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*HOT* Free Angel Dear Blankies – 1st 750 (Gift Them To Your Friends via Facebook)

10:00 AM MST
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Do you know someone with a little one or maybe you have a friend who is expecting a new baby soon? If so, here’s your chance to gift your friend one of 750 FREE Angel Dear Blankies. How cool is that?!

Here’s how it works…

* Head over here
* Click on the Gift Now button to connect with Facebook (yes, a Facebook account is required!)
* Select a Facebook friend
* Personalize your gift and select a delivery method
* Your gift is on its way. Now just be sure to remind your friend to redeem their gift and enter their shipping address for their free Angel Dear Blankie.
* That’s it! :D

* Limited offer valid while supplies last (only 750 free blankies available!). Offer valid in Continental USA only. Limit of one item received per person.

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  • jeanette says:

    For those of you who sent one and aren’t sure if it went through or not, you can go to the dropgifts website (, sign in with your facebook, go to where it says my gifts and the very top near your profile picture, click on sent gifts, then you can see if it went through or not. It should have a picture that says angel dear with the persons name and profile picture of who you sent it to. That way you can make sure it was delivered to your friend even if they haven’t received it yet.

  • Jennifer N. says:

    Pretty disappointed and annoyed that this was not working for several hours after it was posted and now they are all gone…

  • Kayla says:

    It says that I have 2 delivered in the sent gifts part..but neither have a post on their wall even though I did tell them too..maybe its just taking a while? I hope..:(

  • Tracy says:

    Thanks Collin. This is to stink cute. And just finding out I am expecting with our 1st, it made it even more excited to get. I can’t wait til it arrivals. That’s one less baby toy we have to buy and can spend more on things baby really needs. Thanks for all you do.

  • MommySpendsLess says:

    Just thought I’d mention that these Angel Dear blankets are FANTASTIC! My mom accidently got my daughter one for $1 at a garage sale. It became her lovey of choice. After we lost the first one in the mall (and she wouldn’t sleep for 2 days), we ordered two more (and now always have 2 on hand). They have held up to wash, after wash (after wash… LOL). They still pop out of the dryer super soft, no fading, no ripping, no split seams. They’re lightweight and each animal has ears/horns/etc. for little fingers to grab and rub. They’re about $12-13 on Amazon and they’re definitely worth buying if you missed the promotion.

  • Kayla says:

    For anyone who got the delivered thing, but not a post on your friends wall, just have your friend sign in with their facebook account on Dropgifts and this offer will pop up in their “My Gifts” icon in the top of the screen and they can redeem it from there.

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