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All You Reality Checker: One Reader's Experience

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Many of you may already be signed up as All You Reality Checkers, but for those of you that are new to Hip2Save, I thought I would take the time to remind everyone about this awesome program and share one reader’s experience. By joining All You Reality Checkers (which is totally free), you may have the opportunity to participate in surveys, appear in ALL YOU magazine or on, and to test new products for FREE! You will usually receive an invitation to test a product via email.

Check out this reader’s recent experience…

On November 8th, I received an email from All You Reality Checker. They were looking for 50 Reality Checkers to test and then fill out a survey for a new vacuum. I filled out the application hoping I was chosen, but thinking probably not given how many 100’s or even 1000’s of reality checkers there are out there! But…2 days later I got an email saying I was chosen!! Well, this morning I heard my 6 year old daughter opening the front door. I asked her what she was doing, she replied “getting the vacuum.” Sure enough, there was a brand new Eureka Air Speed vacuum sitting in the foyer (as pictured above)!! I was so excited! Anyways, just wanted to let you and other readers about it. By the way, I found out about ALL You Reality Checkers through your site several months ago and this is the 3rd product that I have received from them!! Thank you, thank you!!

How many of you have had the opportunity to test out products as an All You Reality Checker?

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Comments 72

  1. Angela

    That’s awesome! Congrats!!

  2. laurie

    thats awesome! I hope the reader comes back and lets us know how they liked it. I’m in the market for a new vacuum!

    • Rachel

      I agree! It says on the vacuum that it is better than Dyson. I really want a Dyson eventually so I’d love hear about this one that claims to be better! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Rachel, call any local honest vacuum repair man. I am sure they will steer you away from buying the overpriced, overrated, highly advertised dyson,. I really really wanted one at one time too and am soooo glad i didn’t spend the money. I bought a sanitaire instead, and was steered away by 4 different vacuum repair men.

        • rachael p

          I have a dyson and have for 5 years….I love it!!! It’s the best vaccuum that I have very had!

        • Karri

          I to have a Sanitaire I love that Vacuum. I live on a farm a vacuum every day it’s the best.

      • Laura

        I bought a Dyson and less than a month later I sold it on craigslist! My vaccum “the boss” just blew it out of the water! AND IT’S 5 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never suggest buying a Dyson!

      • shellbell

        i bought a bissell prolite. it has a 5 year warranty and let me tel you with one very destructive son, that has come in handy. not only is it a great vacuum but the customer service is amazing. they replaced my vacuum for free, no questions asked and in a very timely manner. they were great!!

    • Nona

      If you have a Costco membership I HIGHLY recommend buying the Bissell for about $160 there! I say buying it at Costco b.c if for what ever reason you dont like it or it break s you can return it WHEN EVER and you will get you r money back (even if it is 4 years later)! I love to return policy at Costco!

      • Nona

        plus you can then submit for the $20 MIR for Bissell!!

      • april

        does you bissel do good on hard floors too? i am looking for a good all in one vac

        • Anonymous

          My bissell does great. I too wanted a Dyson, but after reading reviews and checking out other brands, I went with the Bissell. I think it does a great job. I have one dog and five cats, all indoor, so I have a lot of fur. I can vacuum every other day or so it gets a good workout picking up fur or little pieces of cat litter. I am very hard on vacuums and so far have not had any problem with this one. It’s bagless so I don’t have to worry about running to the store and get bags. The belt is supposed to last forever (my kenmore was always breaking). I have the green Bissell and I think it was around $200 at Target. It does great on my carpet and then I put it down to bare floor for the kitchen and it still does an excellent job.

          • Amber N

            I have a dyson and am totally in love with it. The attachments are great, the size is wonderful, and the suction is superior. The best part about the Dyson is my husband LOVES it more than i do, so he does all the vacuuming!

          • Chriscia

            I have a bissell as well (actually on my 2nd). I love them. My old one is now an outside vacuum (we have carpeted porches). I have 2 toddlers, a long haired dog and 2 cats. The bissell gets the job done. Ours is safe for on the hardwood floors, there is a button to stop the spin brush. I got a $199 vacuum floor model clearanced for $48 at target!

    • Tara w

      I got the purple Dyson (i think it’s the pet hair model) for mothers day 2 years ago and it continues to amaze me every time I use it! It is awesome! Blows every other vaccuum ive ever used right outta the water!

  3. Sam

    Eureka vacuums suck, not in a good way, lol. That’s awesome to test free products!

    • Tiphanie

      True I have one and have replaced 3 parts on it equaling the price of the vaccuum, in fact its broken right now. uhg

    • rachel

      I have a Eureka & have had it for 10 years now. I use it 2 times a week & have only had to replace the belt 1 time. I love it & would definitely buy another when this one goes!

  4. Anonymous

    I’d probably break this one too. I’m known for being an appliance murderer. It’s really sad. Only vacuum I have not killed is a Rainbow. It has it’s own disadvantages but it can take my beating and keeps on ticking

    • Joy


    • Ashley

      me too! i go normally go through 2 vacuums a year…but my walmart bissell is holding up pretty good!

