Walgreens Update: FREE Oreo Cakesters Deal!

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I just wanted to update everyone on the Oreo Cakester Walgreens deal! These are on a Mega-saver sale all month long priced at 2 for $5! At my local Walgreens they did NOT have signs up and the 2 for $7 price was listed. However, once I brought them to the register one rang up at $2.99 and the other rang up at $2.01–which equals $5 for two. I used two $1 coupons from the 6/14 SmartSource insert and then got back a $3 Register Reward! Final cost 2 packages for FREE!

Stock up on these while you can… well, not that we really need too!:)
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  1. christinaprey

    Holy mackerel! I got a ton of these free last week, but I thought the price had gone up, but this is great! And this will roll perfectly with the St. Ives RR!! Woo Hoo!! lol

  2. Jackie

    Collin, a bunch of us want to know which carmex is giving the 2 rr’s. Can you help?

  3. Rhonda

    The carmex lip balm (looks like a thin tube of lipstick/gloss–I don’t wear make-up so I can’t really say) has the RR. Saw it by the Chap Stick Naturals.


  4. Jenn


    I saw the Carmex while in the store today near an endcap. It was really well marked (with the price and the RR it will give). Hope you find it!

  5. jbubolz-miller

    Lucky you that you got the cakester coupon- none here- probably better for my figure=)

  6. Anonymous

    too bad my wags is lame-o and can’t seem to stock up on things that are RR deals!!! they didn’t have any today!!!

  7. dh

    just fyi…the little tag says that you have to buy gallon of milk to make this deal happen but this is not the case. the manager was sure that I had to buy the milk so I asked him to just ring it up without milk and see what happened…bingo…$3 rr came out of that little machine. So, just fyi…these are great snacks for the kid’s baseball/softball team.

  8. Jackie

    Thanks Collin, You continue to amaze. Up to a few minutes ago I did not know how to copy more than one line maybe 2 but NEVER 4. I persevered and learned how. Can you believe you teach us stuff Without even knowing it.

  9. Anonymous

    i just bought the 4 12 pks got a $2 rr, then bought 4 boxes of the cakesters and got 2 $3 RR. i then bought 2 of the st ives body washes using the 2 $3 rr from the oreos and a few other things, but i was wondering…shouldnt i have one more $3 RR after buying the body wash with the RR or doesnt it work like that? i mean i with the 1st transaction of body wash i got one so why not on the 2nd one? and i had extra items on each transaction so the cost was over the RR amount.

  10. Angie

    No Cakester Qs in the paper for this area (Tulsa, OK) this week. Boo – I’ve been wanting to try these!

  11. fran

    Hey Collin,
    Again, thanks for all you do for all of us. I went to Walgreens tonight because I had 2 $10.00 RR I needed to use today. I did get 2 boxes of Cakesters which was tonight’s dessert…I had 2 coupons from all the Kraft printing, and I got the St.Ives B.W., and the Johnson’s baby powder…they also had Deerfield whipped garden vegetable cream cheese for $.45 (got the last 4).
    I also wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to Anon. who told us about being able to use RRs to purchase the “red” Walgreens gift cards. I got 2 $10.00 gift cards and paid with my 2 $10.00 RRs. I was so happy, because there was no way I was going to be able to spend $20.00…I only spent $4.54, which I put on a different gift card.
    So again to Anon, thank you, thank you, thank you:)

  12. Tara

    you should have gotten the rr as long as the rr you used to pay with werent the ones you want to get back. ex you cant pay for the st ives and get a st ives back. this is what always gets me messed up with my deals.
    which gcs? what do they look like? do we need enough items as we have rr? like it i had 9 -3.00 rr how would that work?

  13. Kim Ekker

    Got the John Frieda deal used my Q’s and spent $6.70 for three John Frieda and got 5RR’s back. Used those 5 RR’s for the cakesters and then it spit out 3 RR’s. Used those 3RR’s for the next two boxes of cakesters along with my Q’s from paper on the cakesters and wound up getting all 4 boxes for free or if you even it out .96 cent per item (3 John Frieda 4 bx Cakesters). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  14. fran

    The gift card is red, “Walgreens” is white, and “gift card” is silver…I just asked for the red gift card…I was at the cosmetic counter and the manager that waited on me (I had a return), had to go to the front register to get them…I believe they are behind the counter.
    And to your other question, you would probably have to have fillers, and it has to be $10.00 or more…so I’m thinking you could use 4 $3.00 RRs, buy a gift card for $11.00 and purchase 3 Walgreens totes 3/$1.00, and you’ll just have to pay tax on the bags. With the other 5 RRs, you can do a similar purchase…buy a $14.00 gift card and 4 totes (so you have 5 items for your 5 RRs)…you will pay for 1 tote, plus tax. The totes coupons states limit 3, but I’ll bet you can get 4, if not, you will need another small filler (ramen noodles). HTH. Good luck. If you still have any other questions, just ask.

  15. Anonymous

    Hi I have a question about the gc, using the rr to buy the card , will this affect me getting rr in the future , example use 4 -3rr from st ives, to buy the gc , then use the gc , and buy st ives b.w. Will I still get the rr from this purchase?

