Walmart’s THREE Black Friday Events in 2020 as Part of Their “Deals for Days”

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crowded walmart store during black friday

Here’s how Black Friday 2020 is shaping up at Walmart, and all the best tips for shopping Walmart’s Black Friday sales this year!

For months, we’ve been wondering how retailers would handle Black Friday in the wake of a global pandemic. As we get closer to November, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of how things will be different this year.

In addition, keep on reading, as we’re sharing our best 2020 Walmart Black Friday shopping tips!

1. Get familiar with Walmart’s Black Friday events.

walmart black friday ad

Walmart announced that it will spread out its Black Friday savings across three separate events throughout the month of November. Walmart’s “Black Friday Deals for Days” is designed to provide shoppers with options for a safer and more convenient shopping experience.

Each of the three savings events will begin online at and continue at a later date in Walmart stores. This year, customers will also have the option to pick up their online orders through Walmart’s contact-free curbside pickup service.

walmart cart full of toys in store

Event 1 – Deals begin online 11/4 with new deals in stores 11/7.

Walmart will launch “Black Friday Deals for Days” with a focus on toys, electronics, and home products. These deals will go live on November 4 at 7 PM ET, including an onn. brand 42″ UHD Roku TV for $88 and Hotel-Style bath towels for $5.

New deals will be available in stores on Saturday, November 7 starting at 5AM local time with items like the Magic Bullet Blender available for $15 and a New Bright 1:6 scale RC Truck for $40. These same deals will also go live at on Saturday, November 7 at 12AM ET.

TVs at Walmart

Event 2 – Deals begin online 11/11 with new deals in stores 11/14.

Walmart’s second online savings event will go live on Wednesday, November 11 starting at 7PM ET. We can expect to see online deals on electronics including TVs, computers, and tablets. Online shoppers will also find savings on movies, music, apparel, home goods, and more.

New deals will be released on Saturday, November 14 at 12AM ET online and in stores starting at 5AM local time. This is when Walmart is planning to host its biggest wireless phone event ever, with deals on both iPhones and Samsung phones.

Event 3 – Deals begin online 11/25 with new deals in stores 11/27

Walmart’s third and final event will offer more deals on electronics, toys, seasonal décor, and gifts from the apparel and home categories. Deals will first be offered online on Wednesday, November 25 at 7PM ET. New deals will be available online at 12AM ET and in stores at 5AM local time on Friday, November 27.

2. Plan for the ad scan leak in early November.

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2018

Typically Walmart’s Black Friday ad scan is released in early to mid-November. Be sure to bookmark our Black Friday deals page so you’ll be the first to see when their ad goes live! We will also be sharing the best deals so that you can get your Walmart Black Friday shopping list made.

3. Make note of last year’s hottest deals.

TCL brand TV in box on display on shelf in-store

While there were quite a few deals for Black Friday 2019, some standouts were:

4. Shoot for 50% off when determining good deals.

Black Friday 2018 Walmart deals

You can see from our highlighted 2019 Black Friday deals listed above, 50% off and beyond should be your threshold for determining the hottest deals. This is probably the best Walmart shopping tip to keep in mind as not all deals are necessarily good deals on Black Friday. We’re not saying other promotions aren’t a good value, but these should be the items you scope out first to avoid inventory running out.

A special case can be made for Apple products as this brand rarely has steep discounts. Instead, aim for 25% off or check to see if a high-value gift card or bonus item is included with purchase.

5. Check what’s available online to avoid the store.

Things not to buy on Black Friday - Collin with laptop

Luckily, you can likely score the same deals on! For the best chance at the hottest deals, plan to check out Walmart’s shopping events mentioned above, starting on November 4th at 7PM ET.

6. Plan for a different in-store experience.

man in red shirt and black hat pointing at walmart sign while wearing black face mask

For customers planning to shop in person, COVID-19 precautions will be in place. Stores will be limiting the number of people inside stores, so shoppers should plan to line up single-file and wait for entry.

