Rite Aid: Updated Coupon Policy!

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Yippee! Rite Aid has just released an updated coupon policy which includes the use of +UP Reward coupons, Video Values coupons and more. Below, I have highlighted some of my favorite parts of the coupon policy. I would also strongly encourage you to print a copy of the official policy and keep it with you when shopping at Rite Aid. If you encounter a cashier/manager who is not following the policy, it is often helpful to pull out a copy of the policy to review.

My Favorite Parts of the Coupon Policy ๐Ÿ˜€

* Multiple +UP coupons can be used (subject to the printed exclusions) up to the amount of purchase before sales tax.

* Buy One, Get One Free: We accept two coupons for the purchase of two items that are on Buy One, Get One Free Promotion. We accept a Buy One, Get One Free Coupon with an item that is in our flyer as Buy One, Get One Free, meaning both items are free.

* Only one total purchase coupon per transaction (Total purchase equals or exceeds $25 before tax before any coupons are applied).

*No more than one Rite Aid Valuable coupon, one Rite Aid Manufacturer coupon, and one Manufacturer coupon can be used on a single item.

* Print the policy for yourself: Rite Aid Customer Coupon Acceptance Policy August 2010

On a side note, I think it is wonderful that Rite Aid takes the time to update its coupon policy based on concerns/comments from its customers; and I also appreciate the fact that the coupon policy is easily available to its customers.  If only all the stores followed this example!

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  1. heather

    man wish we had a rite aid.

  2. Tawny

    This is great! I used to be devoted to Walgreens but Rite Aid is so much better with coupons. And they have an actual POLICY so there aren’t as many exceptions from store-to-store. THANKS RITE AID, I LOVE YOU!

  3. Smitha

    Wow! I am really glad that they have changed their policy about the usage of multiple +UP coupons ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Collin!

  4. cicmommy

    YAY!! I can’t wait to take a copy and show it to the cashier I always have troubles with!!! YAHOO!

  5. Toni Davis

    This is great! However can you explain which rule I would refer to in using I.e. the Pampers senerio with a coupon for $1.50 off the pamper and the other coupon B1 Pampers and get the wipes free. I’m being told at Rite Aid that I could only us one. I’m not getting this. the mgr was nice enough to let me do this but she did state abt the new coupon policy. But this is confusing even to the cashiers. Thanks

    • Nichole A.

      I dont see the problem using both. I used both coupons your talking about but this was at CVS and had no problem at all.

    • Faith

      I had the same problem. They only let me use one of the coupons. I wish there were a specific place I could point out in the coupon policy that would justify this.

  6. Olivia Smith

    Yipee! How amazing- thank you!

  7. Teresa

    I absolurely LOVE my Rite Aid and have shopped there for years and years. They have some of the friendliest employees! One young gal is so cute she always says “did I tell you about this deal?” I shared Hip2Save with her awhile back. She is a big couponer, and has helped me so many times when I mess up on a deal (which I tend to do from time to time).

    I like that they will let you use as many of the UP rewards as you want. My store has done this all along. I’m so glad we have Rite Aid but I wish we had CVS, too! I guess you can’t have them all.

    • Niki

      We have all the drug stores in a ten minute radius, but no Kroger! We need a Kroger in Mentor, Ohio! LOL

      • Heather

        we need a kroger in canton, OH…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. april

    Love Rite Aid!!!!! I have never had any issues in my store (except w/a lady that is very old and is clueless about any type of coupon), but this is awesome to have just in case

  9. D

    Rite-Aid is the crappiest drug store.. they have great deals but the hassles you have to go through in order to purchase things there is ridiculous. If you hve a problem, upper management does not care… R-A is a sinking ship.. jump off quick

    • Ellie

      I think it depends on which location you go to. My old town had a Rite Aid, and after trying to buy stuff there a few times, I gave up. They didn’t accept any printed coupons, the employees were so rude, and would grumble (out loud!) whenever I tried to use non-printed coupons.

      I just moved to a new town though, and the rite aid here is amazing. They never question my coupon use, and I get so many amazing deals there. It’s now the only drug store I go to here.

      • robyn

        i totally disagree. my rite aid is awesome.

      • Jata

        The Rite Aid I frequent is exactly like how you described. Rude and treats me like second class citizen when I try to use coupons. I called customer service and complained about the store and ask that the district manager to give me a call back. The CS related my message to the district manager and he called me within 5 min after I hung up the phone with CS. He said he would go to the local store and talk to his employees about the issue I complained about.

  10. DeDe

    The manager at my Rite Aid is very helpful. He said his wife uses the coupons and encourages anyone who takes the time to get them together. Rite Aid gives me value and PAYS me money to shop.

