Staples: *HOT!* $15 off a $15+ Purchase (+ FREE Store Pick-Up!)

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UPDATE: Sorry, all. I was just reading through the comments and it appears that this coupon code is only supposed to be used on select Avery labels? So I am assuming that all order will in fact get canceled. ๐Ÿ™

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  1. Tamara M

    Is anyone else amazed that Collin hasn’t closed this and shut us up yet? Heck I’m amazed we’re still talking about it :p It has brought up a few very good points up for discussion though.

    • ashley

      she probably left it up so people who already order hours ago (like me) and are just now tuning in will understand why they’re A. Canceling orders or B. Charging full price. Such a bummer!!!!

      • April

        Like me…I’m just now reading this! Are they now charging full price for the orders?

        • ashley

          No, it should say the payment is “pending”… however you paid for the order. It will probably charge you full price wants someone reviews it. You could always just return it once you go to the store… it should be a big deal depending on the actual retail cost LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      • kik

        B) is out the question…

        it would be illegal for them to charge a different amount than it says on your order confirmation

      • kikok

        b would be illegal

      • nene

        How can they just charge full order?? I never autherize them to do so!!! that’s crazy!

        • ashley

          I guess their coupon policy says they can charge the price of a coupon if it’s used wrong… I read that online. Plus it’s not like the charge was “authorized”, it’s “pending” so that isn’t illegal. I’m not sure LOL Good luck, let us know what they do ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jen

    In completely unrelated news, I have a Plum District $10 promo code I’m not using. It expires 12/31/11 and when I put the code for the other one I had it said must be used by 1/1/12. First to email me at q4jbethke(at) is the lucky winner. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • julie

      I would like it if no one else took it. juliechahada at yahoo dot com. thank you!

    • Jen

      Code is gone. Thanks!

  3. Sarah

    I cancelled my order… sad no new printer.

    • tracydaniels410

      I went to the store tonight and bought a LASER printer for……..$59.99 Samsung! Great Price even without a coupon PLUS the Eco bag has 15% off of ink! YAY! Good Luck

      • tracydaniels410

        I forgot to mention WIRELESS Laser Printer YAY!

  4. ashley

    Purchased a bunch of orders and just saw on its suppose to be used for Avery labels!?!?! Ugh. Better call to cancel… my card is pending the proper amount I paid for all my orders $22, but retail is well over $125 LOL

    • ashley

      Just called and canceled all orders… Staples lady said their phones are ringing off the hook about this… I guess they are trying to catch all them before the process them as “full price” orders. Good luck canceling… I was on hold 10 minutes before getting someone! LOL

      • Tomoko

        On hold for last 15minutes and still waiting….hope I can cancel my order.

  5. sneha

    Hi, i did it worked for me…till now not cancelled….

  6. Tomoko

    I was on hold for 25 minutes!! But I cancelled my order. Now I feel much better ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Morgan

      Were they going to charge full price?

  7. Ashley

    Order status states “Researching” LoL.. Interesting! Ehh, its a hit or miss. at least I tried ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. drewandrainawilkens

    Can’t you just go in and pick up your order and turn around and return it if you can’t get through to cancel?

    • Ashley

      Sure you can, although some people may be inconvienced like me.. since I placed 5 orders (ehh, someone will call me greedy.. but save the judgements; its things I could actually use) Therefore my total order will be around $80 dollars, and usually when refunds are processed they can take up to a week to go back on a debit/credit card. So for up to a week I could be at loss for the total.. Oh well.. we’ll see!

      • ashley

        didn’t even realize another ashley responded! I actually ordered 8 LOL Over $125 I would have been changed…. glad my Staples customer service lady was oober helpful and totally understood!

    • ashley

      You can. I think some people just don’t want to be changed the full price… sometimes its a hassle to go into the store to deal with canceling with something silly LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ashley

        I’m not cancelled yet. All reports i’ve seen are stating yes that some orders have already been cancelled… Sure they may cancel it, but i dont think they would charge full price.

