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Redbox: Rent Hotel Transylvania = $5 Coupon (Makes the DVD Only $5 at Target!)

8:33 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: Sorry, all! :( From reading all of the comments, it appears that most of you are not getting this coupon… how frustrating! I did get mine with my rental receipt, but it does appear that it’s no longer working for anyone.

Here’s a great offer if you have any kiddos who are fans of Hotel Transylvania! For a limited time, when you rent hotel Transylvania on Blu-ray or DVD from Redbox, they’ll email you an exclusive printable coupon to score $5 off the purchase of Hotel Transylvania on Blu-ray, 3D combo pack, Blu-ray combo pack or DVD! Hop on over here to check out all of the details regarding this promo. Also, make sure to enter your email address (if it’s not already on file) when you rent this at your local Redbox kiosk.

*$5.00 off print-at-home coupon only available after rental of Hotel Transylvania. Valid email address required to get coupon. Upon rental of Hotel Transylvania, renters will receive an offer to print coupon in their emailed rental receipts. The manufacturer’s coupon for $5.00 off purchase of Hotel Transylvania is from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Inc. and is valid at participating DVD and Blu-ray retailers only. Coupon not valid toward Redbox rental transactions. Subject to additional terms; see manufacturer’s coupon.

And here is a round-up of FREE Redbox rental codes currently available…

(Share any other working codes in the comments please!)

*REDBOX (new customers only)
*WALGREENS (valid at Walgreens)
*DVDATMAC (valid at McDonald’s)
*DVDKROG (valid at Kroger)
*DRIVEIN (valid at Sonic)
*DVDATWAG (valid at Walgreens)

Even better, if you score this $5 coupon, check out the deal you can score at Target this week:

Buy Hotel Transylvania on DVD on sale for just $10 (through 2/16!)
Use your $5 coupon for renting the movie
Final cost only $5! What a great price for this new release!

(Thanks, Corinne, Debra & Jennifer!)

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  • Tricia says:

    I rented it and DID NOT get the coupon. If anyone has a coupon they can spare, please forward to Thanks.

    BTW….It was a GREAT movie!

  • LISA says:

    I didn’t get the coupon and wanted to buy it. I contacted redbox about it and they said that on ly 50% of people who rented it would receive the coupon. Terrible. They should tell that in the promotion. I was very unhappy and redbox just said there was nothing they could do and that I’d have to contact Sony pictures since it was their promotion.

    Caution readers not to rent if you are expecting to get the coupon.

    If anyone has a coupon they aren’t going to use, I’d like to have one since I wanted to buy it anyway.


  • Bryan G. says:

    I rented the movie last night and did not get a coupon either in my original rental receipt or in my return receipt. If anyone has one to share I would greatly appreciate it as I contacted Redbox and got nowhere with them :( my email is

  • jem says:

    I rented it but didn’t get the coupon so i was told to rent it again which i did last night and still didn’t the coupon. I called them again and was told it’s beyong their control it’s a third party that handles it. If you have a spare and not using it, please send it to Thanks!

  • Amanda says:

    I rented it on the 11th and returned it on the 12th. I was told that the promotion ended on the 11th. However, the promotion is still up on their website! I’d love a coupon if anyone has one they won’t use. Please email me at Thanks!

  • Marcio says:

    Just rented it too, and got no coupon. After contacting redbox, they say they are not responsible for sending the coupons, but Sony Pictures is. I should contact them.
    Really awfull customer service at redbox!
    Does anybody got and and wont use it? If you are not going to use, could you please send me your link:

    Thank you!

  • Liz says:

    Ditto on not getting a coupon. I was told to contact

  • Trini says:

    I rented Hotel Transylvania last night (it was so cute) so that I could get the $5 off coupon to purchase for my 7-year-old nephew’s birthday next week. They didn’t send the coupon and I called and they said there was nothing they could do. I am so disappointed. If anyone has a coupon they won’t be using would it be possible for you to send it to me. It would be very much appreciated!

  • tkbgame says:

    Customer Service at Sony says there is a department specifically handling this issue and the number to call is 800-860-2878. CALL THEM AND GET YOUR COUPON! I’m so annoyed at this!

    • Deserie says:

      did u call? did they send u a coupon? im calling now and im on hold. soo annoying!

      • Marcio says:

        I called, stayed on hold forever…they were nice… however they ended up sending me the link to the redbox promotion, and not the link to print the coupon.
        If you talk to “Marty” at their customer service(SONY) tell him Marcio Brolezi said he sent the wrong link.

        • Lora says:

          I called and stayed on the phone for an hour while shopping etc. and the phone just stopped playing the music and the recording and hung up on me…I am SO MADD and FRUSTRATED!!!!

  • kay says:

    Really wish i wouldve read this again before going out and renting the dvd. What a waste :(

  • carol says:

    Can someone send me a link my 5 year old loved this movie and her birthday is in a couple of days. Thank u xo

  • Kalina says:

    I would be so grateful if there is anyone who would be willing to send me their link (since 2 prints are allowed per link). My son is deaf but hears slightly with Cochlear Implants. We were able to get a cord & microphone that links to our DVD player so that it plays the sound right into his implant! He is so obsessed with movies now that he can somewhat follow them :) It’s been so fun to watch him get so excited!

  • renee says:

    what a joke! Spent a good part of an hour or more between Sony Pictures and
    Redbox about the coupon. Back and forth…lots of baloney. And I still have no coupon…ridiculous…excuses…excuses. If anyone happens to have a link would you please send me a copy to it…thanks.

