Kmart: *HOT* Pull-Ups & DVD Deal Scenarios + More!

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UPDATE: The $10/$20 Kmart coupon is no longer available AND appears to be beeping at the register and not working for most readers. I will have an updated post about this issue soon!

Alright, so are you ready to make use of the new $10 off $20 Kmart coupon?! I know some of you are confused with the wording stated on the coupon–

“$10 off regular, sale or clearance priced merchandise purchase in-store of $20 or more (before taxes and after other discounts have been applied) in a single transaction. Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s) and cannot double. Limit (1) Kmart Savings Coupon per transaction.”

When it states before taxes and AFTER other discounts have been applied, I take that as meaning after all store discounts have been applied. When you use manufacturer’s coupons it’s just like paying with cash– using cash from the manufacturer, so that discount has nothing to do with the store. I would make sure your total is over $20 after all Kmart coupons and discounts have been applied. After doing so, hand over the $10 off $20 coupon AND then use any manufacturer coupons you may have.

Here are a few deal scenarios to get ya thinkin’:

Princess and the Frog deal scenario:

Buy The Princess and the Frog DVD $20.99
Buy the Princess Tiana Doll $10.99
Total = $31.98
Get $10 off automatically at the register for buying the DVD and doll
Total now = $21.98
Use the new $10 off $20 Kmart coupon
Plus, use the $5/1 manufacturer’s coupon from here
Final cost ONLY $6.98 for both the DVD and Doll! What a sweet deal!
**Update: To sweeten this deal further, don’t forget about the two $5 rebates available here!

Soda Stock up Deal scenario:
Buy 16 2 liters of Coca Cola Products on sale 4/$5
Total = $20
Use the $10 off $20 Kmart coupon
Final cost ONLY $0.63 per 2 liter!

Pull-Ups Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 packages of Huggies Pull-Ups $9.99
Buy 1 $0.50 filler item (candy or gum by the register)
Total = around $20.50
Use the $10 off $20 Kmart coupon
Use two $2/1 Pull-Ups coupons from here
Final cost ONLY $3.25 per pack!

Let us know what other in-store deal scenarios you’ve come up with!

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  1. Anny

    I am just back from Kmart. I bought the doll and DVD got the $10.00 both and used the mfg. coupon $19.99 (ours was on price cut to match walmart) and the $10.99 doll used the $5.00 off mfg. coupon and bought some cute animal easter eggs for $4.50, a bag of candy, and a soda for $15.00 after the $10/$20 Kmart coupon. I added fillers just to be careful of bringing my price too far down to cause attention to the deal.
    I will be submitting it for Two of the three rebates for Princess and the Frog. Making them
    Free and making sure my receipt reflected about a $15.00 purchase after coupon πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the posting of this deal and I will be hitting Kmart stocking up.

  2. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Just got the deal too. $7 for doll and DVD. Great deal!

  3. meli

    No problems here at the Tampa, FL Kmart- I was able to use both coupons and got everything for $7!! Good stuff, will make a great gift!

  4. jenn

    So the coupon says you can not combine with any other coupon fo the same item(s). So how can I use the $5 coupon too?

    • Mo Keaton

      I did it with no problems whatsoever. Just make sure you hand over the Kmart coupon first. I always keep my q’s in my hand, and hand them over one at a time. HTH

    • janaki

      my store manager told she can only accept either one of those…. bummer here.

  5. Tilla Ham

    i went to Kmart and was unable to use my coupon because my shampoos were buy one get one half off and apparently they consider that a buy one get one promotion. blah. I am going to go back in a bit and shoot for the doll/dvd deal, but i think my kmart may have been out of the dvd. otherwise I am going to get some easter candy. I did get more gillette razors at target so i’m completely jazzed about paying less than 50 cents a piece for those! and the free post cereal at albertsons is rocking my sox off

  6. Margie

    Tried to do this at my kmart… 1st, they did not have the doll. so tried to at least do $5 coupon for movie along with $10 off, but they would not take both πŸ™ Still a good deal for $10 – $5 rebate. So $5 total for the movie we were going to buy anyway.

  7. Stacy

    I was able to do the movie/ doll deal at my kmart and use all the coupons. The cashier was very nice and even asked where she could find the coupons so she could buy it for her daugher.

  8. Angelene

    My Kmart in Layton, UT was all out ot the Princess Tiana Dolls, I was so sad. But I did get a baby alive for $5.00. Can’t wait to see what other great deals we can get with this coupon.

