Try My Fave Go-To Homeopathic Remedies When You Feel The Sniffles Coming On

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sambucol oscillococcinum boxes on table

Feeling like you’re getting a cold? 

Recently, I started getting sick on a Friday night (gee thanks, what a way to start the weekend). 😩 I was telling a friend about it, and the next morning she dropped off Sambucol Homeopathic Cold & Flu Relief as well as Boiron Oscillococcinum and said, “here, take these medicines together and get better” …and so I did.

I followed the instructions and the very next day I was already starting to feel better and my massive headache was gone! I had never heard of either of these products before so I started googling (I probably should have done this prior to taking them but I’m a risk-taker 🤪).

I found countless 5-star reviews for both of these products, and was surprised at how well this combo seemed to work for others, too.

Sambucol Medicine In Box On Table

What exactly is Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief made of?

Sambucol is homeopathic and made from Black Elderberry and Zinc, and it is safe for the entire family. It’s non-drowsy, non-habit forming, and there are no known drug interactions. The unique homeopathic formula helps to boost your immune system to help fight off a nasty cold.

sambucol elderberry in target shopping basket

I especially like that Sambucol is available in quick dissolve tablets, gummies, syrup, regular tablets, and lozenges—the quick dissolve tablets have a great taste so even the kiddos won’t complain.

Elderberry is high in vitamin c and dietary fiber that your body needs. It’s rich in anthocyanins which has anti-inflammatory effects.

Oscillococcinum Box and Pellets

What exactly is Oscillo…whaaaaat? 

Oscillococcinum is also homeopathic, non-drowsy, and works with your body to reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms. For best results, it’s best to take when you first start feeling sick to temporarily relieve body-aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue.

Hey, I’m down for that when I’m starting to feel crummy! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Boiron Oscillococcinum On Table

Inside the Oscillococcinum box, you’ll find little cylinders that have individual doses of the quick-dissolving pellets. Plus – just like Sambucol, there’s no yucky flavor and kiddos as young as 2 years old can take Oscillococcinum.

You can buy Oscillococcinum from Amazon, Target or Walmart!

Sambucol Gummies For Kids on Table

On the fence? Check out these Amazon reviews…

“I have been trying the different homeopathic cold/flu medicines, and just like the other OTC drugs, they are not always effective. However, these little pellets in a capsule are so effective at cutting the flu down so instead of a pouncing tiger, you only have to contend with a whimpering chihuahua.”

“WOW! This is a miracle drug! I was coming down with the flu and to make matters worse I was on a trip to see family. I thought I would have to stay in a hotel until my sister-in-law gave me this stuff. She handed me 3 vials, I emptied one on my tongue and she said to use another before bed and one tomorrow and you will be fine. She was right. I slept all night without coughing and my fever was gone by morning, and I felt like a new person. It was unbelievable. When I arrived home, I placed my order with Amazon and will never be without this stuff again.”

“I can’t believe how fast this worked on my four-year-old son, uncontrollable coughing and congestion one day, and the next morning completely cleared up.”

“Love this stuff & swear by it. Take it as soon as you feel a cold and it will wipe it out or shorten & lessen the severity.”

Rite Aid Sambucol

I’m obviously not a doctor and the advice and opinions here are my own. I also want to disclose this is not a sponsored post. I was honestly just so excited after experiencing the relief I got from taking these!

As with any new medicine, be sure to check with your doctor prior to taking it.

Check out even more product reviews!

About the writer:

Angela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and has 25+ years of experience as a writer and photographer with her work being featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, and more.

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Comments 80

  1. ajkness

    This is my flu/cold remedy as well!

  2. Lo

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Love this combo and it works great. No chemicals also means your body isn’t working double time to fight the illness and detox chemicals found in most other medicines.

    • Lulu

      Everything is a chemical.

    • Meg

      Beware of dihydrogen monoxide. There’s been thousands of people who have died from just breathing it!! And it’s EVERYWHERE. Thanks for being a warrior against chemicals. Stand strong!