Employees will be on hand to distribute sanitized shopping carts, and “health ambassadors” will greet shoppers and remind them to wear a mask. While shopping, customers will be directed to travel down the right-hand side of each aisle.

Regarding this year’s in-store shopping experience, Scott McCall, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S. had this to say:

We’ve been very thoughtful as we planned this year’s event. By spreading deals out across multiple days and making our hottest deals available online, we expect the Black Friday experience in our stores will be safer and more manageable for both our customers and our associates.

7. Opt for In-Store Pickup to save on shipping.

Walmart Pickup Tower

Walmart shopping online? You can score free shipping on orders of $35 or more, but if you’re only wanting one Black Friday online deal that falls below the $35 free shipping threshold, select in-store pickup if possible instead to avoid having to pay the cost of delivery.

Walmart also has launched their all new Walmart+ membershipWalmart+ members will have access to tons of great benefits – all for just $98/year, which is $21/year less than Amazon Prime’s yearly membership. And Walmart says the list will continue to grow over time! You can score a FREE 15-day trial to test out this service before you commit. Read more about the benefits of being a member here.

Here’s how to get the best Black Friday deals in 2020!

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Comments 44

  1. Winnie

    I don’t even want to go NEAR our Walmart now. I was in there last weekend and 90% of non employees (mostly young people and their kids) were not wearing masks. All the sudden Walmart’s not enforcing the mask mandate? I am so tired of people saying “they can’t MAKE you wear one”. No, they probably can’t, so STAY HOME if you don’t want to wear it. I don’t want to infect the people I care about by someone else’s bad attitude.

    • BlueWaterGirl

      That’s terrible. Everyone is over wearing a mask, that’s for sure, but I’m SO over people just not caring about others and doing as they please. Go the correct way down the one-way isles! It’s not that hard!!!

    • franny5

      I work at a retail store and we cannot physically make u wear a mask. We can ask and offer but cannot pry due to laws on medical conditions. Unfortunately it is discouraging. I do say I like in ny and about 99% of the customers do wear one. Or put it on when they are given one.

    • meli

      Those who don’t wear a mask will definitely not stay home for safety measures. Not wearing a mask makes them feel like their world is a normal one free of such things as a pandemic, just like the act of going to Walmart as they’ve always done. Too many times I watched non-mask wearers approach the greeter at the door and simply say they have a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing a mask. One mask even laughed to his friend afterwards as they continued walking into the store. I knew it was only a matter of time before they didn’t see the point of enforcing it at the door. They’ve also removed the directional arrows in the aisles, which I’m actually grateful for because hardly anyone followed the directions of them.

    • glo nu

      Stay home if you are worried about the people not wearing masks. Some people can’t wear them due to medical conditions. They have every right to shop as well. I can’t wear a mask and I’ve been stuck in my house since this pandemic hit. Staying cooped up at home has caused several other ailments that I have to seek out further medical help to deal with. The fact that some people fear an illness that kills fewer people than the flu is crazy. We didn’t mask up during flu season in any year. The fact that this is an election year and people in power are using COVID-19 to instill fear in society makes my angry.

      • Sue

        I totally agree with you.

      • EM

        This is not the appropriate platform to spread misinformation (not that there is an appropriate one) and honestly the moderators of this site should not have allowed your comment because of your statement regarding the flu. This is not an illness that kills fewer people than the flu, and current stats show that mortality is likely higher than seasonal influenza ( Frankly you cannot judge mortality statistics on a pandemic that is still in full force and comparisons to the flu are pretty inappropriate, considering we have a flu vaccine and know a lot about influenza including its acute and long term effects, way more than we know about this novel virus.

        Thank you for doing your part by staying home, it is definitely a sacrifice for us all. I am trying to enjoy the fresh fall air while we are still able to enjoy the outdoors in my area. Stay safe everyone!