  11. Chandra

    Yay! Rite-Aid is awesome for making their coupon policy easily attainable for their customers!
    Question to couponers that shop at Rite-Aid:
    Have one of your internet printed manufactures coupons been refused because it wont scan? I had a perfectly valid SoftSoap coupon I printed from their website and when I tried to use it it wouldn’t scan at the register. The manager came up and told me that when a coupon does not scan they refuse it. No matter if it is a valid coupon or not. She said “people have been making fraudulent coupons, ect, ect”. as her explanation for this.
    They wouldn’t let me use it and I was a bit upset. It was just for fifty cents! Anyways… I am thinking since I do not see this stated on the coupon policy that they cannot do this. I think it would say under the internet printed coupon part “managers have the discretion to refuse any internet printed coupon in the invent that it does not scan”…or something. =P
    What do you guys think? Has this happened to you? Are they allowed to do this? Since it doesn’t say so on the official Rite-Aid coupon policy I am thinking no. Let me know what you think please and thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marcee

      I have had this happen 3 times and at two different locations. The managers told me the same thing… they can’t accept printed coupons if they don’t scan. There is nothing they can do. I agree with you that it should state something on the policy. The coupons I had were video value coupons and two $5/$25 coupons too!

    • Mara

      I have had this same thing happen too. I’ve had some cashiers who firmly say if it doesn’t scan they won’t/can’t use it, and then other cashiers who just key it in. I was looking over the coupon policy hoping to find something about it, but no such luck. =/

      • megan

        This has happened to me a few times, however if it won’t scan they usually type in the code manually or they do what is called a “merchandise tax coupon” and they manually put in the amount. My RiteAid is great!! The ladies are all so helpful and friendly.. if I don’t shop there for a week they worry lol

        • Chandra

          You guys are lucky to have great cashiers that will type in your coupon if it doesn’t scan! I have never had mine do that!
          Oh well, I am moving soon so now I will get to try my luck at other Rite Aids!

    • Anonymous

      i believe that coupons must scan to be valid otherwise a lot of fraud would be happening

    • Kelli

      I have been told on many occasions at Rite Aid that if it is a mfg coupon and it doesn’t scan their policy is to not accept- I hae no problem with that b/c of all the fraudulent coupons out there. Mine was the softsoap and was valid, BUT if complying with that rule helps keep their other GREAT policies in tact, I’m all for it.
      On the other hand, if it is a RA coupon, VV whatever, they are allowed to key it in- or so I have been told by multiple mgrs at multiple stores.

      • Chandra

        Good to know. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I can see that not accepting internet printed coupons that wont scan would save them from accepting a lot of fraudulent ones! It’s a bit of a bummer when you know your coupon that is not scanning isn’t fraudulent though. Oh well!

    • Tara

      i believe they have that policy at the register about internet q’s and they must scan and you cant use more than 5.00 worth at a time….i have never had them enforce it though, but some might

    • Erin

      Yup–this has been a rule since around Easter or so. I remember the cashier having trouble with my Cover Girl bogo Q (from the paper). She said in the future they couldn’t key them in. Later that week I went in with a free Q (from the mfg–not an IP) that didn’t scan. The young cashier just keyed it in, but then she needed a manager’s key to approve it, and the manager gave her a talking to, which I didn’t think was fair since it wasn’t an IP. My $1 Fig Newtons IPs were refused as well. They can only key in Rite Aid coupons.

      • Jata

        Under the “acceptance guidelines” it states that register will validate coupon through scanning OR keyed entry of the coupon UPC number. So with that, I think if the coupon does not scan, they are allow to manually key it in.

  12. Alice

    I used to shop at Ride Aid all the time until I had a problem with $5 of $25 coupon. Manager told me that I have to have $25 total purchase AFTER all coupons are applied. It means that I had to pay $20 at the end of transactions no matter how many coupons I used. I couldn’t justufy $20 OOP every time I shopped at Ride Aid so I stopped.

    I read this coupon policy few times but appreciate if someone explain to me how $5 of $25 coupon suppose to be used according to this coupon policy…..

    • Erin

      Well, it’s right there in the new coupon policy: Total purchase equals or exceeds $25 before tax (before *any* coupons are applied).” That should be really clear to your manager. As long as the pretax, precoupon total is $25, you can use as many other valid coupons as you wish. RA will get reimbursed, so I don’t know why so many people have issues with coupons. Your other option is to hand over the $5/$25 first. Once it’s scanned, then give him the other coupons. If he argues, pull out the coupon policy. If he still won’t budge, contact RA customer service and tell them what you wrote here–you’re shopping elsewhere because the manager won’t abide by their written coupon policy.

      • Alice

        Thanks a lot Erin! I just got a new $5 of $25 VV coupon and I’m going to try it tomorrow.

