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Our Team’s Favorite Thrift Store Finds & Products to Always Shop

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michelle holding up a pair of designer jeans from goodwill

Let’s get thrifty!

We love a good deal, and you can find a treasure trove of savings when you shop at thrift stores. Check out the round up of awesome thrift store finds our team loves to shop for when they’re sifting through secondhand goods.

Designer clothes & accessories

coach and jimmy choo designer bags

Notice those labels? 😍You can find designer products for an insane fraction of the cost compared to buying from a department store or the designer directly.

designer coach fanny pack at thrift store

It’s a great way to try out trends and more eclectic styles so you don’t spend a fortune on something designer only to have it go out of fashion the next year.

designer pilcro jeans on rack at thrift store

It’s not just for accessories either! We’ve spotted incredible deals on designer apparel as well. These Pilcro jeans sell for over $100 on Anthropologie. And even though they’re no longer carried, the resale value on sites like Poshmark is still a whopping 10 times the thrift store price!

designer j brand jeans at thrift store

Same with this pair from J Brand—would you rather spend roughly $200 on a new pair of jeans or only $7 on gently used from the thrift store?

Check out this thrift store jeans shopping tip from Michelle:

“I was so excited when I spotted a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans at Goodwill for $9.99 (plus an extra 50% off!). These are $200 jeans for $5!

Unfortunately, when I got them home they didn’t fit and I realized that they had European sizing and even though they were marked size 14, they fit closer to a size 4. Lesson learned.

Don’t trust the sizing tags at Goodwill. Look inside the item for the correct size and if it’s unusual sizing, look it up online while you are standing in the store.”


end tables, coffee tables, and dressers at thrift store

Thrift stores could easily pass for furniture showrooms with the vast amount of tables, dressers, couches, and chairs available. Whether you love vintage pieces or need a subject for a DIY project, you can score some hefty savings by thrifting!

coffee table from the thrift store

Our team member Tiffany found this gorgeous solid wood table while shopping secondhand to have on display in her living room.

tables and chairs refinished from thrift store

Her friends took their thrift store furniture game to the next level by refinishing a full dining set by coating the pieces with fresh paint and reupholstered seats.

headboards for beds at thrift store

Another fun furniture piece to look for are headboards. They’re a simple way to jazz up a bedroom and can cost as little as $15! Again, you can either embrace a funky style or refinish to your current home decor, and you’ll save big either way.


slate tray from the thrift store

Sorry Pottery Barn, but we’re skipping the expensive retail price and snagging our favorite homewares for much, much less!

“I head straight to housewares in any thrift store for any unique bowls or serving platters, etc. I have found vintage wares and polish pottery for cheap! I love collecting those unique items for my home and for food photography.” – Lina

milk glass vases in centerpiece

Lina is the queen of styling so take it from her when she says thrift store decor is where it’s at!

“I also have a bit of a white milk glass obsession and have found many pieces while thrifting!” – Lina

baskets arrange on wall over couch

Another fun find? Woven baskets! These home decor essentials can get very pricey at stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm. When searching for baskets at the thrift store, you can curate an assortment of unique bins.

Tiffany at Hip2Save took advantage of the wide variety available at her local thrift store to create the coolest wall art!


books selection at thrift store

Attention bookworms—if you aren’t shopping thrift store shelves for books, you’re missing out on 49¢ paperbacks and hardcovers! Why pay retail when you can get a gently used version for less? You’ll find a massive selection with everything from self-help to romance to gripping novels you simply can’t put down.

Our girl Tiffany loves getting books from secondhand stores and has scored popular titles for only a couple quarters!


pie plate and serveware at thrift store

If you host a lot, you can keep your cupboards stocked with a fun dishware collection of platters and serving trays. Even if you don’t host, anytime you bring a dish to pass out at an event, consider using a thrift store plate so you don’t feel bad if it’s left behind.

“I love to buy party size serving platters, my family is always hosting Pot Luck events, so they’re put to use very often.” – Alyssa

“I have a bit of an obsession for buying plates from thrift stores. I photograph food in my free time, so my plate collecting isn’t too weird of a hobby!” – Jenna P

coffee mugs on shelves at thrift store

For mug hoarders (like me!), there are loads of unique coffee cups available secondhand. I’d bring them all home if my boyfriend let me so I could have a fun cup each morning, though my collection is already overflowing. 🙃

It probably goes without saying but give any and all dishware a good washing before use!

Tips for saving double at the thrift store.

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Comments 50

  1. Kristen Bockman

    I buy about 85% of my clothing and my daughters clothing at Goodwill! I have bought numerous pairs of dresses, jeans, etc brand new with tags! With my daughter, if it is a size 1 or 2 bigger than what she is wearing now, I will hoard it because it beats having to go pay big money for clothes when she hits a growth spurt!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! That’s awesome, Kristen! I love the idea of buying ahead of time for kiddos to have something to grow into!