  • Candi says:

    I didn’t get a coupon!!!! Rented it last night. :( Redbox said they cannot re-send! It was never in the email. no links.

  • Liz says:

    I sent a very simple note from

    It said:
    Red Box has a promotion where you rent Hotel Transylvania and get a $5 coupon off the DVD ( I rented the movie, but didn’t get the coupon. They said to contact you. Are you able to send the link for the coupon?

    The response I received (from Redbox, not Sony – I’m guessing my email was forwarded along) is that if I gave my mailing address then they will send me a paper coupon in the mail.

    So I did – not sure when the coupon will arrive or if there will be a deal to go with it, but someone is trying to fix this.

    • Candi says:

      I emailed and they responded and provided me a link to the coupons. Contact them through email and you will get it. I had to look in my spam folder to find it though. Just a heads up. I printed 2 coupons from the link.

  • Eileen says:

    I rented the movie but got no coupon with me receipt :( did i do something wrong?

  • Jessica says:

    WOW their customer service SUCKS – they were so mean. I rented on the 7th, 8th and 9th because my son loved it so much he wouldnt let me return till 8pm on the 9th. I still have yet to get a coupon. The guy told me on the phone just now that its my fault and the promotion is ended so they arent honoring it. I told him thanks for scamming everyone out of their coupon. I also told him there are alot of people feeling the way I am. That we got scammed without a coupon even though we rented. I personally am not sure I will rent with them anymore. I take pride in buying from companies who honor their deals and products. Not rip off artists.

  • Jessica says:

    Does anyone at all have a spare? Please email me at my son has been so sad since we returned it and I would love to save alittle if I can.

  • Doaa says:

    If you can spare one, my first grader girl wants the movie so much. Million thanks.

  • Nina says:

    I just called since i did not get a coupon and was told the offer expired on the 9th.

  • Melanie says:

    I rented and could not get the coupon. If anyone has an extra that would be awesome. THX so much

  • Sunnie says:

    Just rented it yesterday & was expecting coupon today but they said it ended! Anyone have any extra copies?? Was planning on buying it for my kiddos today. send link to Thank you in advance:)

  • Trish says:

    I also rented and did not receive the coupon. I did a live chat with Redbox and was told the promo was by Sony and that Redbox has nothing to do with it. Also, he said it had to have been returned by Feb. 11 and I had rented it on the 11th! However, they did issue me with 4 promo codes for free rentals, which is better than nothing, but the $5 coupon would have been better.

  • Cynthia says:

    I called Redbox and they explained the problem with Sony, but they did email me 5 free movie rental codes!

  • priscilla says:

    Does anyone out there still have a coupon available? We rented it tonight before I looked at these comments. I had the link on my phone but it just goes to the redbox main page. And for those that emailed about it, how did you know it came from

  • Tiffany says:

    Does anyone have anymore links to print the coupon? I rented this the other night and did not get the coupon. My email is Thank you!

  • Mary says:

    We rented the movie on Feb 11 but couldn’t pick it up in time. We still were charged for it and they said that because we didn’t pick it up, we can’t have the coupon!! They still got my money though, so why?!?!?

  • Shanna says:

    I rented the movie last night, Feb 14th, not knowing the promo had ended for the coupon. I actually called Redbox this morning and spoke to someone. They had asked for all my info, and told me I will be emailed the coupons within 24 hours. Apparently they got an email about the promo yesterday telling them what steps to take if there was issues with customers. So if all works well, I should have the coupon tomorrow morning and I should be able to use it at Target to get a super great deal on it.

    • Mary says:

      I wish they would have done that for me! I sent them an email yesterday and told them I had rented (but not been able to pick up) the movie on Feb 11. They said that because I didn’t pick it up, even though I was charged for it, I couldn’t have the coupon. They refunded my money and gave me a code for a free movie. I would rather have had the coupon for Hotel Translyvania. :(

  • Chrissy says:

    I just called right now, Saturday night, and they said theyre emailing me a coupon within 24 hrs. Hope I get!

    • Deserie says:

      did u call redbox?

      • Chrissy1925 says:

        Yes! First they said they were going to mail it to me but i asked if it could be emailed because theyre on sale this week at target and he said it would be emailed.

        • Natalie says:

          Chrissy, if you do get it could I have your 2nd print? My e-mail address is natalie.steckel(at)yahoo(dot)com . We are having a movie night birthday party for my daughter next week and this is the movie she wants to show. Thanks soooo much!

  • priscilla says:

    I took a chance and did a chat with Redbox and the person said that the offer expired on 2/11 and they couldn’t send me a coupon because we rented it on 2/14. I said the text message I got about the offer didn’t mention an expiration date but that didn’t help. So all the people that got Redbox to send them a link, did you rent it before 2/11? Just wondering if anyone that rented it after that was successful in getting a coupon. I had also contacted and they said to contact Redbox.

    Is there anyone out there that happens to still have an available coupon to print? I know there have been lots of requests. If so, my email is TIA!

  • Chrissy1925 says:

    Turns out that since I did not rent during promotion period (I didn’t see end date) they did not send me link. I called in right now to check but they said it was a no go. If anyone has a coupon they could mail me I would greatly appreciate it. I got a raincheck at Target so I can wait for a coupon via snail mail. TIA! email: chrissy1925 at yahoo dot com.

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