  13. stayc0777

    Yah! The asst. mgr. at the Rite-Aid closest to me very politely explained to me that I was only able to use 2 coupons per item, 1 Rite-Aid and 1 Mfg. I had never been told this before and was kind of embarrassed and felt like I had been trying to swindle the store. I e-mailed corporate not naming the specific store as to not get anybody in trouble but just asking if it was “legal” to use an in-ad, video values and manuf. q on 1 item and never got any response.



  15. stacy

    the RA lady told me to hand over the 5/20 first then other coupons.. they are generally pretty good there aside from one woman i see her working and I dont even bother everything is an effing question.. last week with the cold packs 4.00 off coupon didnt exclude trial size and she wanted to have a meeting over it even though that week a mgr just scanned it thru.. sometimes its so frustrating and some make you feel like you are stealing.. i always make sure i have enough to cover all my stuff these companies make enough money and they get paid for the coupons plus anywhere from 5 -8 cents over.. my question is when I return something I used a coupon for what happens to that coupon? rite aid gets paid for the item and they get to re-stock the item.. coupon fraud

  16. Kristie

    I have not had one problem since I started shopping at Rite-Aid in April. They took both the $1.50 Pampers coupon and the free wipe coupon. I asked the girl if it would work before I handed over the coupons, and she said it should and tried it. Rite-Aid is my favorite drug store to shop at, and I am so grateful that I now live somewhere that has Rite-Aid!

    • Jenna

      I completely agree with you! I love RIte Aid and have never had problems using any combo of coupons there.

  17. SetTheRays

    So does this mean you can’t use a VV, an in-store Q, MQ, and a $5/$25 Q in one transaction? I’ve seen in their ads where they put a scenario in the ad where you can use a VV, MQ, and in-store together.

    • megan

      I have done this before. The way I see it is the In Ad coupons are just a way to get a “sale” price. So you could buy $25 worth of items and use a 5/25 plus a video values, in ad, and manufacturer q on each item purchased.

  18. Christa K.

    I also think it’s great that Rite Aid puts out such a clear, detailed coupon policy and makes it available to customers. I intend to email & thank them! If only other chains would follow suit!

    • stacy


  19. Michele

    According to this new policy you can’t use the bengay in ad and bengay vv together.
    Keep an eye on the 48’s and 49’s

  20. Jodi

    Rite aid is awesome because they price match and walgreens wont. walgreens seems to make the rules up as they go about coupons… i have never had a issue at rite aid, even with a price match and coupons to boot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • robyn

      i have asked about price matching at my rite aid and they said no. that surprises me

  21. robyn

    so i take this to understand no “overage” is allowed. which was one of my big questions. am i understanding that right?? and secondly, to clear up the return part of it. if i use a coupon on something and then return it, they wont give me the full value?? isn’t that fraud on their part?

    • Alea

      I have always got a full refund on returns that I used coupons with. I don’t think a company is intentionally frauding the manufacturer either with the redeemed coupon on a now returned item because it would take forever to go through all their coupons to locate them. I think they sell enough of the items without coupons to justify sending all the coupons into the manufacturers.

      Overages are NOT allowed. I had this explained by corporate customer service when in a huge fiasco over my Rite Aid not accepting that $4 off coupon AT ALL. Their policy is to mark the coupons down.

  22. lovesadeal

    2 days ago I stopped in to my Rite Aid (with the friendly cashier) and she told me they JUST found out about the UP+ limits that we all have known about for a month now. She said she understands “our” frustration about using coupons…but she feels ultimately it’s corporates fault for not getting the information to each store quicker than they do.

  23. Mrs. B

    someone help me clarify?
    so we could use an in-ad with a video value and manf?

  24. Erin

    i wish we had a rite aid!!!

  25. Sarah

    Yeah! I am so happy they are clarifying the “buy one get one free” policy. I have NEVER been able to get 2 things for free using a store sale + coupon as the sales associate always tells me that it can’t work that way. Awesome!!

  26. sneha

    plz post cvs coupon policy plz……….

  27. topchief2

    Guess it’s time to go get my B1G1 orbitz gum coupons! Glad they clarified, but they are still run by scumbags with zero business sense.

    • Dana

      Gosh I hope you are not saying the cashiers are scum bags?

  28. Maja

    Yesterday i bought lots of stuff at Rite Aid for .50 cents, and I am getting back over $10 in rebate for those….however, the cashier didn’t want to take my second coupon for buy one get one free for Herbal Essences shampoo….so I lost about $3 on that. THANKS FOR POSTING THEIR COUPON POLICY, I see that she did wrong by not taking my second coupon. She said you have to buy one to get the other one free…..should I bother going back to return??

    • Jata

      You should go back when she is working and show her the policy so she will know what to do next time. If you don’t go back she will continue her own way and other customers will get cheated out of the product.

      • Maja

        You are right, I’ll go and print the policy so she knows for future purchases.

