from other grocery stores – except the price at ALDI is unbeatable!” – Emily

16. Tortilla chips and dip

cart with bag of blue corn tortilla chips and hand holding container of artichoke dip

If you’re looking for another appetizer to enjoy with your tortilla chips, scoop up a container of ALDI’s artichoke dip! Heated up or served cold, this is one snack everyone will love at your next get together.

17. Mixed nuts

hand holding a jar of mixed nuts

Nuts are a great snack to leave out on your counter for any time of day or during a gathering. And at ALDI, you can score various bags/containers of nuts for under 5 dollars!

Here are some of our favorite chips you can scoop up at ALDI:


18. Stackerz

hand holding a container of stackerz pringle chip knock off

These Stackers are so similar to the Pringles name brand chips. Their only major difference is that these are just 99 cents for an entire pack!

19. White cheddar puffs

shelf of organic cheddar cheese puffs bags

Irresistible and organic, these white cheddar cheese puffs are so delicious and an excellent snack to pack in your kid’s lunches – or really any time of day!

20. BBQ Chips

hand holding a bag of kettle bbq chips

I was already sold on these chips when I discovered they’re just over a dollar per bag! If you’re looking to switch up your chip flavors at home, these Mesquite Barbeque chips are so delicious! They’re not greasy like most other name brand chips – and your savings on this brand will be huge!

21. Veggie chips and straws

bags of veggie chips and veggie straws in green cardboard box

Whether you’re a veggie chip or a veggie straw lover, ALDI has both options available at a great price! For under two dollars per bag, you can score these ideal snacks for kids, and you won’t feel bad letting them indulge! They also don’t have the surplus of grease like other types of bagged veggie snacks.

22. Sweet chili chips

hand holding bag of sweet chili chips

The texture and flavor of these chips are spot on! They’re also gluten-free and come at a great price compared to other name brand gluten-free snacks.

“We do not need to be on a GF diet, but we LOVE the GF sweet chili chips! It always hits the spot when the craving is for something sweet/savory. It is not spicy, despite it being a chili flavor, just a very, very slight kick. The texture tastes like tortilla chips, and it would be hard to tell it’s GF. Definitely one of our favorites!” – Cecilia 

23. Gluten-free pretzels

cardboard box full of bags of gluten free pretzels

If you’re gluten-free and need new snacks, these mini pretzels are another great alternative for easy snack times or school lunches.

Hip Tip: Speaking of lunches. Here are some clever lunchbox hacks that’ll make your life so much easier! Plus, your kids will love them!

Some of our biggest faves from ALDI satisfy our sweet tooth:


24. Chocolate cupcakes

box of chocolate cupcakes little debbie hostess knock offs

When a reader recommended these treats, I knew I needed to give them a try. They’re really just like the name brand Hostess snacks except better and cheaper, too!

25. Chocolate chip dunker cookies

hand holding container of chocolate chip dunker cookies

Perfect with coffee or tea or of course just by themselves, these chocolate chip dunker cookies are an ALDI original and not something you can get anywhere else.

26. Dark chocolate sea salt caramels

best aldi snack foods to save money include these dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels are a fancy treat to serve up at a party — or to keep for yourself! They’re oh so delectable and an absolute must try when you shop at ALDI. For $2.99 per pack, you get the gourmet chocolate taste without the expensive price tag.

27. Benton’s cookies

top Aldi snack foods to buy - pack of knock off girl scout cookies fudge mint peanut butter fudge caramel coconut packs of stacked cookies

While most Girl Scout boxes will run around five dollars a box, you can score ALDI’s cookies for as low as 95¢ for an entire box! 😱 That’s a deal worth stocking up on when the Girl Scouts aren’t out selling their delicious stash.

