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*HOT* Food Lion: Free Groceries–1st 200 Customers Tomorrow (Select States Only)

7:07 PM MST
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Wow!  Tomorrow, March 28th, Food Lion is giving away a FREE bag of store brand groceries to the first 200 customers at select Food Lion stores when the doors open!  The bags will have a variety of items inside, ranging from crackers and cereal to aluminum foil.  If you live in Virginia, West Virginia, or North Carolina go here to find a Food Lion store near you, then set your alarm and head on over there to score some FREE groceries!  Be sure to call ahead to see if your store is participating.

Keep in mind that store hours vary by location (some stores open at 6AM and others open at 7AM) so be sure to verify your local store’s opening time before you go.  For more details, click here to read an article about this event.

Come back tomorrow and let us know if you are one of the lucky ones to snag free groceries at your store. :D

(Thanks, E!)

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  • Heather G says:

    Darn…..its for northeastern NC. I live in southeastern NC. Just missed it :)

  • Ashlee says:

    oh man! i live in TN

  • Barb J says:

    I just called my local store in NC and they were clueless to this so I guess that is a NO for me to free groceries.

  • Ashley P. says:

    So excited….guess I’m getting up early tomorrow – I just called my local store here in Richmond, VA and they confirmed this is true – can’t wait to see what they are giving away! Thanks as always Colin!

  • Joy says:

    Okay so I live in West Virginia and we have over 5 Food Lion stores in a 20 mile radius. I called all of them and none of them have a clue what I am talking about.

  • stella says:

    What time do you think I should get up to go to my local food lion?

  • Jul says:

    I called one of our Food Lions in Harrisonburg, VA and they are participating but they said instead of a bag of groceries they would be giving away $10 gift cards.

    • Megan says:

      Hi!! I live in Harrisonburg too!! Just thought it was neat to see a local fellow couponer! What time does our store open?

    • Laura says:

      I’m in Timberville VA, close to you “Harrisonburg-ers” (isn’t that a cute name? Lol.) , and our store was giving the bags away.

    • Jul says:

      My husband was able to get a $10 Food Lion card and a Food Lion bag. Apparently the prescribed items they were supposed to put in the bag had not arrived. Pretty neat promotion I think. Did anyone else get the $10?

  • FL associate says:

    I work for Food Lion in WV and we are not giving away free groceries tomorrow.

  • Karen says:

    My local food lion is literally a stones throw away so i may as well head over there just to check.

  • Kari says:

    Can’t get this deal. I live in Florida and ours closed awhile ago:(

  • Lindsay says:

    my store isn’t doing it but others in other towns are, poop

  • danii says:

    I just sent this to my Aunt in Mechanicsville, VA :) Hope hers is participating.

  • im says:

    is Charlotte NC FL stores are part of the free groceries giveaway?
    I live 2 min away from a Food lion

  • Christina says:

    just seen this at this article…

    The first 200 customers walking into Food Lion stores in Danville Wednesday morning will receive a free bag of groceries.

    “We want to make sure our customers stay loyal with us,” said Larry Cassels, director of operations for the western Virginia region.

  • rebate queen says:

    Got up early to go to my Food Lion in Jacksonville, NC. They had no idea what I was talking about.

  • Nicole says:

    The food lion in Winston-Salem had no clue either. The cashier said “If if sounds too good to be true than it’s probably not true”. : (

  • Charis says:

    Got my bag in Hampton, Va! Nobody was there! Collin, I sent you a pic ;)

  • Brie says:

    I’m in Virginia Beach. I happen to live not more than two blocks away, so I hopped in my car and got my bag. Not many people there. They still have a bunch of bags.

    The bag: reusable bag, peanut butter, strawberry preserves, aluminum foil, resealable bags, thin spaghetti, 2 liter of cola, and hand sanitizer. Not bad for FREE.

  • Ashley P says:

    Just scored my free bag, I was handed a ticket when I came thru the door to redeem after purchase, then went to customer service counter and received a reusable food lion bag that includes: a 2 liter cola, pasta, an 8 pack of peanut butter cracker packs, a box of forks, aluminum foil, and a box of reusable 20 gallon storage bags

  • kara says:

    I got mine!!

  • Sue says:

    I received mine in Chesapeake, VA. There was no waiting and I like the reusable bag. The store has been revamped and looks much nicer. I did grab some of their brand canned vegetables as they were 3 for $1.00. Not bad even without coupons.

  • Rome Anderson says:

    Pretty cool bag when paired with the recent Free: Half Gallon Fruit Blend Silk Coupon,6pk Box Of Entemann’s Muffin Tops, and The Craft Cheese Bread Crumb Mix!

