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Speedway: Earn Rewards, Free Products, and More

9:20 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you have a Speedway gas station near you, you may be interested in signing up for their Speedy Rewards program (if you haven’t already)!  By signing up for Speedy Rewards at Speedway, not only will you earn points for buying gas and food, but you’ll even receive a coupon for a FREE item each month (if you sign up for email communications)!  How cool is that!?

This month’s free item is for a FREE 16 oz Snapple beverage, so if you’re already a Speedy Rewards member, be sure to check your email for this coupon offer.  Keep in mind that you must bring your Speedy Rewards card with you in order to redeem the free item coupons.

(Thanks, Go Get Your “Coup” On!)

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  • Lynne says:

    We have been using this program for almost 2 years now. We have been able to use our points for close to $250 worth of gift cards. They have many different ones available….applebees, visa GC, speedway. My husband drives close to 60 miles each day for work, so our points add up pretty fast.

  • Shannon says:

    Also, if you live in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, you can link your Remke/Bigg’s Pump Perks card to your Speedway Rewards card for even greater fuel savings.

    Once they are linked, swipe you Remke/Bigg’s card at Remke to earn points. Many items have pump perks of up to $1/off per gallon when you purchase them.
    Swipe your Speedway Rewards Card at Speedway for the instant discount and still continue to earn your Speedway points!

  • sarah says:

    We have used Speedway for years and are able to earn $10 gas cards every few months just by using their point system!

  • Tanisha says:

    I use the speedy points and they are great. Plus if you shop the at speedway mall ( you can get so many points for the places you already shop at. Lands End, American Eagle, The Disney Store, Kohls etc. You can find almost any store on there, go through the link and you get a certain amount of points (for example for The disney store you only get 15 points per dollar spent but for Kohl’s you get 35). And if that isn’t enough sometimes they have deals for 20% off, free shipping and the like when you go through the links posted. HTH 8)

  • Dawn says:

    I’m also a Speedway member but couldn’t seem to find the link to get email communication. I’d love to get a free item each month.

  • Megan says:

    how do we sign up for the email?

    • Ruby says:

      Update your profile on your speedway member account and uncheck the box at the very bottom so you will recieve e-mails for special offers and stuff. If it’s checked you will not recieve e-mails or special offers and such. HTH

  • Sara M. says:

    Save $0.10/gallon when you use Speedway gift cards that have been purchased at Marc’s.

  • Erin says:

    The best way to earn points and to stay on budget with your gas each month is to buy your gas in the form of gift cards. At the beginning of the month I buy our months budget in $100 gas cards (you get 1500 points for each $100 card) and then when you use the gift cards at the pump you still swipe your speedy card and will get normal points per gas as well . . . they add up a lot faster this way. =)

  • Jennifer says:

    My coupon is for a free dasani water! :)

  • Jennefer says:

    I always use my points for the Barnes and Noble gifts cards. My son is a huge reader and loves getting these as a gift. It is one less gift I have to buy and he can get a few new books for $25.

    Another thing I like is the bonus points they do. A few months ago I got 7,000 bonus points just for going in 10 different days during the promo period. You can also transfer points from other cards. My mom transfers her points to my card to help out on gift cards.

  • wayne snow says:

    I found a speedy rewards card , what do i do with it?

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