“The cookies are really a perfect replica, love the peanut butter ones. I buy 10 packages or so and make my own tray for parties I am invited to. Great price.” – Daniela

28. Moser Roth chocolate bars

hand holding two moser roth chocolate bars with chocolates in the background

These large chocolate bars are only found at ALDI and are absolutely delicious! From Milk Toffee Crunch to Dark Sea Salt, there is something to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

“The dark chocolate sea salt chocolate bars are the BEST! I’ve tried so many brands and like these more than anything else! Plus they are always cheap – less than $2 each!” – Christine

29. Gluten-free soft baked cookies

best aldi snack foods to save money include these gluten free double chocolate brownie soft baked cookies

Eating gluten-free? The LiveGFree line at ALDI is full of gluten-free treats! You can score a box of these yummy soft-baked cookies in either double chocolate brownie or Snickerdoodle flavor.

“These cookies are so perfect for my daughter’s lunch since she needs to be dairy free, gluten free, and nut free. It’s very difficult to find a product without all of those ingredients that she will actually eat, and she loves these!” – Jami 

best aldi snack foods to save money include these gluten-free boxed baked goods and soft baked cookies

Along with these inexpensive gluten-free treats, their wide selection of other competitively priced boxed gluten-free treats includes baking mixes for brownies, cakes, pancakes, and cornbread—yum! There’s something for every person who eats gluten-free!

“I eat GF, and the cupcakes mixes are great! When I mixed up the vanilla one it didn’t seem like a normal “batter”, so I figured it would be gross. They turned out delicious and don’t taste GF! They were a light fluffy cake, not dense like a lot of GF mixes. The chocolate one makes excellent brownies per the box directions. FYI, if you are newer to GF baking like me, always slightly under bake for perfect results.” – Jennifer

30. Sundae Shoppe ice cream

sunday shoppe ice cream pints in freezer

Compared to Ben and Jerry’s or Halo Top’s pricey pints of ice cream, the Sundae Shoppe brand at ALDI is almost half the cost and just as delicious! I especially love the creamy mint chip flavor!

“I like the Sundae Shoppe high-protein ice cream which comes in vanilla, chocolate, and mint chip (my favorite!). Plus, they’re much tastier than the Halo Top ice creams.”Debbie

31. Chocolate protein bars

aisle of chocolate covered protein bars in boxes

Looking for a slightly healthier option to satisfy your love for chocolate? These Fit & Active chocolate-covered protein bars by Millville are just the snack for you!

32. Animal crackers

a row of animal cracker boxes

This timeless snack box of cookies is a great treat to enjoy. I’m a sucker for cool packaging, and I just can’t resist how cute these animal cracker boxes are. Plus, they’re just $1.59 for a 13 ounces box, compared to Barnum’s 8-ounce bag which is over 2 dollars!

“We just bought the animal crackers for the first time on our last trip, and my husband was the one that kept talking about how good they were. LOL!” – LaDonna

33. Caramel rice cakes

hand holding a bag of caramel rice cakes

Gluten-free and packed with natural caramel flavor, these rice cakes are a scrumptious snack to enjoy any time of day!

Here are some favorite drinks to wash down those delicious foods:


34. Citrus Twist soda

packs of citrus twist sodas sprite knock off cans on shelf

As close to a Sprite knock off as you’re going to get, these packs of Citrus Twist are sure to quench any soda lover’s thirst. Plus, they’re about half the cost of the name brand packs.

35. La Croix sparkling water

la croix stacked on wood pallet

A popular drink I personally enjoy (as opposed to drinking soda), these 12-packs of La Croix are just $3.99, which I haven’t found cheaper anywhere else!

ALDI even has these thirst-quenching adult beverages:


36. Winking Owl wine

bottles of winking owl moscato on shelf

Are you a Moscato lover? One of our readers recommended ALDI’s Winking Owl Moscato, which is under 3 dollars a bottle! Consider me sold!

37. Broken Cloud red wine

hand holding aldi broken cloud pinot noir red wine bottle alcoholic beverage drink

ALDI really outdid themselves with their selection of wines! I really love this Pinot Noir by Broken Clouds. And, just like all their other wines, you won’t find something over 10 dollars!

