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Viggle Beta: FREE Version for Android Phones (Now Available!)

8:03 PM MST
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Yay!  If you have an Android phone and have been patiently waiting for Viggle to release an App for your phone, I have good news!  Now you can head on over here and follow the simple instructions to load Viggle Beta onto your Android Phone.  Keep in mind that this is a Beta version, so they are still working out the kinks and are looking for feedback regarding the app.

Not quite sure what Viggle is?  Viggle is a FREE app (previously only available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) that rewards you for watching TV regularly… how cool is that!? :D   Some of the rewards include FREE music downloads, Fandango movie tickets, gift cards to stores/restaurants like CVS, Target, Chili’s, Starbucks’, Best Buy, Old Navy, Burger King, Sephora, and lots more!

Features of Viggle:

*What’s On: See what shows are hot and where you can get extra Viggle points, set show reminders, and get detailed show information.
*Check In: Viggle automatically checks you into what you’re watching with a simple tap.
*Rewards: Redeem your Viggle points in the Rewards catalog for real products from top brands.
*Latest Chatter: Share your check-ins and tell your friends what you’re watching with Facebook and Twitter.
*Extras: Play games, watch videos and take quizzes and polls to rack up more Viggle points.

(Thanks, Veronica and Nick!)

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  • VB says:

    I noticed that the Android version tells you the amount of points you received for each checkin which is something i thought it needed.

  • Cindy says:

    You can also download this to an Android tablet, including Kindle Fire. If your tablet doesn’t have a microphone, you can buy a headphone/microphone combo or a microphone. Either has to have a four-conductor plug (three dividers) and they’re available on Amazon for less than $6.

  • Ashley says:

    says not supported on my device to upgrade o.O guess i’ll wait til the kinks are fully worked out =(

  • diamondcat says:

    Can someone just explain in simple terms how Viggle works. I typically DVR all my shows and watch them whenever I have time. Do you have to watch the shows in real time? How does it know if you are actually watching a show. I couldn’t find any good answers when I Googled.

    • NurseEm says:

      You have to watch the show within 24 hours of its original airing to get bonus points. I always check in to the shows the morning after they aired. Also, it knows which show you are watching because it can identify the show (down to the specific episode) by listening to a 10+ second clip of the show. So you turn on the show, push a button to “check in”, the Viggle app listens and a button pops up asks you to confirm that it identified it correctly.

    • VB says:

      You will have to wait atleast 11 minutes to check-in to the next show to get all of the points for the show.

      • Sam says:

        It’s 10 minutes… But they are starting o flag accounts that only stay signed in for 10 minutes on each show. Or the last 10 minutes of a show. So happy boggling the app is going downhill

  • christine says:

    So excited! Ive been so jelous!

  • renee says:

    saying my phone does not support this! no fair–neone else getting this? :(

  • Tracy says:

    I loved viggle. Was getting some good points and receiving some nice CVS gift cards, however viggle banned me twice over the weekend for “suspicious behavior.” I checked into my shows, watched the ads on the app and got banned. Over a 3 day period did not even come close to the allowed amount of points earned (i earned 7000 over 3 days, when according to their rules I can make 6000 a day!) Then they proceed to tell me that if you get banned 3 times they deactivate your account. Oh and the 2nd time I was banned by viggle? I was in bed sleeping in the middle of the night, not using the program but had suspicious activity somehow! They have been changing their app, their rules, banning people for no apparent reason (or at least not that they are telling, and I know of quite a few people that they have banned) and lowering their points. Now I have no issue with the points being lowered, as hey, I’m still earning on a free app toward a free gift card, however it is upsetting that customer service will not work with you, tell you what you are supposedly doing wrong. The customer service personal that I have dealt this week from Viggle have been very rude to me, when all I wanted to know was what I did to get banned so I could prevent it again and then they banned me again. Its like they are offended that you could even question what might have happened. Also, many people have not been getting their points awarded lately and Viggle has told them they will not award them, even though it was a glitch on their end. At thispoint I would suggest being cautious with Viggle. I will try them again soon, bit am stopping for awhile.

