Rite Aid: FREE Johnson & Johnson Gauze + FREE Hair Clippers?!

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If you are a planning a shopping trip to Rite Aid today, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Johnson & Johnson Hospital Grade Non-Stick pads and Wahl Hair Clippers…check out the deal scenarios below to see how you can snag them for free!

Johnson & Johnson Hospital Grade Non-Stick pads 2″ x 3″ 10 count $2.79 (based on on-line price)
Use the $2/1 coupon found here
Use the $2/1 in-ad coupon
Final Cost FREE plus $1.21 moneymaker!* (be sure to purchase another item priced at $1.21 or higher as you will not get cash back)
*The in-ad coupon states that a $1 +Up Reward will also be generated which makes this a $2+ moneymaker!

Wahl Hair Clipper Kits $25
Use the $5/$25 Rite Aid purchase coupon found here or here
Use the $10/1 June Video Values coupon found here
Pay $10
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate offer found here
Submit for $5 Single Check Rebate # 72
Final Cost FREE!

Be sure to check out all the Rite Aid weekly deals here!

(Thanks, Tressa and Lanette!)

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Comments 49

  1. Kelli

    My June VV Q for Wahl is for the Lithium Ion Trimmer only. ๐Ÿ™

    • Mrs. B

      I had that one & one for clip & trim home haircutting kit.

      • Mrs. B

        okay, the rebate is for the 2nd one I posted the.

  2. supersaversarah

    Just a heads-up…the PDF coupon Collin posted does not work. Several of my readers tried it when it was posted the other day and it was only for NY and NJ residents. It beeps as not a valid coupon at the register. ๐Ÿ™

    • Mrs. B

      works for me.

      • supersaversarah

        Have you used it, though? It prints fine, but it apparently does not work at the register. People over on Slickdeals have had issues with it as well. Just trying to save people the embarrassment of a beeper! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • lynnie_sue203

          I have used it twice in North Carolina. Works fine for me. Planning on putting it to use again today. : )

    • stickmayo

      I enlarged the coupon Collin linked and it doesn’t specify a certain area.

      • supersaversarah

        The coupon doesn’t state it, but if you look in the URL it says NY NJ. It’s apparently not programmed into all registers chain-wide since it was only supposed to go to selected RA customers. I haven’t tried this coupon at all so I have no idea if it actually works. Just giving a heads up since others told me it did not work when they used it. I personally hate beeping coupons so I wanted to just mention it to others. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Mrs. B

          oh okay, no I havent used it yet. thanks for the heads up!

    • A.D.

      I used it in Northern Cali yesterday, didn’t beep…hooray!

    • ms.brilliantblonde

      I used it in Spokane, WA today (7/11) and it worked like a charm! Yipee, I love pdf coupons, wouldn’t it be nice if they were all that way! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • esther

      I am in NY and the pdf coupon still beeped. My cashier didn’t take it

      • Mrs. B

        used it today in VA…went thru fine ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Danielle Lew

          I tried to use it in MD and PA–beeped. One cashier took it, others did not.

    • te

      is there some where a pdf coupon is posted and where

  3. michele

    how do I get the $10/1 June Video Values coupon now it just bring me to the videos and I can’t find it any where

    • Wendy d

      you had to have watched the video in june if you didn’t there is no way to get it now that it is july.

      • dee

        i did watch to videos in june how do i get the $10 coupon for the hair clipper

        • aprilmullen

          Go to your rewards and scroll down to your June VV and select the Wahl coupon.

        • Jennifer Ostach

          Dee – you just go to your account, your rewards and print it. YOu can print as many as you want thru the JUNE video values, anyway you can save it as a PDF and email it to me, we need one of these and am so bummed I don’t have it:(

          • dee

            hey Jennifer i think i miss understood.. i did watch the video in June but not the Wahl hair clipper one.. i was under the impression tht if u watch at least 1 video from June u can excess to all the coupon from the month of June…. sorry guys

  4. Wendy d

    I paired these 2 deals together because the clippers were on sale for $22.49 at my store (maybe everywhere I don’t know) so my total after coupons was $8.02 before using any of the wellness coupons I have stored up. That’s almost a $2 moneymaker! I cut my son’s hair myself and blow through a set of clippers about once a year so this was a great deal for us!