38. Wicked Grove hard cider

row of six packs wicked grove hard cider bottles alcoholic beverages

Love a refreshing hard cider? This apple crisp flavor by Wicked Grove is wickedly good 😉, and at just 7 dollars for a six pack, we think this reader recommendation is a must try!

“We love their hard cider, and at less than $7 for a six pack, it’s a price we cannot beat anywhere else. We even like the ALDI one best.” – Lana

On the fence about whether you’ll like these finds or not?

double return guarantee policy at ALDI

One thing that we absolutely love when shopping at ALDI is that there’s essentially NO risk when buying groceries since they’re backed with their unbeatable Twice as Nice GuaranteeThat’s right! You’ll receive a replacement AND your money back. That means you can score all of their best quality foods with confidence!

What’s your favorite ALDI find?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments 159

  1. Jess

    I ❤️ Aldi so much, I shop there Aldi time! 😂🎉 Seriously, Aldi rules!!

    • Linda

      I see what you did there. Haha

      • Beth

        Ha ha! You made a punny! Love it!

  2. Taylor S

    Their frosted mini wheats are SOO much better than the name brand! It’s actually what got me to start shopping there.

    • Gisette


  3. Maggie

    I got the Naan this week because it had a half off sticker. OMG !! I ate the whole package in a couple of days ( wish I’d never got it, lol!). It was amazing heated up in the toaster oven. We also love the garbage bags, greek yogurt and take and bake pizzas better than any name brand ! The produce is amazing and way cheaper than our other store.

    • Mom

      I get the naan all the time to go w hummus! And currently stop and shop (only place I can find it) has snickerdoodle hummus! Warm slices of Aldi naan w hummus is a great snack anytime!

  4. Emily

    Those gluten free pretzels are so good. We don’t even have anyone who needs to eat gf and we still buy them. They are just good! They also sometimes carry struup waffles that are amazing. They used to have pretzel rolls that we’re so good but they stopped carrying them sadly.

  5. Jeannine

    I second the Goat Cheese! It is great and only $1.99. The same size is $4.99 at Publix. They also have Marcona Almonds for a good price. I’m not sure if I’d eat it, but my daughter likes the frozen Sushi. It is $5.49 for 15 pieces I think. The skim milk is good and way less than Kroger. I also get their Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt and it is $3.69 for the large tub. I add some of their granola and great priced blueberries to the top for a yummy snack!

    • Brenda W

      My daughter also loves the sushi!!

  6. Macey

    Sweet potato chips are amazing and a staple at our house!

  7. Kelly

    Some other things not mentioned that we always pick up – cinnamon apple sauce pouches (my sons fave), sliced turkey containers, Aldi brand salt & pepper Triscuits, Aldi brand cheese or Pb sandwich crackers and their salami/prosciutto meat trays! I ❤️ Aldi! Oh and their Fit & Active bread. So much cheaper than anywhere else!

  8. lauri

    I buy the organic milk, butter, English Muffins .99 cents, Breaded Chicken Strips, granola bars, Cereal, hit & miss on some of the produce, avocados always a great buy, and more. : )

  9. April

    I love the Bremer’s meatballs.

  10. Winnie

    I like Aldi’s applesauce pouches, graham crackers, salad dressings, baking supplies, snd diapers. Their eggs are bigger than other grocery stores’ eggs. Won’t recommend: bagged produce ( I found hundreds thousands of bugs hiding in brocolli florets), canned fruits (taste flat), big tub icecream (weird taste).

    • Amber

      I don’t buy bagged veggies either.

    • Sharon

      OMG on the bugs in the bagged produce! That is not as bad as one lady who at some other store bought a bag of potatoes and opened it and a corn snake slithered out! Yikes! Regarding bugs, I know they are gross to find in large numbers but I used to joke that if a bug won’t eat it, neither will I! lol

  11. Laura

    Love, love, love Aldi’s they have the perfect size salads for lunches. Santa Fe Chx and spinach Dijon are my favorite!!!

