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What TO Buy and What NOT to Buy in March

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Target grocery cart filled with frozen foods

Goodbye winter. Hello, March!

March is full of new beginnings! Not only do we get to “spring” our clocks forward in early March, the first day of spring means gardening, spring cleaning projects, and spring break vacations. The arrival of March also means new opportunities to save money! To celebrate, we’re sharing the BEST items to buy in March, along with what you’ll want to not buy in March to save money!

Here are TEN things TO BUY in March:

Frozen Pizzas

1. Frozen foods

Did you know March is National Frozen Food Month? This glorious occurrence means loads of coupons being generated for frozen food brands! Fill your freezer with your favorites all month long, including frozen meals, entrees, pizza, fruits and veggies, side dishes, juice concentrates, ice cream, and other frozen treats and desserts!

HIP TIP:  Like frozen pizza? We tried four frozen pizza brands, and this one was our favorite! Or, if you’re in the mood for a sweet, frozen treat, consider grabbing a bag of frozen pineapple and making this EASY and delicious DIY Frozen Disney Pineapple Dole Whip! So yummy! 😋

2. Seasonal produce

fresh avocados at grocery store

Get the goods while the getting’s good. Produce is obviously at its best (and lowest price) when it’s in season! Some delicious fruits and veggies to grab this month are:

  • Greens: broccoli, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, lettuce
  • Root vegetables: parsnips, radishes, leeks, shallots
  • Citrus fruits: lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, oranges
  • More green produce: artichokes, avocados, peas

HIP TIP: Check out these simple tips to save on fresh produce! And, if you’re looking for a dinner idea with a delicious citrus vibe, check out this yummy Lemon Roasted Chicken recipe.

3. Valentine’s gifts

Hip2Save piggy bank and money

Yes, Valentine’s Day is February 14th; HOWEVER, you’ll often still find BIG discounts on Valentine’s Day items in early March. Score BIG savings on leftover gifts like jewelry and perfume – sometimes up to 90% off!

HIP TIP: You might not be thinking of it now, but diamonds and fragrances make GREAT Mother’s Day gifts. Pick them up now to save money later!

4. Exercise equipment

orangetheory fitness review

Are you still working on the “Get fit for the New Year” resolution? Me neither. But if you have a change of heart, March is the best time to buy exercise equipment – specifically treadmills and ellipticals. Retailers want to spark interest in these products before the warm weather approaches since people tend to shift their workout routines outside.

HIP TIP: Don’t have room for equipment at home but want to burn a few calories? Check out these 10 easy ways to exercise at!

5. Athletic apparel

Collin Wearing Lululemon Knock-off

Alongside exercise equipment, check out clearance sections for additional markdowns on workout apparel. The athleisure look is so popular now that fitness brands have been cranking out new colors and patterns just to keep up with the trend. Look for savings on the older stock that’s priced to move to make room for the latest designs.

HIP TIP: Love Lululemon? Check out our comparison of almost identical activewear pieces that’ll offer you all the same style and comfort, but for much less. And they’re all from Amazon!

6. Golf clubs

golf clubs on course

If you live in an area that endures freezing winters, I’m pretty positive a new set of clubs hasn’t crossed your mind – which is exactly why they’re on sale during the month of March! The real savings are on last summer’s models so that retailers can get them out in time for the new releases in the upcoming season. This extends beyond golf and applies to other summer-specific sports equipment, too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

HIP TIP: Like free golf magazines? Score a free 1-year subscription to GOLF magazine – just head over to Reward Survey, create a free account, and complete a survey to snag your subscription!

7. Winter apparel & equipment

winter coats in the store

As the temperatures rise, pricing on winter apparel and equipment falls. Now’s the time to strike on that winter coat or that new set of skis you’ve been eyeing all season long. While you have a very limited amount of time to make use of these items now, you can also gift them to yourself in nine months.

HIP TIP: Time to update your kid’s wardrobe? Here are several of our favorite retailers to visit when looking to shop and save the most on kids clothing. And, if you’re in the market for a new jacket but don’t have time to get out of the house, we LOVE this cozy, button-up fleece jacket from Amazon!

8. Android smartphones

Fandango Android App

MWC, also known as Mobile World Congress, will be wrapping up this year’s expo on February 28th, revealing the hottest new products for the Android operating system. These products are set to hit shelves shortly after the conference, which means markdowns on previous models will be abundant. If you’re looking for a new phone but don’t need all the latest tech, this is the perfect time to score a great smartphone deal.