        • ashley

          I went ahead and canceled just because the code is used on page 10 for Avery only… and it does say they can charge the coupon price LOL Up to you – let me know if they charge you full price! I’m too chicken to go to the actual store and return all 8 purchases LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mommyspendsless

      I didn’t order anything as I missed the original post but for somebody who thought they were putting a $5 charge on their debit card, getting charged $20 instead could lead to major problems if they don’t keep much extra money in their checking account. That would be especially true for people who placed multiple orders.

  9. Rachel

    I actually ordered Avery labels & the coupon worked when I placed my order but when i got around to checking my conf. e-mail it looks like I was charged full price. I’ll have to call in the morning because I don’t have enough credit on the gift card I used. I thought you could use it for Avery products.

    • Rachel

      I called first thing this morning & cancelled my order with no problems.

  10. Aimee

    just looked an mine was cancelled automatically (status “cancelled”)…oh well, what a bummer…wish I could have gotten this deal.

    • shannyn

      Bummer here too my order was automatically cancelled after 12:00!! I’d much rather have my order cancelled than additional costs added to my cc.

  11. CiCi

    Checked when I got to work this am and my order was cancelled. Oh well, no biggie!

  12. cyndy

    I am keeping my order til the final decision…my account was only charged 2.98 (pending) they can’t charge me any more than what I agreed. worst that can happen is they cancel the order. If they try and charge my account more, my bank says I can dispute and win cause I have order confirmation.

    • ashley

      Let us know what they do – I’m eager to hear! I canceled all my orders… just to be proactive LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    • melissa

      Mine is only being charged the amount I was told as well. We shall see what happens but as of right now it says shipped from wharehouse

    • Tamara M

      Wow, so not only are you going to wait and see if you can slip by and DEFRAUD them, but if it comes down to it you’ll take legal action to defend your right to be dishonest…wow…that just blows my mind.

      Read the fine print. By finalizing your order you agreed to it, (have you ever heard the saying, don’t sign anything you don’t read first?) and it states that they have the right to charge you full price if the coupon isn’t right.

      Which it isn’t. And you know it…so good luck with that dispute…and the karma that comes along with it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • couponbs

        It isn’t defrauding. These companies need to get their stuff straight, if they allow coupons they need to know how to have them apply. If it was meant for only Avery products than a simple computer program could check your cart for the right item and not allow the code if it isn’t there, that is how all companies do it. By applying the $15 they are implying you are using the coupon correctly. You tell me one person who reads the terms of service of EVERY site they buy from prior to buying, name one and I’ll call you out as a liar cause NO ONE does! They are too long, it would be near impossible to do it unless you order from only one site ever.

        Also, just cause staple posts they can charge you full price for the coupon doesn’t mean that they LEGALLY can, it just means they think they can and no one has sued them over it (cause they don’t do it). I’m sure they aren’t stupid enough to try to charge someone something they did not agree to. You agree to the price AFTER the coupon is applied, they know that, it is just a scare tactic for situations such as these.

        Staples created this problem by something as simple not coding a coupon! IMO Staples should have to honor the code for their own stupidity in not coding the coupon code! They got a lot of people excited over thinking they got a good deal that could have been easily prevented on their end. I believe MOST people initially jumped on this thinking it was a legitimate deal (not trying to be shady using a coupon that was meant for something else.) BTW, my order was cancelled when I checked the status this morning.

        • Christen Carr

          In what way did STAPLES get everyone excited over this bad deal? Are you being serious right now? Couponbs…

          You mentioned in a few posts that you think Staples did this on purpose to somehow pull a bait and switch on their customers. Give me a break.

          • Tamara M

            I noticed that earlier, but bit my tongue. I figured I’d gotten in enough arguments today over this. It did strike me as funny though. Because this was such an awesome PR stunt…everyone is soooo happy with them :p
            (not to mention all the extra work they’ve had to do to straighten all this out.)

            Also, I’m guessing that some orders slipped through the system before it went on lockdown and froze everyone’s orders. (As to why they did some and not others.) Just a guess.

        • Alea

          Actually, LEGALLY they are protected by their terms regardless of people reading it or not – one of the biggest modern day lies is people checking the “I read and agree to the terms” box on sites – but it is BINDING and you agree to it (even if you don’t read it like you check).

