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*HOT* FREE Where is Baby’s Belly Button Book

11:33 AM MST
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UPDATE: If you’ve been having trouble, retry the links as they have been updated and seem to work much quicker! (Thanks, Susan!)

Hurry on over here to Simon & Schuster where they are offering up a FREE Where is Baby’s Belly Button? Board Book (a $5.99 Value!) when you use the promo code bellybutton at checkout. Even sweeter, shipping is also free! You’ll want to hurry as this freebie is sure to go quickly!

(Thanks, Karey!)

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  • Manda says:

    mine was cancelled too

  • Dana says:

    I wonder if they honored any of the orders? I also received the cancellation email…bummed :(

  • tracy says:

    Mine canceled too. Was hoping to give to granddaughter. Oh well maybe next time.

  • Sheryl Lynn says:

    The company that defrauded millions in the Big 5 ebook price fixing scam is at it again! My order confirmation said shipment in one business day yet the order was cancelled 5 days later? Once again an unethical company as the offer said they would substitute if book was not available!

  • Anita says:

    When I tried to sign up they added $70 worth of unwanted stuff to my cart which I had to edit . Now I receive an email saying this was not intended for online and my order was cancelled . I wonder if they can honor their orders !!

  • Judy says:

    Mine was also canceled. This company will never get my business again. This was handled so poorly. If it was only meant to be given for new parents in the hospital why was it online. Makes no sense. I also ordered 10 board books for my niece’s son who is 9 months. They are some of my favorites and they came quickly. This email just left me with sour grapes for this company. I told them I would have paid for this book and made it part of the shipment I got had I known. Just wondering if anyone is getting it?

  • JanaGad says:

    Mine was cancelled too!

  • Barbara says:

    I also have a confirmation in front of me for that book. I don’t care about the free book, but I do care about doing business with a company like that. I wrote them an e-mail saying Shame on You for doing this to so many people. I had signed up with them to order other books and they obviously did not want my business as they took my name off. I told them I was sure I could find other book sellers.
    I thought this was a reputable company.

  • Marisa says:

    Mine was cancelled as well, It says in their email that it was not authorized for online. I was going to give it to my niece but It’s not a big deal to me. Thanks anyway.

  • Tammy Smith says:

    I got the same e-mail that mine was cancelled and that it was not authorized for online use. My was for my grandson due in August. I responded with “that was just tacky”, and shame on them!!

  • Cristine says:

    I never even got a cancellation email but I can assume they did the same to me since I never received the book. Bad business!

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