HIP TIP: Check out these awesome smartphone apps to help you take control of your financial wellness… and the best part? They’re FREE!

9. Digital camerasStetson holding a digital camera

I’m guessing you already own a pretty high-quality camera (hint hint – it’s your smartphone!), but for those of you who’d like to take your photography to the next level, shop digital cameras this month. This year’s new models will be rolling out soon, so you’ll snag a deep discount on remaining stock.

HIP TIP: Once you purchase your digital camera, be sure to check out our online photo deals to get your beautiful photos printed! We’re often posting awesome deals on Canvas Photos, photo prints, and more.

10. Luggage

Samsonite Luggage Kohls

Luggage collects dust in stores between holiday travel sales and summer vacation sales. Score some savings on the inventory still left from November and December before the new stock arrives for warm weather travel.

HIP TIP: Going on vacation? Check out these simple tips for ways to save in a new city – or read these vacation tips to save money on airfare, lodging, entertainment, dining out and more!


Here are FIVE things NOT to buy in March:

Typically avoid anything that’s a new release or is known to follow a specific sales cycle is a no-go. Sure, retailers will try to lure you in by exclaiming, “Spend your tax return here!”, but read on to find out what you can afford to wait on.

Target Cat & Jack Swimwear in a cart

1. Spring clothing & swimwear

This is probably a no-brainer, but bright, spring releases are fresh to shelves – meaning no retailer would bother marking them down. Yes, you’ll come across the occasional sale to encourage a spring break wardrobe restock, but wait until summer for the savings (when this inventory gets sent to clearance). If you need new clothes or swimwear before summer hits, consider buying at the end of May during Memorial Day sales. To max out your savings potential, wait to buy until the end of August after the peak summer season has passed.

HIP TIP: If you’re looking for affordable clothing, accessories and more, every Wednesday, we share our favorite affordable Walmart clothing finds to help you save more money!

Target furniture in aisle

2. Furniture

Did your furniture take a beating over the holidays and you’re ready to replace it? Hold off just a bit longer. The best time to snag deals on appliances, furniture, or mattresses is usually at the end of May when retailers host blowout deals during Memorial Day weekend.

HIP TIP:  Looking to spruce up your patio furniture for spring? Check out this DIY to refresh your sun-faded aluminum patio furniture easily with just one common household item and a little elbow grease!

Apple iPhone display

3. Apple iPhones

Apple is notorious for its new iPhone releases during September. This is when retailers and wireless carriers offer sales or incentives on last year’s models. If you’re an Apple fanatic, check out MacRumors Buying Guide for the best time to buy any of their products.

HIP TIP: Shopping for a new cell phone provider? We did a little research and compared EIGHT cell phone plans by cost and features.

TVs in boxes at store

4. TVs

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your television set, mild patience will be your best ally. A big sale opportunity has just passed (a.k.a. Super Bowl Sunday) and your next shot to score some savings won’t be until the end of April. Newer TV models begin their releases in March/April, so once selling floors become too packed, retailers will clearance older models to make room.

If you’re really patient, wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But if you go this route, do your research, read reviews, and make sure you match the UPC of the TV you’re purchasing to the same one you fell in love with – those insanely low-priced sets are often “watered down” versions of popular models.

HIP TIP: Want to save while watching your favorite TV shows? Check out these simple tips for ways to save on watching TV, movies, or LIVE sports! Or check out this post to read how Lina ditched cable TV and now saves $1,200 every month – or read this post to see how Bryn saved $700 calling DirecTV!

Detailing Car with kids inside

5. Vehicles

As someone who recently bought a car and researched many ways to save, don’t purchase a new model in spring. This is, legit, the WORST time of year to buy. Dealerships offer barely any room for negotiation on the newest models and know that tax refunds are hitting consumers’ bank accounts.

Plan on buying closer to the end of the car’s model year (typically around November) when dealerships start stocking next year’s model. As a rule of thumb, shop near the end of the day and end of the weekend (Sunday) for your best chances of getting a great price. Use websites like TrueCar for estimates on what you can expect to pay and Edmunds for rebates, reviews, and incentives.

HIP TIP: Need a rental car instead? If you’re not in the market to buy a new car but are looking to save on an upcoming road trip, check out how this 5-Minute car rental hack saved my sister Bryn $169!

Up next: Check out the best times to shop based on annual sales cycles!

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  1. Denise

    Love these posts! Thank you

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! That’s so great to hear, Denise! You’re very welcome!