    • LT

      That’s what I have been doing especially in Walmart and Thrift store like Goodwill, SVDP and Dirt Cheap(only here in the south?) and Salvation Army I usually shop like clothes for the summer if it’s winter and clothes for the winter of it’s summer. Even the next year summer, I already bought one at this time. It saves me a lot of money on that way. Same way with electronics I don’t usually buy right away. I wait a year or two when it drops the prices. Like the SD cards or even the portable battery chargers and even IPhone. I procrastinate so much. It’s a hit and miss though… sometimes you got the great sales and sometimes you miss it.

  2. Kitty

    I got a coach purse for $10 at Salvation Army 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Sweet deal, Kitty!

  3. Thrift Store Find

    A friend just bought 2 men’s jackets 50cents each and found a diamond ring and a Tiffany platinum ring valued over $1500. Check pockets!

    • Emily (Hip Sidekick)

      What an amazing find! 😍 I’ve got to remember to check the pockets on my next purchase, fingers crossed I have the same kind of luck!

    • Deb

      My son found 21 $100 bills in a pair of cowboy boots at a thrift store. His friends thought he was nuts when he turned it in to the store. They gave him credit for a donation. I was proud of him. He has been paid back many times over the 14 years since then. God is good.

      • JenB

        I like that he returned what he found. Sometimes people are left devastated by what was accidentally donated. Like the young man who sold his car and put the money in a travel cup that his mother donated.

  4. Mollie

    I just checked out goodwills website and they have a shop online site.

    • mary

      Love it, I buy from there all of the time! It’s mostly an auction site but they have some “buy now” items. Be sure to look at the shipping and handling when bidding.

  5. Marie

    Another great thing about thrift stores is that you’re helping the planet by recycling and keeping these items out of land fills. If you buy used items, instead of buying new, that’s less pollution being produced in manufacturing as well.

  6. Sheila

    Also be careful when checking pockets and purses, I volunteer at a thrift store and they have also found snakes and spiders!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh my! That sure would be surprising! Thanks for the warning!

  7. Jill

    I love to buy puzzles at thrift stores. they are a quarter at my local one! Good fun on the cheap 😊

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for letting us know about your favorite find, Jill! I love puzzles too!

  8. tpop

    There are quite a few crafters who buy wool/cashmere/alpaca sweaters to unravel and reuse the yarn. Much cheaper than buying new!

  9. Leslie Milner

    I love looking for blazers when I’m thrifting. You can always find nice ones b/c people tend not to “wear them out” as much other clothing items, and they dress up an outfit nicely. I have found some from Express, Anne Taylor, and J.Crew for as little as $4 on half price day at Goodwill.

    • Dee

      Good idea. I also look at the suits, and if I like the jacket, I may donate back the skirt or pants.

  10. Valerie

    We have a Hope’s closet thrift store and I bought 5 never used plastic cups that some had minor cracks and I wrote the company and sent pictures and they sent me all new ones at NO charge! These cups are the ones sold by starbucks that are double lined. With the shipment I got they also included lids and straws.

  11. llc

    We have a killer resale shop in Houston (Memorial Assistance Ministries). They have a boutique for the nearly new designer items. Prices are a bit higher but great quality. And then they have sales like buy 1, get 1 free. So if u spent $30 on a top, you could get another item under $30 for free. Plus they have a crazy clearance 4 times a year where they mark down everything to super low prices to rotate inventory.

  12. patricialavenz-goff

    OMG I got a set of those blue striped bowls in the picture above. Who sells them? I bought them at a thrift store. I need another one as one got broken. LOL

  13. patricialavenz-goff

    I love watching the Crazy Lamp Lady shopping at thrift stores and the Goodwill. I just wish we had half the stuff in our Goodwill.

    • Mary

      I watch her channel too. Love to see what she finds.

    • Stacy

      I watch her channel too! Love the adventures and it always makes me want to get up and go thrifting instantly! Lol. Then I remember I have two kids and taking them anywhere in public is a challenge, so I keep watching and planning for when they are both in school. Lol

  14. M

    Love thrift shops & yard sales. I always find something useful. A lot of it fairly new. At one particular yard sale I bought a pair of jeans with tags for my husband. Did not fit. I decided to take them to the store that sells these since they were fairly new and not worn and was given a refund for the jeans.

    • Vintagemidge

      Yeah. That’s stealing. I’m not sure I would proudly post something like that.

      • M

        How is it stealing? The jeans were bought at that particular chain. It’s not like they weren’t bought and paid for.

  15. Courtney

    Every Sunday the Goodwill locations in my area have $1 day. Basically, anything left over from the 50% off color the week before is only $1.