        • faithanne

          Just because someone’s opinion differs from you does not make it misinformation! Lol 😆 There is actually data and thousands of doctors that agree with that. CDC own admission of the actual number of Covid only related deaths is 6% of the number that politicians love to throw around and yes I know many people that have had Covid and recovered just fine. It is a virus not a death sentence. There will always be disease sand virus. Use common sense and protect yourself, but it’s not other people’s responsibility that is each individuals. Please let’s stop the guilt tripping. Everyone has a different opinion. Just be respectful that we can have different thoughts and still be civil. People are not evil if they disagree with me! 😆

          • Mama2Nine

            Actually.. it IS DEFINITELY a death sentence for MANY! 😔

          • pop

            Information from the doctors that specialize in airborne viruses are far from being OPINION. The doctors that specialize in virology, and the spread of a virus say that wearing a mask is paramount to containing this virus. If people have other medical conditions and can not wear a mask are taking their own lives and those of others, by going out and refusing to wear a mask.
            If you can’t wear a mask, stay home and don’t put me or my family at risk.

        • Jill

          Thank you. That is inappropriate & should be monitored.

      • Katrinka


      • Mama2Nine

        My husband says the exact same thing. If it’s fake and not a big deal, then don’t beg him to save your life. Wish these people who “don’t live in fear” could sign a waiver for non treatment for covid. 🤬

      • Casey


      • Debby

        Thank you… one of the reasonable voices here!

    • Elsa3

      I quit shopping at Walmart because of the lack of mask compliance. I’m shopping at Costco now more than ever. They are strict about masks I appreciate that.

      • Jill

        I feel the same way. Costco gets my business this year.

      • SM

        I have been to Costco several times and seen quite a few without masks.

    • Mama2Nine

      I agree! Most of the educators at my children’s school think it’s just an election Virus. 🙄 They don’t make the students wear mask even though there is a mask order. The health department doesn’t care. It’s really sad and reckless. I wish they could see first hand what my husband sees each day at work and what covid really does. They wouldn’t take it so lightly. 😔

  2. K

    At my local Walmart they are not even cleaning the carts and there was no cleaning supplies to even to it yourself. Thankfully I had sanitizer wipes with me.

    • Jill

      Same here everyone I go into does not spray them. Costco is the only place still spraying the carts.

  3. Las6ink

    Thanks to yesterday’s deals, I’m done with Christmas!! My family of 6 can now, rest & enjoy our holiday season. Thanks for all the posts yesterday!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! You’re welcome! That’s SO awesome to hear! 💃🙌🎉

    • Taryn

      So awesome!! I am so jealous that you are done. I haven’t even started 😂

  4. mel1313

    To all you non-mask wearers & non social distancers… I pray you’re not one of the unlucky few who will get both covid and the flu this year, possibly at the same time. Stay safe everyone. You guys might be tired of wearing a mask but covid is not tired of infecting people. It’s simple science.

    • glo nu

      I won’t wear a mask due to several medical conditions. I do socially distance whenever possible. The fact that I don’t go out very often because of this crazy pandemic. I don’t wear one. If this Covid is so dangerous I would be sick or dead by now because of my medical conditions. I don’t go into places that won’t let you enter without one. I stopped shopping at Walmart when they only allowed one door to be opened at a time if a fire broke out it would trap and kill a lot more people at once.

  5. everest716

    Mask mandated since April. Reduced capacity everywhere, never out without mask, hardly went anywhere, yet got a call that I was exposed to someone who tested positive and mandated to quarantine by contact tracers. No symptoms. Could have went to take a test but results would not be in before end of quarantine. My family was counted as positives. I do not trust my states numbers at all. Financial gain for positive cases is too great. I may be wrong but I estimate a high rate of padding the numbers.

    • Darion

      That may be entirely true about the numbers, but I personally know two people close to me who have died from it. I also know people who absolutely did have it, but weren’t counted in our state’s numbers. (Their family members tested positive, while they tested negative, but went on to get the virus over the course of their quarantine with sick family members.) Anyway, there is a lot of unreliability all around as far as counts go.