          Yes, they made a mistake with the coding and created a lot of extra for themselves and will disappoint a lot of potential customers BUT they are protected LEGALLY.

      • Ashley

        Really Tamara? I usually dont ever get into the “coupon drama” but no I dont agree with you. The orders were placed in a honest wrong… before ANYONE knew what the code was for. The system accepted it. Why should we as consumers take time out of our lives to cancel a order bc they made a mistake. If they cancel it? fine. no biggie. If they ship it.. then guess what? I’ll happily take it.. I havent canceled my orders either, nor have they been cancelled.. but as for myself, as well as the others I’m speaking for.. we did nothing wrong. If they did overcharge my bank in anyway, i would as well dispute it because when I placed the order in good faith, I did not authorize more then I agreed to. Don’t throw stones, I’m sure your not 100% perfect either. Oh and I didn’t know there was coupon karma.. LOOK OUT LADIES!

        • Tamara M

          I’m well aware that WE placed the orders in good faith. What I don’t agree with is the tacky attitude that if you can get away with it, it’s ok, AFTER you know it’s wrong. I never said i was perfect, noone is, but to say that you KNOW what your doing is wrong, but you’ll see if you can get away with it, and if not, take action against them, is just ugly.

          I don’t know about coupon karma, but there sure is karma against people being unethical and immoral, which is what you guys are doing, in my opinion.

          And yes, when their ‘fine print’ is that small, i sure do read it. It was a whole paragraph, with bullets, and didn’t take long. When you click submit, that is a legal agreement to the fine print. We can argue about this stuff all day. We have greatly differing opinions on the subject, but I’m just going to bow out.

          Maybe this will make more sense…in my opinion, this is the same thing as finding money and then seeing someone walking around looking for it, and just sitting there, waiting to see if they realize you have it and ask for it, before you go spend it. (Yes, I realize that’s a bit more dramatic, but it boils down to the same thing.) Oh wait, I forgot the part where the guy does walk up and ask for it back, and you tell him “Finders Keepers!”

          I do apologize for being as harsh as I was, it was before coffee and really got to me that she was being so ugly and actually seemed to be announcing proudly she was doing all this, and I guess it rubbed me the wrong way. While I don’t agree with it, I didn’t mean to sound self-righteous or anything. I just found it really tacky.

      • ashley

        Tamara – don’t be rude. people have the right to be dishonest or steal or whatever you want to call it if they want. who cares if they want to do that? it’s their choice. people get away with murder all the time, and eventually, it will get caught. its not your job to pass judgement or try and be all “coupon police” – they aren’t going to “ruin” it for everything. companies will ALWAYS have coupons and deals!

        • Tamara M

          OK, please see my last post. Wasn’t trying to be rude, or coupon police. (Though I do find it ironic that here you are calling me out and in the same breath telling me it’s not my place to…)

          It was before coffee, and a bit more grumpy than I meant for it to sound (be).

          Though if you think stuff like this doesn’t hurt (overall) the rest of us, I disagree with that as well. It’s the same thing as shoplifters saying they aren’t hurting anyone but the big companies, when those companies then have to raise their prices because they’re losing money. Same thing happens with couponing. In fact someone else has already made a post this morning with that exact point. We now have less and less awesome deals as stores get scared to offer too much and get taken advantage of.


          Also, as I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for using caps above, let me clarify that I’m not using them to yell or be rude, but to get the attention of anyone else who feels so offended by my post this morning that they feel the need to confront me about it. It’s just an apology, not meant to be rude.

          • Barb

            I ‘get’ what you are saying. I did not do this deal simply because I felt it most likely was not being used for what it was really intended for. I bypass different deals because of that and you know, we still have all we need. The complaining I see when these deals ‘flop’ turns me off to trying ‘questionable’ deals. It sure saves me alot of grief and feeling like my rights were violated.

        • NoCal2

          Wow, “ashley”, seriously? “People have the right to be dishonest or steal or whatever you want to call it if they want” ?? This has to be one of the more asinine comments I have read on here. Actually, people do not have the right to steal – there are laws against that… If you’re going to post please at least use a little brain power.