  5. Heather

    Is it possible to print the Wahl coupon anymore?

  6. jodi

    The J&J non-stick pad 2×3 worked great – and I paired it with the Crest Scope toothpaste for overage and used last week’s P&G coupon – .75 coupon off any Crest toothpaste. Total 1.53 and 1.00 +Up reward printed and you can send in for the rebate of the toothpaste for 2.69. Thanks!

  7. aprilmullen

    Thanks for the deal! I paired it with my 10% discount and $1/$10 hair care purchase to make it a moneymaker!!!

    • Anonymous

      did you also use the $5/$$ with your senario

  8. Mrs.Hall

    Quick question and I know you gals and guys know what your doing lol. I plan on doing my first Rite Aid shopping soon..and I’m sitting here writing down all my ideas on how to use this and that. I finally signed up for the Wellness+ card..and got my $5 off $25 coupon. I have seen the video option for more coupons, and I see a $5 off $20 I can land.

    My question is..I can use the $5.00 off $25.00 BEFORE all other coupons right? And I need to use it first..followed by manufacturer coupons and finally In-Ad coupons right? I’m kind of nervous because of all the coupon passing over and don’t want the cashier to strangle me across the counter lol..or me walking out embarrassed

    Thanks for your help ๐Ÿ™‚ OH YA..got my policy printed too!

    • Mrs. B

      yes, you can use the 5/20 or 5/25 BEFORE any other coupons. It doesnt matter the order for the manf coupon or in-ad…at least not in my experience.

      • Mrs.Hall

        thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. esther

    it sucks to be in my region – NY. My region manager called me like a month ago saying he was reviewing my transactions and I was breaking RA policy by using both 5 off 25 RA purchase and other RA coupons. He said I can only use either one, because 5 off 25 coupon says not to be combined with other offers. He was looking through all my transactions apparently, and said I can’t use the 5 off 25 coupons anymore because it also says it’s limit of 1 per customer. My local RA cashier also doesn’t allow me to use both in ads/print from video coupons and manufacturer coupons at the same time, she said in ads and video coupon also said (printed on top) manufacturer coupons too, and I can’t use 2 manufacturer coupons on the same item…this totally sucks because all RA in ads and video coupons printed are printed as ‘manufacturer coupons’….

    • Lauren

      you need to said an email to corp. because your manager is wrong. i called them and emailed them and told my manager i did such and you would be amazed at her change in attitude. you def. are allowed to use in ad, manf. AND video value coupons on the same item. call for yourself or better yet email so you have proof when you go in the store.

      • robyn

        the rite aid coupons start with a RA in the bar code and man. q’s start with a 5. point this out to them. and definitely call corporate because i had the same problem and it was cleared up. you definitely can use all three!!

      • esther

        I did email corporate and they send my email to my regional manager…apparently it’s the regional manager that said I can’t use the 5 off 25 and other RA coupons at the same time…and he said it’s only 1 per customer as stated on the coupon..he said I can no longer use the 5 off 25…

        it all started that my local RA cashier was a newbie and he didn’t know how to scan coupons, and he asked his supervisor/manager in the store…she denied me using both manufacturer coupons and RA coupons on the same item and gave me an attitude yelling at me infront of everyone. I showed her RA policy but she refused to read it, so I reported her by emailing corporate. Next thing was the store manager called me and apologized saying yes I was allowed to use both. Next day the regional manager called me saying the cashier was right, I can’t use ‘so many coupons’ esp using 5 off 25 and other RA coupons to bring down my out of pocket expenses. I was on the phone with him like half an hour, and he pointed out all my transactions that I used the 5 off 25 (even though some were pdf coupons, and others were printed from coupons.com), he said I can’t use both 5 off 25 and other RA coupons as both said not to be combined with other offers…and 1 per customer. I can’t argue about that because it does state that on the coupon. So depending on your regional manager, I guess, you may or may not use it. this is ridiculous, I slowed down my transactions in RA since I really dislike what I was told.