  12. Erin

    Pretzel Slims….yum!

  13. Mallory

    About the corndogs, they are 35 cents each which sounds much cheaper than “about 50 cents.” It might encourage more people to give them a try

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for pointing that out!

    • Dana Edwards

      The corn dogs were one thing I disagree on. We pick up Foster Farms from Walmart at about $5-6, depending on rollback at the time. There are 18 in a pack making them 33 cents each. The other day I got them from Kroger for 4.50 a box with a digital coupon so they’re 25c each. Haven’t picked these up because the box is so small, 6 wouldn’t be enough for my whole family for one meal.

  14. Hannah

    Has anyone ever tried the frozen egg rolls or taquitos? I was thinking about picking some up to cook in my air fryer.

    • jax

      I’ve tried the frozen egg rolls. I prefer them to the name brand ones and they’re a lot cheaper.

      • Beth

        Taquitos taste just like name brand ones, if not better.

    • Mommyof6

      We love their taqueria. A little spicy, but I am also a wimp!

      • Mommyof6

        Taquitos – love autocorrect

    • jaci

      Taquitos same as jose ole kids love them.

    • Jean

      I’ve tried the taquitos and they are good…..just like the name brands.

    • Danielle

      I just made some of the veggie egg rolls tonight. Box of 7 mini veggie egg rolls for $1.99 (in SoCal). They weren’t that great in my opinion. And they broke open in the oven and took longer to crisp up!

    • Brittney

      We love the egg rolls!

  15. Amy

    I love those quinoa veggie burgers, but I cannot for the the life of me get them cooked and on the table without them falling apart!!

  16. brindhaG

    We love their chipotle and bean veggie burgers, all breaded chicken products(chicken fries, patties, nuggets, strips) ( my family says its better than tyson) raw chicken, turkey, salmon, vegetable medley chips, organic apple juice boxes, frozen raw shrimp, butter, egg substitute (best price) spinach in a bag, bread products, mini bagels all fair priced without coupons and tasty.

  17. Debbie in PA

    Other things I love at Aldi…
    *Fit & Active Bread-at 6 net grams allow good for keto diet
    * their flowers-I bought a bunch a 3.99 last week and still looks good!
    * Half and half-a full $1.00 less than anywhere else
    * the refrigerated Little Salad Bar Chunky Blue Cheese or Ranch dressings, and the Simply Natured glass bottled dressings. Good taste, low carb, less expensive than other stores brands, and glass bottled for those trying to reduce use of plastics
    *produce–always less expensive than other stores, good quality, organic options. There are less choices, but I can usually get what I need and supplement elsewhere

  18. Lel

    Simply Nature Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Granola with Super Foods is so good!

    • Patty d

      Oh yes it’s heaven!!

  19. ashley

    I could go on about my favorites all day, but their shredded cheeses are great and a great price for the large bags. I could (and often do!) eat the taco cheese straight out of the bag.

  20. Sarah

    Would you all still go if it was 45 miles round trip?

    • brindhaG

      Maybe once or twice a month and stockup.

    • Amy

      Yes, I’d say it is worth a trip once or twice a month, especially if you have a family of 4 or more. We lived 40 minutes away from Aldi when I was a kid, and my mom would make a trip there each month. She took coolers to keep frozen and refrigerated things cold on the drive, and we had a chest freezer at home.

    • Lisa

      Yes!! We’ve saved so much by shopping at Aldi! My family of 4 (5 if you include my 6 month old) eat like kings and queens for about $60 a week! We use our old Home Chef recipes or look them up online and make those meals almost every night! Except taco Tuesday’s and Meatless Monday’s.

    • Lana

      I drove that far for years and it was well worth it.