    • Mo Keaton

      OMG, I didn’t think about that. We all have those 1st baby alive coupons, and the $10/$20 would make the baby alive just $5. Thanks for the info. I will be going again tomorrow, to get one! WooHoo

    • Jennifer

      I also went to the Layton Kmart tonight and they were out of the doll. But they substituted another princess doll and told me to come back and exchange it when they get more in.

      • Angelene

        Thanks, I will try that tomarrow morning.

  9. ashli

    can we use the $10 off $20 more than once!

    • Mo Keaton

      It’s a pdf coupon, so I don’t see how you can not use it more than once, but I am not altogether sure!

  10. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I will also be submitting for the caregivers marketplace rebate at .75 a pack! So, this bring them down to $2.50 a pack – I will be doing that on the huggies too – that will make them $1.50 a pack –

    • Melissa

      Huggies isn’t part of Caregivers rebate this year. When I got my rebate, there was a letter inside saying there were some changes to the 2010 form and to look for a baby/kids rebate the future.

      • Jennifer

        Yes, sadly I don’t think there are any diapers on their list this year. They said they are making a separate rebate for diapers but it hasn’t come out yet.

  11. tripletmama

    Just got back from a Sandy, Utah Kmart. I wanted to use 10 off the movie blu/ray combo but they said they didn’t get any combo packs it. Too bad. Didn’t buy it. However, I did buy the quilted northern and got the catalina coupon. Maybe I will go back and buy the dvd tomorrow. By the way, I used my 100 Kmart gift card I scored last week by transferring 4 prescriptions to the pharmacy. I am going to try to turn the 100 gift card into 200 including the 10 off 20 coupons.

  12. tripletmama

    Does anyone know if you can use a catalina coupon along with the Kmart Savings coupon?

  13. Sara

    I called the Kmart customer service number just now and asked about this coupon, if it’s legit or not. I don’t want to use it if it’s not real, but obviously want to take advantage of it if it is. I think it’s just so strange that it’s a PDF of such a high value coupon that we can print over and over. When I go to I can’t figure out how to get to the page that the link takes us to, so that makes me suspicious too. Anyway, the lady at customer service said that several other people have called about this same coupon today and she checked with her supervisor who told me “it’s not a coupon” and to check with the store. So I said “when you say it’s not a coupon, do you mean it’s not a valid coupon?” and she said “no, it’s not a coupon, check with your store to verify if they will take it.” So I am more confused than ever! I said, “So if the store will take it, it’s fine?” and she said “yes.”

    So Kmart corporate customer service could not tell me “yes it’s a real coupon” and yet they say if the store will take it, it’s ok. So whatever. I’ll try it at my local Kmart and see what happens.

    • Ali

      I strongly suggest you check with you Customer Service desk BEFORE using the coupon–just to be sure you can use it along with coupons….

  14. AshleyS

    I also can not get the coupon to load. I dont know if its my computer or what. Could someone email it to me at ???
    Thanks so much! I could really use this couon right now!!

    • Emily

      I just sent you one.

  15. MerriLeigh

    I did it! Got the Princess and the Frog movie + the Princess doll for only .98 cents.
    Buy both and recieve $10 off
    Used my $10 off $20 purchase K-Mart Q PLUS
    $10.00 off Q for the movie.
    I’m new to this coupon thing, so this totally rocked for me!

  16. Tilla Ham

    Seriously i have to gush about my shopping experiences today! Target, you rocked my socks off with my 20 gillette razor blades for 60 dollars out of pocket and I got 50 dollars in gift cards back!!! 10 dollars for 20 razors! yeee hawwwww! Then lets travel to kmart right down the road, where I purchased the Princess and the frog dvd, and the princess and the frog tiana doll which rang up for 20.99, then I used the legit ( 10 off 20 coupon and then I used my 10 dollar off blu ray (shouldn’t be legit but was) coupon and it scanned as well. So both the doll and the dvd were 1.09!!! Then in a 2nd transaction I purchased the Princess and the frog DS game, and 5 bags of candy used candy coupons and the 10/20 kmart coupon and got this for 10.28 oop. Next I travelled to Albertsons where I got 18 boxes of honey bunches of oats, 4 snickers bars (this is a chocolate needing week) and a package of mission tortillas and my OOP was zero!!!! We are donating most of the cereal to the food bank as we are up to 79 boxes. I am so completely stoked, I officially feel like a coupon pro!

  17. anonymous

    ****Kmart website is Down!*****

  18. Sally

    I just did my purchase with K Mart earlier in N. Cal area, and the store take it. I tried to combine both the $10 off $20 coupon with the catalina coupon, but the register doesn’t take it. I tried to purchase 2 packs of Huggies with a little filler, used the $10.00 K Mart coupon and two $3.00 Manu Coupon, the $3.00 catalina doesn’t come out. I don’t know what is going on….. >__<

    • Maggie


      According to other posts I have seen on this and other couponing sites, the deal you mentioned does not spit out a catalina, but instead puts the funds on your Kmart card directly as a KMART ECB (Kmart $$$ off coupon). Hope that helps.

