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Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Hasbro Card Game Coupon!

10:28 PM MST
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Make sure to browse through tomorrow’s USA Weekend or Parade magazine found in the Sunday Newspaper! I’ve heard lots of reports that you may find a pretty *HOT* Hasbro card game coupon inside! The coupon is valid for a FREE Hasbro Card Game when you buy 2 card games. The card games include Yahtzee Hands Down, Mille Bornes, Monopoly Deal, Sorry Revenge and Scrabble Slam. Pair this coupon up with the Hasbro game coupons from here to really score a sweet deal!

Target Deal Scenario:

Buy 2 Monopoly Deal Card games $5.24 each = $10.48
Buy 1 Scrabble Slam Card game $5.24
Total = $15.72
Use 2 $5/1 Monopoly coupons from here
Plus, use the buy two get one FREE coupon from the USA Weekend or Parade
Final cost ONLY $0.48 for all 3 card games– just $0.16 per game!

(Thanks, Save the Coupons & Rose Knows Coupons!)

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  • Maggie says:

    Not in either of my Parade inserts :(

  • Tilla Ham says:

    wasn’t in my parade insert but I was able to use 2 of the 5 dollar off coupons at target to score the monoply card games for .24 cents each so i’m happy with that! my cashier didn’t bat an eye at taking them for the card games, and the computer scanned them through just fine

  • Kim says:

    Here in GA, it was in my USA Weekend. I was able to use all coupons at my Target with no problem.

  • Melissa says:

    No go for me at Target. The manager came to my register to watch the cashier b/c she saw I had a fistful of coupons and before she even let the cashier scan the coupon she told me NO! She said it was for the “game”. I said I thought that a card game was a “game.” She denied saying it had to be “the game” not cards. She was so rude overall. She told the cashier before ringing me “Make sure she has all the items to match the coupons.”

    • Cathy says:

      Sounds like Targets corporate office should hear of how the manager handled the situation.

      • nancy says:

        Yeah, I agree. I’ve done this transaction a few times already with no problems what so ever. I think you should mention this to corporate. Thats a violation to “the customer is always right”

  • Amye says:

    I also saw that at Walmart several of these Hasbro card games are only $4!

  • Dani says:

    Toys R Us is having a BOGO sale tomorrow, Monday, on all card games.

  • AC says:

    My Parade magazine doesn’t have it :(

  • Jenn Russell says:

    I’m glad that I was not the only one that did not get the coupon in Parade. I was dissapointed, though!
    My daughter received the Monopoly card game for Christmas, it is a lot of fun. Much quicker than the gameboard version, of course.

  • Susan Burrows says:

    Could not find Hasbro coupon buy twp get one free in this weekend Parade but I am not giving up and hope to find the coupon so I can pair it with Hasbro coupon I have already printed.

  • Phyllis says:

    What zip code do you use for the Lunchable sub?

  • Lanvy says:

    It was in the USA Weekend for me, not the parade.

  • Annon says:

    Anyone in Houston able to find the Hasbro coupon in the Parade insert?

    • Shaheena says:

      No, I was hoping to find them, too! :( Then hoping they would come in this past week’s Parade since they didn’t the week before! Bummer.

  • chantal says:

    wasn’t in my paper either. Oh well. It was a good shot. Would love to have had this to give to my mom. I bought 5 of the card games a while back (about 2 months ago) when the coupons came out to get them for like 24 cents each.. Still hoping i can get my hands on this one for my mom though will keep looking .

  • Kim says:

    I too, was told today that I could not use the Monopoly coupons. I am really tired of Target cashiers making people who use coupons feel like criminals. I did email corporate today about rude cashiers and their selective coupon redemptions. Someone responded and gave me a phone number to call, which I certainly will!

  • Katiria says:

    Let me tell you that this is NOT valid in the Target store in South Florida(Davie Location). The manager told me I could not use the computer coupon on the games because they would make it .24 cents and the computer won’t take them. I tried to explain that its a good deal and It’s not like I’m getting it free and the cashier wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to scan it. Its so frustrating. I just had to walk away because I had to go to work. It gets me so mad ! !

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