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Upright Freezer Vs. Chest Freezer – Which One Should You Buy?

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girl pulling frozen waffles out of a white freezer chest inside of garage

It’s time to stock up!

We’re sharing the highest-rated & best chest and upright freezers on the market – plus the pros and cons of each. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, tons of people were after a deep freezer to stash all their meat, freezer meals, homemade otter pops (thanks to kiddos being home!), and yes, even all of their dairy.

Now that stores seem to have freezers back in stock again, we set out to help you find the best one to suit your home and family. Our team is even sharing which ones we prefer, so let’s get to it!

Pros and cons of chest freezers

white chest freezer sitting in garage


  • Comes with removable hanging baskets or dividers
  • Offer more usable space
  • More energy efficient
  • Less likely to cause freezer burn on food since they don’t self-defrost like uprights
  • Cold temperatures stay consistently lower
  • Keep food colder for longer if the power goes out
  • Quieter than self-defrosting uprights


  • More difficult to organize
  • Harder to retrieve items from the bottom
  • Larger footprint than upright models
  • Manual defrost is the only option which can be time-consuming

Pros and cons of upright freezers

white stand up freezer in garage with various types of meat and food


  • Smaller footprint than its equivalent size in the chest freezer.
  • Easier to organize
  • Shelves and bins in the door can often be adjusted
  • Option to use manual or self-defrost
  • Come in different finishes such as slate or stainless steel


  • The door doesn’t stay as cold as the rest of the freezer
  • Noisier than chest freezers
  • Allow more air to circulate around food (i.e. higher odds of freezer burn)
  • Shelves & bins take up more space (up to 20%) than in chest freezers allowing for less food storage

Here are the 5 top-rated chest and upright freezers based on Consumer Reports testing:

girl holding frozen box of food over stocked open best chest and upright freezer

1. GE FCM22DLWW Chest Freezer

Go big or go home! This stunner can pack on some pounds but you better have space (and the budget) for it. With this freezer, you’ll have 21.7 cubic feet of space to store all the food your heart and bellies desire.

best chest and upright freezer sitting on black hexagon tile floor

Plus, you can assure you’ll have the ultimate organization and presentation each time you open the freezer door with it’s included 2-level basket system and game-changing LED interior lighting. You’ll never forget about food again!

2. GE FCM16SLWW Chest Freezer

white chest freezer sitting in garage with lid open

Ranking as the second-best deep freezer, this one offers the best price among the top-ranking chest freezers. You’ll surely get the best bang for your buck – it’s no wonder our very own recipe blogger, Lina, has this one!

Plus, it still has luxury features like the one above for almost twice the cost with it’s 2 sliding bulk storage baskets and interior LED lighting.

Hip Tip from Stacy: Once you have the extra freezer space, you’re going to want to start buying those big family packs of meat which cost less per pound so you either need to be watching for great amazon deals on Ziploc freezer bags or grab a FoodSaver. Then, make sure to date what you put in your freezer.

3. GE FCM16DLWW Chest Freezer

best chest and upright freezer with door open

GE does it again! And not only did they take the top 3 ranks on Consumer Reports in best overall freezers, but they’re also all chest freezers! So if you’re in the market for a great chest freezer, you’ll know just where to look since they offer an option for every budget and space in mind.

Easily store a year’s worth of meat in this 15.7 cubic feet freezer. Like all the other models, this one still boasts all the same bells and whistles to give you the top-of-the-line experience such as bright LED lighting, 4 sliding bulk storage baskets, and an exterior lock to keep all your goods safe and secure.

4. GE FUF14DLRWW Stand-Up Freezer

freezer sitting in garage with door open stocked full of food

Ranking in at #4, this stand up freezer is the first to make it to the list and is also the only self defrost to make the top 5 best overall freezers. It also tied with the almost identical GE (model # FUF17DLRWW) freezer that costs slightly more but is unavailable.

Nonetheless, its performance is just that of a chest freezer, although it could have performed better in the noise and power outage department. Of course, if it’s going in the garage, the noise may not be an issue anyways.

5. Frigidaire FFFU06M1TW Stand-Up Freezer

freezer sitting in garage with door open stocked full of food

The only other brand to make it to the top 5 best overall freezers, and it’s not even coming close to its competitors in either stand-up or chest freezers!