      • Jess

        Meg, dihydrogen monoxide is water. Stop trying to get everyone riled up.

      • Gscribble

        Meg and Lulu, you are my people!

  3. Lila

    Please google “why homeopathy doesn’t work” before recommending these to people. Thanks!

    • Slswift

      Google misleads. Homeopathy DOES work, people!

    • Faith

      Have you ever tried it? Because it does work for me!

    • kimhanson

      They work great for my family!

    • tipaye

      Tell that to Shamans, and others who have in the past, or currently use what the Earth provides and are better for it! Broad spectrum antibiotics are great, but let’s avoid sweeping, uneducated comments.

    • MommySpendsLess

      That search phrase is biased. The way you’ve worded it, the results will heavily slant towards articles that show homeopathy doesn’t work. For well rounded (and hence more reliable) research, you should strive to use neutral search terms and read articles from a variety of sources and viewpoints.

  4. Meh

    This is EXTREMELY disappointing to mislead people with. If you’re ill or have the flu please stay home or see an actual medical professional.

    Take whatever vitamins you want but Oscillococcinum is barely anything more than a sugar pill. The other active ingredient? duck liver and heart, diluted to 200C—a ratio of one part duck offal to 10400 parts water.

    Hip2Save this is not cool. If you wanna pay $26 for sugar and duck liver pills be my guest but this isn’t a money saving OR health tip that’s worth anything.

    • Angela (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there meh! I absolutely recommend that people go to the Dr. if it’s more than just the sniffles. As a Cancer survivor I see my PCP often as precautionary measure. I’ve tried many things and have a closet full of other stuff that hasn’t seemed to work as well for a cold. I just wanted to pass along as I had luck with it when I felt a cold coming on, there was never any intention to mislead anyone.

    • Dealzgurl

      I’ve been a reader of H2S for a long time so it’s hard for me to believe the site would intentionally mislead anyone. Angela shared what worked for her and I appreciate hearing about her experience. Give readers credit. I’m confident people have sense enough to research a product to see if it would work for them as well as to go to the doctor if they feel they need to.

      • Cherryluva

        I wholeheartedly agree. She is sharing what works for HER, ESPECIALLY being a cancer survivor you HAVE to be aware of what is being put in your body. For example, I swear by melatonin, my kids pediatrician says it’s all fake and a placebo. Hed rather prescribe sleeping pills. No, just no. IF there is a way to go the healthier route, then do it. No need to bash. What works for her and I may not work for you.

    • Lel

      That is your opinion, but we can all decide for ourselves what is worth trying and what may be a placebo effect. You assume that we are all sitting by a screen living our lives through the sole guidance of H2S. If it can potentially reduce the severity of a cold or flu, I don’t have a problem with these kind of a personal recommendations. I will take this information and make my own informed decision. I actually had a doctor recommend Oscillococcinum, although I have more confidence in sambucol. Rushing to a doctor for flu or cold symptoms can also lead to antiobiotic resistance. And not everyone can afford to see the doctor for a cold or flu or even afford to miss work due to illness.

    • nana

      Ouch! That was EXTREMELY harsh.

    • J

      Meh, if this is extremely disappointing to you, I wonder how you take real life obstacles. Take a chill pill. Every adult can decide for themselves & I for one appreciate this post that is her honest experience. Not everyone is blessed to have insurance. Maybe think about your harsh reaction to someone you don’t even know. Therefore who are you to judge & we can speak for ourselves. HIP2SAVE forever!

    • Jamie

      I agree. People are being incredibly harsh to you for pointing out that there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence supporting homeopathy. I’m disappointed to see this nonsense here, too.

  5. Patti

    I feel this is worth a try. Amazon is awesome with returns, so what do I have to lose! Thanks for sharing your experience…if you were trying to sell it to me to profit from I would be leery, but you are just sharing what worked for you and many others. Ordered them! 😊 😊 Thanks!