    In the Hampton Roads Are I received a bag with aluminum foil,pasta,abox of peanut-butter crackers,20pk reusable storage bags,Box Of Forks,a 2liter of Soda and a coupon good for $10 off my next purchase(0f $40 or More) which i’ll probably use this weekend….Thanks Collin You Are The Coolest Couponer!!!

  • Laura says:

    I got mine in Poquoson, VA

  • nina says:

    called my local store they didn’t get the memo. in NC

  • kari says:

    I just got mine in Richmond VA not bad, Cereal, pasta, forks, reusable food lion bags, a 2 liter soda, aluminun foil, and hand snitizer in a really cute reusable bag. i love it

  • Cindy says:

    Va Bch Holland rd had soda, foil, plastic bags, peanut butter, strawberry preserves and spaghetti. Great deal.

  • Suzan says:

    Hubby went to the store near our home in Chesapeake and got cola, thin spaghetti, aluminum foil, plastic bags, peanut butter crackers, plastic forks, and Raisin Brain. I stopped by the store near the base at Little Creek and got cola, thin spaghetti, aluminum foil, plastic bags, apple cider, plastic forks, and Corn Flakes. Surprised that I was able to score the bag as the store by the base opened at 6:00 am and I didn’t get there until after 8:00!

  • Kristy says:

    My store opened up at 7 i got there at 830 and stil received a bag. It included forks, peanut butter crackers, cola, storage bags, spaghetti noodles, and aluminum foil. You had to collect a ticket and then when you were leaving you got the reusable bag. I went to the store in Virginia near tuckernuck.

  • Joy says:

    Was it newer stores everyone ? seems the two near my home..both didn’t participate..even though I am in a participating state..but they are OLD FL stores.. it says to celebrate their new changes as below.. which I know this has happened at my store..If you get a friendly cashier you are lucky..I only shop FL for something I forgot to a last minute something because it is closer to my home..wish they would upgrade it:

    “The retailer reduced prices on 6,000 items, refreshed its produce selection, expanded its organic and natural products sections, refined its check-out process, improved customer service and made aisles easier to navigate, Phillips-Brown said.

    “The strategy is all about making our stores easier and friendlier for customers to shop,” she said. “Price is important, as well as the experience they have in our stores.”

  • Brittany E says:

    I just got one and its 9:30! Thanks Collin. My store still had a bunch left. I live in the Richmond area.

  • Shanna says:

    Got a free bag and a catalina for $4 of $40 for groceries and $1 off $3 juice! Good day!

  • Tina Lam says:

    Thanks Collin. My store is in Va Beach VA. I was surprised by how much was in it….I got Plastic Cups, forks, corn flakes, cola, thin spaghetti, foil, storage bags, and a set of basting brushes.

  • Deb says:

    I just got mine at the Grottoes, Va store. Yay!! Always happy with free groceries!

  • Kari says:

    Got mine! Lots of free goodies. I live in Ashland, VA and my store (Kings Charter Mall) had about 75 bags left at 9:30! I got free 2L pop, spaghetti, forks, tin foil, one gallon bags, salsa, cereal, and cheese/cracker snacks. VERY good deal!

  • Victoria says:

    My mom went to get the deal and so did I, I received: box cereal, cola, spaghetti, alum foil, storage bags, peanut butter crackers, and chocolate chip granola bars. Looks like most Richmond stores are participating.

  • Ashley R. says:

    Took a chance to run by on my way to work and at just before 9:30 (Richmond, VA) they still had maybe 30-40 left – yaay! My bag contained: A bag of ruffle chips, a roll of toliet paper, a roll of paper towels, a pack of napkins, hand sanitizer, a 2-liter soda, aluminum foil, reusable storage bags, spaghetti, and a box of foks – Who knew you could get all of that in one bag! So excited – thanks for posting this Colin! You are truly the best!

  • LaTonya says:

    Thanks Collin. My friend and I got ours in Charlottesville, VA. You are awesome!!

  • Amber says:

    The closest 3 stores by me were already out… but 1 of them only had 100 instead of the advertised 200- I wonder if talking to corporate would do anything? One of the stores ran out of bags but a coule people were having a fit because they hadn’t redeemed their ticket yet (they passed out tickets so you would have time to shop before getting your bag). Definately seems they needed a better way to handle this promotion!

  • kristen says:

    I live in Western NC, and the article said 87 locations in Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore and 15 in northeastern North Carolina. So I am out of luck. I called anyways, but maybe next time.

  • Ann says:

    Score!!!! What a wonderful way to being Wednesday!

  • Suzanne says:

    Decided to take a shot and call the Manakin, VA store which is right next door to my job. They are a pretty slow store so I thought they might have some left and they did! Received a reusable food lion bag that includes: a 2 liter cola, pasta, an 8 pack of peanut butter cracker packs, a box of forks, aluminum foil, and a box of reusable 20 gallon storage bags. Thanks for the heads up!

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