While this Frigidaire still has pretty great performance on keeping foods consistently cold and even performing pretty well during a power outage, it bombed in ease of use ratings due to not having any interior or exterior lights to make food more visible. Although, if lights don’t make or break your decision, this one is the most affordable to make the list!

So what’s the Hip2Save team verdict on Chest vs. Stand up Freezers Debate?

open freezer chest with food inside

Chest Freezers vs. 👎 Stand-up Freezers

“We had a small chest from Costco and just needed a bigger option and recently upgraded to a highly-rated GE freezer. I wanted a stand-up but my husband is a research guru and read that the doors don’t get as cold as a chest? 💁‍♀️

We were also already using the space above our old freezer to hang ladders so it just made sense to get a chest freezer again. Plus, it was a little less expensive. I’m for either though! Such a great way to stock up on meat and frozen items… like during a pandemic. 😅

If you’re ditching an old freezer too, we sold our smaller one on Facebook in about two seconds since they’re so popular right now!” – Lina

Stand-up Freezers vs. 👎 Chest Freezers

“We just bought a chest freezer, but it’s not love. Being short, I can’t really reach the bottom and now with a baby belly, I definitely can’t reach it. LOL! I also feel like I can never find stuff or often forget about foods – I just found a pork butt that I truly don’t remember buying. 😂

We did buy some organizational baskets at the Dollar Tree, which made it slightly better, but they’re so cheap they’ve already broken. So if I could go back, I would have bought a stand-up freezer.” – Alana 

“We are a stand-up freezer family all the way! 🙌 We actually used to have a chest freezer and just recently switched as we felt we were missing items at the bottom of our chest freezer. My husband helps to butcher each year and so we have tons of meat at the beginning of the year.

We keep it all organized in bins which we splurged on from The Container Store because we were tired of cheapy ones breaking on us all the time. I love knowing what we have on hand, all beautifully organized, and it really helps me to save on our grocery bill in the long run!” – Amber

“I’m not a fan of chest freezers because regardless of how hard I try, someone (teenage kids & husbands) will always put something on top of it! Toys, tools, etc. It annoyed me so much, I got a stand-up freezer. LOL.

Also, having to grab a step stool to reach inside is a real thing when you’re on the shorter side. There have been a few incidents when my kids were younger and they had the lid close on them. 😂

PLUS, it’s hard to visually organize. I don’t appreciate needing to take everything out to find something. I’m a stand-up freezer person all the way!” – Irene 

“I have always had and loved chest freezers. I’m not short so reaching to the bottom is not a problem and when I started getting hot flashes it was great to lean into it (totally serious!). I was so sad when we moved from Oregon to Oklahoma and couldn’t bring it and when we went to buy a new one this year, it was hard finding any due to the pandemic.

I stalked websites daily and finally found another one, except it was a stand-up freezer. I figured it was better than nothing so I gave it a shot. We’ve had it for 3 months now and I have to say I absolutely love it!

To top it off, I think it’s even better than the chest freezer I loved for so long! It’s so much easier to organize and see everything. I crossed over to the dark side or should I say the ‘upright’ side.” – Jennifer

“We have a stand-up freezer. It’s so old, it’s not even frost-free, but it’s a solidly built freezer. I did not want to be digging so the upright is definitely my preference. We use the iDesign bins to organize the meats we get from co-op buys and from my husband’s hunting trips. I feel like a FoodSaver and freezer are purchases that go hand in hand.” – Stacy 

The verdict? Chest Freezers – 1 vs. Stand-up Freezers – 5

So it’s pretty clear to see our team is totally team stand up freezers! They prove to be the most functional, but Lina’s only vote for a chest freezer proved to have other great qualities such as a more affordable price and keeping stuff more cool.

Which model do you prefer to freeze your food in?