  5. jr911

    Wow, this freebie makes the little travel size toothpaste items I have been getting seem like piddly bupkus! Awesome chance to test something so valuable.

  6. MA

    I have a Eureka Comfort O’Clean O that I purchased at Lowe’s last winter for about $130-$140 and love it. I needed something that was light-weight due to back/neck problems, etc., yet something that would clean well and be easy to maneuver. This has worked very well in all respects.

    We had a built in system, but the hose that we had was too heavy to lug around and a new one was a ridiculous price. If/when my present vac quits performing, I would not hesitate to purchase another just like it.

  7. tgebbeken

    I know that this has nothing to do with the post from above but, I was wondering about the Loreal makeup deal at CVS? Do I have to have separate transactions or will they let me use all my coupons at once? I have about twenty of the $5.00/2 coupons.

    • Paulette

      Post under CVS deals for that week and you’ll get a response

      • tgebbeken

        I have and I haven’t got a response.

    • Tara S

      I dont know exactly because im not cvs’ing right now, but as long as the coupon doesnt have limits, like “4 like per trans” or “one per trans” it should be fine as long as you have enough items to cover it. If you use all 20 coupons you would need 40 items. you might be best asking the cashier before you checkout, they will let you know. That kind of thing is up to a manager. they could limit you, they might not. hth

    • cheri p

      I bought some 75% off Loreal makeup the other day and they let me use 2 5/2 coupons and several 1/1 coupons in one transaction. Hope that helps you 🙂

  8. Shelley

    Last year, I was chosen to review an Electrolux vacuum from All You Reality Checkers. At first, I thought it was a great vacuum. Now, it is horrible. It constantly smells like its burning. I went online and read reviews, and lo and behold, I am not the only one who has had problems with it. Oh well, it was free 😉

    • SenoraE

      When our old Bissell had that smell it was because it needed a new belt. Maybe it’d be a quick fix for yours too! 🙂

    • Sara

      Electrolux makes the best appliances. I am surprised you had trouble with it!

      • Shelley

        It’s the Electrolux EL8502B Versatility 12 Amp Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It has amazing suction, but after several months (and several new filters and belt), it still has the burning smell. It seems that this particular model tends to ‘melt’ in certain places, and it cannot be fixed. We’ve gotten kinda tired of putting $ into it, so we are looking for a new one.

  9. Joyce Rougeou

    Congrats to you on getting to try out this new vac.

  10. Bev

    Congrats! This is awesome! Does anone know if the Bissell rebate is still in effect? Thanks!

  11. Eunsil

    Wow,congrats! I’m also a member of All You Reality Checker since August or September(can’t remember exactly) and only got SwissPudding coupons…and the coupons were already expired when I received them. (it was such a bummer since I love pudding) I guess not all of members get such invitation emails to try new products like this..I’ve never received any ‘invitations’ or any form of survey from All You..I guess that is not for newbies like me?

    • CJ

      Same for me, all I’ve gotten is the pudding coupon and they didnt even ask me to review it.

    • melanie b

      well ive been an all you reality checker since the first of the year and i havent got to try anything. well glad some people do though.

  12. Breanne

    So, do you get to keep the products you try or return them?

    • SUSAN

      You get to keep them. I got a foodsaver a few months ago.

  13. Lieca

    Wow – interesting as I did sign up and unfortunately was not choosen. Would you believe my vacuum (the Phatom) which I have had for over 15 years is finally not operating correctly. Guess what my christmas gift will be this year, yep a vacuum cleaner yeeha. I am glad I read the comments as I was looking at Dyson’s, but hopefully I will find a good price during the holidays.


  14. Lizard

    You must fit their target demographic, wish I did. Do any single females (without children) get any of the products? I would love to hear from anyone that does.

    • MichelleA

      I did, but smaller products. I got a bottle of Olive Oil a couple months back, and the swiss miss pudding too. But, thats it.

  15. ginger

    I unfortunately never get anything but surveys from the reality checkers either. I’m 27 & married with no kids…

  16. Chalee

    Not to be a smart ass, but did they really leave a unwrapped brand new vaccuum on your doorstep? 🙂

    • Chris

      LOL! I was wondering the same thing….

    • momofhannah

      Yes, they did. Fedex brought it this morning, it had a packing slip and the Fedex label attached to the side of the Eureka box.

      • Jen

        That’s how the vacuum cleaner I bought from came, too – in the vacuum box, with a shipping label on it. I’m glad I was home when it got here, because all the delivery guys around here like to ring and run.

  17. Bev

    I love love love my dyson!

    • Amber R


    • Karen

      I actually love my dyson too. Originally I just bought it because it came with a 5 year warranty. I had been replacing my $100-$150 dollar vacuums pretty much every year, so I figured the dyson will last at least 5 years and I won’t be wasting anymore money. I bought it at sears, and they were great when I had to have it repaired once. I do have an older hoover vacuum I use for upstairs, and I always think how much better my dyson is when I’m using it.