    • Amy

      Uhhh Yes!!! My round trip drive to the closest town is 62 miles and I stop at Aldi’s at least 2-3 times a month. I save so much money shopping there and I absolutely love that store! There are three other grocery stores in my town as well and since Aldi’s opened a year ago it brought down the prices at the other stores. Seriously love Aldi’s!!

  21. Kim

    They just recently opened a few stores called Lidl here in GA. They are just like Aldi’s but have a bigger selection. They have a bakery that has a few items (cookies, rolls, donuts & such) and they have digital coupons. You don’t have to add them to your account; you log into your account and scan the bar code. If there is a coupon for an item you bought it automatically comes off. Much easier than Kroger where you have to load them to your card. If you have a chance to stop by one check it out.

    • andrea

      We have a lidl here in nc as well. Love it!!!

    • Debi

      I love Lidl!! I think the produce is much nicer than Aldi’s a d the dairy is cheaper, but I like Aldi’s grocery and meat section better. Luckily, there within a mile apart from eachother, so I hit both up on shopping day!

    • Blessed

      Love Lidl , they are half mile from Aldi. I go to both. Lidl has recently had more coupons.

  22. Mom

    Coffee creamer! I have Teenagers who “need” There coffee before school and I buy the french vanilla and Italian sweet creme all the time!

    • jaci

      I have teenagers to and treat them with the bottled iced coffees for $1.19.

  23. Alicia

    I was so excited for this post until I read it. I am very disappointed that almost everything on the list is highly processed food that isn’t good for you. I would love to see a similar post focusing on whole food, real food, unprocessed food options. I realize most people eat processed foods, however I think if more people realized how much cheaper it is in the long run to eat whole foods I think more people would. I buy most of our groceries at Aldi. I buy mostly organic, whole foods and gluten free, and still am able to stay within budget.

    I always buy the goat cheese from Aldi because it’s far cheaper then my local grocery store, but I recently got a Sams Club membership with the deal posted, and was very excited to find goat cheese at Sams for way cheaper per ounce then the Aldi goat cheese. I would like to see more posts focusing on healthy food options and also comparing where the best price is for staple foods (Aldi vs Sams etc.). Best places for different produce, dairy, meat, beans, coffee, etc.

    • Amanda

      I understand what you mean, I think with a lot of people it’s an issue of time restraints. Many people may have a family where both partners work full time, then after work have to drive kids all over to thier activities, also run errands, maybe have to also run more errands for elderly/disabled family members. Many people may only have limited time to prepare and cook/eat, then they are exhausted by the end of the day and have to wake up at 5am and repeat it all again. I think the struggle of trying to make it work in the world takes away a lot of the time and energy needed to cook and make everything from scratch.

    • Michelle

      I would LOVE to see a price comparison on whole, organic foods from Aldi, Sams and Costco!!!

      • Brittany

        Me too!!

    • cherryluva

      Depends what your budget is…..I have gone all natural, unprocessed and have seen a 75$ INCREASE every 2 weeks on my shopping trips….not everyone can afford this, and not everyone has time to cook from scratch day in and day out

  24. Haley

    What kind of voodoo/witchcraft/raindance do we have to do to get an Aldi in Utah? Seriously, we are a state swarming with huge families, you’d think they’d have set up shop years ago!

    • Brigitte

      Yes! I agree! I’m in Utah too! Happened to go to Aldi’s for my first time last week when I was in VA. I was surprised at how simple the store was and wasn’t overwhelmed with so many choices.

    • Midwest gal

      You can always contact them; it depends on their target market and city sizes (they are probably more risk averse than us based companies as they are a company based out of Germany)…. when you talk about the ridiculously large families, that’s one of the target markets of the warehouse stores like Costco and sams club (and certain communities in Utah farm their own food/don’t purchase food from stores)… we have a hard time pulling in stores or multiple stores bc of our city sizes, but for 98% of them, when they come here, they do well)

  25. Kana

    We love a lot of things about Aldi, but here there are still some things cheaper at other stores. For example, a dozen eggs at Walmart is 56 cents right now, and sometimes goes down to less than 20 cents!