Speaking of freezers, have you made these frozen chocolate-dipped peanut butter banana bites?! 😋🍌

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Comments 55

  1. Babbs12345

    We have one of each. The chest freezer stores the large meat purchases and is located in the basement storage room. We buy half a cow every year and pork on and off. We also buy bulk bacon and other things when I find deals. The upright is located in the laundry room on the main floor. It holds all the connivence foods and such that I don’t want to get lost in the chest freezer. Plus we don’t have room in the chest freezer a few months every year when when get a new beef. The beef takes up almost the whole chest freezer. The upright has pizzas, fries, ice cream, popsicles, shredded cheese, frozen veggies, etc. We use to only have a chest freezer and the upright has saved us money with things not getting lost and allowing us more room for the bulk meat to be stored.

  2. Nicole

    My old chest freezer was perfectly sized to fit milk crates. I had 2 stacked on top of each other so I could lift the top one out to get something from the bottom. I now have a stand up freezer and love it. I bought clear plastic bins to help organize. I’m also slightly neurotic about wasting food so I use the Out of Milk app to log all of the meat in my freezer with dates. This way I use all the oldest things first when meal planning.

    • Erin

      Brilliant! I was going to say that chests are such a pain but now I’m going to check whether milk crates will fit! I literally just reorganized my fridge’s freezer with storage baskets. I can’t believe it never occurred to do the same with the chest! 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • AMFC4292

      I use milk crates in my deep freezer also but I heard of another hack I thought I would share (but haven’t tried yet). Use the reusable grocery store bags and fill them with a certain product (beef in one, chicken in another, etc) and then you have an easy way to pull out the items you need!

      • ella

        That’s a great idea to use the grocery bags. I have been using stackable recycling bins that have a fold down handle. It so easy to grab the handle and lift one bin out to get the one underneath, but I have a smallish chest freezer and can only fit 2, so I can use the grocery bags in the other half of my freezer.

  3. Melinda

    We have both. One thing about the upright is that it was easier for the kids to accidentally leave open a crack, causing everything to thaw. We ended up putting a lock on it and moving the things they would be going in for (ice cream) to the chest.

    • irene

      Same here, except with a man-child! My husband decided to make himself dinner from the upright freezer stash (hooray) but left the door ajar overnight. By the time I discovered it the next day, EVERYTHING that I had squirrled away was completely melted down to puddles. Can you tell I still haven’t gotten over it?! LOL!

      • lauriefriedman

        We JUST had an incident like this a few weeks ago – luckily it was caught before we lost anything more than a little ice cream 😢. My mom suggested a brilliant “hack”- if you lock it up after every use you remember to double check that it’s shut tight and if something shifts and pushes something towards the doors, it can’t open. We’ve attached the spare key to the handle with a pipe cleaner so it doesn’t fo amywhere and so far, so good!

    • Mel

      Yes, my kiddos have forgotten to close the door all the way a few times, and the same thing has happened. If I catch it soon enough, the food is fine. We’ve had all the food wasted at a few times.

  4. Tawana

    I just purchase a small upright chest freezer yesterday from Menard that we put in the basement. Storage for meat and vegetables. I got a new refrigerator this month but it is smaller than the previous one so I can not put a lot of food in the freezer part.

  5. Lisa K.

    After decades (literally) of using a chest freezer, we finally upgraded last year to an upright, frost free freezer and it’s truly one of the best investments we’ve ever made! It is so much easier to see what you have stored in it, and less food goes to waste for that reason. And the contents really came in handy with the meat shortages earlier in the year.
    If your budget can afford it, I would recommend an upright freezer hands down!

    • queen62

      Which model did you purchase. I prefer the upright..

  6. mckeeversmom

    I noticed that you mentioned upright freezers self-defrost. Yes, they do, but you can purchase an upright that isn’t self-defrost, too.

  7. H

    I Have both – I do put meats in the reusable bags in the chest freezer. The upright is vertically convenient- but with the reusable bags- the chest freezer isn’t bad at all

  8. Ashley

    For people worried about the door being left open on an upright I wanted to point out that there are models that have an alarm that will sound if the temp goes above a certain point. Our freezer is in the garage and the alarm is loud enough to hear in the house. It has literally saved our bacon numerous times!

  9. Lolas93

    I have a small chest freezer that I got off Craigslist for $25 about 7 years ago. We now live in an RV and I made sure that moved with us!

