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Lowe’s: Shimmering Spruce Glade Candles Only 69¢ (Or Free After Coupon!)

1:42 PM MST
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Wow! If you live near a Lowe’s, you may want to head over there to snag this great deal on Glade Candles. Check it out…

Glade Candles 4 oz. in Shimmering Spruce $0.69 (reg. $2.77!)
Use the $1.50/2 coupon from the 12/2 SS
Final Cost FREE!
* Note that your local Lowe’s store may not allow you to use the coupon above to snag these candles for free so this is one of those situations where your mileage may vary! Even without the coupon, this is a great price for these candles!

(Thanks, Suzie!)

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  • couponer007 says:

    Is this the Lowe’s like Home Depot Lowe’s or a Lowe’s grocery store?

  • shannon says:

    what do you mean “mileage may vary?”

  • neet says:

    I didn’t know they took those kinds of coupons!

  • Aly says:

    My Lowe’s still has them priced at $2.77 each. Ugh.

  • Adrienne says:

    I went to get these and the cashier told me they don’t take manufacture coupons and I said I have used them before there. She tried to tell me it was there policy not to take coupons and then she said I could only use one cause that was their policy. She was giving me total attitude. I said can you just check with a manager and they told her I could use the coupons. She was even more rude to me after that. I have never had such a rude lowe’s cashier. Yikes!

  • Hilda says:

    Maybe go through self-checkout and avoid the cashiers altogether??

    • Willa says:

      Every self check out puts 4 people out of work from what managers at different stores have told me. The couple times I have been with people that used the self checkout ended up having issues.

      • Adrienne says:

        I hate self checkout. Ever since wal-mart put them in it is a nightmare to find a decent checkout lane without a huge line…

  • Daniel West says:

    My Lowe’s didnt have them but as I was walking in, the manager told me that he would give me another 50% off lowest price on all the xmas clearance. I scored wrapoing paper and classy stockings, ornaments and wreaths and ten scissors for pennies!!!

  • Paul says:

    This worked at my Lowe’s in Michigan… the cashier gave me a little attitude and had to get a manager to approve the coupon.. after all said and done my out of pocket was 2 cents. :)

  • Marissa says:

    Can someone put the item number from their receipt. My stores said I need it to have them look it up.

  • DianeNC says:

    $0.69?? That definitely is a Your Mileage May Vary, LOL…my Lowes is still selling these for full price, $2.77. (They just have Apple Cinnamon.) They’ve got the rest of their holiday stuff marked down to 50%, but for some reason haven’t marked these down.

    I had just come from Home Depot, who had their holiday stuff marked down to 75% off. They had no Glade holiday candles left, but when I was there the previous day they were $1.50, and told the Lowes cashier that.

    The cashier had to call Home Depot to confirm what I told her, and matched their price. In the meanwhile, a co-worker called someone else in Lowes and found out they should be 50% off as well. (I didn’t realize until I was driving away that I should have made them give it to me at that price instead of matching the $1.50 from Home Depot – would have been a little cheaper.)

    I’m stopping back tomorrow to see if they have any left, and get them to sell them to me at $1.50 each. (I used up my Glade Holiday Candle coupons awhile ago.) I would print this out to see if they’d honor the $0.69 price, but know from past experience that they’ll just tell me that each store is different.

    • DianeNC says:

      Quick update….went back this morning and although they had reduced the rest of their holiday stuff to 75% off since yesterday, these were still at $2.77. One of the employees on the floor said that they weren’t going to be marking these down because they were winter merchandise, not holiday (ignoring the reindeer on the packaging, LOL). Went to customer service again who got a hold of a manager. He plugged some numbers into his handheld device and said that they should, in fact, have been marked down to 75% off ($0.69/each).

      Not only did they honor that price for the ones I bought this morning, but they also refunded me the difference for the two I bought at $1.50/each yesterday.

      Marissa – I don’t know if this will help you or not, because it’s for the Apple Cinnamon holiday candle, not the Shimmering Spruce, but the info on my receipt for the Apple Cinnamon one is: 248142.

  • DeAnn says:

    My Lowe’s did not have any candles at all, but I was surprised to find them at Target on clearance for 1.75 each, used the 1.50/2 target coupon and the 1.50/2 coupon and so it made them .25 each. Not too bad.

  • A.R says:

    Do you think this deal would still be available in Lowe’s stores?.. TIA..!!

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