  6. luna

    Sambuccol is a must at our home every winter. Not suggested to take every day though

  7. Jenny

    Thanks for sharing this! I usually don’t even take anything when I’m sick because nothing has worked well enough for me to bother. I do feel like drinking apple cider vinegar with water helps prevent colds when you feel it coming on. I’ll look out for these!

    • patricia

      I have been taking Sambucol cold and flu for years as soon as I feel like I am getting sick and it has always prevented or reduced the duration, unless I started taking it after a day or 2.
      My family and my in laws fell in love with it too after trying.

  8. countrygal

    You can make elderberry syrup if you have a bush or go foraging. Check on online about it. I think taking more natural products is so much better for you. It’s nice Hip2Save has mentioned this. It doesn’t mean you have to take it. You decide yourself if you want to try it. Look at all the ingredients in Nyquil and other cold/flu medicines, its actually scary. Heck, you can’t even eat lettuce and be safe, lol.

  9. Amy

    There will always be people on both sides of every fence, but I appreciate this post because I have ended up in the emergency room for “uncommon side effects” of safe medicines prescribed by my doctor. Homeopathic things don’t have the crazy risky side effects that traditional medicines have. If it doesn’t work for you, oh well. Try something else.

    • tipaye

      It is untrue that homeopathy does not pose a potential risk as scary as prescription and other medicines. As an advocate for homeopathy, people must realize roots, bark, berries etc. can all be poisonous. Please do research, as you would for non-homeopathic remedies.

      • steadymyheart2016

        Yes! I am all for homeopathic remedies, but there are also side effects. Natural does not equal harmless. I find them much more effective in the long run, but I know care must be taken.

  10. Faith

    I can vouch for these as well!!! Love the oscillo for flu like symptoms. I give it to all my friends and family when they are not feeling well as well as use it on my own family of 6. It’s the best!!

  11. kimhanson

    These have become my go to also!!!

  12. steadymyheart2016

    Ever since we started taking homeopathy (a variety of products derived from plants), we have avoided and cut sickness short, our bodies function better during the cold/flu season, and we have more energy than before.

    Both my husband and my dad, who were more apt to take the drugs/medicine prescribed, have seen a marked difference. My dad usually has had a Zpac or two by this time, and he has not had to take a single one yet!

    For those on the fence about ingredients, consider the ingredients listed in drugs given by doctors.

  13. Gigi

    Yes! We throw Yin Chiao in our regime too. Thanks for looking out for the readers, H2S! <3

  14. Debbie

    Our household just all got the head cold sniffles. I’m headed to Target today to get these and give them a try!

  15. Kimsole

    Excellent post – I find homeopathic remedies very effective for our family !

  16. Joanie

    Thank you so much for sharing these!!

  17. Teresa

    Great info! We were told about this as well… and absolutely use them with great results! Thanks for sharing!

  18. The_braided_root_5

    As a local herbalist who makes and sells homeopathic remedies, I can tell you that herbal remedies absolutely work. However, store bought Elderberry Syrup is nothing more than added chemicals and preservatives that are not effective. I encourage everyone to find someone who is local to you who uses a local honey source in their products as well.

  19. hrosana

    For me the one to take is the cold calm and works great.

  20. Kayla

    I’m so, so disappointed to see this content from H2S. As a microbiologist with a specialty in immunology, I can assure you that these do nothing to fight pathogenic disease or boost the immune system. Homeopathy is harmful because it instills false hope in people and prevents them from receiving scientifically-backed treatments that actually help. Anecdotes are not evidence, homeopathic remedies are not regulated by the FDA (so you could be getting a lot more than what’s on the label), and the placebo effect exists big time. “Chemical” isn’t a bad word, and everything contains chemicals. Being “all natural” doesn’t make it safe. Case in point: botulinum toxin – an all natural chemical, but it’ll kill you.

    • Gscribble

      THANK YOU!!!

