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Target: More 90% Off Seasonal Clearance = Tonka Trucks $0.39 & FREE Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers

2:24 PM MST
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Alright, so here are yet a couple more hidden seasonal clearance finds you may be able to score at your local Target. Note that you’ll want to price check all clearance and seasonal items that you spot, as they may ring up for less than they’re marked.

Hip2Save reader, Jaime, emailed the following:
I wanted to share my deal I got at Target last night. The Tonka Chuck & Friends Twist Trax toys are marked $3.99, but are ringing up $0.39 a piece. They are in the regular toy section.

(Photo Credit: Totally Target)

Also, another hidden clearance deal to keep your eyes peeled for – Ritz Fudge Covered 7.5 oz Crackers! These may be reduced to just $0.29 – make sure to price check as they likely won’t be marked. They may also be in the regular aisles with the other Nabisco products. Plus, you can use the  $0.75/2 Nabisco products (3.7oz – 25.2oz) coupon found in the 1/6 SS to possibly score 2 boxes for as low as FREE! Sweet!

* To check out even more clearance finds readers have scored, makes sure to read through the comments on this post and this post!

Also, if you plan to head out to shop at Target today, keep your eyes peeled for a Recyclable Bag and Target coupon booklet being handed out at select Target stores. The coupon booklet includes 6 Target store coupons…

$2/2 Tide Detergent, Downy, or Bounce (ETS & Tide Pods)
$1/1 Up &Up Diapers 60 ct+
$1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup
$0.75/3 Campbell’s Soups (Soup at Hand or Microwaveable)
$4/1 GE Reveal Light Bulb Pack $4 or higher
FREE Birds Eye Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables 10 oz+ with the purchase of 2 Fish Items
*Mrs. Paul’s or Van de Kamp’s 10 ct+ Fish Sticks or Fillets

Let us know if you are able to score a FREE bag and coupon booklet at your local Target!

(Thanks and photo credit, Totally Target & Michelle!)

Stay tuned for the Target deals this evening…

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  • Ashley says:

    Darn I went to two targets today and did not receive the free bag. Although I did see them behind the register, but didn’t think to ask about it since I was unaware it would be free.

  • juli says:

    I got a free bag but 95% was gone and no prices were lower like everyone else.

  • Erin says:

    Just got back from Target in the Memphis, TN area and was disappointed that all the bath/shaving sets were still only 15% off, but stocked up on 90% off tissue paper and got one of the reusable bags w/coupons :)

  • Angie says:

    I stocked up on the scotch gift tape 3pks that were $.30 each!!! Love that deal

    • Karen says:

      Dang. . .I scanned the ones at my store and they all came up regular price. Last year I scored on the single scotch gift tape packages. I was hoping and trying.

  • Jackie says:

    Tomball, TX Target gave out bags and coupon books today! Got one!

  • Katie says:

    Fudge Ritz were .25 at my Target in VA and I used $1.00/2 coupon. Thanks for posting!

    • taysariece says:

      Newbie Disclaimer! So how does the overage work? You just apply it towards something else your purchasing or do they give cash back?

  • Destinee says:

    Got the chuck the trucks…also, my target had the fisher-price cupcake rattler for .48!! :-)

  • Jes says:

    I got Monster High nail polish (6 mini bottles) for..49! My kids are thrilled. Ginger cookies for .52. Nothing I bought today was over .99

  • emily says:

    has anyone been to the targets in the toledo area? what is clearance at and is there anything left?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey Emily, I just posted below. I went to the Rossford/Perrysburg Target and I didn’t search for any of the hidden deals in any of the Clothing sections, Infants or Housewares as I ran out of steam. My other post lists what I did find.

  • DianeNC says:

    I’ll ask my Target about these new bags and coupon books, but they usually look at me like I’ve got two heads whenever I bring stuff like this up to them (they never know anything about it.) In respect to Seasonal Clearance stuff, am just not finding what everyone else is. The few things that are marked as clearance on some of the end caps are no where near as low as what others are sharing here, unfortunately.

    • Jac says:

      Same here. We are on the way home from a trip today & stopped at a few targets in IL & MO. All Christmas household & grocery items were slightly discounted or full price. I tried my luck with ziploc containers, BC cookie mixes, gingerbread cookies, bath poufs, etc.

      One thing I hadn’t seen mentioned here is Glad peppermint scented odor-shield trash bags. Only 15-30% off in two locations so far, but hoping to find them 90% off, which would make them about $.80 per box!

