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Help! What are Your White Elephant Gift Ideas?

2:00 PM MST
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Check out the email I received from reader, Amanda:

Hi Collin! Thanks for all the great deals you post. You sure don’t skip a beat!!! I have a question…. could you please ask your readers for great white elephant gift ideas. Our family is having a white elephant gift exchange this year and I would love a cool, creative, and hip gift idea. Our limit is $5. Thanks so much.

If you are not familiar with a White Elephant gift exchange, here’s the description from Wikipedia:

A white elephant gift exchange is a popular holiday party game found primarily in North America. Generally, white elephant parties need a minimum of six participants. With a larger group, game play may be more protracted. White elephant parties have been known to result in playful rivalries between players trying to get sought after gifts. The goal of a white elephant party is usually to entertain rather than to gain.

So do you have any great gift ideas? Either funny ones (love those!) or gifts that you know others will want to steal. Please share with us in the comments below! Also, on a side note, our family is getting together this year and doing an ugly holiday sweater contest. I Can’t wait! And I may even post a picture here on Hip2Save. ;)

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  • Jess says:

    Last year, for a white elephant exchange I put KY Jelly and a 5-hour Energy drink (both which I got for free) together in a box! Hilarious!!!

  • Kayla says:

    Our family is doing an “As Seen on TV” white elephant exchange this year. There are about 25 of us so it will be fun to see what everyone picks. For the 5 in my immediate family I got an Ol Brooklyn Lantern, one of those non stick green pans, a Snuggie, a Slap Chop, and some Oxyclean. It was fun picking them out. It will be more fun to see what everyone else picks.

  • Mary k says:

    This year I spent a grand total of a dollar on my white elephant gift. Last year I bought holiday mugs for 50¢ each after Christmas. They didn’t match, but it didn’t matter. I put two in a bag with freebies I got through hip2save and random goodies, and voila! Mismatch coffee/hot cocoa date gift bag.

  • Janelle says:

    Those big bags of jerky are frequently stolen in our family. Something the guys really like to steal but the little kids also want it. Makes for a fun game.

  • rainwindel says:

    One that I have purchased was a wine glass called “Big Ben”. It holds an entire bottle of wine. That was a big hit in my family and got stolen multiple times.

  • Danette says:

    My husbands family has done a $5.00 gift exchange for years and we all have lots of laughs. We can only purchase the gift at a garage sale and must stay under $5.00. One year I drew my brother-in-law who is an avid duck hunter. Can you believe I found a mallard duck phone at a garage sale and it worked…so well that when the phone rang it sounded like a duck? We all could not stop laughing!!! This beats the crowds at stores and the memories are truly precious!

  • Danielle says:

    I like to get the chicken poop Chapstick or the anti monkey butt powder as gag gifts.

  • Jill says:

    I always take a bottle of wine and I thought it would be fun for my friend to mirror my gift but give a box of wine. Thought that might get some good laughs.

  • Cindy Eimann Coleman says:

    The most ‘stolen’ gift at our exchange this year was a Santa hat, that had reindeer horns that wiggled back and forth (battery powered) when you turned it on.

  • Donna Shelley says:

    Last year we went to a White Elephant party and we brought one of the leg lamp night lights,made famous by the Christmas movie” A Christmas Story”. It was halarious…I really could’nt believe the fighting (light hearted & fun) that went on. Everyone wanted it. Obviously, hubby & I did not want it!!!!

    • kath says:

      lol my hubby has one and it is now in our bedroom. He had it at work but a big wig came into town and told him it was not appropriate for his desk at work…even though everybody loved it.

  • Bri says:

    I took funny pictures of everyone in the gift exchange and cut and swapped faces and turned them into fridge magnets. It was so funny. My dads head was on grandma, my daughters on my sons etc. You can really get creative

    Or make a photo album of just pictures of you,

  • MamaC says:

    I am a white elephant gift exchange aficionado, and have tested these unique party games for many years. The best white elephant gifts make a sound or have movement.
    My suggestion would be the Slingshot duck or chicken. The AlbinoPhant website is full of unique white elephant games and ideas.
    Have a great time at the party!

  • Amanda says:

    we always have everyone bring something from around the house that is useful but not being used anymore… a decorative dish you’re over, a book you’ve read, your leftover laundry detergent after you switched to an HE machine, a scarf that wasn’t quite your style… then we all always end up trading at the end of the game anyway!

  • DB says:

    Last year our family did a WE exchange. I don’t think there was a limit, but none of the gifts were more than $25. Some were funny, some were practical — ie, someone got a statue of a white elephant, whereas someone else bought a Victoria’s Secret gift box— that was stolen three times! I knew that there were some candy lovers in the family so I bought a ten pound bag of Sour Patch Kids (that’s a lot of SPK!) — also stolen three times! Be creative ;)

  • NFL Beanies says:

    I’ve tried to use, but it really doesn’t is effective whatsoever.

  • Jennelle Youngs says:

    Get an empty I-Pad box and inside is a maxi pad with an eye drawn on it. They get an “Eye-Pad” for Christmas.

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