  10. SunnyP

    I have a large chest freezer. After years and years of not knowing what’s at the bottom I finally bought a flat magnetic dry erase sheet and several colored dry erase markers. I write down everything I put in and erase when I take something out. I color code the markers for beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and misc so that things are easy to spot at a glance. I also keep the meat separated by type. That has helped me keep better organized.

    • Deb

      So smart! Stealing this idea for sure!

  11. paul

    I wish we had an upright. The chest freezer is a real pain, because it’s so hard to get anything that’s not on top. The Refrigerator has a side-by-side setup and I’d much rather that convenience in the main freezer. Still, I can only hope that the chest freezer lasts as long as the one my mom used to have. She bought it in 1983 or 1984 and it lasted until the big flood that hit Louisiana in 2016. Not one issue, until it spent a week under 4 feet of water.

    • VB Vee

      They sure don’t make them like back in the day. My son has an old 19 cu ft Montgomery Ward chest freezer that still works. Only issue is….the inside of it has been steadily cracking and now the yellow insulation is hanging all out. He had to grab it in just the right place and squeeze to get it to close. Then set a lot of stuff on the top to keep the lid down. Even with all that….it still was reliable. Burned a lot of Kilowatts…but was dependable.

  12. PrincessMom

    I’m finally going to be getting a freezer this year and plan to do an upright. We researched and saw that chest freezers are “better” but I don’t think it’ll really save money if things get stuck at the bottom and forgotten about until they can’t be used anymore. Plus, I just won’t use it if it’s not easy to use. With an upright, I can organize things in a way that we can see what’s in there and easily get to what we want.

  13. DJ

    If you can find a chest freezer. They are sold out in my area.

    • Heather

      Same here! I have been trying to find one for months here in NJ.

  14. VB Vee

    My preference is a chest style. I bought a 7.5 cub ft because I have a son who frequently drops by the stash his freshly caught fish. I did not like the smell of having fish in the top of our fridge/freezer unit. He’s since filled it to the top with other misc stuff. So….I bought a smaller 5 cub ft for the regular stuff I buy. I have a good supply for those L/XL/XXL storage bags Dollar Tree use to sell.
    I portion out bulk meat, wrap in serving sizes…then put them in the Dollar Tree Storage bags via meat type. Makes it easy to put them into the bottom and get them out of the freezer. And easy to see what is inside because they are clear. I put boxed items such as tv dinners and breads on top of the stacks of bags. I wanted an upright as I am aging. But I find lots of space goes un-used because of the preset shelf positions. And I don’t want to overload the shelves like I tend to overload fridge shelves. And have had items fall out of the top of the fridge/freezer….barely missing my twice broken toe. My compromise is using large storage bags for easy organizing. I also bought a wheeled metal shelving unit that I raised the lower shelves to higher positions so I could slide the smaller freezer under and have just enough room to open the top of the freeze door. Gives me more flexible use of the wall height. Easy to pull the shelf unit out if needed. However, after looking at the image of the #3 freezer shown above, I am considering putting the smaller freezer on a flat wheeled wood dolly so I can just roll the freezer out versus moving the shelving unit.

  15. Laura villotta

    Door freezer.. I choose never to dig for my food. Open the door and grab what u need. Mine is very well organized. I have had mine for over 10 years.

  16. lynnleco

    Good luck finding freezers anywhere unless you get lucky “at the right place, right time”. I am not going out to try and find one. The freezer I ordered 3 months ago to replace my 14 yr old unit is slated to arrive in oct if I’m lucky. I had a July delivery date and that was delayed for 3 more months on the day BEFORE original delivery. 😮😮😮

  17. Nilu

    There are no freezers to be had…at least where I live in PA. I have been looking for the last few months!! AAGGHHH!!

    • Maira

      Try facebook marketplace or craigslist!

  18. KA

    We’ve had chest freezers in the past and that’s what my Mom and Mil have always had. We’ve all had issues with the lid liner detaching and also the lid not closing good if you accidentally put too much in it or you put off the defrosting longer than what you should. Also the lost food at the bottom was always a problem!!
    We currently have 2 uprights. One is self defrosting and the other isn’t. It’s nice not having to defrost the one but also be aware that when the self defrosting comes on, the freezer does warm up a little….not so much it thaws the food though. It is harder to stack things in an upright so it won’t fall out when you open the door. That’s the reason some chose to use bins. It’s also true that food on the door doesn’t get as cold either, so that’s where I put stuff like rice, flour, corn meal, seeds etc. If you can afford one with an alarm, I would recommend it, if not I think most do come with a lock that can be useful. Although there are pros and cons for both, I definitely prefer the upright freezers.