    • tipaye

      Tell this to Shamans, and others past and present who use what the Earth provides and know for themselves—no anecdotal evidence needed. Antibiotics have their place, but to state roots, bark, berries, etc. have no value is ignorant. Homeopathy is not the enemy, small-mindedness is…and, sorry, but I’ll never put my full trust in the FDA, or anything for that matter. Working together is best, but big pharma has too much of a grip for homeopathy to ever receive the attention it deserves. Science, or what is taken as “true” is always changing and developing…the Earth has provided the same resources for much longer than you’ve studied disease.

    • Molly

      So the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are the only ones that are capable of treating our well being and health? Yeah okay 🙄

  21. Dee

    Disappointed that Hip2Save is going this route. There’s nothing here that is proven to work and that means wasting money. There is also potential harm, as these products are not regulated like actual medicines. Sure, if you want to buy a cardboard box full of sugar pills, go ahead, but there’s nothing money saving about buying placebos.

    • Mum

      There are real studies out there for black elderberry. And I believe this specific band is regulated by the fda.

      • Dee

        The only real study on this had 60 patients and they showed only a slight improvement. The jury’s still out.

  22. Mum

    There have been real studies you can look up on reputable websites people. My doctor and her husband, also a doctor, will recommend this along with vit c and zinc and Echinacea for an immune booster. Food over pills is recommended as well.
    **These have all been studied with a double blind placebo more than once. They do work and or help.
    I would rather take vitamins or at home remedies vs a prescription stuff with a laundry list of side effects.

  23. Brandy

    Giving this a try!!!

  24. Kay

    Thank you, H2S, for a great post. I’m a PA and support scientific evidence, but I’m also open to homeopathic medicine and appreciate anyone’s testimonies of what works for them. We H2Savers are just trying to help each other. No need for arguments and accusations. I’m gonna try the products mentioned in this post. Merry Christmas everyone!

  25. MrsG

    I think these posts are great- do your own FACT based research from REPUTABLE sources/your doctor and make an informed decision for yourself. No one is making you take this or purchase it. We are all adults here. I will say from my experience with my own autoimmune issues, be careful taking this or any other “immune-boosting” supplements if you have an autoimmune disease. These boost an already overactive immune system which can be harmful. Like I said- just inform yourself. Thanks H2S for offering all kinds of helpful tips!

  26. SF

    To all you naysayers, most educated in the group because you have a major in Biology, etc. Your comments aren’t necessary. Why don’t you go ahead and comment on the vegan cake while you are at it and give us all your research about veganism as well. There are things in this world that just can’t be explained even If Science thinks it should be different. Just because you are afraid to try Homeopathy because your research tells you otherwise DOES NOT mean it doesn’t work. I do know what doesn’t work and that’s being a jerk to Hip2Save. Hip2Save ladies can recommend whatever they want.

    • tipaye

      SF, agreed! And don’t forget that anonymous people on the internet can claim whatever titles they’d like! 😂 That aside, small-mindedness is not a virtue and science changes all the time!

    • Rti

      Hahaha… u nailed it!!

      • Rti


    • Renae

      So can everyone else?…

  27. tipaye

    The Earth has provided medicinal resources much longer than humans have studied medicine “scientifically.” Antibiotics have their place, but to claim homeopathy doesn’t have a place due to 1.) not researching reputable studies that have been conducted that prove otherwise, and 2.) putting all your eggs into one FDA, scientific basket knowing for a fact science is forever changing and the FDA speaking for itself with recalls is just ignorant. Seriously. This isn’t anecdotal evidence, people. Tell a past or present Shaman homeopathy doesn’t work, or just somebody who knows first-hand for themselves. Big pharma makes wayyy too much money for homeopathy to ever truly receive the attention, or research it deserves. However, homeopathy can be dangerous if one does not research what they are ingesting, so be careful just like you would with any other medicine. Working together in the answer, small-mindedness is not.

  28. AmandaJ

    So many strong opinions out there. Basic rule of the internet: don’t like it or don’t agree, scroll past.

