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Sears & Kmart: Free 90-Day Shop Your Way MAX Trial Membership = FREE Shipping + More

7:53 AM MST
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If you’re a regular or shopper, you may be excited to hear that Sears is offering up a 3-month trial membership of Shop Your Way MAX (previously known as ShipVantage) for FREE. With a Shop Your Way MAX membership, you’ll receive the following benefits:

* FREE Standard shipping on millions of items including marketplace
* FREE 2 Day shipping on many Sears and Kmart items
* Discounted prices on upgraded shipping for Sears and Kmart items-$0.99 for expedited shipping/$3.99 for premium shipping.
* No order minimums plus unlimited FREE shipping
* No obligation & No automatic Renewal

Keep in mind that your membership will not automatically enroll so if you loved being a MAX member during your first 3 months, you’ll need to pay the $79 annual membership to renew. To get started, head on over here and click on Join Max (note that if you have previously had a trial Shop Your Way MAX membership, then you will likely not be able to sign up for another free trial).

(Thanks, Clip and Follow and Kaylan!)

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  • michellecoupons says:


  • rose says:

    Here is the message I receive when I tried to sign up, “You are already a MAX Member.
    To use your membership, sign in and start shopping.” I have never been a MAX member so Idk what’s going on??

  • Conswalla says:

    I received the same message Rose.

    • Kris says:

      Me too, but it looks like it is linked to the regular shop your way, and they have given automatic enollment because it is offering me free shipping. Cool!

      • CB says:

        I got that message too, so I tested it out. I put something in my cart and went to check out and the shipping was taken off because of MAX. Yeah!!! Now for a good deal to actually use it on :)

  • shanshan says:

    I just cancelled as my 3 month free trial came up. Well I did enjoyed the free shipping but ended up having to return 80-90% of all my K-Mart purchase: boots, linen, kitchenware… All due to poor quality.

    • shanshan says:

      I mean… strange Kmart can make things look 10 times better on my computer screen. Not sure about Sears though… Haven’t bought from their website for a while.

  • Debbie says:

    I had this promotion during the holidays. It expired last month. They extended my trial period another 30 days. Sears has a few decent items, but their customer service is awful.

  • CourtneyAmanda says:

    It says I already have MAX. When did that happen :? :?

    • CourtneyAmanda says:

      When I logged into the MAX account that I had no idea I have…
      I have missed out on a boatload of free points :( :(
      Points that would have equaled several $5 and $6 purchases had I had any idea that they were giving them to me!

      So, login and check you accounts! You may be missing out too.

  • roxy says:

    Yayyyy! Thank you, Collin! They sent me an email a while ago with $10 in points and it expires tomorrow, so I was able to use it online. There wasn’t much stuff under $10 and most of the clothes were soooo ugly :), but I finally found a cute summer dress and it was totally FREE. This is how I like it :))

  • kathleen says:

    I signed up for the 3month trial. will i need to cancel it at the end of the 3 months so im not charged the $79 fee or will it automatically expire?

  • Kao says:

    My max just expired 1/31 and I decided not to enroll, but yesterday as of 2/1, a email sent to me stated that they extended the trail to another 90 days… wow….

  • Annette says:

    Oh no! The link isn’t working for me on my phone! I’ll try it later o my computer. Oh, I was excited about this one, too.

  • catholicrose05 says:

    I noticed this when I was ordering something a couple days ago. I got free shipping on everything! And the itmes were here in 36-48 hours! for regular speed delivery! I was amazed. : )

  • mary g. says:

    thanks for the tip! i had 48 cents in rewards PLUS $3 from the email kmart sent out a week ago or so – i used my $3.48 to get (4) packages of clearance yarn – my total out of pocket was 21 cents with FREE shipping. LOVE THAT!!

  • Debs says:

    i signed up for shopyourway and i was ordering from sears, at one point it said you need to order for $0,31 more to be able to get free shipping. Whatever i added to my cart it just made the shipping cost highter, but it didnt take of the shipping cost. Am i doing something wrong? I ended up buying from Amazon because of the shipping cost :(

  • Teresa Vilorio says:

    I need to cancel my introductory offer ASAP.
    We are getting a divorce and I’m leaving the state with no computer or money or cards.

  • Laura koster says:

    cancel my subscription to max free shipping

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