    • Marie S. says:

      I didn’t even know that I had been “banned” until I tried to redeem a Starbucks gc and received an error message. I went on to the Facebook page to see if anyone else was getting the 2045 error, which is when I saw others complaining about the same message. I generally stay logged in for at least 20 minutes of a half hour program since we DVR everything so we fast forward through commercials, although if a program is quite violent or has a lot of swearing I may end it early.

      Anyway, how did you get cs to respond? I have emailed twice but haven’t gotten a response.

      • Tracy says:

        It took 2 days for them to respond to my first email. I also did not know I was banned until I went to redeem a gc. I have noticed on the app store reviews this week that several people have been banned this weekend. Its like they are trying to get rid of some users now that they have launched the android beta or something. I don’t know and “Jason” at customer service was rude and not helpful.

      • Christine says:

        I was banned also, not sure what I did and didn’t know until I tried to redeem points. So upsetting that they don’t even tell you when it happens.

    • Erin says:

      Yikes. Good to know not to carry a large point balance.

  • stephanie says:

    Thank you!!!! I love viggle so much and look everyday for it to become Android compatible.

  • Sam says:

    The more people who join this program the worse it gets

    • Erin says:

      So true. I dread seeing it posted. There used to be lots of ads with high values and trivia, now it’s pretty much a point-a-minute viewing, plus bonus points for some shows. Takes forever to earn meaningful points now.

  • Alex says:

    My phone (Samsung Captivate with AT&T) blocks downloading of apps that aren’t from the Android Market… so this is a no go for me.

    • staceyb20 says:

      you can change that in ur settings…you don’t have to stick to only downloading from android market. You just might miss out on a lot of stuff!!

    • diamondcat says:

      Just go to Menu/Settings/applications…then make sure the ‘unknown sources’ is checked. Then you can go to the viggle website and click on the link and it will download to your phone.

  • Lynne says:

    It is harder to earn points now than it was even two weeks ago. It requires much more effort now, you should realize that if you earn the max pts in a day ( which is very very hard now), you earn about $3.

    Rewards go out of stock regularly and have come back at higher cost ( best buy was 37k, now 50k)

    Just don’t plan on making a killing

    • Angel says:

      Agree. Last time I finally earned 37.5K for Best Buy, it was out of stock. Now it requires 50K. I was trying to get the CVS GC instead but it’s gone today, bummer. I end up went for the 50K Best Buy GC.

  • Vivi says:

    Just downloaded it …I’ll see how it works out

  • katokailyn says:

    Has anyone successfully downloaded Viggle to the HTC Inspire? My phone also blocks apps that aren’t from the Android Market and and Viggle’s instructions aren’t working for me! Help?!

    • diamondcat says:

      Just go to Menu/Settings/applications…then make sure the ‘unknown sources’ is checked. Then you can go to the viggle website and click on the link and it will download to your phone.

  • michelle says:

    Says my phone isn’t compatible :(

  • Ftwaynecardsfan says:

    I love this app for iPhone! Yesterday, I turned in 200,000 points for $100 worth of Best Buy gift cards…ended up buying a new HP printer for about $17. Great app!!!

  • laura s. says:

    ive been using it since the post about the guy who got the tv. it def is getting harder to get points. i kind of wish i didnt upgrade. it was easier to get the points for ad before the upgrade.

    • lynne ATL says:

      you can go back if you haven’t synced with your computer since you upgraded. Delete the app from your device and resync and your old ver should come back

  • Melissa Garcia says:

    I cant find this app anywhere…

  • Crazyformyjesus says:

    Ugggg…I can not figure out how to download it!….for a person who doesn’t know electronics very well, those aren’t simple instructions, LOL! Could someone explain a bit more? I can’t figure it out from point number four>>to the end.

  • Amy says:

    Viggle is kind of frustrating, seems like their rewards are getting worse instead of better, but you just have to remind yourself you are getting a free gift card for watching tv

  • renee says:

    There is another FREE app similar to Viggle Called ” app trailers ” you watch trailers and get points, redeem for gift cards etc. it has been around for awhile and is affiliated with ” appredeem ” so ……….. the app trailers first , from itunes its FREE
    2. if you use my username as a referral YOU get bonus points and I get bonus points ( mile26point2 )
    3.then go find appredeem and download their FREE app. These 2 apps are connected so you get points from both of them under one account. You will see your points from the app trailers when you open appredeem.