    I go almost every Sunday and arrive a few minutes before they open. Plus, a coupon prints at the bottom of every receipt for $5 off my $20 purchase which I save and use the following Sunday.

    I have found many insane deals on high end clothing brands. You can’t beat it!!!

  16. Rachel

    My local thrift store only charges 25 cents for books, $1 for jeans, shoes, and shirts, $2 for boots, and $4 for jackets. It’s so great bc I’ve lost 85lbs and I’m still losing so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that I could grow out of in the next month or two. My 15 year old also loves shopping in there bc she can get a lot of bang for her buck. We’re in there at least every other week.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Congrats on your success with weight loss, Rachel! I bet shopping at the thrift store is a big money saver as you downsize!

      • Tiggertoon

        I’ve been a dedicated thrifter for decades. Other than underwear(which I need to be new😳) I’ve been incredibly successful in clothing myself, and MANY others in my life. One word of warning – because I was constantly buying ‘new’ clothes(and donating bags worth, back to the stores) 30 lbs crept on since I didn’t feel the tightness of outgrowing my clothes(darn you menopause 😩)

        • Mei

          Tiggertoon – you are not alone on this one. I share your curse on menopause! (and the love of not having to wear clothes that I cannot breathe in while wearing).

  17. Soccer Mom

    We like to visit a Goodwill near a college campus when the students leave college in the spring and donate/leave a lot of stuff that they don’t want to move back home. There is always a lot of name brand clothes (with tags on) and lots of kitchen items.

    • Tina

      Great idea!!!!

  18. Lily

    Love this post! It’s so important to promote reuse. It would be really cool if H2S could do a series on decor / outfits from thrifted items!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’ll make sure to pass this suggestion along to the team, Lily!

  19. 5pink1blue

    I found $15 in a pair of cargo shorts I bought for my son for $0.25!

  20. Apple

    Are there any thrifters that can recommend Thrift shops that are worth visiting in GA and or FL? Thanks!

    • Valerie

      I’m not sure where in Fl you are but Hope’s thrift store is amazing

  21. Melie

    One tip is to follow your local thrift stores on social media to find out about upcoming sales. Our Goodwill does a half off day once a month, and a different store has occasional sales where a particular type of clothes, like jeans or sweaters, will all be 99 cents.

  22. Kareen

    I give new clothes with the tag still on to Thift all the time. I am an avid Thrifter I love it and I’m happy to see this post

  23. Ana

    Love thrifstores!!

    Also if you sign up for GOODWILL REWARDS TEXT MESSAGES you can be alerted when an upcoming sale is going to happen!

    Text JOIN to 31823

    • Ana

      And you can shop goodwill online and pick up in store varies by location!!

  24. HBee

    I love thrifting and have found many a deal there. It always amazes me that thrifts fill stores to the gills with our castaway items. We are so blessed.

  25. Jessica king

    Lina- I love white milk glass and anything hobnail also. Love your arrangement. So pretty! -jessica

  26. Jen

    RUN!!!! To your nearest Goodwill pound store. Don’t be turned off by how unappealing things first look; clothes in huge tubs, Crates etc.,,,, You do have to take your time & plan on spending the day there but I have found authentic Chanel handbags & shoes, Burberry, Gucci (2 watches & shoes) gold chains, YSL perfume (new), Bath & body, Redken, St. John with tags still attached etc., Miss Me, Jimmy Choo. I could go on & on. The shoes cost a whopping $2.25 handbags $3.25, Coach I can find almost any day. I got an electric fireplace for $4.24, I’m wearing my Giorgio Armani glasses I paid .05 for as I type this. You pay for clothing & housewares by the pound. Yesterday I paid .52 for an excellent condition Northface jacket:). RUN!!!

    • M

      Never heard of this. Are these Goodwill by the pound stores common? Thanks!

      • Jen

        Yes, they vary by state. Each one is ran differently but the concept is the same, lots of items sold by the pound. Some GWILLs over price designer items so they don’t sell which means they end up at the close out or pound store sold for pennies. Also, some donations go straight there and are immediately sold by the pound. Be patient go thru everything last week I found a whole tub of lulu lemon. No reason to get frustrated I promise there’s something in every store if you take your time. You would be beyond shocked if I could send you a pic of some of the things I’ve found. It’s a delicious treasure hunt.

  27. Bev

    If any of you are ever in northeast Nebraska, check out “Emerson’s New to You” shop! It’s a local thrift store run solely by volunteers. All of their profits go back into the community. Everything is donated by people in town, and the surrounding communities. It’s like a huge garage sale, with new items coming in every day! Their prices are unbelievably low! Vintage dishes (my downfall 🙂 ), clothes, books, housewares, puzzles, games, and so much more! Check out their Facebook page, Emerson’s New to You.

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