  19. Tammy

    I have both — I personally LOVE my upright 21CF — stays way more organized and items are much easier to find — one of the cons I cannot agree with above is that items are more likely to get freezer burnt in the upright — my experience is that items do not get lost in the upright so are more readily used and accessible!!

    The only thing I can recommend a chest freezer for is 1 product — meat (beef) etc. Although even with that you need to remove everything and rotate your product (unless of course it is purchased all at the same time

  20. Alicia

    I opened this post seriously thinking it was a joke haha there are zero freezers in stock around me. There is a freezer shortage. I would recommend buying whatever you can find regardless of style if you are wanting a freezer. It’s pure luck finding one in stores right now. I have had one on order for awhile now and the date keeps getting pushed back. Late October was the last estimate I received. Most of the freezers on Lowe’s etc look in stock until you try and order them and then you will see an estimated delivery date for months out.

    • lynnleco

      Exactly! Same for me with an order with Lowe’s. After waiting 3 months was told new est delivery updated from July to October but they added that”I’d be lucky to even get one!”

  21. Cherri

    I ordered an upright freezer in April, was told I’d have it in June, but I’m still awaiting. I’ve been told it’ll be August or September now if I’m lucky. I keep searching but no one has any in stock. The upright I ordered has a door alarm among other features my small chest freezer doesn’t have.

  22. Elizabeth C. I ordered this freezer from Target online and have had it for several weeks now. Great price! Simple and works great. I bought it when it had ZERO reviews and just went for it. Now has all great reviews from recent purchases. Note that it becomes available off and on and won’t be available for too long. I suggest checking the Target app frequently (save it to favorites) and at random and/or late times of day. When it’s available, it’s not for more than half a day or so. Happy Freezing!😁

  23. Evie

    It is hard to find a freezer because all know how bad it will get! Lots of things are still in short supply.
    I prefer canning, even though I have a generator. Do not know how long electric will be available or gas for the generator.

  24. Allison

    My husband and I purchased a small chest freezer when we first got married. A year or two later, we had some bad weather that fried ours and we didn’t notice it for several days. We were able to call Sears, where we’d bought it, and they gave us the value of our freezer in SYWR points, and we were able to go buy a LARGER deep freezer with the points! Plus, they gave us a $500 gift card to cover what was in our freezer that we lost. All that to say…. we love our chest freezer 😂 It currently has over 100lbs of meat in it 🍗 🥩

  25. Betsy

    We got a smallish chest freezer about 10 years ago on Craigslist. Best $100 we ever spent! I would be lost without it!

  26. Alaina

    There are no freezers in stock in my area. I had been looking for awhile. We live by whirlpool headquarters. Talked with them because they have a employee guest program for buying appliances. Freezers are not available right now. She said December would be the earliest😣 my husband manage to find one at Menards. It was a answer to prayers. If they get them the sell once they hit the floor. I know of people not being able to find refrigerates also😔

  27. Haley

    We have an upright deep freezer and I love it! My main hack is to make food as flat as you can. I have a vacuum sealer and I use it to make things like chicken thighs, soup/chilis, and pork flatter and “store-able.” I also buy ground beef in 1-pound bricks rather than the family packs- when it goes on sale it’s the same price and I don’t have to divvy it up myself.

  28. Amy

    We have a big chest freezer in the garage, and I love it. We do occasionally lose things at the bottom and frequently set things on top that get in the way, but I just can’t beat the amount of space. I also love having everything laid out across the freezer and mostly visible. Ours came with big plastic section dividers, so i made a map for the top that specifies where each type of item goes (meat, veggies, ice cream, etc). It works really well for us, and I had zero worries about running out of food when the pandemic started.

