Freebies for Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic | Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Crocs, & More

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More Giving

nurses holding krispy kreme boxes

These businesses are giving back!

Healthcare workers and first responders are working long days and nights to help with the increased number of patients due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In appreciation of their service and to help them get through these tough times, the following businesses are giving back and offering freebies as a way to say thanks.

Airbnb is offering free housing.

person laying on airbnb couch

Airbnb announced a new global initiative to provide 100,000 healthcare professionals, relief workers, and first responders with safe, clean, and convenient places to stay for free.

This will allow them to be closer to their patients while working long days and nights responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. You can find more details on this initiative here.

Krispy Kreme is handing out free doughnuts.

krispy kreme glazed donuts

Beginning March 30th (National Doctors’ Day) and every Monday through National Nurses Week (May 6-12), Krispy Kreme will be giving away FREE dozens of Original Glazed Doughnuts to all healthcare workers – and no coupon is needed! Get more details on this sweet freebie here.

Crocs is shipping free pairs of shoes.

clogs with a green tag

For a limited time, starting daily at 12PM EST, head over to Crocs where they are offering a free pair of Crocs with free shipping to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Note that there is a limited number of free shoes that will be available each day. If you do not see the “Continue to Request” button, you will need to try again the next day. Please note that colors, styles, and quantities are subject to availability. Read details on how to get your free pair here!

Starbucks & Wawa are pouring free coffee.

hand holding starbucks

Through May 3rd, Starbucks will be offering free coffee to front line responders! Any customer who identifies as a front-line responder to the COVID-19 outbreak will receive a tall brewed coffee (hot or iced) at no charge. Get more details about this freebie here.

In addition, Wawa stores will be providing all health care workers and first responders with free coffee to fuel their shifts during this crisis. Read more about this perk here.

RaceTrac is offering a free drink to essential workers

RaceTrac fountain drink full with ice and soda. Their logo is on the front with a smiley face

The convenience store is responding to COVID-19 in many ways, from keeping guests and team members safe to supporting the community.

Through April 7th, RaceTrac is expressing their gratitude to all essential workers. They will receive a free small coffee or fountain drink. Limit 1 per day. Uniform or valid ID is required.

Circle K is offering free drinks to First Responders & Health Care Workers

mean wearing gloves using coffee machine to get coffee

For a limited time, Circle K convenience stores are offering Free coffee, tea, and Polar Pop to first responders, health care workers, and store employees – no other purchase is necessary.

BP/Amoco is Offering 50 Cents Off Per Gallon

BP Gas Station at dusk

To thank First Responders, Nurses, Doctors and Hospital workers for being on the front lines and keeping our communities safe during the coronavirus pandemic, BP is offering them a 50 cents off per gallon discount to use on their next fill up at BP and Amoco stations!

Go here for more information.

Free Combo from White Castle for Healthcare workers and EMTS

White Castle Combo Meal

Through April 30th, White Castle is showing their support to Healthcare workers and EMTS by offering them a FREE combo meal. Must show ID to receive offer. They are available through the drive thru only. Limit one per customer, per visit.

Sam’s Club

sams club cart in bakery in store

All Sam’s Clubs nationwide are expanding their special associate shopping hours to include frontline responders. Beginning on April 19th, 2020, Sam’s Club will open for “Hero Hours” every Sunday from 8 AM to 10 AM.

During this time, Sam’s Club will allow first responders and healthcare workers to shop with no membership required! Head on over here to learn more about this unique opportunity for frontline heroes.

Wyndham Rewards

Wyhdham sign outside hotel

Wyndham is offering all essential workers a complimentary upgrade to Gold Membership in its Wyndham Rewards loyalty program. This offer includes truck drivers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, construction workers, sanitation workers, grocery associates, healthcare workers, and more.


nurse looking at cell phone

AT&T is giving frontline nurses and physicians 3 months of free wireless service on its FirstNet network. FirstNet is the only nationwide high-speed broadband communications platform built especially for America’s first responders.