  • diamondcat says:

    Can anyone answer a few questions: I used Viggle for the first time today and I am still a bit confused. I started to watch Private Practice and it recognized it. After a bit, my phone went to sleep. When I went to watch another show, my phone still was showing a picture of Private Practice. 1) How does it know I watched the entire show? 2) How do I tell it I am done watching and go to the screen where I can tap again for it to recognize a new show? Also, I got 44 points for Private Practice plus a 150 “check-in bonus”, how are the points determined?
    Also, if there is a good FAQ for Viggle online, please point me toward it thanks.

    • Marie S. says:

      You get 1 point for each minute of a show you are checked in to. Some shows give you a bonus if you watch within 24 hours of it broadcasting.

      If you click the check in button, you can tap to check in to another show. You may need to click the back button to get to the main screen. If you click on the icon with the show’s name and scroll down it will tell you how long you have been checked into a show.

  • christine says:

    I was so excited to have earned enought pts for a $5 gc already and Friday at 8 exactly, as the bonus pts start ofc, it made me upgrade and now I cant check in. So sad.

  • Brenda Smoak says:

    I am so glad all of you are writing in plain English! Thanks so much for being so clear answering questions! I just tried to download Viggle to my Android LG Optimus and although it started the download, it then said the download was unsuccessful. No other information – no code. I tried several times but keep getting the same information. Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks!

  • diamondcat says:

    Does anyone know if there is a Viggle forum where you can talk about it?

    • Tracy says:

      i have looked and not found one. Maybe I haven’t looked in the right places yet but as of yet have not found it anyways.

  • lynda Falkenstein says:

    When I try to check into any show it says listening and just keeps saying analyzing and doesn’t check in great app if it would just work I have an android phone tested the beta app tnen it told me to upgrade so I did and it still doesn’t work

  • Rebecca says:

    Stopped giving points. Reset, removed battery from phone…no movement in points. Any suggestions?

  • Michelle says:

    Viggle was working pretty decently on my Moto Atrix until the last upgrade. Now the What’s On” feature will not load, the little cog wheels just continues to spin. I emailed Customer Service and they advised me to uninstall, then reinstall & that should solve my problem. Well it didn’t and I emailed to let them know this a week ago and haven’t gotten so much as an automated reply. I think Android users are getting screwed with this app because it has gotten difficult to gain points, yet the points to redeem awards has jumped way up. I wasn’t even aware of users being banned until now. If this crap keeps up this app is going into the trash bin on my phone!

    • Tracy says:

      It’s not just android users. It is the same for iPhone users also . I have been banned 2x the 2nd time while I was asleep and not even using the program. Points are hard to get now and all the rewards have gone up. It’s getting to be ridiculous! I haven’t really used this app much since I got banned. Have enough now for a gift card, may see if I have been banned again!

  • Peggy olson says:

    I’ve tried 12 time to sign up for your 12 days everything utah it takes all my information and goes bezerk I don’t deserve to go that would love to go as you see him a computer literate I watch every day actually I have to tape it and I watch in the evenings some old school 53 list poor health I just got out of the hospital after 9 days and I’m still not that well so if you can help me I appreciate it being on your show is on my to do list before I can’t get around anyway I said im computer illiterate and can’t seem to use them right app fot your12 days giveaway.I know that there’s alot more in need than myself.Thanks for listen ing your the next life im gonna be just like you much admiration peggy olson

  • Peggy olson says:

    I have no problem with it I just cant but can’t figure it out I’m computer illiterate I don’t know what to do

  • delissia j says:

    i wanted to know how i can find the viggle app on my att android

  • Peggy olson says:

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  • Quek says:

    Can’t find viggle on google plan. Can anyone email me the apk for viggle ? Really appreciate it

  • CFL says:

    I just downloaded Viggle today and am having some trouble. I try to check into shows, it will say ” Listening to your TV” then “Matching” but it just says anythings over and over. I’ve gotten it to work twice, but most of the time it just tried matching and never picks up the show I am watching.
    I don’t have the greatest phone, HTC Wildfire S, could my phone be the problem?

  • Peggy olson says:

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  • Peggy olson says:

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  • Peggy olson says:

    I watched the olympics and was wondering how to get my points

  • Peggy olson says:

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