  29. Kelly

    We live in eastern CT and have been looking for a freezer for months as well. My husband has even had his name on a waiting list at a local appliance store since April. Just last Tuesday evening I happened to be in Home Depot and they had a small 5 cuft Magic Chef chest freezer randomly sitting in the walkway by the kitchen appliances. I looked it over for a name or hold sign and didn’t see anything so I asked a worker if I could buy it and they said “yes”. Wow! Totally a right place right time situation. He said they had gotten 2 in that morning and this was the last one. I was able to purchase it and had my husband pick it up with his truck the next morning.

  30. rwild1

    I’ve had both. Stand up all the way!

  31. Sue

    When I was a kid there were stories about kids getting stuck in chest freezers. I dislike them to this day because of those stories. But chest freezers were different back then, we had a huge 6 ft long one. 4 ft deep it was huge and the lid was heavy.

  32. shop4mybabies

    If i had a larger house i’d get a nice stand up, as is the costco chest freezer fits perfectly at the end of my kitchen counter as a counter extension. it was a great deal at 169 and i’ve had it 10 ish years.

  33. Niki Everett

    My husband and I purchased a new stand up the last week of February and am thankful for it. The one we purchased as a vaccume seal and it keeps things in the door frozen better than our other stand up we have had several years. As a family of 7 in our house we have to have 2 freezers.

  34. Niki E

    My husband and I purchased a new stand up the last week of February and am thankful for it. The one we purchased as a vaccume seal and it keeps things in the door frozen better than our other stand up we have had several years. As a family of 7 in our house we have to have 2 freezers.

  35. Hannah

    I did a great deal of research and had decided on a Fridgedaire upright freezer. Only problem was that it was $800. I had been using the freezers at work to store some venison and needed to get it out. I decided to get a small chest freezer that was under $200 but still big enough for my needs as a single person and a dog whose food is frozen. Anyway, I found the store brand chest freezer marked down and then stacked a 5% discount with my store card, and got it for $105. I was able to fit it in my SUV and set it up by myself.

    I would highly recommend that regardless of which you purchase, make sure it has an indicator light for power on the outside. The chest freezer is a little more difficult to organize but Dollar Tree has solid plastic baskets that fit perfectly. I can put four across in the bottom. If you’re on a budget, a decent size chest freezer is a no-brainer. The small inconveniences are worth the cost savings.

  36. Sherri Burkins

    I have a Whirpool upright freezer…
    My Mom had a chest freezer… But now she got herself a upright freezer (yea)
    She said its alot easier for her to manage…
    I just love mine… I keep everything stocked and in rotation…

  37. Sherri

    I have a Whirpool upright freezer…
    My Mom had a chest freezer… But now she got herself a upright freezer (yea)
    She said its alot easier for her to manage…
    I just love mine… I keep everything stocked and in rotation…

  38. ShopHopper

    Good luck finding an upright or chest freezer in the stores. Last week our 8 yr old fridge freezer G E Profile broke down (condenser) and we are waiting for a new part. We thought we had nothing better to do than pop into local Lowe’s/Menards/HomeDepot or Costco to order a new one. No luck – there’s a dearth of “white appliances” available in stores due to pandemic Covid 19/tariffs w China etc plus it was a 3/4 size fridge freezer which is harder to find. We count our blessings we have a huge Haier brand 14.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer which we bought 2 yrs ago for less than $200. It can hold up to 500 lb food, has LED lighting, is lockable, and is on lockable casters. I fit 7huge XL shopping cart bags in it on 2 layers and there are also 2 sliding top baskets. Each bag has either pork/chicken/beef/seafood/vegetables/bread/ready made meals with dairy and desserts in sliding baskets. If you have been on the fence about buying a chest freezer, I would recommend Haier brand and also the larger size as they hold a ton of food and if you use large bags it crates, you can find food easily. Also, you can buy in bulk and when you see flash sales or food on sale you don’t worry it won’t fit the freezer. I luckily use the Coleman coolers we have as a temporary fridge with ice bocks from the chest freezer until the fridge freezer is repaired. Not the best but there are no small fridges to be had in our stores!! They even had coolers where freezers would normally be! If you see a freezer when you are in a store and it’s available I would suggest you buy it as they are like gold dust and our repair guy said this is only going to get worse.

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