Nurses and physicians already on the FirstNet Mobile Responder plan will automatically receive the 3-month service credit on their smartphone or tablet line of service. New subscribers are also eligible for three months of free service. To learn more or to find out how to enroll, head on over here!

Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants

Checkers & Rally's burger, fries, and soda

Uniformed medical workers and first responders can now get a free small combo meal at one of the over 250 company-owned Checkers and Rally’s restaurants across the country.

Combo meals include your choice of a Big Buford, Baconzilla!, Cheese Champ, 5pc Classic Wings Combo, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Deep Sea Double, Half-Pound Chicken Bites, Chili Dog or BBQ Bacon Roadhouse. The combo also comes with small Famous Seasoned Fries and a small drink.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ's Wholesale Club

For a limited time, BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a FREE four-month BJ’s Membership to all first responders and healthcare workers when they sign up at the membership desk at their local club.

First responders and healthcare workers can also shop BJ’s Wholesale Club without a membership every Sunday from 8-9 am during the club’s Appreciation Hour.


woman with red hair wearing orange Ear Savers

Glowforge, a 3D laser-printing company, has a solution for ill-fitting face masks and sore ears from elastic! The Ear Saver is a simple piece of acrylic that makes mask sizing more flexible and removes pressure and friction from the ears, making any mask more comfortable to wear.

The Glowforge factory, along with thousands of Glowforge users at home, are now printing these Ear Savers so that frontline workers can get them for free! Anyone wearing a mask in their role as an essential worker can request a free Ear Saver. This includes nurses, retail workers, delivery workers, doctors, sanitation workers, etc.


McDonald's sign offering free meals to healthcare workers

McDonald’s is showing its appreciation for healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics who are on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis with a free meal! Now through May 5th, these Thank You Meals will be available during breakfast, lunch, or dinner at no charge to frontline responders at participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

The Thank You Meals will be served in McDonald’s iconic Happy Meal boxes and feature your choice of sandwich, drink, and a side along with a note of appreciation (limit of one meal per person per day). Just wear your uniform or show your work badge to claim your meal!


Samsung Galaxy phone with cracked screen

Samsung is offering first responders and healthcare professionals free repairs for Samsung phones, including cracked screens and battery replacements.

Doctors, nurses, hospital workers, EMTs, police officers, and firefighters with valid ID are eligible for a free repair through June 30, 2020. Note that only Samsung phones are eligible for free repairs (tablets and smartwatches are not). To qualify, your phone must turn on and be free from any liquid damage.

Head on over here to learn more about this program or to find out how to set up a repair!


Bojangles iced tea with lemon

Now through National Iced Tea Day (June 10), Bojangles’ is giving away any size of its Legendary Iced Tea to healthcare workers, first responders, and law enforcement. To claim your free iced tea, just show your credentials at any participating Bojangles’ restaurant.

Most Bojangles’ locations remain open for drive-thru, takeout, and delivery through DoorDash and Postmates where available.

H&R Block

woman doing taxes on laptop

Throughout the month of May, H&R Block is offering free tax prep services for frontline workers. All police, firefighters, EMTs, and healthcare workers can file both federal and state tax returns for free with Tax Pro Go, H&R Block’s expert-prepared virtual tax service. Just head on over here to get started!

Furbo is giving away free dog cameras.

dog standing and looking at furbo

The makers of Furbo Dog Cameras want to help health care workers keep their furbabies safe and happy even when their owners are working long hours during this Coronavirus pandemic.

The company is giving away free Furbos to keep these hard-working heroes connected with their furry family members (a $199 value)! Check out Furbo Dog Camera on Instagram or our Hip2Save post here for details.

Out of Work Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic? These Companies Are Hiring.

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Comments 83



    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you to them for their service as well! We do appreciate it!

    • Lo

      I agree but my husband says I sound a bit salty 🤣.
      I feel like grocery store workers are more exposed, paid a lot less and are under recognized for their work. They deal with potentially sick/symptomless ppl and items ppl touch (money and groceries).
      My 2 cents….

      • Jen

        I agree both of my boys work at Walmart and they are not provided gloves..hand sanitizer etc.
        If they choice to call out during this time they will be fired.