          I’m thrilled that this site exists to find some awesome bargains, freebies and savings. But, the obnoxious whining over not getting something free because you didn’t read the fine print (yes, couponbs, I ALWAYS do – it took one time of me making a major goof on an order to lead me to doing so – save your liar comments for yourself…) is amazing. Tamara can stop apologizing; being ignorant is not an excuse in life – if you’re able to read all these deals, hook up numerous computers to print coupons, rush out to stack the codes/Qs, etc – you are fully able to take some responsibility for reading the fine print of what the deal entails.

          • couponbs

            I’m not talking about a few bulleted fine print notes in a FAQ, I’m talking TOS, which are usually at a minimum 10 pages long. You know… that thing every site has you click to say you read but you really didn’t read it cause who has 4 hours to read every detail about how the site works. I read the few lines of fine print on coupons which is totally different. Bottom line is Staples could have very easily prevented this by simply checking the code to the items in the cart like EVERY other place I have ever bought from. This whole thing looks bad on Staples because you can’t depend on their site to be accurate. It should have never ALLOWED the order…at all.

            • couponbs

              and I find it hard to believe a big company like Staples doesn’t know how to restrict their codes properly to not allow them on items they aren’t meant for…seems like it was a gimmick to me, so if anyone was defrauded…it was us.

        • Christen Carr

          Ok ashley…where do i begin…..

          people have the right to be dishonest and steal? lol, um….are you being serious? You might want to rethink your logic there.

          You are wrong about people not “ruining it”….the coupons and deals have changed a lot in the last year. And YES, the greedy ME FIRST crowd has been ruining it for the normal people. That is why the value of coupons has drastically desreased, that is why there are so many more limitations on coupons, that is why more and more deals get cancelled early. Trust me, I have been couponing for years, things have changed.

        • Christen Carr

          Tamara, don’t be sorry. I agree with most of what you said. I don’t think most people set out with bad intentions to do this deal, but if you read through all the comments in this post, even the early ones BEFORE we new for sure it was a bad code, everyone was saying things like: it worked for me, hope it doesn’t get cancelled! Unless someone is really really SLOW, I think eveyone knew that this was most likely a “loophole” at best. The fact that NO ONE knew the source of the coupon was a pretty big clue! People were well aware that they were getting something that was too good to be true and just hoping it would work. Admit it, people, we are all couponers/bargain hunters here, we all know the drill.

          I get it. Hey, there are lots of deals that get posted such as CVS trial size whatever is generating the extra care bucks. And we all know that they probably don’t want you to get the trial size for 1.00 and then get $3 ECB back. Usually a bunch of people go out and get them, we all say “good score!” Then CVS figures it out and makes a change in the computer and it only goes on for a day. Now, I don’t think anyone has it in their mind that they are commiting a fraud on CVS. And I wouldn’t call it that. But when someone else goes to get the same deal and they can’t, there are so many people that cry, NO FAIR, CVS SHOULD HONOR IT, BOO HOO POOR ME. It’s so ridiculous. ME ME ME.

          The people on here who are claiming that Staples has wronged them, Staples should honor the code, Staples did it on purpose, they will never go to Staples again, etc… to them I say–Get over yourself. You know, earlier in the comments, someone said shame on Collin for posting this, and a ton of people quickly came to her defense and said, hey she’s not perfect, she didn;t do it on purpose, etc… and I agree with that 100%. I also feel the same for Staples. They didn’t do it on purpose and they are not perfect. A discount was coded wrong. Someone figured it out. It spread like fire through the blogs. What a mess for Staples. It looks to me like they are doing their best to clean up the mess. Yet people are still pouting.

          And I know I am ranting, but I’d like to point out another thing. If you read through the posts you will see, there were so many people who clamined to have done 2, 3, 4, even 8 orders. Can anyone honestly say that they thought Staples was just making it rain free products $15 at a time? With no limits? For no reason? Just a free code for all to use? Really? Let’s be honest here people.

