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CVS: Possibly Score FREE Centrum ProNutrients Fruit & Veggie Supplement!?

10:14 PM MST
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Wow! Here’s yet another CVS deal you may be able to score! I have received a couple emails now letting me know that the Centrum ProNutrients Fruit & Veggie vitamins may be on clearance for only $4.99 at CVS (reg. $19.99!). If you find these on clearance at your store, you can use the $5/1 any Centrum ProNutrients Supplement coupon found on to possibly snag FREE vitamins! Here’s how:

Centrum ProNutrients Fruit & Veggie supplement $4.99
Use the $5/1 coupon found here – use zip 71112 and click on “Healthcare”
Final cost FREE!

*Come back and let us know if you also find these on clearance at your store!

(Thanks, Sharon and Su!)

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  • Msmo says:

    Always and Tampax Radient on clearance at Walmart for 2 dollars with coupon only 1 dollar.

  • Katie2_0 says:

    What zip code is this under?

  • ozi says:

    Stay free overnight 8hrs, the one in d black wrap is on clearance for 1.74 for those stores who were having 75% baby sale.

  • Renny says:

    Anyone know which zip code to use here? I’m not finding the Centrum coupon.

  • Rebeca says:

    Wow, thanks Collin, I am loving CVS this week. I am sorry you dont have one around you anymore :(

  • silvia says:

    zip code 90210 for me

  • Viviana says:


  • Crystie says:

    When I was at CVS this morning I was able to get the Dora Munchkin cups for .87 on clearance, after I used the 1.00 coupon from Great deal bc they retailed for over 9 dollars!

  • sara says:

    I went this morning at 8am in NC and they were only marked down to 50% off. I scanned at magic coupons machine just to make sure and they were ringing up at $9.99. Still a good price if you need them, but I still have some from last time they were cheap. :)

  • cidadams says:

    Thanks Collin. While getting the Centrum coupon at zip 71112 I caught sight of a Nature’s Own Bread coupon on a banner add on the right hand side of the screen.
    When you click on it, it goes straight to bricks and prints a .55/1 Q. The adds rotate so you may have to wait a few moments for it to come around.

  • kristy says:

    centrum not on sale by my house in michigan

  • Alla says:

    This is totaly OT but I really need help with this. I went to Rite AId yesterday and did the Gillette Fusion deal. Does the deal get affected by the 20% discount because I purchased whatever Collin posted and I did the exact same deal purchasing 2 razors and 2 cartridges but I only got 2 4+UPs printed. My 10+UP did not print. And when I looked at my reciept the cartridge’s price was $13.19 instead of $16.49. On myreciept it says $13.19/ regularly $16.49 ($3.30 discount). How can I get my 10+UP printed? Can anyone suggest please what to purchase to get the 10+UP. I need to do this deal today cuz it’s in this week’s deal. Thank you very much in advance. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    • marlene says:

      you must have gotten the wrong razors that only had the 4 up reward and were not included in the buy 30 get 10

    • marlene says:

      this is what i did to get the 10 up reward
      1gillette fusion proglide 4 ct. cartridge $ 18.49
      1gillette venus razor refill 4ct. cartridge 12.49
      with those 2items =30 dollars
      i used the coupons from 6/3 p&g
      free fusion razor with cartridge coupon $ 9.99
      and free olay bodywash 18oz 7.49
      paid 33 got 10 up rewards but free fusion razor and olay body wash
      hope this helps :-)

    • lovedeals says:

      Yes, It does effect with your 20% discount. What you can do is go ahead and buy 1 or 2 shave gel and you will get your $10 +up. HTH

    • terri says:

      Alla, you always have to keep in mind your discount. Yes, the 20% may bring you below the threshold so you need to add products to get to it. and make sure you’re buying the right razors, not all of them count toward the deal. The ones Collin mentioned don’t, she just never took them off. If you bought proglide razors, they do not count, only the razor cartridge refills like the ad says.

      • Alla says:

        Thank you Marlene, Lovedeals and Terri. I really appreciae your help with this. I am gonna get some gillette fusion gels I guess to get my 10+UP. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Jp says:

    Got it, Austin tx. It was for $ 5.24 after coupon 24 cents thx

  • janel says:

    They were on clearance in Ventura county, CA for 5.37 so only 1.52 for both including tax after my coupons. Thank you so much I never would have printed this coupon otherwise since these are usually so pricey.

  • KatWoman says:

    Hooray! They had these supplements for 75% off at my CVS here in Tampa, FL. Just liked you’ve outlined, they were $4.99, so I got two bottles for zero out of pocket!

  • heather says:

    THANKS! I actually saw these yesterday when I picked up the Cholest off deal – took a picture to see if I had any Q’s at home to match up. I had just clipped the $3 coupon and was excited for that savings- so THANKS for the tip on the $5 Q! Success in Tempe, AZ – found them for $4.82.

  • Tina says:

    They were marked 9.99 on the shelf here in Ca but when I went to go scan them they rang up 4.99 yay so I bought 2 for free thanks so much :)

  • appu says:

    No luck ……all vitamins were gone but i got some toddler wipes for .80 cents ,2 munchkin sippy cups for .85 cents each,aveeno calming lotion for $1.59, joy cones , gillette shave , toms deo,…thanx collin for everything ….you rock !!!!

  • brikena says:

    I was able to get those for .24 cents each on sale at my local CVS for $5.24 so .24 cents after coupon :) I also found `VitaFusion Daily Vision gummy vitamins on clerance for $3.49 regular $13.99 there is a coupon if you like them on Facebook for $2 off so just $1.49 after coupon. And these are my favorite vitamins :)

  • Jean says:

    I got 2 boxes for $0. They rang up 4.99, but were NOT marked down on the shelf. Thank goodness for the red machines!

  • chickie00 says:

    found it at one of my CVS’s (MI) – $5.24 on clearance. but .24 is still HOT! :) finally got a $15 PF Q and many others making for some dirt cheap items this week for me! including picking up the hersheys simple pleasures for $1.50 for 2! (well, my whole total was actually less with Q overage!) loving CVS lately!! :)

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