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Kohl’s Rewards: Free $5 Reward for Every $100 Spent (+ Enroll Now for 100 Free Points!)

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WooHoo! Kohl’s has just launched their new Kohl’s Rewards program and is currently offering up 100 FREE points whenever you enroll! Plus, for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases, you’ll earn 1 point – and whenever you earn 100 points, you’ll score a $5 reward in your inbox. Sweet! :D

Plus, you’ll receive 8 savings offers every year PLUS a birthday offer just for you. To get started, just go here and enroll in the Rewards Program (select areas only). Afterwards, you’ll need to create a new account or connect your current account and you’ll earn 100 FREE points!

(Thanks, Yesenia!)

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172 Hip Readers Commented

  • Bianca says:

    I’m in Rockwall TX and received the mailer today to sign up

  • H says:

    Not in Kansas City MO either!

  • sabrina says:

    Not in Louisville, KY either

  • rachel o says:

    It’s in select areas. I live in St. Louis and we have it here, but not in WI. However, once you have it you can collect rewards at all stores.

  • rachel o says:

    If you have a Kohls’ charge, make sure to connect your rewards account with it. That way every time you use your charge, your points will automatically go on to your account.

  • Ashley R says:

    not yet where I am, but it sounds cool

  • Lynnette S says:

    Not yet in Flagstaff, AZ

  • Su says:

    I signed up and at the top it said only for Texas residents. I got 100 points but I don’t see the coupon to print out. I just got the rewards card in the mail but still not $5 coupon . How does it work??? when will you get the $5?

    • I do not have a printer and first they told me i could bring in my Kohls card and today they said that doesn\t work I ha ve to have the numbers on the reward paper which was on my e mail but after they told me I only had to have my Kohls card My e mail is no longer on my computor is there not any way I can receive my 5.00 reward please let me know

  • angelica deleon says:

    Me gusto

  • Wayne says:

    Birthday rewards not fair. Makes it sound like everyone receives a birthday reward, but only certain people do.

  • joan de maio says:

    How do I get the coupons for my two $5.00 reward points? I have tried everything they told me to do, and can’t find out how to get them to print.
    Thank you if you can help me.
    Joan DeMaio

  • Rita says:

    I tried to enter my Kohl’s account number, but I keep getting a message that it is not available in my zip code. Can I not travel to a city that has Kohl’s and use their zip code for my bonus points.


  • Esperanza Pastore says:

    I have spent more than $600.00 but I have not gotten a penny out of my Kohls reward. I ahve registered my card but never received a penny reward.

  • Toni says:

    Kohl’s rewards are tabulated at the end of each month. Two business days later you will receive an awards certificate in your email. You may print that and take it to your Kohl’s store or copy and paste the barcode number and pin from your email to shop online. This is all assuming you were able to successfully register for the Rewards program.

    I was having some trouble registering and called customer service for ( or you can call Rewards program directly, that number is on the back of your Rewards card). I connected directly with a native Engish-speaking human, with no hold time and she assisted me very quickly. So don’t hesitate to call them for help.

    I only registered successfully today, so I can only assume I’ll receive my rewards certificate approximately August 2nd based on the above info. I retrieved that info. from the web site under FAQ: (next to last question under the Points section of the FAQs page).

  • Condor9 says:

    Is this is replacing the current system ($10 K-CASH for every $50 spent)? In that case this “rewards program” is a complete letdown. Now you get $5 for every $100 spent. Currently it’s $20 for every $100 spent!

    • Lacey says:

      It doesn’t replace the kohls cash because anybody can use and recieve kohls cash but only kohls charge card holders get the $5 for every $100 spent

  • Carol says:

    This program shares your personal information with “Kohl’s Affiliates.” Not sure who those are and what it means, as it was not on the website under Terms and Conditions, which you much agree to before you can sign up for the Rewards program.

  • maria López says:

    Good store that gives good specials :)

  • Sarah says:


    Yes, I want to receive the benefits of the Kohl’s Rewards program.

    If I am a Kohl’s Charge customer, I authorize Capital One, N.A. and Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc. and its affiliates (“Kohl’s”), to exchange information about my account(s) and myself, so that I can receive the benefits of the Kohl’s Rewards program and so that Kohl’s can inform me of additional information, offers and opportunities.

  • Kim says:

    Can someone give me thier zip code to use

  • Jean says:

    This past weekend I bought a 3-2.5 quart crockpot set that was $70. It went on sale for $44. I had $40 Kohl’s cash and a 15% off coupon. Total cost $4.58. Oh yea, there was a $15 mail in rebate, so they paid me $12.42 to take it out the door. What a score! My husband could not believe I got it for free. I’m no crazy coupon clipper, but I will definately save my Kohl’s $ for things on MY wishlist I can get for free in the future. Thanks Kohl’s!