    I am excited for myself and the rest of my family (aside from my oldest daughter) to give this a shot. My oldest daughter received a heart transplant this summer, and despite our very best efforts to avoid common viruses (constant hand washing, constantly wiping down surfaces and handles with Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, limiting young visitors, masks for older visitors, hepa filters in every room, and switching every faucet to paper towels over washable), the viruses are still showing their ugly heads. She still has a cold 2 months later from a healthy family member who had it for 3 days back before Halloween, and now my youngest daughter has a new cold and I’m terrified of what that means for my oldest who is finally starting to feel better. The rest of us have to do our very best to stay healthy for her sake and we will absolutely give this a go, anything is worth a shot, thanks Hip2Save!

    (Disclaimer for concerned doctors and scientists out there…. no, I won’t be giving this to my transplant daughter. Her immune system and everything she takes for it are very closely monitored and me interjecting with supplements are against the rules as part of receiving a transplant)

  29. Libbie

    THANK YOU for posting this! I use nothing but Homeopathic products. That being said, I am so disappointed in the comments here, the arguing, etc. If you don’t want to use this then don’t use it. Drugs and traditional medicines don’t work for everyone and can in fact cause serious side effects as well. Please people stop the anger about everything you don’t agree with. Can’t we try a little kindness when reading these posts?

  30. Rebecca

    Just wanted to say to Angela, I’m sorry you are dealing with harsh comments. I hope you can let that roll off & know that the majority of us appreciate what you post, whether it’s something we’ll use or not. Christmas spirit seems to be in short supply this year, and I hope you have a very Happy Holidays with those you love!🎄🎅⛄🦌

    • Angela (Hip Sidekick)

      Aww thanks for your sweet message Rebecca! Merry Christmas to you as well! 😘🎅🏻

      • Dee

        Merry Christmas! I disagree with your post and have said so in a very neutral way. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your site. However, people seem to be reading into the facts presented as personal attacks. In the spirit of the holidays, I don’t want people wasting money on sham products, esp. if it means choosing between spending hard-earned money on sugar pills instead of going to the doctor and/or getting meds that really help. This is like any product or service which can be reviewed. Anecdotes and “I believe this worked for me” do nothing in the face of hard facts. I can twirl around three times and chant “I feel better” and if I believe it works, that placebo effect kicks in. But asking people to spend snake oil is unconscionable. Colds are viruses. Healthy people fight them off without sugar pills or juices. It’s just facts.

    • Becky08

      I agree! It’s so easy blast your opinions behind a computer screen. I am guilty of it too! But lets just take a step back and breath and spend more energy showing Christmas spirit than to fight about who is right or wrong. Thank you Hip2Save for all that you have done for my family in 2019!

    • Sam

      Opinions are so terrible, aren’t they? Jeez

  31. Sarah

    Great post! My family has changed over to more holistic and homeopathic practices and we miraculously don’t see our “science based” doctor much anymore. We love him but now we only need him for rare occurrences. He’s all for what we are doing because he has seen my family’s health drastically improve.

  32. Sarah

    THANK YOU ANGELA and HIP2SAVE! Fantastic post! This is a go to remedy of my family and friends!! Sad that a few feel that they must speak such nastiness just because they think differently. Please don’t stop these posts that are written from a true place of care! The rest us us REALLY appreciate and benefit. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas!

  33. Debbie

    My family & I’ve had great success using this combination. I use it today. For those of you bashing the Hip2Save ladies for recommending this, just scroll on & don’t be nasty. It’s up to you if you want to try it or not. Different strokes for different folks but no bashing, please. It’s not what this site is about. JMHO.

  34. Melissa

    Thank you for sharing Hip2save team member Angela! You are right about Sambucul, I have seen the difference Sambucul Elderberry Syrup has worked for my child whom has gotten hospitalized with illnesses from winter viruses. I really appreciate you sharing with us! It means a lot more to those who really appreciate and experience the need for these items! 🙂 I hope you have a Blessed Christmas!