  2. A

    I disagree with the vehicle purchase. My husband and I purchased a brand new ford f-150 (newest model available) 3 years ago for 22k. It was worth 32k. We saved 10k dollars because of all of the incentives through the dealership and my insurance company. Even my insurance guy was shocked when I told him what we paid so he could quote us a good insurance price. Then this past spring we traded the same truck in for 20k. We basically drove it around for 3 years for 2k. We paid 32k for our used 2018 suburban and it only had 12k miles on it. There are good deals to be had. It depends what, where, and also if your bank and insurance companies are offering up deals. Sometimes these dealerships actually lose money on cars that sit too long so they are willing to sell at a loss just to get it off the lot. That’s what happened with our Chevy suburban. In fact, we have always purchased in the spring and we have always made money o our trade ins and gotten good deals to boot.
    Also, I thought there was a post right before the holidays where you said to avoid purchasing tvs during black Friday because it really wasn’t all that great of a deal. That we should purchase in October???

    • marie

      I agree qe jsut bought a brand new 2019 ram and i talked them down on that and i talked them into giving us 6k more on our trade in than they were gonna give us. Anytime is a great time if you know what your doing at the dealership.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks for the car tips, A – sounds like you have scored some great deals! Please note that this is just a guide, not a definitive “do or don’t” list as I think it will vary by location, season, car type, etc.

      As to the TVs, you may be referring to this post where we mentioned that it’s best to buy one in January when the Super Bowl sales are happening. Hope that helps!

      • A

        I understand, but the title says WHAT to BUY and NOT to BUY , so it appears like a pretty definitive list. Also, my brother in law was a car sales man for several years and gave us some great tips when we purchased our suburban last spring. We have also purchased on the East coast, West coast, and the South where we currently live (prior military). Finding good deals on cars is definitely not a location only thing, but more of the dealership thing. It is all about finding out current t deals, what’s been sitting too long, if they are pushing out last years models, and current deals and promotions happening. It depends on the dealership. When we purchased our truck we were not satisfied with the customer service and deception just to get us on the lot to look at a car. We found a truck we liked. We drove an hour to go check it out and on the other side was massive damage not shown or listed on the site. No one bothered to mention it before we drove out. This was a well known and reputable dealership in our area. We left and did not look further. Walking away from a dealership is one thing they try to prevent. They called us for weeks trying to get us back out. You have to stand your ground and bargain, bargain, bargain. On the way home we stopped at another that was 10 minutes down the road. That is where we scored our deal and our brand new truck. The trick is really shopping around your area. We live down the street from a massive dealership and you can not catch a deal to save your life there, but driving 45 minutes out of the way and not falling into the pressure of getting that car I felt I had to have saved us 10k and we were able to buy brand. My husband has no problem walking away if he feels like he is being taken advantage of.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! We sure appreciate all of the helpful tips!

        • Darla

          So you disagree…we get it. Go post your opinions on your own site and if we want your opinion we will go read it. No need to be so argumentative with someone who is just trying to help us all save some money.

          • A

            This is a blog. I can post where I please. I do disagree and I have that right to say so. I have followed Hip2save for 10 years and there are times that the post is kind of misleading and I will state so. I also backed it with my own personal experiences of purchasing vehicles in several states over a 15 year span. All have been made in the spring and I have never had issues scoring big deals. The team obviously have no issues or they wouldn’t allow me to post. It seems to me that it bothered you more so. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️✌

            • C.D.

              The other chick may hate on you but I say thanks for the info. (I didn’t feel like you were being rude at all).

  3. Lori

    Thanks for the great info. You have taught me so much!!!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You are most welcome, Lori! 🙂

  4. Heather

    Any good luggage deals anyone has seen?

  5. Laura

    I want to add one small side note to your “don’t buy swimwear” in March advice. I believe March is absolutely the right time to buy maternity swim suits. Speaking from experience of course, here are my reasons: 1. this is one area of swimwear that rarely if ever goes on sale, therefore it’s never really going to be cheaper until much later in the season, and that won’t help women with end of summer due dates. 2. If you wait til May or later to purchase maternity swimsuits you run the risk of having less styles to choose from, not finding your size, or worse…not finding one at all. (Yes this happened to me). Having learned from my former mistake of waiting too long to buy a maternity suit, when I found out I was pregnant with my third child I purchased 2 suits that March in two different sizes not knowing how they would fit come June. I made sure I paid attention to the return deadline for that retail store ( 3 months from purchase date) and tried both suits on a few days before the deadline. I then returned the one that didn’t fit the best.

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