      • Nicole6

        I agree. The essential retail people should also be included. Whether it’s a free cup of coffee or just acknowledgement. Touching dirty money with are hands… All the essential workers that deal with sick people or the general public are putting themselves and their families at risk.

      • Shoppingfan

        I hear you Lo! We said this as well since we work in a Grocery Store. Our ChickFilA did stop by to provide dinner to us the other night which was greatly appreciated.

      • Jenn

        I work in healthcare and I made $3 more an hour working grocery retail. I wish that were a joke but this is the lowest paying job I’ve ever had.

      • Becky

        A nurse or doctor taking care of COVID patients are the frontline and have a comment to continue until this is over

      • Sheila

        No housekeeping gets paid a lot less than grocery workers

      • Kelly Plehn

        Thank you for all you do

      • Arthur

        Oh please. While it’s true janitorial staff, EVS and grocery store workers are important, they are not the ones staring sickness and death in the face. We appreciate you stocking the shelves with food. But that does not equal to the amount of stress and skill it takes to manage an extremely sick patient with COVID19. The risks are much higher in a hospital full of covid19 positive cases vs an aisle at the grocery store.

        • Sharon

          I totally agree

          • Megan Haughton

            Get me my free sample please

        • jessicagarcia-1

          That is true. But then, we have to think about the first Responders in rehabilitation AFTER COVID-19.

          At the hospital I work at, we work with COVID patients who are recovering from the virus. I’m not in the front lines per se , but I have patients that had COVID and are in the recovery process. Let’s not forget about those workers

    • Allison

      I hear you but please stop it with the all caps. You are shouting at everyone which is annoying…

    • Sue

      I agree! My husband is a custodian who is working full time at his job and they have even asked him to work overtime but he has said no. We worry about him picking up the virus.

    • Missy Kaple

      I agree we all are taking our part in this pandemic but it’s ok to honor the healthcare employees at this time ! Kudos to all♥️

    • Nicky

      I know the Crocs offer includes janitorial staff

    • Anita


      Also, my husband works for a factory who makes labels for food and cleaning supplies!!!! Can’t sell items without labels!!

    • JIll

      BP offer is for all Hospital workers

    • Pete Sakes

      Always a complainer. Jobs do not define you @rebecca.

    • Joanne DeLuca

      We include our EVS staff in all our “free lunches” etc…We love and honor them for ALL they do everyday…We have to thank everyone for what they do, we are all part of a team and in this horrible time together. Thank You!!!

    • Keshia N Gonzalez

      Well that’s why they day all health care workers, or ones that work in the hospital… ours get recognized

    • Bdiet24

      I know…. I work in environmental services for a nursing home… And I have to make sure everything is clean and sterilized for my residents.. it would be nice for people to thank us to we are at high risk also.

    • Dawn W. G.

      They are also considered frontline. Hospitals are full of nurses, doctors, physical, occupational Respiratory and speech therapists, environmental services, dietary, nurse assistants, imaging techs, unit clerks, registration. I am sure I could go on! Sorry if I missed anyone. Oh yeah bio med, laundry, engineering and IT staff can’t work without functioning equipment and computers! They are all lumped in to “healthcare” a lot of these companies are including all of the above in promotions! Signed proud MA on the frontline!

      • April

        Can’t go without the pharmacists and pharmacy staff. There have been many news about pharmacy staff contracting Covid.

    • Bob

      Everyone thinks they deserve the spotlight. When you go to college, get a degree and save a life, you too can get a free doughnut 😒

  2. Taya

    Does it apply to home care nurses too?

    • IB

      Wife is a nurse and had to provide her company email.

    • Jamie Latham

      As a home health nurse my company has been taking on positive patients, I would assume so. We’re working just as hard on the front line, with the same risks, to keep the hospital beds open, so I say yes.



    • DSch

      Really no need to shout. H2S is there to help all of us. Stay well.