  35. Kathleen

    Please include info that Elderberry is not to be used long term by anyone with autoimmune disease!

    • MrsG

      That’s what I said earlier! Thank you. I have autoimmune issues and never take elderberry or echinacea.

  36. Emma

    Pseudoscience without so much as a coupon code.

  37. Micci

    Great post! I think this shows balance in your team, as not long ago H2S did a post about the Flu Vaccine. Balance in all areas is what we need. Thank you!

  38. patricia

    Thank you for this post. I have been using Sambucol cold and flu after regular cold medicines that never worked for me and I love this product. I always have some at home and my family and in laws love this product.
    If I feel like I’m getting sick and start taking it as soon as soon as possible my sickness doesn’t continue or fepending on the severity does not c
    Go on for days, but if I’m late taking it then the colds last longer.

  39. Lisa

    I feel sad that people are ripping on H2S for this post. We all have brains and can research for ourselves. I love it when people share something that has worked for them!

    I’ve been using an elderberry syrup ( with echinacea) for years, along with Zinc lozenges at the first sign of a cold. It is extremely helpful. Drinking lots of hot tea and taking extra vitamin C helps as well. There’s a lot of good stuff out there that is worth the research.
    Thank you, H2SAVE!

    • Kari

      I agree it is sad that people are ripping on H2S. Would they rip their best friend for saying, “hey, I tried….and it worked!” Maybe we’ve all become too harsh. Read for info and enjoyment and quit the bickering. If you don’t like a magazine you don’t buy it. If you don’t like H2S don’t read it. Before all this instant communication people were less forward. Magazines we read have info that sometimes we don’t agree with but because we can’t post we move on with the day. Or do some of you actually take the time to blast the editor? We are losing the meaning of freedom…the freedom to choose. It almost seems like it is a new way to be prejudiced. If we don’t like something, we ridicule people and intimidate them. H2S is like a blog. It is not Scientific American. Let’s all be kind.

  40. Patty d

    Thanks for the recommendation.
    I also love emergen-c for when I start to feel something coming on. We swear by it at our house!!

  41. mary

    wow! is all that I can say after reading all the negative comments on here. I just wanted to say thanks to H2S for all that you do. I am not one to reply to posts on websites, but I felt compelled to do so after reading this. usually I will just scroll past, mumble a comment to myself, or sometimes hit the like/dislike button. everyone has an opinion about something. if you don’t like the site, or comments, just don’t read them! I personally have taken the Sambucol syrup, it decreased the severity of my symptoms, and I was back to feeling better within a day or two. (it has also worked wonders for my boyfriend and my daughter) I have never tried the other product that angela mentioned, but I most definitely will be. yes, I admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about the pricy product, but hey, there are lots of people out there with no health insurance looking for possible suggestions as to what works. a co-worker of mine gave me some elderberry jam one time when I was sick, made that into a tea and I was immediately hooked! no one is forcing you to do or take anything on here, she is just posting a statement about what worked for her. do you berate your friend when she makes a comment about a restaurant food? (oh my gosh, I cannot believe that she said that we should try the fish there! it is filled with chemicals from the processing, cooked unhealthy, is not good for you…..blah, blah, blah.) move along if you don’t like what she has to say. angela is not forcing you to try anything, she suggests that you do seek treatment from a doctor, and also noted that she is not being paid to post about it. take the info that she is giving and do your own research about it people. and yes, I am in the medical field. i been an rn for over 25 years. I have seen the good and the bad in medicines, not promoting or condemning any, just giving my opinion. thanks again colin, angela, and the staff at H2S. merry Christmas everyone!

  42. simoneatlanta

    I got sick on Monday with sinus congestion and pressure, headache body aches, sneezing, after seeing this post got the combo medication at Bed Bath and Beyond started taking yesterday night and today by noon I was feeling a lot better. Thanks, Hip2Save for posting things that are outside of the box. My heart is filled with gratitude for you. God bless you all.

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