  29. Dana

    I know in our area they had a conference call with all store managers Monday going over the new coupon policy. and to get this to all cashiers as well. rite aid wants all coupon savvy customers to shop in their stores and to get everyone on the same page with the policy. there is going to be alot of new updates on the registers to make this easier for everyone over the next couple of weeks. hopefully this will make it easier on everyone by getting the customer those great deals and to cut back on the stores not getting paid back from coupons they have taken

  30. Melinda P

    I really appreciate Rite Aid updating it’s coupon policy. At my Rite Aid, the cashier saw my coupons and literally pulled out a manual for the new coupon rules. It took longer than usual to check out, cuz she was being very careful to get it right, and then one of my +UPR’s were not scanning, and apparantly there is something about every single coupon issue in that manual EXCEPT for what to do with +UPR’s not scanning, LOL! She figured it out eventually, but I think it’s GREAT that my Rite Aids are getting on the same page as far as the coupon policy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. colzie08

    I love love love Rite Aid! Although I ALWAYS have to check my reciept and they have quite often messed up my sale prices or my coupons (In 3 months i caught $42 worth of mistakes) but hey always rectify it imediately and happily. but most of all I get the best deals there! and alot of times in the end they end up paying ME to shop there!

  32. Lynn S.

    Rite Aid is my favorite store!

  33. kjarcollins

    Has anyone else had problems with the +up rewards not printing??? The first time it happened, I thought maybe I bought the wrong size or something. The second time it happened, I said something. The manager told me they have had a lot of problems with them not printing. So the third time it happened, he was right there, and I showed him it didn’t print, and he gave me $2 from the register and said he had no way of making them print. That said, the cashiers practically roll their eyes when they see me and usually some of my coupons don’t scan so they have to call the manager anyway. I feel like I’m causing them a great inconvenience and do NOT like shopping there. I’ve pretty much given up on Rite Aid. If they can’t get their computers fixed to print out the rewards and I have to jump through hoops to get them, it’s not worth it! Most of the deals I buy to donate, so it’s unfortunate that I will have to bypass them to avoid being treated badly ๐Ÿ™

  34. riteaid shopper

    I love Rite Aid. I am bummed that they no longer have 5/20 though. They have 5/25. Does anyone know if they will go back to 5/20 video value coupons? I like the policy, but since it states no coupon overage, this combined with no 5/20 is going to make it more challenging to get good deals there.

  35. Stephanie

    I went to rite aid today and they had the new policy posted at their registers. I still had +up rewards from before the coupon policy changed, so I had two $1 reach +ups. The first one I spent last Sunday and I tried to use the second one today. It came up on the register as previously used (which is obviously not correct). The manager refused to override and manually use the +up.

    I explained that prior to the policy change the limit was one +up per transaction and now it is one per card. It would make sense that you could conceivably have two +ups with the same RC number. She basically blew me off.

    I called Rite Aid customer support from the parking lot and they called the store and told her to take my +up as it is a valid +up and that she should have done the override without hassling me. So, I did all this for one dollar, but hey, it was my dollar. Just an fyi if you are using up the last of your +ups from a week or more ago, good luck!

  36. Rachel

    The obvious reason RA has updated its coupon policy is due to the recent fraud at their store in Alma Georgia, involving their own $5 off $25 purchase coupon. Some people accidently discovered that the unsecured coupons would scan multiple times. This discovery led to a two day frenzy that involved many of the town’s greedy and the store’s inept cashiers, costing RA close to $100,000.

  37. Coventrykid

    The revision of the Rite Aid coupon policy is not as complicated as one would think at first glance. Each coupon is numbered. On one item you can use 1 coupon beginning with

  38. Coventrykid

    Rite Aid’s revised coupon policy is not as complicated as one would think – even though it seems to be confusing some cashiers.
    Each coupon has a UPC number below the bar scan.
    On one item you can use One beginning with 5; One beginning with 48; One beginning with 49. You can also use one total coupon (eg $5/$25).
    No coupon can be taken for more than the amount of the item, it should be adjusted down to the price. Since each coupon is issued by a mfr for their item shown, the balance of the coupon cannot be applied toward another item, as someone suggested. This is fraud, since one mfr would be unknowingly paying for the m’dise of another company.
    I realize it is exciting when you first realize how much money you can save, but would you tell your new couponers that it is stealing to remove all the “peelies” off m’dise and walk out of the store with them. It is particularly obnoxious to be “snarky” and rude to an employee who tries to explain reason for the “peelies”
    Thanks for all your infor. Love your site.

  39. Coventrykid

    FYI you can now use two B1G1 free coupons on one item!

    The reason a coupon has to scan is that if it is typed in Rite Aid is not re-imbursed so they lose money. Believe it or not, these coupons are tracked.

    I have read of companies being fined for submitting more coupons that they had m’dise.
    The same applies to people doing multiple rebates using different addresses – it’s taking a chance on the consequences if one is caught..

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