  16. Jan

    Where did you read that you could use RR to by “Red” Walgreens giftcards? Doesn’t the RR say not to be used on gc? Would love to be able to do this today as I have $20RR expiring. Thanks for your help.

  17. fran

    I used 2 of the same $10.00 RRs to purchase 2 $10.00 G.C. Since you have 4 RRs, you could buy a G.C. for $11.00 and you will need 3 fillers (Walgreens totes 3/$1.00 with in-ad coupon…that would be your $12.00, then you will just pay tax for the bags. Don’t forget, you still need item to RR ratio. Once you have the G.C., you can use it to purchase anything. I purchased my G.C.s first, then shopped…I didn’t try to do it all in one order…too confusing.

    You probably have the same 2 that I had. I read it here…that’s why I thanked Anon, plus another lady said she did it also. On Collins home page, on the right, click Walgreens…I believe it’s 2 or 3 blogs down, with a lot of comments…I even commented that I didn’t like these as you couldn’t call for a balance, but they must have changed them, because you can call for a balance. You can only get them for $10.00 or more…get 2 $10.00 ones, instead of 1 $20.00, so you won’t need a filler (that’s if you have 2 $10.00 RRs).
    It’s probably easier to do if you have high value RRs.
    And yes Tara, it does say that you can’t use RRs on G.C.s, but they must just mean the ones hanging up, like for Red Lobster…I’m not going to question it…it worked…that’s all I care about…I didn’t want to be out $20.00.
    Good luck ladies.

    All I ask is that we don’t get crazy doing this, so they don’t take it away from us. Thanks.

  18. Lindsay M.

    Those cakesters are so good, but they are like 400 calories and 30 grams of fat each package!

    I didn’t even cut the coupons so I wouldn’t be tempted!

  19. Anonymous

    We just got Walgreens in our area, so I’m new to this. Does Walgreens ever give rainchecks? They were out of all the sale/RR deals I went to get, and it was early on Monday!!! The girl told me that maybe they’d get some in Thursday night, but I don’t want to keep wasting gas and running over there.

  20. Jan

    Thank you Fran….I am going to try it later today and will report back.

  21. sarah

    thanks tara for responding to my comment. (i posted annoy. cuz i was in a hurry.) thats prob what happened they used a st ives $3 rr to go on the next st ives. i got home and was like um shouldnt i have another? lol. i was trying to save them up but i had a screaming 17mo old and the older two are 5 & 8 were going nuts after 5 transactions…i was getting sooo stressed! the way i planned it to work though was using the oreos rr on the st ives and ending up with 2 $3rr. but the kids had candy and crap and i had to snatch a paci for the baby since i forgot to bring one sooo they all got used up right away. i think ive learned NOT to bring kiddos with!! but all in all about $35 worth of stuff i paid not even $2 for the candy they wanted so not so bad.

  22. Jami STL

    So if I want to do the St. Ives deal again I can’t use the St. Ives RR to pay for it and still get another RR back?

  23. fran

    Jami STL,
    That is correct…you can’t use a RR that you received from St.Ives to pay for the next St.Ives, without losing out on receiving the next RR. I got 2 St.Ives last night…I just did 2 transactions…since the RRs are good for 2 weeks, I just save them for next time. Even though I know how these work, I still make mistakes…I’ll be glad if they do away with these…from what I hear, there’s is supposed to be a change in July…we’ll see then. I did manage to use the $3.00 RR from the 2 Cakesters that I bought last night…these are really good, by the way.

  24. Tawanda!

    Anon –
    You can ask for a raincheck for of the items feaured in the flyer and use them at ANY WAGS. Depends upon your manager, but sometimes they will tell you that a new truck will be on on an upcoming. (I don’t think they want to issue rainchecks until absolutely neccessary.)
    Please note that sometimes they put an expiration date on them. One tip – I usually clip the advertised product and information and attach it to the raincheck. HTH

  25. Jami STL

    Thanks Fran! I’ll get the hang of this sooner or later.

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks, Tawanda. I will ask for a raincheck if they don’t have the items on Thursday.

  27. Jackie

    Okay, I tried this and the manager told me he could write a raincheck but after Sat. if I bought them I couldn’t get an rr. I’m gling to be asking you fran about all this.:)

  28. Anonymous

    I got the 2 for $5 and used my coupons but didn’t get my $3 RR. I asked the manager and he told me they aren’t going to do the monthly deals, just the weekly ones.

  29. Cindy

    Which carmex is it. I tried the link and nothing comes up. Is it the Moisture lip one? That’s the only one I see in that price range. My store did NOT have a sign up for it.

  30. Anonymous

    How do you find out about the monthly register reward deals? I just went and bought carmex, the only one that stated 2.99 and it did not print out a Register Reward. I came home to search the Walgreen’s site to see if I got the wrong thing but can not find monthly deals at all??? What do I do about the carmex? It even rang up wrong, 2.50 instead of the 2.99 price tag but I wanted the catalina coupon!


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