      • Erin says:

        My Target had Dunkin Doughnuts Gingerbread coffee 90 percent off. $.74 a bag!!! Not marked found it in the coffee aisle.

        • DianeNC says:

          Every time I see someone post about a holiday coffee being marked down, I make sure to head over to the coffee aisle and scan all the holiday blends of not only Dunkin’ Donuts, but Archer Farms and Starbucks as well. No luck. As recent as today, they’re all still scanning at full price.

          I’m also wondering if my local Target stores ran out of a lot of the stuff everyone is mentioning early on, or just never carried them. (I’ve never seen the winter package of Oreos or the holiday version of Pringles, for example, even in their regular section of the grocery.)

          • Tarheel says:

            I found two packages of Winter Oreos at Apex store but haven’t seen any at the other stores. Found the DD gingerbread coffee at North Hills only and I purchased what they had.

  • Jennifer says:

    Just returned from Target and found the following deals (that I haven’t seen listed her yet):

    Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips with Limited Edition Red Snowflake print top of bag for 29 cents (these were in the regular chip aisle and not the Gingerbread other people are reporting)

    Nivea Kissable Moments Lip Care Collection – 3 Lip Items in a Blue Box with Snowflake decorations for 49 cents (this was actually just tossed randomly by itself in an aisle) Pic (except add snowflakes)

    LED Color Changing Nightlight (Nutcracker, Snowman, Reindeer, Santa) on an Endcap by Light Bulbs for 99 cents. Tons left (Pic:

    Cherokee Infant Hat for $1.29 tossed in random aisle – Tag was silver (Pic:

    I honestly didn’t even get to hit more than 1/2 of the store as I am waiting out a kidney stone that limited my spunk. The actual Christmas section was only a small portion of 1 aisle and a couple of already mentioned items (tissue paper, etc.) were already scanning as “Item Not Found”)

  • Sara says:

    I got a box of white chocolate covered Oreos last week for 89 cents. They were tucked in with the regular Oreos in the regular food aisles.

  • Jennifer says:

    I have been curious for years about this and I bet some of you Hip2Savers can answer my question: how does anyone originally find some of the phenomenal 90% off items that are included in the Christmas clearance at Target when they don’t have any of the obvious clues, such as the Rachel Ray item or the Tonka Chuck toys. They don’t have Christmasy packaging, the weren’t in the Seasonal aisles, etc. Do people seriously start randomly scanning every single item in the store? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks for asking this question Jennifer :) I too have wondered!

    • Betsy's Third says:

      Some Target’s actually put things that they mark down in the Clearance section and people scan them to see how much they ring up and that is how news spreads.

    • Cathy says:

      I agree! I love the hints though. I was able to get three of the Rachael Ray sets- My Mom, My BFF and I are going to have some fun making casseroles, etc. I used to locate which store had them in stock. Online they are full price right now.

    • kara says:

      The Tonka trucks, Disney car toys, cupcake rattles were all in the stocking stuffer cubbies. So some of the stuff was stocked and put in the regular isles.

      • shannon says:

        At my CVS there were 50 % & 75% off signs so I just took the chance that it was all really 75% off and it was mismarked. I was right as every single thing I scanned was 75% off and not 50%. Pays to take a little time and scan the prices.

  • BK says:

    I think you have to use your Target Credit card to get the bag w/ coupons. I did score one today since I used my Target card. I also got Xmas icing for $0.18 and Xmas sprinkles for $0.39! SCORE!

  • rn30032 says:

    most of the Target stores in the Metro Atlanta area have been wiped out for awhile now….but I did find some great markdowns on clothes to wear now for 50-75%off and got some great deals on clothes for ME!!!!

  • Sue says:

    Got my 7 1/2 foot slim Christmas tree for $20.17

  • loribear30 says:

    I was just at Target and I was very disappointed that they really didn’t have anything marked down. Even the Christmas mac n cheese and little debbie christmas trees were still full price. I searched the whole store and everything I priced checked that was a holiday item was not marked down. If you live in the Greensburg pa area that target is not marking down the items and the christmas decorations are still 70%.

  • Steph says:

    I went to 3 targets today… In search for the Rachel Ray.. I finally called a store that was 45 mins away from me and they had 3. Let the manager know I had a drive please hold etc.. Got there asked an associate to show me where home goods was, he was like you were the one calling earlier etc. I asked him to call the Lead.. She said if not on shelf sold out.. I didn’t hold it for anyone!! Associate helped me could not find. I asked assoc to call her on walkie never responded. I wasted my gas money and I was highly disgusted by the management and leadership. I was tracking them down from 11 til 2!