    • dana

      me too! and with 11 kids, it gets a work out!
      When the pink Cure Dyson came out, I just HAD to have it — then I had a vac for upstairs and another for down. Loved my Dysons, but now that we travel full-time I had to get a central vac for the RV (well, I didn’t HAVE to…) Miss my Dysons – tried emailing them and telling them that they needed to make one for RVs, but… 🙁

    • rachael p

      me too!!! Have had my dyson for almost 5 years and it still runs perfectly 🙂

    • Anonymous

      My mom has had one for at least 8 years. It was about 4 years old when I moved out and it worked wonderfully and never had a problem with it. When I got married 4 years ago she bought me one. I LOVE it. We built a new house and we need exterior concrete and some landscaping done yet. So much dirt and sand gets drug into the house. We burn wood inside the house and I vacuum up the chips of wood, dust, dirt, and ash. I need to vacuum my house once a day and some areas twice a day. I can’t believe how great it sucks up every thing and keeps working like the first day out of the box.

  18. Elizabeth

    I too am in LOVE with my Dyson. Have had it for 6 years and works as great as the day I bought it!

  19. Hope

    That is AWESOME! Congrats!

  20. merima

    they probebly did.. just put the address lable on the box… i ordered a lamk and all it had was a shipping labe and the original box!!!

  21. Marina

    I love my Dyson. I got it on a super closeout sale becaue they discontinued the color. I was originally deterred by many comments before I bought mine, but I’m glad I went ahead and got it. It’s worked great for my family. You can really see it working.

  22. Melissa T

    I recently purchased the vacuum pictured above because I was sick of saving for a dyson. And with the price of $119.00 and the claim that it works as good as a dyson I was SOLD! I’ve had it for about 2 months and vacuum a few times a week and I couldn’t be happier! Picks up everything and actually makes my carpets look clean 🙂 I do make sure to clean out the container after each vacuum as directed in the instructions.

  23. Kolina

    Wow thats just awesome, I hope one day I can win or be chosen to try a item that big!

  24. Corina

    Are u get selected at random, or do is there a tab to sign up to receive certain items??

    • momofhannah

      It’s random, just join All You Reality Checkers, if you haven’t already, and fill in the information they ask for(I don’t remember exactly what they asked) and then wait. Every week or so, I get an email asking to fill out a survey and then maybe once a month I get an email about trying out a certain product. Good Luck!

      • Lola

        Wow, I signed up a while back and I have never received an email from them for All You Reality Checkers (I do get plenty from All You, and I check them, but they are usually just regular “junk”mail, not an invitation for anything).

        • Jen

          You have to find it on their website and sign up for it, separate from the regular emails.

    • Robin

      They only send email invitations to those who fit within a demographic that the manufacturers are looking for to test the products. If you meet those demographic requirements when they have free trial offers then you’ll get an email with a link to fill out another form if you’re interested. Then they choose who to send the free product to based on your answers. I received a free Food Saver system a few months ago to try, and I’ve also gotten various coupon for free food products, and just yesterday got a coupon for a free Woolite carpet cleaner thingamajig. The most important thing though is to sign up for the Reality Checkers and make sure you don’t block their emails.

  25. Alaine Small

    Just today I got a full size package of weight watchers snack cakes in the mail from All You! I don’t even remember filling out a survey to get them, just got the package in the mail. BTW, I am 30 and no kids, so for all those wondering if you have to be a mom to receive products, I’m guessing you will qualify for something eventually – just keep trying!

  26. CatherineB

    I signed up. I hope I get to “test” a KitchenAid mixer!! LOL!!

    • Tracey

      LIKE : )

  27. Sue M.

    Wowza! Congrats on the vacuum. I’m going to sign up after I post here. The best vacuum I ever had (years ago), was a Eureka. Since then, I’ve been through Bissell’s, a Kirby, and a bagless Eureka that wasn’t worth much, I’ve got to get a new vacuum in a few months so I’m taking into consideration all the info here.

    Just curious if anyone has a Shark Navigator, and if so, how they like it.

  28. Angela

    Thanks for the tip! I heard of the All you reality checkers a while back but didnt have the link. I found it through you last month and this month I got the same exact vacuum!!!!! I will be trying mine out asap and letting yall know! What and awesome trial!

  29. BuddysPal

    “Eureka! :O” is right! Great score!!

  30. Tina

    We have 3 giant breed dogs, one is a Newfoundland, so we had to have something that would work with his hair. It was a no brainer for us. We went for the Animal ball Dyson. I LOVE IT. We have had it for over 6 years now. No problems what so ever. I call it the best out there and highly recommend it to everyone. I have really bad back problems and can’t vacuum, so my husband had to do all the vacuuming. He loves it and it isn’t a hassle asking him to do it. And since we got the ball, it rotates instead of going straight and that makes it easier for me if for some reason I need to do a room really quick. I honestly didn’t know people had problems with them, this is the first place I have heard of issues, well I hope the quality doesn’t begin decreasing. Oh well, but congrats on the new one. A free one is always better than none. I hope it lasts for a long time with no issues.

  31. AprilMama

    I’d love to get a vacuum on my doorstep! I have a dog who sheds like crazy and we change the filter pretty often on our Bissell. It works great after the filter is replaced! I love to vacuum and have a clean hair-free area for my baby to play.

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