    • Amy

      Wow! I am jealous. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw eggs for less than 99 cents!

      • cherryluva

        Yes, if in a midwestern state, Kwik Trip has sales on eggs for less than a dollar, bananas are 38 cents a pound, and great deals on real butter and milk.

    • Amy

      That is absolutely amazing to be able to get eggs that cheap! Our Aldi’s has eggs for $1.35. I was at Walmart and an 18pk was $1.70. I got a lil too excited about it!

  26. Sue P

    Aldi’s brand of Instant coffee– about $2.89 for a large jar. I got worried when they stopped carrying it for about a month, but it’s back again 🙂

  27. Tb

    Loooove the dried mangos!!

    • Luna

      Any other recommendations for dried fruit there?

      • E

        The apricots and dried cranberries are good. They have a trail mix with dried fruit and nuts that we like and get all the time. The fruit pieces are a little sweet for my tastes, but my kids love them.

      • Lans

        The mixed berries are a must for my oatmeal.

      • Katie

        My kids love the dried fruit. Their favorites are cranberries, blueberries and mango. They didn’t care for the mixed berries bag and they will eat the apricots but it’s not their favorite. They also love Aldi raisins. I always load up on the dried fruit for snacks when we take a road trip!

  28. Sarah

    Dried fruit, milk, almond milk, cheese, and their citrus kale salad is AMAZING!!

  29. Melissa

    Southwest salad kits, all the cheeses, red beet balsamic dressing, rosemary “triscuits”, dried fruits and nuts, half and half, apples, coconut milk, salami… just some of our absolute favorites! Proud Aldi shopper since 2009! ✨🍎🥦🧀🥑🍓✨

  30. Laurie

    Almond Milk! It is WAY cheaper than the national brands and just as good if not better. Not watery at all and at my Aldi it is $1.69 for a half gallon container.

    • sara

      Almond milk half gallon in KC – $2.33, crazy to hear how much their prices differ from area to area

  31. Logan

    20 cents?!?!?!?!?!??!? I’d be buying it for my whole neighborhood!! LOL. I still get excited for 99 cent eggs, 79 cents and us Californians are over here stocking up LOL.

  32. atm

    has anyone tried their fresh meat/chicken/pork? I love their pizza and chocolate cake 😛

    • April C

      Yes! I have purchased beef/ pork and chicken and have been pleased with all purchases. Fresh and delicious!

    • Linda

      I drive about 40 miles round trip to shop at Aldi’s. I introduced it to a good friend and we go about twice a month, taking turns driving. My favorites are the organic milk, also like the Sweet Italian creamer, but also like other brands so go by price. My favorite is the spiced beef and pork for tacos – already cut up – just drain and cook and I have taco meat all week. I first got addicted to some of the German cookies at Christmas. They have a huge variety of breads, and my favorite, buttermilk bread, although just slightly narrower then Trader Joe”s version, actually fits in my Kitchen aid toaster, plus it’s a dollar a loaf cheaper. I also like there chocolate chips and the Clancy’s brand classic potato chips. I just find it a fun place to shop and very reasonable. Oh, and last trip Hass avocados for 39 cents each.

  33. Judy Trac @ Lipscomb

    So I can buy food and tell them I don’t like it so I get my money back and another food item for free?

  34. beth

    Peanut butter filled pretzels are the best!!

  35. Shirley

    Aldi’s cereals taste like cardboard and pizzas are just ok. Chobani is much better than Aldi’s Greek yogurt. We do like their produce, cheese and applesauce.

  36. mellie

    The double chocolate protein bar is pretty good

  37. Ashley

    Their Clancy white cheddar popcorn tastes identical to the Smartfood brand and their Benton vanilla cookies taste just like Nilla wafers. They didn’t always. A couple years ago they tasted like cardboard and I said I would never purchase again. They must have changed the recipe. The baked chips also taste as good as Lay’s for a fraction of the price.