    • Amber

      sadly I have had a similar problem with a cashier who likes to pretend to be the manager at her store… I’ve called corporate and spoken with the district manager as well. The DM told me the same thing and when I explained to her that 1.) ANYONE can print 2 $5/$25 from the redplum site and 2.) The Video Values program let us all earn about 4 or 5 $5 off last month, she was dumb-founded as to an answer why we can only use 1 per customer when we can earn them from Rite Aid itself. So I asked her when we could use the new one for next month (Since it is limit one per customer) and she didnt know. I explained that it is limit 1 or EACH coupon per customer, because they are all worded differently and have different barcodes- hence they are different coupons and we can use EACH one with a limit of 1 time.

      Anyway, to make a long story short, b/c of such incidents with cashiers and managers that dont know how their own policy works, and b/c I think R-A is trying to do too many things (can you say In ad coupons, Video Values, Wellness coupons, UP+, Single Check Rebates) I have stopped shopping there. They change their tune too often. After calling corporate, I have realized No-one at R-A knows whats going on with their own programs I have recieved info that all In-ad coupons are Rite Aid coupons and can be paired with Manufacture coupons AND that only the ones that say Valuable coupons are RA coupons and the others are manufacture coupons (Even though some of their In-Ad coupons said to look for additional savings in sundays paper!).

      Collin, I dont mean to take over the comment section with negativity- I appreciate all that you do for us! Just sharing my experience and frustration with others…. I think Rite Aid transactions definatly are a YMMV experience.

      • Julie S.

        There was an ad a few weeks ago that showed that you could use the vv, in-ad, and +up for an item. I saved that ad to put with the RA coupon policy, in case I need it.

  10. arcticlovebirds

    Would anyone happen to have the June video values coupon, but not need it? Apparently, I didn’t watch the video in June, ๐Ÿ™ but I was really hoping to get the deal. I don’t know if it’s possibly to send it over email, or if anyone lives around the Bedford, OH area (right by Cleveland, OH), maybe I could pick up the printed coupon from somebody??? Thank you.

    • karen

      me too!!!!!!!!!!please

  11. Erica

    Does anyone have this coupon that they aren’t going to use and would be able to send to me? I have 3 boys whom I do at home haircuts for all the time and this would really help! Thanks!

  12. Laurie

    Does anyone know where we can get a pdf version of the Wahl clipper coupon? I know I got a coupon before this way but I cannot remember how I got to it. I need one of these hair clippers. Thanks so much.

  13. jessicakok

    The non-stick pads were $3.99 at my store. Still a $1.01 moneymaker!

  14. Kelley C

    did anyone else get Rite-aid B.S. about not allowing more than one internet printed coupon per transaction? I tried to go get the Neutrogena Clinical stuff with my PDF $5 off $25 purchase and $5 MFG coupon and she wouldn’t let me use both so I said nevermind and left….

    • Laurie

      Thank you so much! There are so many great Hip2Save readers that can help the rest of us when we need something. You are so kind. Thanks again.

    • Smitha

      Thanks so much for sharing the coupon.s I had one question. How did you convert the coupons to pdf?

      • Anne-Marie

        there is a link on upper left that says “download pdf” click on that and either open or save.

        • Smitha

          Oh wow! I never noticed that.. Thank you!

  15. Anne-Marie

    i did the above transaction as listed and it worked smooth as silk. no beeps. i’m in McMinnville, OR. i actually decided to splurge and get the chrome pro wahl clippers that were priced at $29.99 in my store, still qualified for both rebates- final price was $4.48 due to overage from gauze (and i still have a $1+ up coupon).

    I was so excited to check online first and find this deal as i was on my way to store to purchase new hair clippers for the males in the family (our old ones had started “biting” ouch!) and was prepared to pay $20 plus.

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