    • Nancy Martin says:

      $70.00 was more than double the normal price anyway. Try Walmart, K-mart – Target – all cheaper.

    • cathy says:

      Nice deal, but it actually was not free because you had to spend money to get the 40.00 kohls cash. Also, the 15% off coupon only applies to the balance AFTER Kohls cash, so.. if you had a percent off coupon.. you effectively lowered your 40.00 kohls cash to 34.00 because you would have received 6.00 off the 40.00 if you had not used kohls cash.

  • Carol says:

    Yeah, but the rewards cash that you earn expire quickly.

    • Nancy Martin says:

      Lucky if you can get the rewards – Can’t get them on line – no one ever answers the phone at the number on the back of the card – they don’t send to my email like they said they do – beginning to think it’s a racket.

  • Laura Duron says:

    This seems like it will be a wonderful program.

  • arwa barakat says:

    hi i have 253 point yet i did not get any reward for that

  • patricia lemus says:

    I love to shooping at the kohls.

  • Kim says:

    I don’t know how it works but I got an email with a $50 reward about 3 weeks ago. First time I’ve ever gotten one and I have had the rewards card for over a year and a half

  • Carol says:

    Kohls rewards expire too quickly for me to use, and there are so many discounts sent in the mail and coupons everywhere that it is getting confusing trying to find the best deal. I am actually going LESS as I wait until I receive the maximum coupon, 30%, once in awhile.


  • Linda Baker says:

    May 5th and I do not have my rewards point coupon yet?????

  • Jen says:

    I work at a Kohls in Ohio, this is a new program that was tested in some areas of the country. It is slowly getting rolled out company wide. All stores will be able to provide the program eventually. You must have email and sign up in a store, they give you a card there. Please be patient, it’s coming to a store near you soon!

  • Janet Hubert says:

    Pls help. I enter reward card id #s and im told does not match my email add. Think it was entered incorrectly at store. What do ido to clear and start over.

  • tina says:

    I’m an associate worker at kohls in Puyallup WA. I love shopping there because of the greats its giving me. And I wanted like their customer service they are helpful and friendly. I especially like the customer service for the kohls reward with Cristina. She was so helpful by the phone to take her time to add points for me for my purchases. I would recommend anyone to apply for kohls reward cards and kohls charge because it is worth it. It gives you more savings and good deals.

  • Notsohappyshoper says:

    I received my card In store. Completed my registration online and once I tried to log in it won’t let me even though they have sent me emails.. Once I try to redeem my points(which I have probably spent about 400$ ) it will not allow me. It says my email has not been registered even though it has! Make me think it’s just a scam 😡

  • christel says:

    Sale discounts

  • Marites Achazo says:

    I just I verify my rewards

  • Kelly Rogalski says:

    Love Kohls clearance

  • cecilia says:


  • Thanks forr sharing your thoughts about kohls coupon code.


  • Enriqueta Medina says:


  • Esther Mays says:

    Made a purchase 7/30/14 and enrolled in the Kohl’s Rewards program at the checkout.

  • Liseth says:

  • Enedina says:

    I love Kohls. Coupons!

  • Beatriz Uvalle says:


  • Vickie Tucker says:

    The cashier told me to active my card but I don’t see a place to do it.

  • U can’t get the rewards website to come up. I’ve tried several times. This is unexceptional u need to fix this it been like this for a years know lets get this fixed. Thanks, Brandy Duchemin

  • Ferry Susan says:

    I’ve had some problems logging in I hope this goes through correctly

  • I could not figure out why i was not getting my rewards points or how to get them.i asked at store and got no real answer except go online.then with my p.c. down i was out of luck.No problem putting the points on.But how to get the rewards.Now to to go on by my phone all i read is “Yes to you rewards” so thought something new up. But tried it anyway just to find its the “Rewards card” .I found a ohone number to call as i got no where online.Now i read to you lose all your rewards after a year of inactivety. But how is it inactive if i have been using my card to put my points on all the time i shop which is over 1900.Also i click into all activity and all it shows is kasf two says i started in 2/ even if i lost a year of my points they woukd start over 2/ shouldnt i get all since then at least.beleive me there should be plenty.I lost enough at least give me those for the last 6 months.I have done enough shopping besides losing a $10.00 kohls cash before even leaving the store already too.

  • Cynthia Hotchkiss says:

    I have been trying to do my enrollment and keep getting an error notice saying web address ot available????

  • Arcelia Gonzalez says:

    I’m being a shopping but I haven’t get my point’s

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