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Rare Lay’s, Cheetos, & Sun Chips Coupons (Available Again!)

4:47 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you missed these coupons yesterday, they are printing again!

Hurry on over to the CommonKindness site and **log in or register** to print the following coupons for Sun Chips, Cheetos, Lays, & Rold Gold.  Be quick, as these never seem to last very long!

*$0.55/1 bag of Sun Chips Multi-grain 9 oz or larger
*$1 off Cheetos Salsa con Queso 9 oz or larger when you buy 1 bag of Cheetos 8 oz or larger
*$0.55/1 bag of Lay’s Potato Chips 10 oz or larger
*$0.75/2 bags of Rold Gold 10oz or larger

These coupons should make for a great deal when paired with a sale as these often go on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free at CVS and other stores. Or, you can use the Sun Chips coupon at CVS starting 6/10 to score the following deal:

Tostitos 9-13oz, Sun Chips 10.5oz, Pepsi 12oz bottles 8pk, or 16oz bottles 6pk 2/$6
Use the $0.55/1 coupon found here
Final cost $2.45 each!

*Remember this deal scenario above does not start until 6/10

TIP – You may only want to print 3 coupons at a time as several of you have mentioned losing any additional coupons if you print more than 3.  :(

(Thanks, Fran and This Mama Knows!)

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  • Ronen says: is down. All I get is an empty-blank page. Based on a previews experience with commonkindness, which was nothing but disappointments, hassle, annoyance, etc…I’d not recommend you to mess with them. Once you clip any of their coupons, you can’t print them again for at least 6 months. Even their consumer relations sucks! Don’t bother with them.

  • Ronen says:

    It’s needless to say how ridiculous it is to be limited to one coupon every 6 months. No one else but is known to be so limiting and senseless!

  • Wendy says:

    I like the high-value coupons on this site; however, I hate the headache caused by trying to print them…

  • michelle says:

    has anyone tried using this coupons at the store? Do think scam okay? My store usually doubles coupons below .99. Do you know if the coupons like the 0.75 and the 0.55 automatically double at the register? Other coupon formats you could tell whether it will double if the barcode started with a 5.

    • Lauri says:

      I had no problems using one of their coupons last week. On another post I saw that they are working on their site and trying to improve it. I hope they are able to work out the kinks. I love the idea of a donation being made for each coupon you use.

    • Mallory says:

      I have used them at Target and at Wegmans (who doubles coupons .99 + below) and they both worked perfectly, no issue and Wegmans did automatically double their coupons on the register. I was a little worried myself, some seemed too good to be true/off the beaten path (I know about, smartsource, redplum, etc but never commonkindness til last week!) The site is glitchy but the coupons work!

  • Stephanie says:

    How do you print them?

  • patti says:

    i didnt have any trouble printing from there . i was shocked though that there doesnt seem to be a print limit. I printed 4 copies

    • Amy Mac says:

      There is a print limit – 1 per 180 days for most coupons. Even though you can print more than 1, using more than 1 coupon is fraud according to their website. Check their FAQ !

  • Cara says:

    the print button will never show up for me :( Any suggestions?

  • V.P says:

    scanned no problem i used them a rite aid a while ago and no beeps or anything. i was told that u can print more then one if you make differnt account

  • CO Mama says:

    I have printed many coupons from this site & never had an issue. To print: select coupon(s) then look at bottom of screen and you should see a yellow bar that says “print your coupons” It allows me to print certain coupons every seven days, for as long as coupon is available, which is not bad. Yes, you can select how many you would like to print, but better be honest or this site with good intentions and great savings will be gone or having nothing of value to print. Scan & double with no issues at the store as well. LOVING the Food for Life coupon (Ezekiel bread) paired with King Soopers deal, best price I’ve ever paid for this brand.

    • michelle says:

      Will we get in trouble if we print more than 1 even though the limit is supposely is one? I notice on the top right is shows what date and time you print the coupon. the coupon says do not duplicate. When the coupon is sent back to the manufacturer won’t they notice that you print more than one since they all look alike with the exact same time and date.

  • Lori says:

    So I was on their site yesterday and couldn’t find where it said to print. Today though, I did find it. It’s at the very bottom. If you have any bars at the bottom of your pages (like Roboform bar or something like that), they may block you from seeing it. Exit out that bar and hopefully you will see it. It’s a yellow bar that says, “print your coupons.”

  • amanda says:

    Off topic has anyone else gotten any dr oz giveaway prizes yet??

  • D says:

    No longer available, sadly.

  • Christa says:

    Apparently I have to wait 144 days to print some of these again :-P

  • jennifer says:

    I used the .55 sunchips coupon today at my giant eagle that doubles up to .99 and it DID NOT double.

  • AnnaM. says:

    My printing didn’t work on any coupon. They didn’t line up right.

  • Kara says:

    They are available again today to print if you missed any!

    • Lee Anne Chase says:

      I cannot get the print icon on gallery coupons 1..i can print the other two galleries just not that one..I logged off and tried again, but no..any help?

  • Janna says:

    When I go to Common Kindness website and print the coupons, they are blank! How can I make them appear on there?

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