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Rite Aid: FREE Keri Lotion Starting 12/23 (Print Your Coupon Now!)

3:34 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

In addition to the FREE Glade Sense & Spray Kits at Rite Aid that I posted about earlier this morning, you can also snag FREE Keri Lotion starting December 23rd. Here’s how…

Keri Lotion 15 oz. $5.99
Use the $5/1 Rite Aid in-ad coupon
Use the $2/1 coupon found here (will need to be adjusted down)
Final Cost FREE!

* Remember that this deal does not start until December 23rd!

(Thanks, Liz!)

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  • Stacy says:

    $2 coupon won’t work for me….. do you have a specific zipcode?

    • Julie says:

      I was able to print the coupon. I use google chrome…not certain if this makes the difference, but I often have trouble printing coupons when I used Internet Explorer.

  • andersonluke52 says:

    whats the limit we can buy?

    • genie says:

      You can use one in ad coupon per transaction but you can always do more than one transaction. Since I can stop by everyday easily I have done up to 7 trans
      actions in a week.

  • Ashley says:

    Keep these rite aid deals coming :D and this is my grandmas favorite lotion so she’ll be so happy!

  • MalibuBeachBum says:


  • Conswalla says:

    I learning with Rite Aid and their UP Rewards. I remember having a similar purchase for bath gel. It was $4.00 with a $3.00 in store coupon. I had a coupon for $0.50 off and they wouldn’t let me use it because my previously earned UP Rewards were automatically loaded and got applied to the purchase. Like I said, I’m learning when it comes to Rite Aid.

    • Gaby says:

      If you have your +ups on your card make sure to hand you card after you coupons are scanned. Otherwise I recommend you opt out have them print on your receipt.

    • Liz says:

      Always use your coupons first, and then have cashier scan your card. This way, you can use all the coupons before any +UP rewards money applies.

  • Conswalla says:

    I= I’m

  • Anjela says:

    This product has quaternium-15 and I’d advise you not to use it.
    “quaternium-15, which releases formaldehyde; a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant, and a known carcinogen (formaldehyde exposure has been associated with leukemia specifically)”

  • samy says:

    Thanks Anjela for info. How about Jergens orginal scent body lotion or Gold Bond are these safe to use? You are so helpful. Thanks.

    • Anjela says:

      As far as I know Gold Bond and Jergens don’t have quaternium-15 listed in their ingredients as Keri lotion does. They have dimethicone, though, which is a type of silicone that causes tumors in lab animals. Dimethicone was listed in the ingredients of almost every lotion that I checked. I was using Curel for the last couple of months and now decided to throw it out because it contained dimethicone. Dimethicone is listed in Jergens, Gold Bond, Loreal, Curel, Eucerin, and even my Olay facial moisturizer contains it. I saw it in the ingredients of L’occitane creams and the Philosophy moisturizer I use. I don’t know how I will find substitute for all of these products. But I personally will try to avoid dimethicone from now on.

      • terri says:

        Angela, thanks, it’s always a good reminder to be aware of what we use on our just reminded me to check the ewg site again….thank you.

  • samy says:

    Thanks again, Anjela. I will try to check health food stores.

  • Crescent City Couponer says:

    Should we submit the store coupon or the manufacturer’s coupon first for this deal?

  • Nichole Thibodeau says:

    there was also a -3 off 2 keri prod coupon out a while back exp on 1/31

  • Claudia_Mo says:

    Worst coupon experience in my life today at Rite Aid!
    i have Keri lotion In-ad coupon $5 and a manufacturer coupon $2. the cashier said it exceed the item price ($5.99).She called the assistant manager, she was so angry and said it ‘s never possible to use coupons that value more than the item price. i showed them the coupon policy i took with me. they REFUSED to read. i ended up paying $0.99 plus tax for the lotion. I ASKED for her name because i want to call the corporate for her yelling at me and refusing to read the coupon policy. she said” i don’t care, i am not afraid, i have never seen anything like that.”
    I AM SO UPSET NOW. not because i have to pay for the lotion, but because she was being so rude to me and said i am wrong.

  • trang says:

    cashier wouldnt take my coupon either. i even asked her if she could mark it down to a $1 coupon she said no because of policy and they dont make money off of it. something like that.i jus said ok whatever. lotion for a 1 dollar and tax. can’t beat that when retail is $8 and something. i dont know riteaid’s coupon policy

    • Claudia_Mo says:

      they are supposed to adjust the coupon value down but NO CASH BACK on overage.
      i know the cashiers probably don’t know but it’s wrong to yell at me when i wanted to show them the coupon policy i had with me.
      what have i done to deserve being treated like that when using coupons??

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