      • Marie

        Agreed DSch! My daughter works in a pharmacy and is working long hours, exposed to many sick people. However, her exposure still does not equal that of my sisters who are on the front lines – doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. Take a moment to be kind to ALL of those who are working hard to keep us safe and clean, with adequate groceries, prescriptions and supplies, but especially those who are pulling double shifts or more with direct exposure to patients who are dying at great risk to their own wellbeing. Being rundown makes the risk even greater, and I applaud those companies who are going the extra mile to support them. ❤️

      • Angie

        I can’t even read comments in all caps. I hurts my eyes and I feel like I am being yelled at. Maybe it is just me?

        • Ana

          Nope. It’s not just you😊

          • HEATHER

            Actually, the most upvoted comments are asking to turn off the all caps. And look, you’re not using them!

    • Kruiz528

      Why are you shouting?

    • sona

      Rebecca please dont use capital letters as it is very difficult to read your point. Which is a good one.

    • Vasca

      Rebecca, Thank You for the work you do. I totally understand and agree. My father is a man with a degree that works as a custodian at a hospital in Seattle. He risks his life cleaning and disinfecting beds and toilets etc… where he knows the patient was infected with coronavirus thus has to be more careful and efficient. Had a stroke last year but still manages to go do his job. Doesnt care about freebies, but Lives.

    • Thomas

      I totally agree with you Rebecca!

    • Pete Sakes

      Using all Caps is sure way to get comment ignored.

    • Bebe

      Another forgotten group. CNA’s in nursing homes. We are kicked, spit on, have feces and urine on every part of our uniforms and skin, bitten by residents and called every bad name in the book in nursing homes across the nation, on a daily basis. This happens in a regular nursing home, not a lockdown ward. But yet, we come back day after day because we love these people. There’s no retirement benefits, no insurance, living paycheck to paycheck because the pay isn’t all that great, and very very few perks whatsoever. When one of the residents pass away it hurts our hearts. We’re doing everything we can to protect them from the illnesses that are out there, including Covid-19. This is our life every single day, 24/7…and yes I do love my job.

    • Bre

      well said. it takes an emotional toll on healthcare staff. everyone needs to remember…. don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth. wear gloves whether or not provided by your employer! I work emergency,; everyone is essential. STOP THE NEGATIVITY. show appreciation to all.

    • jimnchriswoods

      @rebecca you can get your point across without YELLING at everyone
      Please stop with the all caps. If you don’t know how to communicate on the web Google what ALL CAPS means. Stop already.

    • Bob

      Everyone trying to think their important

  4. Angie

    Let’s remember companies like these who are doing good with our support during and after this pandemic. Thank you for posting!

  5. Kruiz528

    Let’s support these businesses that are supporting our healthcare workers

  6. IB

    Krispy Kreme is also offering a free dozen to any customer on Saturday.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the reminder! We have that posted here.

  7. Lindsey

    Does this include those who work in mental health care facilities? My husband works in one and They still have to work through this they are having increased clients and workloads with this virus.

  8. chris

    I’m sorry my opinion I feel like this post is turning into a bunch of people that are mad becouse there not getting something free that’s sad becouse non of you started by saying thank you to all the nurses but I also think so and so should be included I 100 percent agree anyone right now putting there health in jeopardy should get get some acknowledgement but don’t take away from the nurses in the same sentence!!!

  9. terrabowker

    I applied for the Furbo camera, but have not received any email. I was wondering how long it was taking to see if it was accepted. It was two days ago.

  10. Sara

    So excited for the freebies!!!

  11. Rn404

    Thank you so much for this post. Proud RN here with 17yrs in the game. Hope to be able to get in on some of these freebies.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re most welcome! Thank you so much for the work that you do! 💕

  12. Lisa

    Does this include law enforcement officers as well?

    • Pete Sakes

      Does it say law enforcement?

    • Dawn W G

      Some companies are including first Responders. I have seen deputies do cpr I definitely consider them as first responders. I would just check with companies.