          Lastly, I want to say, I love Staples. They have the best deals on school supplies. They have so many easy rebates where you get stuff for free or pretty close. Their rewards program is awesome. At my local store they are so nice and helpful. Their prices are great. In December alone I got 2 16 packs of batteries, 2 flash drives, earbuds, photo paper, and printer paper all FREE after rewards and rebates. I think they are a great store and I feel bad for the mess they are in. Those people at the end of the lines (that were ringing off the hook last night) are just regular people too, trying to earn a paycheck and make a living, just like the rest of us. Please be kind.

          • Lori

            ITA with you AND Tamara. Some people just leave me SMDH…

          • kim

            you’re silly – lots of words and lots of time wasted! hahaaha

            • Christen Carr

              QUOTE: kim: “you’re silly–lots of words and lots of time wasted! hahaaha”

              Kim, you sound like a 4 year old, but nice attempt at adding a thought to the discussion.

  13. mrsnnr

    Order cancelled this morning. Now I’m waiting for my refund.

  14. Nicole

    Two of my orders are being shipped and should be able to pick up today ๐Ÿ™‚ I only had one that got cancelled.

  15. Ashley

    My order was listed as “cancelled” this morning. Bummer. I don’t usually get involved in coupon drama either, but like many of you, placed an order genuinely believing it was legitamate. I figured, if the Staples system would recognize and accept it, then it must be okay. Between Office Depot’s latest paper scam and now Staple’s coupon code issues…I’m afraid to place order online anymore. Both got cancelled.

    • Ashley

      Also makes me wonder if they might be a more respsonible company (along with Office Depot) if they didn’t have their multi-page “policy” to cushion their hineys. Then this just allows said companies to be more lax about how they post promo codes; then it doesn’t matter if they were faulty, they can just CANCEL the orders. Get me? Maybe this is the new thing to get people to just go on their websites and get excited about a purchase, thinking the customer will just purchase anyway. Great marketing scheme if you ask me.

      • couponbs

        agreed, wouldn’t surprise me if it was a gimmick to get people in. I think they should be made responsible for allowing the purchase and charge to pend on your credit card. Seems like a contract to purchase to me. If they don’t put in bold on the invoice the terms of the specific coupon code you are using, they should be held liable to honor it if their system accepts the order. But, this is a free market so we can just choose not to shop at Staples. They didn’t even send out an email notice to say they cancelled the order, just had to check with tracking. If they want to save their butts and this really was an error, they need to send out and apology and an assurance that they fixed their cart system to only accept coupon codes when they are verified against the items in your cart. All companies should put the terms of their code on the invoice when you pay, save a LOT of trouble.

  16. kari

    i got mine it said shiped

  17. LaToya

    Mine is shipped and on the truck to the store now so that I can pick it up. We’ll see if I’m allowed to and what the charges show. It’s still showing the original price and my order total is less the $15.

  18. Chrissy

    I checked the status of my orders just a few minutes ago, they were cancelled!

  19. Lana

    both of my orders were cancelled this morning..

  20. Lisa

    Mine was cancelled too. I’m a little annoyed that they didn’t send out an email though. Would have been better customer service to apologize for the mistake (and yes, it was their mistake to make a coupon code valid on items it wasn’t intended for).

  21. Liz

    I placed an order right when I saw Collin’s post but it was cancelled as of this morning. I’m in So. Cal if this helps.

    • Katie

      I’m also in So. Cal and my order said it was shipped from warehouse yesterday and is local delivery truck as of 8:38am. It said it will be delivered to my store today??? So I guess my order wasn’t canceled. I also checked my bank and I’m only being charged for $1.43 (so far).

  22. KY

    Mine were all cancelled, for those people out there who thinks we are frauding, you need to get your fact straight out, Staple offered the code….. not us… so to think we are fraduding in this case, you might as well just say that staple is frauding by offering the wrong code….. I am very dissappointed, I think They should honor their mistake… what if the stores are advertising 70% off to get you into their store, and then to tell you oh its a mistake…. how would you feel…..

    • Tamara M

      Except that they didn’t send out the wrong anything. Their ads said what it was supposed to be used for. It was taken from their ad and spread around the internet wrongly by others. I understand you feeling let down, we all did. But really it’s like one of your friends telling you that store has 70% off everything and then you show up and the store says no, sorry it’s not everything, just this section. Here, look, this is our ad stating that. Would you be mad at them then? It would be disappointing, sure, but ultimately you could have just looked yourself before heading out to the store. They didn’t tell you it was all on sale. Your friend did. (and in this case, your friend even said you know, I’m not too sure that they are having that sale, I only heard a rumor…but you can go check it out if you want.)