    • KC says:

      Even though they told you would hold, they cannot hold clearance items. Sorry you were unlucky in your search.

    • Denise says:

      Actually it’s up to the individual target to decide how they want to work that. I work at target and my leads and managers are absolutely awesome about that kind of stuff. They usually do same day holds on almost everything. They practically bend over backwards for our guests. And we’re a high profit store so they don’t have to but they choose to.

  • Casey says:

    I love seeing all the deals posted! It is exciting! However, I told myself…I am not buying just because it is cheap :) The only deal I was able to snag were the Rachel Ray set. My sister and I have been both wanting but did not want to pay full price! Thanks for the heads up. Found two, and gladly paid 14.99 :) Thanks hip2savers!

  • Sans says:

    I went to my target Plano, Tx today and got a snow globe for 1,49, elf nail polish for 19 cents and few other decorations. I found all of them in the Christmas clearance section. I did not check any of the regular aisles as I had no idea that they will have clearance items in regular aisles. Anyway thanks hipsters for the info.

  • Linda Sparkman says:

    I got some good workout clothes in the Juniors section – They have Mossimo Yoga long pants and Capris for $10 each. I also got the bag with the coupon booklet!

  • Mandy says:

    I found a cookie press for only $2.50 that was originally $25.00 it made my day

  • shannon says:

    I just wonder how you lucky shoppers knew which items were on a great clearance when the items weren’t marked? I will have to check on some of these bargains tomorrow!

  • audrea says:

    got some deals this afternoon at my target at 90% off: underwear for $.49, ornaments for $.10-$.20, pj shorts for $.99, tinsel garland for $.35, etc. so i LOVED those deals :) HOWEVER… i called that same store this morn at 8AM when they opened and they said their christmas stuff was still only 70% off. i went (leisurely) at 4:00pm in the afternoon to find a 90% off section, pretty picked over :( my stomach is turning now just thinking about all the deals i missed cuz some associate told me wrong, ugh!

    • Lori OH says:

      Yea…Target has the worst customer service hands downs!! I did go today and lucked out with 90% off but other than that I don’t shop there at all since they stopped taking smartsource, redplum & printables.

      • shannon says:

        since when did they stop taking those coupons? I was jus there yesterday and they took my Digiorno pizza, Yoplait yogurt and other coupons. I’m sure I printed them from those sites.

        • Sarah says:

          Yeah I haven’t had a problem with my printed coupons from those sites. We just used some yesterday. They have a limit you can use per order, but that’s about it.

  • Donna says:

    How do you check their inventory

  • says:

    My store was FINALLY at 90% but there was hardly anything left. :( Not even wrapping paper! Unless I wanted Justin Beiber, which I didn’t. All I got were two cute ornaments, 6-8 felt snowflake ornaments, a pack of tissue, 3 pairs of underwear and a few of the Xhiliration things (belt, coin purses, etc).

  • Sierra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I got the Tonka Trucks for 39 cents! I also got a 6 ft Christmas tree for $2.60! Awesome! Thank you!

  • Yessenia says:

    Where did you guys find the elf nail polish & lip gloss??

  • Tara says:

    The Target I use is 90% off, but there is nothing left. I found a few toddler ties, and toddler “newsboys” type hats for .40 and .70. (they didn’t have a clearance tag on them), and got my daughter a glitter handband for .50. I noticed toys are 30 and 50% off, but even at 50, the prices still seemed high. I am going to head back tomorrow to scan those Chuck toys, my little guy loves trucks.

  • Jo says:

    Got 4 of the trucks you mentioned so thanks for sharing! They will be great for Toys 4 Tots!

  • coleen6000 says:

    Anybody notice if the Neiman Marcus stuff went to 90%?

  • DianeNC says:

    Checked with Customer Service at both my local Target stores about the white recycle bags and coupon books, and both said they only got in a few hundred, and once they were gone, they were gone. (They both said they ran out yesterday.)

  • Katie says:

    I got the trucks too :) Thanks for the hint, since they were marked as regular price in their regular isle. The other items mentioned were either all out, or rang up as regular price, so that was the only deal from here I was able to find. I did get some xmas stuff for 90% off though. I got some plain stockings for 10 cents and some felt snowflake ornaments for 10 cents too (which I might sew to the front of the stocking to jazz it up). I got a few other random ornaments, xmas cards, baby outfit, etc. for cheap but it is definitely picked over (which is obvious this late after the sale started). Thanks!

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