  19. Coupon Princess

    I am having trouble printing out any Huggies Coupons for PULLUPS. There is always an error message when I click on the link. Does anyone know where I can find more coupons?

  20. Michelle F.

    I got the P&F deal to work and as I was leaving I saw a bin of Clearance kid underwear for 50 cents each. It looks like they individually priced underwear from the 3 pack of Hanes they were destroyed or opened. So I got my DVD, a Tiana Doll, and 8 pairs of underwear for just over $10. I was so excited.

  21. Stephanie

    Went this morning and got 5 shirts for my DD, but the cashier called the manager, showed the coupon and said “are these the ones”? The manager said “as long as it scans.” So beware not sure if this is a sign of things to come..

  22. Malinda Hodges

    I just tried to use the $10/$20 coupon a few minutes ago in Pineville, NC and the computer would not accept the coupon. The manager would not take the coupon. I am so bummed because I didnt get the diaper deal. I did go ahead and get the Princess Tiana doll & DVD because it was the last doll they had. I paid $17.98 for the doll and DVD. My duaghter’s second birthday is tomorrow and this is our gift to her. Still not bad for the doll and DVD but still disappointed that the computer would not take the coupon.

  23. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got the DVD and Tiana doll for $6.83 yesterday at our Kmart in Jacksonville, NC! The doll was the last one out though. But maybe they have more out today…

  24. sara m.

    I got the best deal on this DVD! My Kmart was out of the Princess Tiana doll, and they didn’t carry the Bluray Combo disc. I asked a manager, and she allowed me to substitute another princess doll (which I let my daughter pick out), and she charged me 99 cents for it. Then, I was able to use the bluray coupon ($10) anyway, since they didn’t carry that product. I used the $10/20 & got the doll & DVD for 98 cents total!! Now I plan to do at least one of the rebates & make money.

  25. Steph

    My 10 off 20 Q worked last night but today they wouldn’t take it. They said someone must have hacked into kmart’s site and posted the coupon so they are researching it now.
    All good things must come to an end.
    So yesterday I got the doll and DVD for $1.05 and today I bought another (for a gift) for $11.72. They are taking the $10 off brick coupon.

  26. Malinda Hodges

    I just got off the phone with the Corporate Office. They are saying that the coupon is fraudulent. They are sending me a $10/$50 coupon for the inconvenience.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Not to be rude but just how are you being inconvenienced?

      If anything you just might be the whistle blower.

      • Emily

        I also called corporate and they told me they didn’t have such a coupon listed in their computer database. And they did *not* offer me the $10 off $50 for inconvenience.

        I’m going to call my local Kmart to check. Maybe it’s a regional thing, who knows?

        • Emily

          Called my local Kmart in Middle Village, Queens, NY. They DO accept that coupon!!!!

          OK, I’m going to go to Middle Village Kmart ASAP before they change their mind. I *really* doubt they would honor the coupon until May 15th but we’ll see. Thank goodness I had the foresight to save the coupon on my computer because I just went to the Kmart Renaissance NYC website again and I don’t see the coupon on their website.

  27. Kari

    Just got back from Beaverton OR K-mart and they are not taking ANY of the $10 off $20 coupons. Claim it is pirated and only supposed to be good for NY stores????? >:o[

  28. junesummer

    Just came back from K-Marts. Did the diaper deal, but only gave me 3.00 off for the Kmart coupon. Cashier couldn’t explain it, manager couldn’t explain it. The Big guys from corporate happened to be in the store, after much scrutiny and comments of “OH these are the coupons that came out last night”, they still couldn’t explain it. So we all decided to just void out the entire order and start again. This time the coupon wouldn’t go through at all! The corporate gentleman just had them manually give me the 10.00 off. I was going to try and do the DVD and doll deal next, but decided I’d best not push my luck, I had already spent over an hour in the store for 2 bags of diapers. Now I get home and find out that the coupon might be pirated? I would like to find out for sure, because if it is fraudulent I will take the diapers back. Couponers always get a bad rap and I don’t want stores to stop letting us use coupons because of things like this.

  29. Joe Ann

    Did Kmart have the instant $10 off deal in print anywhere? If I could price match at Wal-mart or Target, this would still be a good deal for me at $15.

  30. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    This deal is avalible at select stores……
    it worked a round lake beach IL. they said the coupon vaid!

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