      (Though I do agree they should update their systems to accept coupon codes only for what it’s meant for, your scenario doesn’t quite match what happened in this instance.)

      • Lori

        ITA with every word, Tamara.

        • Sam

          If staples software failed that’s their problem if they let people use this coupon and accepted the order. Stores has right to cancel the order later politely though a call/email, but can not charge more than agreed price without buyer consent.

          Anyway I got mine without any problem, I did not call to enquire order status or cancel, I let staples take the call to cancel or deliver the product I ordered, and they sure did at $15 OFF price. I bought 4GB Eyefi SD card $49-$10(on sale price) – $15(coupon)=$25+free ship to store.

  23. Bonnie

    My order was cancelled this morning too. Called Staples because I have the same complaint re no email, no apology, nothing. Customer support was mean and rude. I was told “no company in it’s right mind would ever send out this coupon. It is an obvious mistake.” The supervisor, Samantha, was very acusatory. She inferred that people were trying to use this coupon fraudulently. I told them that it was their software that failed them this time and that they should be smarting due to this black eye! I am certain that everyone that was affected by this will boycot Staples. You can bet I will!

    • couponbs

      if they don’t send out something to let us know it was a mistake on their behalf to allow the code to go through and allow the charge to pend on the credit card, then I will avoid shopping there because I believe it was a gimmick to get people to the site. No large company like that would put out a code and not restrict it properly.

  24. Nicole

    Going to pick up my order. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚ Staples called me personally to let me know my orders were ready.

  25. debra

    Just got this email from Staples!

    Valued Staples Customer,

    You recently placed a Staples order (order number listed above) using coupon
    code 27152 or 99279, which were specifically advertised for Avery label item
    numbers 618374 and 287292. Unfortunately, these coupons were widely redeemed
    on items other than what they were advertised for. As a result, orders
    containing these coupons have been cancelled. If your order was for these Avery
    labels, please contact us at the number below and we will replace your order at
    the advertised price. In addition, please contact us if you wish to replace your
    order for an item other than Avery labels without these coupons.

    We value your business and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may

    • couponbs

      MUCH better but they should put that they FORGOT (or purposefully) didn’t have these check your cart to verify validity or put on the invoice the terms of the coupon.

      • Christen Carr

        some people are never satisfied…

  26. Debbie

    Yay! I just got a call from Staples to pick up my order!

  27. Rachel B.

    Mine was cancelled also. Oh well…it was worth a shot. I prefer Office Depot over Staples anyway!

  28. LaToya

    Just picked up my first order – did one at one Staples and one at another. Picked it up, had paid online….card was just charged the difference after the $15….so I’ve got 2 big boxes of paper towels in my car…for $3. Off to the second Staples now to get a bunch of candy for the kids’ birthday party….for only 50-cents. Woot!

    • Lana

      Lucky you!

      • LaToya

        And I just picked up my second order without issue. I don’t know why some worked and some didn’t…if it was product code…or if you still had to pay, because I did pay 50-cents and $3…anyway; glad I was able to get in on this one. I’ve been left out on others too – guess it was my turn ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. TERESA


    • LaToya

      That’s exactly what I got. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • morgan

        I got the same thing and I signed the invoice it showed $2.98 as the total.

  30. cindt T.

    Got an email that said my ordered was cancelled. I had specified store delivery/pick up and when I went down there, they told me it was cancelled because this code was only good on Avery labels. Anyone else have that problem? Anyone else have success?

    • cindt T.

      oops. Somehow the updated comments and information from Collin didn’t show up before I posted.

  31. j

    will we get out money backfor the canceled order ?

  32. AMY

    My order was not cancelled. In fact I received it today. I can’t believe I got it so fast. I ordered HP ink cartridges and was charged the correct amount with the $15 discount. I had placed a second order, a Visa gift card, so we’ll see if I receive that one.