  38. Carolyn

    My family likes the Naan garlic bread. We make a variety of individual pizzas based on your favorite toppings. Aldi is a great place to shop!

  39. Becky

    I bought their Moscato Winking Owl Wine and it was terrible. I guess I just like the one Olive Garden serves.

  40. Darla

    The organic pumpkin and flax seed granola is better than the other brands. Love all the organic spices! Rice pudding and the free trade coffee!!

  41. Cecilia

    I love Aldi too. Go there for many staple items. However a lot of what you featured is processed crap. Sorry. Read labels. Know what you’re eating.

  42. Lk

    Chocolate truffles at Christmas. We usually buy a carton.

  43. Cami

    We buy most of our groceries from Aldi and try to limit processed foods. We are a family of five with a limited grocery budget.

    Some things that are great from there: OG spices, specialty cheeses (gruyere, havarti, manchego, and aged smoked Gouda), fair trade coffee (Kenya), fair trade brown sugar, rice, quinoa, bagged lentils, hummus, smoked salmon, frozen fruit, oats, whole milk OG yogurt, produce (especially cilantro, garlic, lettuce, Brussels, avocados, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, citrus), eggs, milk, creamer, canned and dry beans, canned tomatoes, canned coconut milk, toilet paper, dawn dish soap (2.72 for huge one), and garbage bags. The only time I get meat from there is when it has mark down stickers (for example $2 off $3 chicken thighs and $5 off $7 rack of ribs and such)

    Here’s some non processed quick and easy things to do with a big container of Old fashioned rolled oats -42 oz – $2.39 – great for making homemade granola, baked oatmeal, overnight oats, and oat flour for oat pancakes

    And with a quart of the Organic whole milk yogurt
    – $2.89 – great for overnight oats, oat pancakes, smoothies, layering with granola, or tenderizing chicken (especially for Indian recipes like butter chicken)

    I’d be happy to share recipes, but using google might be easier

  44. E

    We shop almost all at aldis. We get mostly really basic stuff, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruit. Fruit it really depends on what day they stock. Our store has the best selection Sunday/Monday. Their wide pan whole wheat bread is cheap and really good. Their take and bake pizza is one processed thing we get and like a lot. My kids eat the aldis brand snacks, cheez it’s and graham crackers. We also have a lidl which is closer to our house, but we have not liked any of their meat/chicken/meat products, so we get fresh bread at Lidl, sometimes fruit, and I like their gluten free rice/corn pasta, but everything else we get at aldis.

  45. Cindy C

    My son likes the honeybuns. And they’re only 89 cents a box. He says they’re better than the name brand ones!

  46. Doris Bender

    I love ALDI`S night cream and I wished they would carry the eye cream I bought in GERMANY, so good

  47. Eva johnson

    They have the greatest cottage cheese and cream cheese. Crackers are great too. Pickles are very cheap and my granddaughters love them.

  48. Flora

    We like the coffee creamer, pork rinds (their spicy pork rinds are a huge hit), specialty cheeses (their fresh mozzarella when they have it is great and I love the gruyere too), avocados, jalapeno chips, deluxe mac and cheese, tomatillos, Aldi’s “Slim Jim”, guacamole, hummus, pineapples, bananas, uncured bacon, organic baby spinach or mixed greens, organic spices and sugar, canned organic beans, and organic milk and soy milk.
    Things we didn’t like at all: Aldi brand Piroulines, box mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, some cereals and bars, organic ketchup, ranch salad dressing and sometimes their produce isn’t the best selection.

  49. Jamie Lynn

    You forgot their Baker’s Corner brownie mix, seriously the best ever!

    • Crewgirl46

      Yes! ☝🏼

    • Brittany

      Omg yes! They are the BEST brownies!

  50. Angie

    I recently tried the Aldi version of decaf, light roast, and French vanilla K cups at $3.49. Everyone in my family agrees that they are good for the price and my son works at a coffee shop so he’s a tough critic.

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