  13. barbarameyers

    I agree the medical staff is indeed working long hard hours! My teen age daughter is a cashier at a grocery store who too has been working long hard hours! She is pretty much told off on a daily basis by those that are not happy there are limits on items… She’s a teen people who is dealing with a lot as well! She is a senior who most likely won’t get prom or even a graduation! Can we just try to be kind and maybe just say Thank you??!!

    • Bebe

      Another forgotten group. CNA’s in nursing homes. We are kicked, spit on, have feces and urine on every part of our uniforms and skin, bitten by residents and called every bad name in the book in nursing homes across the nation, on a daily basis. This happens in a regular nursing home, not a lockdown ward. But yet, we come back day after day because we love these people. There’s no retirement benefits, no insurance, living paycheck to paycheck because the pay isn’t all that great, and very very few perks whatsoever. When one of the residents pass away it hurts our hearts. We’re doing everything we can to protect them from the illnesses that are out there, including Covid-19. This is our life every single day, 24/7…and yes I do love my job.

      • jimnchriswoods

        This isn’t the time or place to complain about how hard your job is-don’t like it change it. This is a post about honoring people not griping. Be grateful.

    • Kristin

      Tell your daughter thank you for what she is doing, I appreciate it!

  14. JennG3

    As the mom of a healthcare worker, I am so grateful for these companies. Knowing my daughter was the one checking for symptoms of Covid19 on the OB floor before admission was a little scary, but I’m very proud of her & her coworkers and know they appreciate this. I am beyond grateful for ALL the workers coming in contact with vast amounts of people during this time also, and pray for all of their safety.

  15. Tk

    There are so many people at risk. My daughter is a nurse and they are exposed to documented sick people and people showing symptoms. I am not downplaying all the others including my co workers and drivers ar Fedex but the health care workers deserve this right now it isn’t meant as a slight to everyone else just an honor to those that work knowing that the person they are touching could be giving them a virus they may not survive. It really isn’t about getting something for free but just recognizing one segment of our amazing humanity

  16. Debbie

    I completely understand that so many people are being exposed at their place of employment right now and they all want to be recognized too. However, please keep in mind that nurses and doctors are on the frontline of caring for people with this horrific virus. Not only are they putting themselves and their families at risk for contracting the virus, but they are watching people suffer and die because we don’t have the proper equipment to care for all patients. As a nurse, I will say that none of us went into nursing to helplessly watch people die. We became a nurse to help save people and take all life saving measure to care for people. That is not the case right now. When patients come in to NY hospitals, they are being tagged as patients to save and patients to let die basically. Nobody should have to see this and be forced to make these type of decisions. Imagine the PTSD our healthcare workers will experience, just like our military workers on the frontline. Please just stop for a second and think about it before you say you work here or here and should recieve a free coffee or donut also.

  17. peretz12

    So for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, is that every Monday from March 30th through May 12th? A bit confused on wording. I wanna grab some for my coworkers. 😁

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! This begins today (Monday March 30th) and every Monday through National Nurses Week (May 6-12). Hope this helps!

  18. ChristieG

    Thank You Hip2Save. I am so very appreciative of all you do.
    Thank you to America and all the hard workers in EVERY field. During this horrible time we are going to need each other even more. It is not about who is recognized and not. The element of us all being at risk is key. Thank you to all those that stay home and do the quarantine to flatten the curve.
    At the same time, I think we should honor and promote the companies that are offering more incentives to workers such as bonus pay, hazard pay. I currently know of Starbucks, Sheetz, and Lowes. Those companies doing more for their employees through this are putting more money into the hands of their employees. They are not deemed nonessential for whatever reason and workers must go in everyday.
    Please let’s stop arguing over acknowledgements and come together as one and fight this thing….
    Thank you!

  19. Lindsey Elliott

    As someone who work in the medical field I appreciate this companies generosity to help anyone who’s in my line of work. Myself and others have had our hours go up tremendously while we are already full time employees and my dog isn’t used to me being gone this much as well as my coworkers dogs. So seeing companies helping us during these times when we don’t have time for ourselves is heart warming.