  6. The Masked Patriot

    A few weeks ago I went to a local grocery store where there was a “wear mask” sign posted on the outside of the door. There was a customer complaining to a manager that all they wanted was a gallon of milk and didn’t want to wear a mask because it infringed on their American rights. I put my mask on, went in and spent 5 min. getting what I wanted. When I left, the customer was still complaining to the manager. After I got to my car and drove by the front of the store, the customer was still talking to the manager. All that customer had to do was just put a mask on for 5 min. and he could have shopped and been home in the time he spent complaining to the manager. He’s probably still complaining today. Come on people… this virus is a bad thing. By wearing a mask, it not only protects you, but others as well. The world does NOT revolve around you. But its your choice not to wear one and it’s my choice to wear one. I don’t bother people not wearing one, so don’t bother me for wearing one.

    • safirejordan

      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Well said!

    • K

      Omg this man is so ridiculous I could almost laugh but sad at the same time. These poor managers what they have to deal with. I’m just not understanding why its such a big deal to wear a mask

    • bummie62


  7. Jill

    Thank you for posting this! I wonder if a lot of stores will do this? I haven’t really looked into Black Friday yet. I like the upfront pick up option- especially with kids. 🙂

  8. catmom

    Please see the CDC guidelines on the prevention of spreading Covid through the air in droplets by wearing a mask. Right now it’s the most effective prevention we have. It’s such a small act of respect to others and respect for yourself. To all non maskers…turn off Fox News your minds are being brainwashed.

    • catmom

      So uninformed. MSNBC will give you facts so you can make your own informed decisions. FOX will give you their slanted right wing opinions justifying the lies coming out of the White House the as if watchers are too dense to make their own decisions. Case in point: watch “The Brainwashing if my Father”.

    • faithanne


  9. Faran

    I don’t know why this isn’t being moderated. Anyone comparing this to the flu should be truly grateful that they are well enough to mock COVID in posts online and never had to set foot in my hospital in NYC a few months ago.

    PS: I know 6 people who either died or were on ventilators and I was just a graduate intern when this started. I’ve never lost anyone to the flu.

  10. Jane

    The flu does not kill anywhere near 210k in under a year (or even half of that). How can someone believe more people die from the flu than COVID? This is not secret information.

  11. Evie

    People should use their common sense! If you wear a mask, you decrease your risk of covid and many other illnesses. If masks did not work, healthcare workers would not be wearing them. I bet most people who get Covid got it from a friend or family member. I intend to wear a mask, even when this is over. I do not want to catch any sickness. It is foolish many do not care about their health or the health of others! I certainly would not want to pay $100,000 bill for this. Health care is a bubble and believe me it will be charged to everyone. In the way of rationing and poor quality care!

  12. Steph

    Hip2Save doesn’t moderate anything much anymore because they know people are coming to the site which is all they want. Site traffic=$$$$$ for them.

    • Evie

      Moderate? You must believe in censorship? How did people disagree and discuss, before Big Tech got involved?
      Who decides what misinformation is?
      I have never heard of such in a free country!

  13. tabithadavis

    This site does need to be monitored. It’s supposed to be about shopping and the upcoming deals, not about political views, covid and masks. We hear enough about that everyday. On here, idc what everyone thinks or does. I wanna know about the deals. State your views and opinions in the appropriate places. On here…it’s about the sales/deals

  14. Elizabeth

    What state are you living in? The one I’m in I hardly see anyone without a mask

  15. Bree

    Sadly, I pretty much visit Walmart for pharmacy pick ups. I haven’t seen much of the deals I used to associate with Walmart years back. Their quality wasn’t always great, but it was always worth the small price lol. Now, I see things I can find for cheaper in Ross or TJ Maxx. As far as foods, hard one there…I find pretty comparable deals at Aldi and of course, different selections. I see some mentions of Costco…I saw they stopped carrying products linked to monkeys being chained up and force to do free labor. As an animal lover, I appreciated that approach and question what other products are engaging in that type of production….

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