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*HOT!* Freschetta Pizza $10 Rebate Offer

9:28 AM MST
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Wow! Reader, Erin, emailed about the following *HOT* rebate offer…

Had to let you know of a deal I came across at Target today! I was grocery shopping and happened across the Freschetta frozen pizzas. On the box was an amazing rebate! Buy any 3 Freschetta Pizzas 12oz or larger an get $10 back! My pizzas were $5.29 each, so only $5.87 for all three pizzas! That’s already super cheap, but paired with some coupons this could be one extra awesome deal!

I’d love to hear if any of you have come across this rebate offer. Let us know! And there is also a $1/1 Freschetta coupon available here that will sweeten this rebate even further!

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  • Natasha says:

    If you get the Freschetta by the slice there is a coupon inside the box for $5.00 off any 3 full size Freshettas :) That would make them almost free :)

  • Anna says:

    Where do they carry the “by the slice”? I can only find those for Red Baron.


  • Jamie says:

    I got my free pizzas by the slice coupon (from the deal a little while back) and used it the other day. The only thing on the inside of the box was a buy 2 get 1 free rebate, but it expires the end of this month. I already asked my sister to check on the $10 rebate for me during her lunch hours. She works right across the street from a Target. I am itching to find this deal. I hope it is my area.

  • tanyetta says:

    The pizza by the slice can be found at Target. Thank You for the heads up about the coupon inside :)

  • Jennifer says:

    Yes, I have saw this at my grocery store in NE Ohio…great deal!!!!!

  • Kelly says:

    I got this at my local grocery store (giant eagle) her SW PA. Got a great deal 3 pizzas for $3 after rebate since I have one of the $5/3 from the by the slice boxes a few months back. can’t beat $1/pizza.

  • Melissa says:

    i got my freschetta by the slice @ Meijer and Busch’s Market (local grocery store) so far. Inside one of the boxes it had a rebate to try it free – that expired the end of May! :P (ah well! it was free w/ coupon anyway) but i can’t wait to see if I can snag this deal too – they’re pizza’s are delish! :) I loved the one with tomatoes!

  • Tricia Martin says:

    I found the pizza by the slice at Walmart. =)

  • cbhoff says:

    I found this at Dominick’s in Chicago (a Safeway store) a few weeks ago. Dominick’s is the best best b/c they go on sale for $5 each and there are $5/$15 frozen food coupons in their ad. Pair this with the rebate and just pay tax!

  • Nichele says:

    Vons has them on sale for $4.99 ea when you buy three or more. Use two $1 coupons from the site and one 75 cent coupon (doubled to $1). Making each pizza $3.99 ea. Vows has a coupon for $5 off a $15 frozen items purchase. $7 out the door. Submit the rebate and make $3 profit.

  • angie says:

    I received 5 free frechetta by the slice from their contests/giveaways a few weeks back! I went to walmart and inside the box is a rebate from! If you send in 2 frechetta by the slice upc’s you get 1 free!!

  • emily says:

    Does anyone have an extra rebate form? If so, I’d love to have one! emilysnapp3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Sherrie says:

    have any of you tried the Freschetta – we did and we were not really excited about it – and we like Totino’s so we aren’t that picky – just wondered if anyone else had the same opinion

  • Melissa says:

    I happen to have 4 coupons for free freshetta pizza. This will be a great deal. Thanks!

  • Janna says:

    They had them at my Vons (Safeway), and you could combine with the $5 off$15 frozen food coupon! :)

  • jan says:

    I can’t make out what it says on the rebate from the picture. Does it say purchase between 8/1/11 – 8/30/11 or 9/30/11?? 9/30 would make more sense.

  • Katherine says:

    If anyone has an extra $10 rebate form, I’m willing to trade for: $5/3 pizza coupon and 1 Free Slice coupon. I went to the Target by my house and my work and neither have them :(

    Please email me at katiedevinadara (at) yahoo (dot)

    I will be very grateful since my kids love these pizzas and since I’m a single mom to 3, I’m on a very tight budget.

  • Karen says:

    does anyone know if the $1 off bricks cpn is one that you can request to be mailed to you? my printer seems to still be on vacation. thanks :-)

  • Renea says:

    I checked out our Target in Rockford, IL and the pizzas didn’t have and coupons or rebate forms on them. :(

  • Kristen says:

    If anyone finds them and has a couple extra I will trade you for beer rebates if you are interested. The beer rebates are for $5 back on any $10 meat purchase valid in AL, AR, CT, HI, MA, MN, MO NC, NY SD UT AND WV.

  • amanda says:

    Looking for one of the rebate forms – please email me it you are willing to part with one. Thanks! coupbrown yahoo

  • Nikki says:

    Would love to get a rebate form if anyone has an extra one. please email me at I would be willing to give you a free Freschetta By The Slice coupon!

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