  20. Bree

    What about home care workers who touch the most germs but aren’t nurses? Many companies offer them no benefits, no paid time off and no reimbursement for a sick or quarantined client they can’t care for. What about the cafeteria workers who are making sandwiches for way lower pay than what Amazon pays, so your kids can eat? Can we acknowledge the maintenance staff and custodial that works in nursing homes? Also, why is always junk food that’s given …so much sugar while we are all trying to stay healthy. The best thing we can do instead of rant and rave and get our blood pressure up, is help each other! If you know of a single parent in your neighborhood, or someone with one of these jobs or with no job now…give a phone call, put something in their mail, ask for their email and offer digital gift card (zero contact).

  21. Tricia

    My goodness!!!! I mean ok yeah there are people who clean the hospitals and others who come across germs but I think the point is helping the actual healthcare workers who need to be comfortable and safe in order to save lives! A fed ex driver is not going to save you if you get sick. It’s not about who are near germs. All of us are near germs. Walking into a grocery store can infect you so with that thought process everyone should get a free pair right?! I’m not saying others jobs are not important but come on…let’s just take it for what it is and say thank you to those who are treating these patients and saving lives, while risking their lives. Thank you EMS, doctors, nurses…you are appreciated!

  22. linda

    This is awesome but they seemed to be leaving a group of people out my daughter is a Mortician and they are having a hard time getting the safety equipment that they need to do their job its sad.

  23. Marie

    I’m actually happy that Hip2save is posting such deals and offers to people who are on the frontline, Thank you! Seeing the comments helps me realize that there are more people who contribute to the safety, comfort and well-being of others within the community than recognized. Everyone wants to be recognized for their part, as many don’t realize or are acknowledged for the various roles it is takes to help families and individuals during this time. I value each and every member of my team, and those who are putting themselves on the frontline. My mother is a nurse, who was moved from her unit to an ICU floor to help covid patient. Everyday, she is baffled by what is happening and she’s been a nurse for 35 years, in a inner city hospital. I’m a hospital social worker, and looking in from a different perspective, no I’m not saving lives but I’m the comforting face (or lack of due to the PPE) that patient’s see daily because there are no visitors allowed. I may be among one of the last faces they see as they are dying. Remember, people are dying without their loved ones. Social workers (in some institutions) are the one’s who make those tough phone calls to families. They are the ones who are helping coordinate disposition after a death. My point of this, Doctors and Nurses have a tremendous job to do during this time. They deserve every bit of recognition that is available, but there are so many others that deserve it as well. Thank you to all who out there, witnessing death, jeopardizing your own health for others and those who are doing their part to keep my community running/safe. No amount of freebies could ever acknowledged the appreciation we have for you!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Marie! BIG thanks for taking the time to share this with us and for the work that you and your mom are doing. It is SO appreciated. 💕🙌

  24. Jenny

    Uncool, I’m a healthcare worker, but not included, only nurses, not therapists. I guess BP doesn’t want ALL healthcare worker’s business.

    • Dawn

      If you are state certified you also can get discount. My husband is rad tech . They ask for your state license number

  25. lauriematzenbacher

    The dr’s and nurses are the last line now, the community if the front line, we take over when the community fails to shelter down and stay home.. I understand there are essential things you need to get but make your list and do it all at once.. Not everyday on your trip home. I am on the the covid airway team and if you need me to help save your live you could give the same consideration by staying home so I can see my family also

  26. Awthomas

    I know Respiratory is included in healthcare workers. But COVID19 is a respiratory illness. who do they think runs all those ventilators they beg for. Patients are taken care of by many different staff members but just once I would like to hear Thank you to all the Respiratory Therapist on the front lines.

  27. willowcat

    Is this post refreshed? And if not, could you make a running list that incorporates new offers and weeds out the old? Asking for my brother-in-law who is a healthcare worker.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      This post was refreshed today, willowcat! Hope this helps your brother-in-law!

  28. DJ

    I am using these freebies to take treats to my pts in the nursing home where I work. They can’t have visitors and activities in groups. They appreciate it so much!

  29. Srs79

    There is no option for medical assistant. I sent an email to see if there’s a way around it.

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