    • Amy

      My second order for the Visa gift card was cancelled. I wonder if it could be that the Visa gift card was for pickup at the store and the ink cartridges where shipped directly to me. Oh well. At least I got the ink cartridges.

  33. coupondafna

    Both me and a friend placed orders within minutes of each other and asked that they be sent to the same store in our town. Today, I received a call telling me that my order was ready to be picked up; I drove over and picked it up with no problem whatsoever. Around the same time, she received an email advising that her order was being canceled because of the problem with the code…..

    • morgan

      The same thing happened with me I got mine and my 2 friends were canceled. We ordered the same stuff.

  34. Stephanie

    I completely understand them canceling the orders due to the fact that the coupon code was used on the wrong items, but why honor some and cancel others? Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  35. Nim

    Well I placed my order for a flashdrive and canned air to clean out my computer, total after coupon came to $1.59 shipped to the store down the street from me. I then saw the notice about this being a mistake but didn’t cancel my order. I never got a cancellation notice and checked this morning on the site to see if it was being shipped or had been cancelled. It said it had been shipped from the warehouse to the store so I stopped by on the way home from work this afternoon and picked it up no problem. The invoice in the box showed that I was only charged the $1.59. My bank account still shows this as a pending charge. I’m not sure if Staples can charge the full price at a later time. I hope not, but just in case I’m keeping everything in the box in it’s packaging to return to the store if I’m charged the full amount.

  36. jewel

    I got my order delivered to my door today. total $3.19 for ink cartridge and pencil grips for my daughter. No additional charges charged to me. I got in very early on this deal in fact when i ordered there were still no comments left under Collin’s post.

  37. Sarah

    I ordered a $25 visa gift card and apparently its been shipped from the warehouse. Maybe some of the orders had already shipped when they figured out that people had bought stuff with the coupon code…

  38. Meg Blanchard Lopez

    Not sure how it happened, but I got $15.78 worth of stuff for .78. I picked it up at the store today. No one said a word about it! It worked out as a sweet deal for me. Thanks!

  39. StaplesCSR

    Just to clarify for some people. It states on Staples website that we do not have to honor coupon codes from internet coupon or deal sites. The majority of our coupons are serialized anyway so they can only be used once, by the person they are sent to. The only way to get Staples’ coupons is to sign up on our website and/or have a rewards card.

    Some orders were shipped while other’s were not because it took them a minute to find out what was going on. However, when 67,000 orders come in for $0.20 charges, we catch on. All of our printed and emailed material stated that the code was for two specific Avery products. Our orders process very quickly to help ensure our next day delivery on the majority of our items, so the first few went through. I don’t know if they will be charged full price or not. Everything else was put on hold, then canceled. Order can be replaced without the coupon.

    My personal opinion, is I can’t believe how rude some people are being. I just answer the phones, I didn’t code the coupon incorrectly (which, yes, is a mess up on our part), nor did I entice you into thinking you could get something for nothing.

    Also, just an FYI, in general, if you have never placed an order over the phone or email, you have no rewards card or no purchase history on the card, and the order you placed is for a Starbucks gift card, you are not our customer. You have no intention of spending any money with us, do not get all high and mighty with me.

  40. StaplesCSR

    I almost forgot, in regards to charges on the card. Staples does a pending auth on your CC, but doesn’t actually bill until an order is shipped. For everyone who has a pending charge, it will drop off within 3 business days, depending of the quickness of your bank. Keep in mind Monday the 2nd is not a business day.

  41. Heather

    Wow I had no idea all this was going down ๐Ÿ™‚ I placed one order when the deal popped up on another blog a little sooner than here and picked it up yesterday 12/30 with no issues. My card charge is for the remainder of my order and its no longer pending. Glad I saw this which prompted me to check my card, just in case. I feel like maybe I should take my item back since it was the wrong code. Is anyone else doing that?

  42. ZM

    I ordered quickly after the initial posting. I placed 1 order for $2 on 12/29. Picked it up the next day (12/30) in store with no problems. My credit card was only charged the $2. Looks like the orders that were initially processed & shipped got the deal, before Staples figured out what was happening.

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